Chinese government installs over 8,000 surveillance cameras monitoring the entire city of Urumqi

News background: Urumqi, the capital city of the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region in northwestern China, where violence often breaks out because of the ongoing ethnic conflict between Han Chinese and Uyghurs. Uyghur is a Turkic ethnic group that is predominantly Muslim and is one of the officially recognized ethnic groups in China.


(From Netease) People’s Net reports, July 2, on the big screen at the command center of the Municipal Public Security Bureau (of Urumqi) clearly showed the real-time images of the bus station around the Wuxin road area, and even the passengers’ physical characteristics were crystal-clear. This is the municipal government newly installed “Eagle Eye” cameras at work.

Municipal government recently installed total of 8,370 “Eagle Eye” surveillance cameras on 2,400 buses, 200 major bus stations, 4,400 main roads, small streets and alleys, 270 schools and kindergartens, 200 large department stores and supermarkets. To achieve seamless full coverage of the key areas, the implementation of the real-time monitoring system is to ensure the safety of the public places, and to provide good public services for all people of different ethnicities.

How well does the “Eagle Eye” camera monitoring meet the need of public safety? On July 1, reporter went to the Municipal Public Security Bureau Command Center, the Urban Public Transport Group Co., Ltd Bus Dispatch Command Information Center and the Tianshan district Municipal Public Security Bureau electronic monitoring “110” video Command Center to take a closer look.

At the Municipal Public Security Bureau Command Center, nearly 20 staff members were staring at the small monitor screens which constantly switched from picture of one place to another. The two big screens in the center, one showed the picture inside of a line 59 bus; the other showed the picture in front of a major supermarket on Qinnian road. As the monitoring camera rotated 360 degrees, every corner in front of the supermarket was in clear panoramic view.

The staff member said, the picture of the monitoring system has better resolution than the TV at home, and the signal does not need to be converted and is used directly. In addition, monitoring cameras use the ball-shaped machine which can rotate 360 degrees. At the key areas, combining the ball-shaped machine and the fixed focus lens ensures that there are no blind spots.

The monitoring system is also equipped with infrared night vision equipment; it can capture clear images even at the dark night. Furthermore, in order to prevent the cameras being damaged, anti-smashing and anti-fire equipment were also used.

At the Tianshan district Municipal Public Security Bureau electronic monitoring “110” video Command Center, the monitoring officer said, “if incident happens in the area I am responsible for, I will report it at the earliest time and also provide real-time video tracking.”

Reporter observed the monitoring system, if the police receive a report they just have to follow the location to display the local images at the scene. At some major districts, check points were placed there so that each car that passes by, the model and make of the car, license number and even the people in the front seat will be captured clearly.

After Tianshan district installed the “Eagle Eyes” basically all key areas were seamlessly covered.

Urban Public Transport Group Co., Ltd Bus Dispatch Command Information Center is responsible for the city’s 3,400 buses and more than 200 major site of control bus. On the same night, a staff member was watching a line 101 bus at the final stop near a woolen mill. The monitor had three screens, the front door of the bus, the ticket booth and the middle passage way to the back door, the pictures were very clear.

Zhao Chang, deputy director of the center said “currently, except for the buses that are going to be discarded within the next 6 month, all the other 135 buses are all installed with surveillance cameras.”

Director of the Municipal Government Information Office, Wang Yannian said, the government video surveillance system and the public security departments’ system are connected together, which achieved a multi-level network for early warning and dispatch. At the same time, it can monitor the situation at real-time and mobilize the special police, public security, fire and medical emergency services to the sites in the shortest time possible.

In the future, the government video surveillance will continue to be installed to gradually cover the entire city.

    1. Yeh , they’ve just solved the security problem maybe in a superficial way , not root of the problem.

    2. Contrary to popular opinion,I feel that this kind of blanket coverage is necessary in high security areas. we are talking warzones, areas of high priority economic and poltical targets which would make terror ops feasible. The security is there to ensure the stability so that we don’t have a repeat of last time. While I agree that NO, it doesn’t solve the ethnic tension problem, at least the framework exists for highly efficient emergency response.

      But in sacrificing privacy, we must admit openly that the local authority is no longer a civilian government but an occupying militant force. The local authority main priority is no longer to ensure the well being of the local populace, but to have firm control over key economic and industrial resources.

      Yes, thats right, Ulumuqi is now officially a warzone.

  1. The comments on here are so fucking retarded. You have no idea how much your own government monitors you. Let’s also not forgot how businesses are now trying to find out more and more of your personal details each day so you you can buy more from them each day.

    Google taking your personal wifi data in Australia is just one of them. But oh no the “Do not evil” company is telling us it was down to one engineer doing it all. Yeah whatever.

    1. I think some of us do but aren’t of the childish “make sure your own house is spotless before calling mine dirty” persuation.

  2. Just imagine if you were one of the security ladies who was monitoring the cameras – every time a guy goes behind a tree to take a piss you have to watch him do his business.

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