National sentiment controlled by rumors


Recently, Chinese netizens organized the anti-“Super Junior” and their fans movement (the 69 Jihad), and then Chinese Internet users’ feeling of resentment towards (Hahanzu) “Korean Wave” have fermented, the situation gradually developed into anti-Korean sentiment. After we talked about the “69 Jihad” and the recent “Simida Zongzi gate”, many readers strongly reacted to these incidents. This article on Netease is in line with some of the readers’ views: In fact, since the new century almost all anti-Korean sentiments are exclusively based on the spreading rumors. And why do these obvious rumors have such a large market and making Chinese people to keep dwelling on them?

1. Cao Cao is Korean?

Rumor: Quoted from South Korea’s “Great Korea Min Bao (People Newspaper)”, Korea’s Ewha Womans University professor Zheng Zaishu said that “Cao Cao is Korean”.

Fact: January 8, 2010, South Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs, director of China Department spoke directly with professor Zheng Zaishu and clarified this information was entirely false. And “Great Korea Min Bao” does not exist.

2. Sun Yat-sen is Korean?

Rumor: “Chosun Libo” reported that Sungkyunkwan University Professor Pu Fenqing researched based on family genealogy and issued a report saying Sun Yat-sen is Korean.

Fact: “Chosun Libo” never reported such news, and there is no such professor called Pu Fenqing in Sungkyunkwan University. A Chinese netizen wrote a blog post on Tianya which was reposted as the facts.

3. Koreans invented Chinese characters?

Rumor: Seoul University history department professor Pu Zhengxiu claimed that Koreans first invented Chinese characters, then they migrated into the Central Plains and brought the Chinese characters into China before the Han culture was formed.

Fact: There is no professor named Pu Zhengxiu in Seoul national University. South Korean Government has never proposed to the UNESCO (United Nation Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) the cultural heritage of Chinese characters in Korea, nor did they ever consider applying. Seoul National University scholar Puwen Ji (Music) had a similar idea, but it is not the mainstream Korean academic theory.

4. Korea applied for cultural heritage of calligraphy?

Rumor: Report said South Korea combines Chinese calligraphy and Japanese calligraphy into one called the Korean “book art”, and tries to apply for cultural heritage of it.

Fact: Korean government never tried to apply for cultural heritage of Chinese calligraphy nor Korean “book art”.

5. Chinese Mythology came from Korea?

Rumor: Korea’s Ewha Womans University professor Zheng Zaishu said “Chinese Mythology came from Korea”.

Fact: In his paper Professor Zheng wrote, “Chinese mythology in its early stage may be mixing blends of many different primitives of people’s myth (of which there is the myth of Dongyi), therefore in Chinese mythology you may find traces of the lost ancient Korean mythology.”

6. Li Bai is Korean?

Rumor: Chinese media posted an article written by a Chinese scholar “Li Bai is not Korean”. The article said, “Recently, I found some information, said according to Seoul National University history department professor Kim Bingde’s research that Li Bai is a Korean decedent.” The article argued that the Li Bai is not Korean, but he was from Tianshui, Gansu province.

Fact: There is no professor named Kim Bingde in Seoul National University, also there are Korean History Department, Oriental History Department and Western History Department but no “History Department” by itself. This news came out after the dispute over “Li Bai’s hometown” between Tianshu, Gansu Province and Anlu, Hubei Province, it is likely that the article was fabricated in order to provide more fire power to claim Li Bai’s hometown.

7. Korea successfully Claimed Dragon Boat Festival in World Heritage List?

Rumor: Korea successfully applied for Dragon Boat Festival as culture heritage on the World Heritage List.

Fact: South Korea only applied for “Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity” which are the Dragon Boat Festival activities, not the Dragon Boat Festival itself. It includes dancing, shaman rituals, folk art shows and so on Korean folk festival, the only similarity is the time frame which is also held during the Dragon Boat Festival in China. In addition, the East Asia generally have the tradition of Dragon Boat Festival, during same time frame, however different content.

Mainland China’s “anti-Korean wave” started with “Goguryeo dispute” in 2004, and worsened during the Olympic Games.

July 2004, China successfully applied for culture heritage of Goguryeo King City, the tomb and graves of aristocrats on the 28th World Heritage Committee. On the next day, also participated in the World Heritage Committee, South Korean delegation strongly stressed that Goguryeo’s history is the history of the Korean peninsula rather than the history of China, and followed by supports expressed by the South Korean officials. Actually, the huge economic interests are what’s really behind the dispute. In 2007, During the Asian Winter Games held in Changchun, South Korean athletes held a sign on the podium that said “Baekdu is our territory”. One year later, protests happened in Korea during the Beijing Olympic torch relay, and before the opening ceremony of 2008 Olympic, Korean television broadcasted images of the opening ceremony early, which angered the Chinese people and pushed the “anti-Korean” wave to its peak.


In 2007, During the Asian Winter Games held in Changchun, South Korean athletes held a sign on the podium that said “Baekdu is our territory”.


photo-shopped pictures by the Chinese netizens reads:

“install a switch on the sun”

“put a fence on the yellow river”

“design reverse for the air plane”

“paste ceramic tiles onto the Great Wall of China”

Taiwan’s anti-Korean wave transferred to China: historical remains and trade competition

The anti-Korean sentiment in Taiwan has been there longer. After Taiwan withdrew from the United Nations in 1972, Korea has always maintained close diplomatic relations with Taiwan and even called each other the “sibling nations”. However, due to pressure from the mainland and large trade and economic factors, Korea announced in August 1992 which broke off the diplomatic relations with Taiwan. Korea sent all properties Taiwan purchased in Korea back to mainland free of charge, and also expulsed Taiwan’s embassy staff. Such action caused resentment and anger of people in Taiwan. Taiwan announced in September of the same year and ended direct flight with South Korea, until 2004 the flight route was then resumed.

In international trade completion, South Korea and Taiwan both belong to the group of Asia’s Four Little Dragons. In terms of strength, capital, technology and other economic conditions both are also very close. After the Asia Financial Crisis, the economic power of South Korea rapidly recovered and boomed in recent years, promoting the economic and trade development and cultural forces that swept through all Asia. This caused Taiwan to feel a sense of crisis and developed the situation where Korea is seen as an economic competitor.

Controversies of cultures on the surface are mostly rumors

China does not really have much hatred towards South Korea, but because of Chinese media’s reports that Korea claims many of the Chinese cultures and history are originated in Korea, causing many Chinese people’s discontentment, but most of these reports came from China spread false rumors or slanderous messages, the mainstream Korean history and local public opinion do not have such claims.

The mob family: Why do people who are “anti-Korean” keep dwelling?

1. Media irresponsibly create rumors.

2. The people: Relying on  the “splendid cultures” for sense of security, and became over-sensitive about “stealing” cultures.

3. The government: Most culture disputes are driven by beneficial factors and interests.

4. Reality: An illusioned fest of nationalism

American Journalist Abbott wrote in his memoir in later years, said his father told him before he passed away, all human ethnic and religious disputes, 90% are because words which cannot be effectively understood and causing disputes over rumors. He said that his dad was not good at math, he found that the remaining 10% are also disputes over rumors.  therefore, when facing rumors, the most important thing is, can we still think independently?

  1. How powerful internet is! It is even scary at times.
    On the surface we see that governments usually censor an unwanted content.
    On the other hand the more powerful thing would be to brainwash netizens by spreading rumors.

  2. Too little, too late. You already have legions of blind idiots who believe Koreans are trying to steal Chinese culture. As if Koreans want it in the first place.

    The fact of the matter is, the behavior of that Chinese super junior fan who took off her shirt and accused the police officers of rape is a microcosm of the behavior of Chinese people today. The mentality that its ok to accuse someone of a crime in order to get what you want. Dont even try to deny this.

    The article should have also mentioned the Koreans are stealing Confucius lie. The Chinese media reported that a Seoul National University professor by the name of Park Jung Soo claimed that Confucius was Korean. This too was also proven to be a lie. No person by the name of Park Jung Soo ever worked at Seoul National University.

    Heres two more examples of Chinese people posing as Koreans.

    (read the youtube comments)

  3. Now unlike commentators before me who place so much emphasis on ‘attempting’ to seem objective *ahem* not mentioning any names, I will give you the real answers to these seemingly perennial if not trivial questions. I speak of course, on behalf of China as being the ideal candidate to represent the views of the netizens.

    Core (short) Answer: Koreans are full of $hit

    1 We Chinese people look down upon Koreans (see further discussion)

    2 The irony that an inferior race portrays China as a poor developing village is laughable and is the MAIN reason to make fun of bang zi

    i.) Put simply, we find it insulting that Koreans portray Chinese to be backward despite our complete belief otherwise is the core reason for these rumors.

    ii.) Our mentality is ‘so we’ve thought of you guys to be losers for the last ten years and kept quiet, and you guys are the one who start talking about us, gtfo’

    3 Making jokes about them is not only funny but since its so believable, makes it even more entertaining

    4 Its just so damned funny


    1. If we tell the rumors enough times, it almost seems like fact. Who cares if we’re wrong since they’re bang zi, LOL.

    3. They’re easy to make fun of because:

    a.) They are ugly – 90% of their population get plastic surgery because of their flat face, small single eyelids and physique, which we believe is derived from early Mongolians

    b.) Their history, culture, and mentality make them an easy target to attack

    c.) Koreans are the biggest hypocrites in Asia, aside from Indonesians

    i.) They are simply closed minded to any criticism to their country whether it is right or wrong – sound familiar? Well in Korea its 10x worse

    Can’t help but say myself, that I love it when kimchee simidas get riled up imida. ROFL

        1. It’s probably somebody pretending to be Chinese lol.

          As a Chinese, I also disapprove of these bs.

          1. disapproved!!!!!





            我们只能说“Voice of China”是个种族歧视的傻B,还有所有跟它相同的人,正宗的中国人在这个世界上有的是,而且ta们比你们这群种族歧视的傻B愤青们懂世界懂得多的多


  4. Haha.. so talks the banana simidas who want to sound objective. Come on, hang out with your fellow brothers and tell me that’s not the case. The favorite racist joke in China now is ‘Only in Korea can two attractive double eyelid models give birth to a retarded child with a Mongolian single eyelids’

    If you haven’t heard of that, you’re not a real Chinese person 😉

    1. I think you’re trying to spread hate, it is probable that you are not even Chinese.
      If you’re Chinese, your statement can only represent YOUR opinion.

      1. lemme guess, you are an american netizen retard came from the legendary 4chan site, am i right?

        1. Interesting how people think a Chinese person can’t be responsible for this. Oh you must be a foreigner. Hmmmmmm.

          Being a sinophile makes a person a loser Eason? haha

          And if they are Chinese then it is only THIER opinion BUT if it is typical small minded simple defense of all things ‘sino’ then of course we are all united in opinion and harmonious

          1. The Chinese commentators here are in denial. People like “Voice of China” do exist in China and they are very common.

            Where else do you get all those insane “Koreans are stealing ” claims as well as all those butt ugly looking Chinese people who dont look one bit Korean claiming to be Korean? Or those annoying hackers who frequently attack Korean sites? Or those insecure Chinese males who whine about Korean boybands/actors/celebrities/metro-sexuals being popular in China while Chinese male celebrities do not even register in the minds of Korean women?

            The fact is, there are a lot of insecure and bitter Chinese men who hate Korea for absurd reasons. I also lol’d big time at the Chinese guy making fun of Koreans for looking asian. Because we all know Chinese people have blonde hair and blue eyes. Am I correct?

    2. whats this shit about single eyelids not being attractive?
      it looks way cool and makes one look like a pure east asian blooded person.
      be proud!

  5. The fact is, when it comes to culture, China imports everything, a lot of it from Korea.

    Just turn on your TV if your on the mainland.

        1. Chinese series are max 50 episodes long based on some popular novel. Korean series are hundreds of episodes long full of melodrama

          1. Popular novel? I thought they went on moaning about defeating the Japanese over and over again? Full of melodrama of course…

    1. This why there are so many ‘rumors’ about Koreans claiming Chinese culture as their heritages. This post just shows that maybe these are not rumors the author is trying to dispel, rather they are widely believed by many Koreans as facts.

  6. I’ve spoken to South Koreans about this – some have suggested that the posts made in China are done by North Koreans to make the South Koreans look bad.

    In any case, no one seems to hate each other as much as Asians do. The things I’ve heard said by Japanese about Koreans and Chinese, and that Koreans say about Japanese and Chinese, and, of course, the things Chinese say about Japanese and Koreans are so bad it seems like war will break out at any moment.

    But maybe East Asians just ‘talk tough’? Their ‘bark is worse than their bite’?

    1. “no one seems to hate each other as much as Asians do”

      It seems they’ve grown past the outright hating each other phase and have moved up to the merely peering down their noses at each other. For the last 50 years Africa has been the place where the locals are busy trying to kill each other, not Asia.

      Is the China/Korea thing directed at all Koreans as an ethnic group or at South Koreans because they’ve done so well without a communist party in charge?

    2. In North Korea, the population that have internet and a computer: <4%, and they cant even get on to normal websites, (with proxies blocked)most of them are communist propagandas

      so how the hell do they suddenly learned chinese and came to chinese website and make rumors?

      1. Yeah, when talking about North Korea, i think everyone’s referring to a state sponsored effort. The common population couldn’t care less.

  7. In fact , I don’t know who made these rumors. Maybe korean did say that Cao cao is korean and so on , then some chinese and koren extremists extended these. They just love making trouble for their own reasons.
    Good , now I see many chinese minds have been turned. These guys , yeh , so strong and so great ~!

    1. Voice of China sounds like someone I know… he’s this Japanese guy who lives in Hawaii.

  8. The mob family: Why do people who are “anti-Korean” keep dwelling?

    1. Media irresponsibly create rumors.

    2. The people: Relying on the “splendid cultures” for sense of security, and became over-sensitive about “stealing” cultures.

    3. The government: Most culture disputes are driven by beneficial factors and interests.

    4. Reality: An illusioned fest of nationalism

    #1 is the real culprit. The other three simply enhance whatever damage the for profit media does.

  9. Another note: this is a website about China obviously, but do we have any information about South Korean and Japanese rumors about China? I’ve heard plenty of rumors about China and Chinese from my Vietnamese “friends”, I have no doubt that S.K. have plenty of equally stupid rumors about China.

    Not that it justifies anyone or anything, just a comparison to say that Chinese are not alone in being blinded by hive mentality.

    1. And that goes to just about any nationality for that matter. Enough white people still believe that all Chinese eat dogs and cats that this rumor still lives.

      1. actually that is true, southern chinese and south koreans ppl do eat dogs, not so much for cat thru

        1. Im chinese , I’ve never eaten dog or cat , that’s sick~! Neither all friends and relatives of mine~! But yeh , there are still some shits love eating dog or cat~! Fak them~!

      2. It is true. I had dog soup both in Korea and China. So it seems Carl that you don’t know what’s up.

        1. for that comment, i’d have to admit that i’ve ate dog meat myself, but that was a very long time ago. I guess the point I was trying to make is that people are blinded by cultural differences.

          1. As I know , Guangdong province in china , ppl in there eat dogs or cats more often than other places. Cuz many and many different cultures mix together , and it’s china. So in different places , culture and habit have manyyy distinctions. A few chinese ppl were seen eating dogs or cats , then chinese eat dog and cat ? Come on

          2. As I know , Guangdong province in china , ppl in there eat dogs or cats more often than other places. Cuz many and many different cultures mix together , and it’s china. So in different places , culture and habit have manyyy distinctions. A few chinese ppl were seen eating dogs or cats , then chinese eat dog and cat? If you see one guy’s killed by chinese , then chinese enjoy killing ppl ? Come on , naive boy

      3. Well, I’m in the north China right now, and i found at least three non-korean restaurants where you can eat dogs. But most chinese don’t like dog.

        1. Yeh , government don’t give concern to stray dogs or cats. These idiots nuts even put a law that enjoin keeping huge dogs in Chengdu now.

  10. Just gotta fxcking love when you spend time and insight to write a decent post and when you submit it the site gives you a failure message and you can’t get back to it. Can’t be bothered to rewrite it.

    1. always hit CTRL-C before posting. Then if anything goes wrong you still have it saved. All you need to do is hit CTRL-V. And you have it all back. Very easy!

  11. Recently I heard there was a “Zhu Yuanzhang is Korean” claim floating around the internet as well. Apparently South Korea’s MBC channel had a “TV Surprise” program that had something to do with it. Some Koreans are saying it’s a “Believe It Or Not” program where the show host proposes controversial theories and the audience decides to buy it or not buy it. But the Chinese media is reporting that “Zhu Yuanzhang is Korean” was offered up as a “new discovery” and that it was all over the Korean news. What’s up with that? Anyone know?

    1. There was indeed a “Zhu Yuanzhang has Korean blood” conspiracy theory floating around in Korea (the show you described dealt with the controversy around this claim) – you can simply Google it to get the background (and more complete info if you read Korean).

      But why stop there? There are other conspiracy theories in Korea about how ancient korean dynasties going back to 7-8000 BC was the basis for Mesopotamian/Sumerian culture (and thus Israeli/Judeo culture in this view), Huanghe / Huaxia (Chinese) culture, “Aryan” culture, etc.

      Everyone can rest assured that these “conspiracy” theories are about as accepted in Korea as UFOs, the Loch Ness monster, Atlantis civilization, etc.

      As in most countries, these conspiracy theories get pushed by a small minority of die-hard proponents with a veneer of credibility (e.g. quasi-academics). Sometimes a few of these capture the public’s attention if such “new findings” get short-term sensationalist treatment by the media — which do you think would get higher ratings — “The Founder of Ming Dynasty was actually KOREAN!!!” or a show called “Life & Times of the Founder of China’s Ming Dynasty”?

      I can understand why news about such fringe conspiracy theories cause such fury among Chinese netizens (and even lead them to put in the time and effort to create fake theories that “Koreans” supposedly espouse), but I can assure them that the majority of Koreans don’t place any credibility on these outlandish theories.

      Everyone can relax and rest assured that most Koreans, like people most everywhere, are not ignorant, gullible fools that believe outlandish theories about their ancestors being the originators of Chinese culture.

      1. All you have to do is ask any Korean, and they’ll tell you the truth. I’ve never found anyone who believed these Chinese rumors. They do think that fans kill you in your sleep, thoguh.

        1. I think you guys are giving the average person (of any nationality) too much credit. People generally believe what the media tells them, especially when it is in a subject that they don’t know much about and the people on screen “appear” to be experts.

          And that’s the main problem here: the media. There will always be fringe conspiracy theorists in every society; of that, not much can be done. What societies can do, however, is to minimize their exposure. By this, I don’t mean to minimize programs on harmless “conspiracy theories” like UFOs, Atlantis, and dangerous electric fans, but on controversial issues that may actually lead to social conflict.

          There is a reason why, in the West, there are no programs about whether whites are racially superior, or whether the Holocaust was real, or whether the Aryans built China, even though “quasi-academic” fringe scholars exist for all of these topics. It is because such issues are highly offensive and lead to social conflict. Thus, even though such topics may produce high ratings, their deleterious effects on society prevent them from being ever the focus of attention. This is a part of media responsibility, or perhaps one of the more positive aspects of “political correctness.”

          In Asia, it seems that such considerations are rarely taken into account. Instead, each country’s media is basically insensitive to the social effects of such programs and reports on their neighbors. This would be understandable if people in each country did not pay attention to each other’s media, or if the internet did not exist for them to so rapidly spread observations and rumors, but this is not the case. Couple this with a nationalistic streak in reporting, and you have the recipe for disaster.

          To prevent such disasters, it seems to me that Asia must endeavor to be more like the West in avoiding giving attention to socially sensitive conspiracy theories. Let the fringe theorists say what they will in private, but don’t give them a powerful public venue for expressing their views on a major television channel, and especially don’t place the authority of the media apparatus behind them. It’s not so much that I’m in favor of restricting free speech, it’s that I don’t think the popular media [i]is[/i] free speech, given the vast disparity between its power and that of the average person. The media has the power to shape nations, and it should wield that power responsibly.

        2. haha. So true but I have heard Chinese tell me this too. So who invented this fan story first? The koreans or Chinese?

          1. Chinese people believe that having a fan blowing at you while you sleep might cause you a cold. Koreans believe it is life threatening.

  12. probably Chinese government spreader those false rumors to make people hate Korea and hallyu xD cause Korean music and movies are pretty popular not only in Asia,but also in Europe and America..don’t know exactly why are they doing this but Korean stuff can be really influential..somehow ;)) and they want to keep people like some..robots == or want people to don’t be attracted to others counties or other culture and to be only focussed about their work. well,of course there are people who simply don’t like super Junior or korean melodramas.
    In my option is stupid to say the you hate one nation only because of some rumors or to hate Korea only because you don’t like super junior :)) or hallyu and at last is really stupid to hate one country, because people are all different and history [like characters and mythology rumors] are all in past,there are problems more importantly that knowing if Korea was first who used those characters or was China,who really care about that?
    I noticed that all great and important wars/conflicts begins from simple and stupid facts..isn’t this awkward?

    1. yea, and that is why state controlled TV stations air translated korean dramas all afternoon right? Sorry, but you are a retard; disrespect for Koreans is very grass root.

    2. You know, if the Chinese government wanted to “stop the Korean Wave,” all they have to do is ban it. They did it for foreign animation in order to promote the domestic animation industry, so they can do it for Korean dramas. I don’t think that’s the issue.

    1. Because they are insignificant and unimportant, much like your country of origin. Chinhush also does not approve of your baseless accusations that all insults pertaining to ‘X region of Asia’ is the sole intellectual property of Korea. Try again son.

      – Voice of China

  13. One should understand S. Korean pride after emergence from centuries of being overshadowed by China and Japan. But some of the claims by nationalists are totally absurd. It’s also rediculous to assert that these “rumors” are all Chinese fabrications. Even a Japanese TV program ridiculed S.Koreans ultranationalists claim of ‘Confucius is
    Chinese.” Was silk was a Korean invention? According to Chosun Ilbo, that’s their truth. Another writer wrote about beautiful Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi’s visit to S.Korea and tagged this at the end of the article -“Korean actress Kim Jung Hwa is much prettier.” The tendency to bash others to make oneself feel better is common among S. Koreans, who have a legacy of victimization.

    Negating the perception of widespread anti-Korean sentiment spread by K-nationalists, Chinese filmmakers continue to provide employment for S. Korean actors, and a N. Korean theater troupe was well-received for their rendition of a classic Chinese drama.
    Not to mention the support for the Korean soccer team by many Chinese.

  14. “Korean guy” demonstrates how the insecure need to bash others to feel good. Anti-Korean sentiment is fanned by the likes of such anti-Chinese rants. Someone will probably say he’s Chinese posing as Korean. Or Koreans are posing as Chinese to start a flame war. Round and round it goes.

  15. “I don’t recall Koreans posing as Chinese>>>”

    Of course. You can say that without any bias, eh? So much easier to blame everything on the entire Chinese population. Typical of Korean sino-phobes. But you were probably the first to scream ‘blame the individual, not the entire group’ when Cho shot up the Virginia Tech.

    Besides the vicious ripping apart of a live pig, ultra-nationalists like you went off on a brutal Japanese bird massacre in protest against Japan. Thankfully, not all Koreans are this crazy.

  16. How some individuals can manage to build their own personal sense of self-worth from demeaning other ethnic groups is really a mystery. But it can’t be the most effective way to defend and build the reputation of your own kind (if that indeed is the goal for you all here).

  17. This is actually nothing.

    Here’s a bigger one:

    Most Chinese believe that Japanese don’t teach about WW2 atrocities and that Japanese don’t know about it at all. This is completely false.

    All 5-6 government approved textbooks in Japan (no other books are allowed to be used) contain clear references to WW2 atrocities, Nanjing and so on. Every single Japanese person knows about the Nanking massacre and Unit 731. The only difference is that its described in a non-sensationalist wording, and the casualty estimates are slightly lower.

    I tell me people this and few believe me. Most stick to their old prejudices, some call me a traitor, some think I’m a Japanese “spy”.

    It’s time to stop this nonsense. There is no reason to fight amongst Asians, there is enough tension in Asia without people succumbing to rumormongering.

  18. Anyways… The 50+ posts exchange is proof positive of what irresponsible media and internet anonymity does to people nowadays. Contrary to what people think, fenqings like VoC are actually not uncommon on the Chinese net; Korean ultra-nationalists are also not uncommon on the Korean net. Both have been fundamentally shaped to feel the need to pound each other by the respective actions of their popular medias, and no doubt the governments and corporations behind these medias.

  19. Voice of China

    为了中华民族而付出百折不挠的努力 真辛苦你了…

    but it does seem strange that you subtly insult China in between your rants about Koreans.

    Why don’t you write some of your extensive rants in your native language so we know you’re not just another faker inciting hate.

  20. LoL, usual take it or leave it attitude from insecure Chinese, this kind of attitude is best suited for Chinese takeaway stores.

    Author missed couple of more rumors that came straight out their asses.
    1. Confucius is Korean
    2. Buddha is Korean
    3. Jesus is Korean
    4. Greatwall of China was built by Korean
    5. Mao Zedong is Korean
    6. Fengshui is Korean culture
    7. Chinese traditional medicine invented by Korean

    1. Lol, I remember that Korea-jesus rumor cooked up by Chinese nationalists. They accused Koreans of stealing Jesus because of a painting by a Korean artist of a black haired asian Jesus.

      Meanwhile failing to realize that there are dozens of Chinese paintings portraying Jesus as a Chinese person. Or European paintings portraying Jesus as a blue eyed aryan, or Africans portraying Jesus as a black man. Jesus has he reinterpreted all over the world.
      The same goes for Buddha who is portrayed as a Chubby asian man in China despite being a green eyed, emaciated Indian in real life.

      Chinese nationalists need a history lesson. They seem to forget that this Chinese guy-

      claimed to be the brother of Jesus and that the Hebrew God in the bible was a Chinese god king by the name Shangdi. Needless to say Hong Xiquan gained millions of worshippers in China which resulted in this-

      Yeah, some Korean guy drew a picture of a black haired Jesus. Meanwhile, some +20 million Chinese people brutally die in the name of Chinese Jesus. LOL. If anything, Koreans should be the ones pointing fingers at China.

      Its comedy on an epic scale.

    2. – Jesus was Korean – America was Korean Territory – Japanese are Koreans – Korean idiots – the most extreme Christians in the world

      What else? Takeshima is Dodko and belongs to Korea.. Give me a break!!

      You keep making up stories to make up for your poor history, no wonder you gooks are such a joke everywhere.

      1. You just kicked yourself in the balls by proving the central point of the article that was posted here. That point being that Chinese people(yourself included)are pathological liars who need to make up rumors in order to justify their sad existence. Quit obsessing over Koreans. Koreans do not create any rumors about China because frankly, we dont give a shit. Whereas China needs to create rumors to make the other side look bad, Koreans only need to sit and wait in order for China to make itself look stupid.

        Why dont we compare the Jesus incident?

        A. Some Korean guy draws a picture of an asian Jesus(which Chinese artists have done numerous times as well).

        B. Chinese guy claims god is Shangdi and that he and Jesus are Chinese people. He then wages holy civil war inside China and more then 20 million die as a result.

        Which is worse again? A or B? LOL.

  21. Wow! So many insecure people here. It’s really difficult to shift blame to any one side, there are imbeciles from both countries.

  22. Alright, time to stop the nonsense.

    This “Voice of China” is NOT Chinese (as suspected by Sherlock, Carl, masterfu (赵赋尧), ricoB, Eason, etc. above).

    Take a look at some of these direct quotes from the so-called “Voice of China”:

    • “People from Hong Kong and Guang Zhou have the wide nostrils similar to new age monkeys.”

    • “just like the common Chinese person, sometimes I don’t even shower before bedding them”

    • “Chinese women obey their wives – yes quite often they do but we also love to have mistresses on the side…Gold diggers make great mistresses.”

    • “Most Chinese people are afraid to say it, because like you Korean hypocrites, we fake sympathy when it comes to serious matters such as homicide which inflict great emotional pain on the victim and their family.”

    • “As Chinese, we love to pick on weak, defenseless countries like S Korea to bully.”

    And see below for even stranger pro-Japanese pronouncements from a self-proclaimed Chinese patriot:

    • “Chinese people may not like Japs, but we tolerate them because they are humble, unprovocative and civil. They are also successful in many endeavors including mass R&D in electronics.”

    • “What else? Takeshima is Dodko and belongs to Korea.. Give me a break!!”

    • “We also love watching Japanese AV, don’t you?”

    • “Its called insecurity, and is exactly what China and Japan mock you for.”

    Finally, this is the clincher – would any mainland Chinese guy mention these as the best of Chinese celebrities:

    • “Gong Li, Lucy Liu, Lee Hom Wang, Jay Chou, Andy Lau, Tony Leung, Zhang Ziyi, just off the top of my head.”

    I think Sherlock has it right – “Voice of China” is probably some Japanese guy trying to rile up hatred among his two favorite targets. At best he’s some clueless ABC whose education on true mainland Chinese sentiments come solely from these bbs/forums.

    Voice of China — if I’m wrong, write some of your extensive rants in Chinese, which I’m sure you must be fluent in since you’re a patriot. And don’t go off and copy paste something from some Chinese bbs.

    If you’re some ABC who only knows Zhangziyi, Gong Li and Hong Kong / Taiwanese celebrities, then don’t go around representing China because you’re an embarrassment. 请不要继续丢中国人的脸。

    1. Hudson aka Masterfu aka noob.

      The only person is an embarrassment is you. A alpha Chinese male doesn’t show weakness and sympathy towards gooks. At best your either delusional or you’re not from the mainland.

      If you are in fact Chinese, you’d know that those from Guang Zhou and Hong Kong are ugly. Maybe you’re from there? They’re short, flat nosed and generally aren’t as hot as those from Beijing, Shanghai, Chong Qing, Su Zhou, etc etc.

      • “just like the common Chinese person, sometimes I don’t even shower before bedding them”

      You don’t understand satire do you?

      • “Chinese women obey their wives – yes quite often they do but we also love to have mistresses on the side…Gold diggers make great mistresses.”

      Again, if you were Chinese you’d know, er nai is the new fad in the 21st century.

      Most Chinese people are afraid to say it, because like you Korean hypocrites, we fake sympathy when it comes to serious matters such as homicide which inflict great emotional pain on the victim and their family.

      Why do you insinuate we should show gooks courtesy on the internet. That’s what we reserve in real life. In our minds, we know they deserved it.


      Masterfu/Hudson – speak for yourself.

  23. LOL… Coming from a country who was oppressed by Japs for decades. Maybe your mom is half Japanese.

    1. Uhhhhhhhhhhh China was conquered, subjugated and oppressed by foreign nations more times within the last 2000 years then Korea was.

      You = fail history.

  24. Voice of China … Voice of “I don’t know my mother tongue but let me write on behalf of the motherland”

    1. Hudson, you’re a joke. I choose not to engage in Chinese in an English forum and I feel no need to prove myself to you.

  25. The comment section on this site is becoming a joke. Time to moderate them. Limit the # of comments fr. a poster and adopt a no racist or foul language policy. Or just suspend some users for a time. Otherwise it’s the same flame war over and over again.

  26. Its interesting how this débâcle escalated into a flamewar.

    What started as a war from Korean_guy to defend his nation’s honor opened the floodgate of more gooks entering into the thread:

    Masterfu/Hudson (Korean studying in Beijing)

    Each of them astoundingly interested in Chinese gossip news, and equally determined to show their true characteristics of Koreans. Stating they came up with all the insults I used first. Then proceeding to use all my arguments against me to no avail.

    Put simply, my initial proposition was unflawed, it could equally be placed at any point of the conversation and act as the conclusion of any attempt the gooks had of defend their small pitiful country. Even to the extent of calling me Jap, just because I know my history and that Takehima has always belonged to Japan.

    I have successfully dissolved any unsupported proposition that Korean_Guy has tried to raise.

    Alcoholism –
    Cultural inferiority –
    Plastic Surgery -
    History – 50 or so years
    Gooks – refer to Koreans

    As the Voice of China, I’ve spoken the truth about what China believes about it’s little bi%ch Korea. Everything from politics, social opinion and general views on Koreans. There was never anything that was intended to be disputed. You guys felt the need to copy what I say and claim Korean invented it. This is based on insecurity and the need for self assurance.

    I entertained these gooks for a while by effortlessly deflecting their weak arguments

  27. Voice of “China”

    You have zero credibility. As a fake poster, you speak for no one but yourself.

    1. You don’t speak or read Chinese yet claim to represent the people of China.

    2. You were one of the first posters with message of hate clearly intended to bait people into responding to your vitriol.

    3. You insult China in between rants about Korea, while throwing in nice little tidbits about Japan.

    You’re like a terrorist living in an alternate reality, believing that your efforts will contribute to some goal that only you understand.

    You pretend to be Chinese and throw bombs around, hoping to bait people in then dump your vitriol, even as you go on living your real life as a dutiful citizen with a sheen of decorum.

    Your anonymity is what gives you protection. But your identity and hypocrisy are all too evident in your trail of nonsense.

    Fortunately my real life is full of Chinese and Japanese people who are nothing like you.

    1. Im bored with these “oh,korean is bad , china is good.” OR “oh~!korean is good,china is bad”
      Laugh at them and with some popcorn in hand.

  28. Sounds like the nationalist crowd in China is just taking a break from their usual hatred of America and Japan.

  29. I think all this thread proves is that Korean trolls are just as bad as Chinese trolls. Seriously, korean_guy and vasopressin, you guys are not making yourself look any better than VoC.

  30. Shit Korean Guy and Vasopressing are being trolled and they don’t even know it. STFU already you are making us koreans looking like dumbasses.

    1. Hahahahaha Real_korean, Korean_sentry, Vespineressinggas, Korean_guy

      how do you guys keep coming up with these names? it’s hilarious.

  31. @Korean_Guy// I read some of your posts. Do not stoop yourself to the exact same trolling level of “Voice of China”. Every sane person realizes Voice of China is a pathetic hater. You didn’t have to get in the mud to retaliate his stupidity like that. Say no to “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth”. You have to be more level-headed and mature to have more credibility than him. What you do is just making more enemies and making yourself look awful. I’m sure there are bunch of rational and level-headed Chinese out there. Why would you provoke them, too? I’m a (real) Korean and I get dissapointed by posters like you. Why don’t you just laugh at trolls and move on for serious discussions with real people? You are not helping Koreans.

  32. Oh wow… this site is a Gook magnet or do Koreans just love to read Chinese gossip 🙂

    1. Voice of chinks, we koreans do not come here to read Chinese gossip. We come here to fuck you chink ass niggers in the ass, just because it’s something we love to.

      My Korean brothers are full of humility and that’s why they don’t tell it straight like I do, but Korea is the best place in the world. Koreans are the best people in the world. We think of you chinks as something to wipe our asses with.

      Without Korea, there would be no China. Remember that.

      1. @elite korean force, go fuck your ugly korean mom in the ass you nasty piece of shit. your last sentence is pathetic. do you really think without korea there would be no china? are you a retard?

  33. Real_korean, Korean_sentry, Vespineressinggas, Korean_guy, Holysmite, Elite Korean Force.

    How many uncivilized gooks do you need to round up to beat the Voice of China?

    Well.. actually its probably one or two gooks with proxy accounts but anyhow… Pathetic.

    Read above points:

    # Every individual Korean must stay within 30 feet of another Korean, for if one doesn’t stay close enough to another for a day, he will slowly rot to the ground.

    # On the rare occasion a Korean immigrant converses with someone of a different ethnicity, they’ll go on and on about how great their home country is, despite having jumped at the chance to move to the nation they currently live in.

    # Koreans think their culture is unique, but it’s basically a rip-off mix between Japan and China.

    # Koreans are much uglier and their eyes are much slantier than their Asian neighbors, that’s why plastic surgery is so popular in Korea.

    # No one gives a shit about Koreans (except for Koreans themselves of course, and the few, pathetic Koreaboos).

    # Unlike other Asians who move to the US and become Yuppies (China) and Hipsters (Japan), Koreans tend to turn into gun-toting rednecks.

    # All Koreans are stalkers.

    # If you think any of the above is false and are attempting to delete them, then you must be or at least partially Korean, because frankly non-Koreans never liked Koreans and always assumed they are the rudest and most pathetic group of people ever lived on Earth; and only Koreans think of themselves as pure and sinless.

    # Koreans often are confused whether people are complimenting or insulting them. As a result, they resort to faggotry and act like dumbasses.

    1. And you still deny that you are obsessed with Korean people? For someone who hates Koreans so much, you sure do spend an awful lot of your time commenting on us.

  34. My god, I’m really having a good laugh now as I’m writing this.

    19 July 2010 -> My first post was 25 June -> Gook simidas are still here trying to defend their honour, while all the so claiming how they don’t care.

    Influx of gooks come in: Real_korean, Korean_sentry, Vespineressinggas, Korean_guy, Holysmite, Elite Korean Force and FAIL.

    I come here to laugh at your inferiority because its fun. You guys are a small, unimportant race with two achievements: Kimchi and Samsung, which you go to no end to brag about.

    You make fun of Chinese, but are ironically poorer in absolute national Gross Domestic Product, international standing, sports, political influence and looks.

    Yes this is your average Korean with ‘ONLY’ nose surgery and it makes William Hung look great.

    You come to a month old post and read Chinese news everyday and yet flame about how much you hate us.

    Now you claim that knowing Kungfu is a liability, when its not.. As I said, it bridged the once fear and racial prejudice that would make today’s society look tame, if not ‘perfect’.

    Go and look at your country’s achievements in history, aside from getting oppressed by us and Japan, what else? Soccer match fixing scandal? Other public humiliations? I can’t believe you still can’t accept your country’s inferiority.

    Yes, its small, its insignificant and the people are uglier. Just live with it and move on.

    – wise words from the Voice of China

  35. For a small population, SKorea produces too many ultra-nationalistic fanatics swaggering and boasting that they are god’s gift to humankind. God help us if they become a superpower! Wonder why the sKorean suicide rate is so high for superior people.

  36. WEB SEARCH: 1911 / 1949:

    GOOGLE SEARCH: famines in the 1950s 1960….. truth in the public domain.. PD.

    great leap forward.. public doman PD facts

    cultural revolution: public domain PD facts….

    china from 1949–1978-1979…

    INTERNET SEARCH: mao zedong killed upwards to 45-million people… twice the peoples of Australia….




  37. FUCK KOREA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WISH THEIR KPOP CRAP AND FUCKIN DRAMAS BURN IN HELL WITH THEM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  38. I’m Chinese, studying in America, and I personally truly love Koreans, especially South Korea. The hate against them from these so-called “Chinese” is unbelievable – perhaps literally so, as most of these sites are blocked by China, so no real Chinese are generally able to access them at all. I will never stop liking Korea’s people and culture, and I will defend my country’s ancient ally to my last breath.

  39. FUCK KOREA.. CHINA AND JAPAN ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Korea is GAY. I LOVE CHINESE AND JAPANESE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love FROM TAIWAN <3

  40. Pingback: Anonymous
  41. It is true that there is a saying in Chinese that, “Nationalism is not a sin”, and many Chinese eagerly embrace this. I personally think that the real reason for this sentiment is that most Chinese have always had a “superiority complex” over Korea. I myself, as a Han Chinese, have wondered more than once why Korea was never truly absorbed by China while Manchuria was…but, regardless, I personally think given the history, Sino-Korean ties should be closer.

    But the Chinese netizens go way too far with not only this, but their empty pride in general. Even the PRC would never truly espouse these “fenqing” – especially as half their posts that are not blatantly racist against America/Korea/Japan/Taiwan oppose the government as well. The Chinese netizens have become cruel and hateful, against each other and almost everything else, to the point of fanaticism.

    It’s sad that the once-great Middle Kingdom – and so much of Asia – has fallen so low.

  42. Hey there! This is kind of off topic but I need some advice from an established blog.
    Is it very hard to set up your own blog? I’m not very techincal but I can figure things out pretty fast.
    I’m thinking about setting up my own but I’m not
    sure where to begin. Do you have any tips or suggestions?
    Thank you

  43. LMAO typical insecure chinks (i.e. Chinese like Voice of China).

    After Mao basically destroyed a 2000 years worth of culture, what has the culture of the heavenly kingdom been reduced to?

    Bad tourists? Defecating in pubilc? Censorship leading to zero originality and innovation? Claim that everything around their cesspool of land is rightfully theirs?

    It’s very typical of chinks to pick on other people/countries who they believe to be inferior to them, but when the Japanese invaded and brutalized them, they are so quick to play the victim card and bitch just as long about the atrocities Japan supposedly committed against their filthy uncivilized ancestors.

    Chinks are still the “sick men of Asia” they always were by projecting their newly found sense of superiority complex from their bubble economy by picking on weaker nations through aggressive land disputes, but against the Western nations? LOL China is still the bitch of the West.

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