Abortion commercial that makes your “balls hurt”


It is easy to get an abortion in China, a country where over 13 million abortions are carried out each year.  According to this commercial, it only cost 98 Yuan (15$) during early pregnancy at Yunnan Union Hospital!  The commercial ironically uses the melody of a popular Chinese song Love Business sang by Xiaoxiao Murong. With its catchy tune, many kuso version of the Love Business  lyrics are also circulating the net.

The love you give me
Makes my heart racing
Accident happens, when knowing the result
Tear drops down
It was all you fault
Only knows how to do it fast
And now how do you have the heart to hurt me
Love-accident, you don’t like it
I am also scared
Yunnan Union Hospital helps me to get ride of the accident
Yunnan Union Hospital, early pregnancy surgery only 98 yuan

This commercial was said to make your “balls hurt” (蛋疼: danteng) by the Chinese Internet users.

蛋疼 “danteng”: Chinese Internet slang, “danteng” was a saying form northern China, then was excessively used by the WOWERS on the Internet, also translated has “Ballache” in respect to “headache”. Originally “danteng” means the strange things people do because of being bored, or the state of boredom, like “so bored that I have a Ballache”.  Now  anything that is abnormal, illogical, makes no sense can be described as “danteng”.  “Danteng” can also be used as helpless or cannot be helped, for example after reading someone’s post you can say this person makes me “denteng”.  In general it also means shocking, crazy. stupefied…

  1. I see this commercial every day in the bus and my jaw drops every single time. It beggars belief how little life means to the Chinese and that is coming from an atheist who is 100 percent pro-choice. All those abortion commercials are in essence just really really sad. “To kill the baby” is considered so normal and it makes me wanna throw up that the hospitals so aggressively compete to be the one that carries it out. I think most westerners would look twice on adds in the paper saying “We will kill your unwanted baby painlessly, faster and cheaper than any other hospital. Call yadayadayada now!” but I’ve seen them around. To need an abortion is a sad thing for everyone involved and there are potentially serious psychological issues in the aftermath. The greedy bastards running the hospitals make it sound like it’s no deal at all.

    To advertise for abortions with cheesy pop music and cartoons is just disgusting.

    1. actually lots of laowai in china (i’m a laowai myself) don’t mind it. come here, fuck around without condom (something that many chinese girls love), get a girl pregnant and get away paying a few hundred kuai.

      sure, it would be much better to have ads about using rubbers or pills to avoid pregnancies. but maybe this is what the market requires to make more money.

      sad but true

    2. Man take your highly moralistic view of fetuses back to the west and kill some more abortion doctors

    3. where else are we goin to get deliciously nutritious placentas from! It’s a booming business!

  2. That hospital knows how to catch the “demand”

    The key word is “early”. 98Yuan , that’s a price for students——done with judgement

  3. Spot on!!!
    Posters for abortion can be seen in every corner in Kunming, the capital of Yunnan province. You just CANNOT avoid them. It makes you think getting an abortion is like choosing a cereal brand of your grocery shelf. What the heck is going on?

    1. Wonder if the adds make sure to tell people that abortions carry a risk (small yes but it’s there) of becoming infertile. I just think it’s plain wrong to advertise in this way but on the other hand the media in China is full of commercials for hemorrhoids, penis enlargements, enemas and all the other stuff normally belonging in your spam folder. Anyone seen the one for that “tea” stuff? “Before I couldn’t shit but after drinking this tea I shit like there is no tomorrow” then his wife steps in “Yes. Now I don’t have to worry about constipation either. I can shit any time I want” followed by their kid “Shenme Tea is fantastic. We can all shit now!” Clearly the Chinese have a totally different view on what is acceptable in commercials than we do. Might have something to do with the transition to raging capitalism. The regulations never could keep up. You see examples of it everywhere.

      1. rofl!… i havent been in china for years, so i wouldnt have seen those brain dead ads, wanna post a vid link for that? lol

        And no, as a Chinese, I don’t think it’s appropriate to put those things on commercials, and I don’t think any person would consider it appropriate. So either the ad creator was non-human, or his boss wansn’t.

      2. yes man, that’s a great one!

        what about the kang shifu instant noodles..they show this huge wonderful bowl full of beef meat and fresh made lamian. so good looking yet so fake. it wouldn”t be allowed in europe. both kang shifu and the tv company (chongqing mobile tv in this case) would be sued for a lot of money actually.

        but yes, rules are different here

  4. this is like a story inside a story

    key is this an invitation to see 蛋疼 in the comments from hence forth?

    I think the tank riding father is the most 蛋疼 part of this wacky abortion cartoon.

  5. Too many waiguoren think fucking around without a condom in China is a great way to pass a year or two. The abortion issue aside, for a minute, just think of the rapidly spreading STDs (or are they called STIs, these days?), including HIV. I don’t even trust the cleanliness of the kuaizi in restaurants, and wouldn’t even think of banging a chick in China (no matter how hot) without protection.

  6. {facepalm} Karma can be a real bitch – and with this level of activity, something tells me she is in heat over P.R. China.

    With those empty branches producing no fruit – the “baby boom” generation of P.R. China is soon to realize the stark emptiness (colapsed social security programs, the question of bringing in foreign skilled and unskilled labor, etc.) that has occured in Europe and Japan.

  7. Well, the post-industrial world’s solution is to replace’em all with robots, and what you can’t replace, do it with third world slave labor. Always more humans to exploit ^_^

  8. Kang and Guobao, I totally agree with you. I might sound like a feminist, but you don’t just have unprotected sex because you can, and abortions aren’t something women should have to do once, let alone many times in their life. They are painful, stressful and emotional. They also have long term effects on the woman’s body and things can go wrong including infertility, scar tissue and infection. Think about what you are saying people!!!

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