Schooling with one fellow only


Chinese students often try to make themselves invisible to the teacher who throws out a difficult question and looks around patiently for answers. Usually it is accomplished by making the teacher invisible to the students themselves by lowing their faces or hiding their blank eyes behind the students in the front rows. But in this scenario, the tricks become impossible, since the only two students in the class sit abreast .

(From Qing Tun (良庆屯) is a small village nested in Yantan Town of the Yao Autonomous County in Dahua, Guangxi Province. With only a handful of households, the village doesn’t have enough student supply to start a school. So the central primary school in Yantan Town sets up a teaching point there a few years ago to educate pupils under Grade 2 who cannot travel the long distance to the central school in town like older students. However, the number of the students attending to the teaching point is decreasing year after year as more and more children are leaving the village along with their parents who work outside.

And eventually, there is only one girl left in Grade 2.Tang Lei as the one student in her class has no one to discuss homework with except for her only teacher Wei Fengmei who takes up the teaching of Chinese language, mathematics, English, music, art and PE class etc. Now she’s got someone to turn to when questioned by Miss Wei in the class.  A girl named Tang Yisi comes and lives with her aunt in the village,  she attends to the same grade as Tang Lei. The two become inseparable friends in no time.


After a lonely semester, Tang Lei (left) has a classmate as well as close friend now.


The two are about to have arithmetic class with bamboo sticks.


PE class.


After school activities can definitely use some more participants.

  1. Awesome. I bet they get competitive. I used to battle with a friend in my history class. I think we ended up the year with me just slightly ahead of him, but the competition between us was fierce and it allowed us to get way ahead of the class average.

  2. Good story, I hope that these two children continue their educational journey this way for many years to come!

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