Doctor’s note for “World Cup sick leave” sold online, 280 yuan each


(From China News)

People in China have just enjoyed the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, to many football fans, this was a timely rain. However, the three day vacation is coming to an end. Many fans began to wonder how they can manage to not miss any upcoming exciting World Cup matches.

Football fan Xiao Yu was just worried about this, so he searched on the Internet for some help. Surprisingly he discovered that someone is selling “doctor’s note for World Cup sick leave”. With doctor’s note in hand, it is like giving the green light to requesting time off, Xiao Yu was really tempted. But, after thinking it through, he still felt a bit indecent, so he called the Chinese News hotline: 85055555.

According to the information provided by Xiao Yu, yesterday morning, reporter contacted the “World Cup sick leave” doctor. Her cell phone number is 137XXXX1287.

This doctor said on the phone that she can produce various certificates of many hospitals in Beijing, including creating case of illness, diagnosis, certificate of hospitalization, hospital discharge certificate, doctor’s notes for sick leave and so on.

When the reporter requested a note for two weeks sick leave, she said, “recently, too many people are requesting for fake notes in order to watch the World Cup, we have to be careful when producing these notes. Usually it is based on customer’s actual situation, for example, this customer often suffers from inflammation, or this customer usually has back pain and other symptoms. We use these information to fill the diagnosis so that the leaders at work will not become suspicious.”

Two minutes later, the “doctor” sent over two screenshots via QQ, one of them is the diagnosis certificate from Capital Medical University Xuanwu Hospital, and the other is the sick leave certificate from the same hospital. The price was actually not cheap, 280 yuan each.

Reporter asked them if they can produce certificates of hospitals in Hangzhou. The answer was, “We cannot produce them, but the certificate of Beijing hospitals can be used all over the country.”

  1. “We cannot produce them, but the certificate of Beijing hospitals can be used all over the country.”

    Best part of the article. I imagine that would be a good excuse for 2 weeks off from a Hangzhou job — “yeah I had a fever so I went to Beijing!”

  2. When I want a day off I just complain and anal fissures and haemorrhoids, my boss is always too disgusted to ask about the details or to insist on a doctor’s note

    1. Sorry this is my real avatar, my mistake, the previous two posts are PUSAN PLAYA approved

      1. Crikey. PP. People are really worried about you after this post. We know that you have had some heavy duty military training, but you sound like a pillow biter here.

        Come on, fess up. We will still love ya.

  3. I don’t know if this is funny to anyone else, but I think it’s awesome and hilarious. The Shanghai mascot looks a bit like Gumby and everyone has an opinion. But when it comes to skipping work to watch the world cup, that’s something everyone can stand behind.

  4. I thought there is no need to miss work, because of time difference…

    By the way, did you know that some high-tech companies abroad are screening football matches and employees can go and watch them during work hours?

  5. whaaaat. 1) Why would a Beijing note work on a boss in Hangzhou? 2) What kind of shit job requires a doctor’s note? How juvenile.

  6. What is this the 3rd grade where you need a note from the doctor or your parents? Just take a personal day to get the day off.

    1. My Chinese girlfriend asked her boss for a personal day last week. As of yesterday he was still laughing.

      1. Why did he laugh? If she has something to take care of, then it’s her business. He sounds like a jerk. Or how about she uses a vacation day to take the day off if he won’t allow her to use a personal day?

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