Brother Tricycle, Brother Running and Brother Train

Recently a video of a car accident made “Brother Tricycle” popular on the Internet. On May 9, 2010, a traffic video camera captured a deadly car accident in Beijing.  A fast moving black car hits a white car in front waiting on the red light in an intersection. One dead and two injured, but amazingly a man riding a tricycle through the tragic accident was able to escape without a scratch.  So netizens called him “Brother Tricycle” (三轮哥).

Since then another equally or more amazing video showed up on the internet.  Brother Running (奔跑哥) is this guy crossing the street, when suddenly a bus failed to stop at the red light .  In the nick of time he was able to speed up by taking longer strides with his long legs and ran to safety, hence the name Brother Running.

Even crazier, Brother Train (火车哥) was racing against the train.  A railway inspector was working on a train track, when suddenly the train roaring through the track. He leaped backwards onto the nearby track and was able to avoid the train. But he was not done yet, at the same time another train drove by from opposite direction on the track he landed on.  He quickly got up and jumped again to safety. (editor’s note: I have seen the video of Brother Train on youtube before, not sure if this happened in China or even if is real.)

  1. Train Bro looks kinda fake, Running Bro had time to react but I think Trike Bro is the luckiest since there was nothing he could do.

    Vids like these helps to remind me that green isn’t necessarily safe around here as I would feel back in ye ol’ country. Just too many bad drivers and weirdo laws here,, like the “you can always turn right” thingy. Clearly to some people it’s “you can always turn right even if there are people in front of your car”.

  2. I wonder what make of car was the black car. I don’t think that accident should have killed the driver in a car with modern safety equipment.

    1. They always kill the black car drivers first! At least, it’s better that the black car’s driver died than the people in the white car. Idiots need to get some basic driving skills before they kill more innocent people.

    2. Black looks like Toyota Crown, judging by damage no one with seatbelts would be hurt. White one though… looks like some domestic junk without crumple zone. Looking on the video I would guess that someone on the back seat died.

      1. White car is possibly a Fiat Palio, or a Chery Fulwin although I cannot tell just from the alloy wheel. The black car is possibly a Toyota Reiz or Crown.

        The second video is from Russia, the third video must be a Spiderman vid.

  3. I’ve lost count of the number of fatal accidents I’ve seen on Chinese TV, and I wonder how the families of the deceased feel about being forced to watch them repeatedly while for example taking the bus? The salient fact about this footage isn’t that some cyclist got away but that someone lost their life…

  4. I seen this one thing happen, it was really cool, and then right after, something else happened. No really.

    They’re called LINKS. Look into them.

  5. They’re all very lucky and I’m very happy for them. But can I say something? I AM IN LOVE WITH THAT NEWSCASTER. My GOD she is cute. 🙂 Wow. This is why I think Chinese women are the hottest on this planet. Look at her. Yowzers! What a honey pie. lol

    1. She looks very average to me. You need to get out more. If I walk down the pedestrian street here I’ll probably see 100 better looking girls and seriously,, if I leave China and go to Thailand, Korea, Laos, Vietnam or most other Asian countries there are better looking girls than in China. (I know it’s a subjective subject)

  6. That accident happened at Dawanglu. The driver of the black car was driving drunk and escaped the scene without injury. He was later caught by the police. The white car was carrying a family of three. Unfortunatly, the husband died on the scene. The wife and daughter were sent to intensive care but the daughter died a few days later. I’m not certain if the wife is still alive but last I heard she was. Saw the report on tv show called 红绿灯 traffic light report. That guy on the bike in one lucky bastard.

    1. That’s heart breaking to know, but I’m sure the black car driver righted his wrongs by paying a sum to the widow!

      1. I sure hope that’s a sarcastic comment. Anyway I’d love to find out what happened to that mofo drunk bastard in the black car. Sentence?

    1. The Chinese internet is in serious need of more creativity. Or maybe they need to stop putting a label on everything. No more brothers. No more gates. No more cows, or the “most cow in history.” It’s so old.

  7. Train Bro’s bravo, he really saved himself twice with his swift bounces;
    Running Bro did it too, by running like hell;
    And Tricyle Bro, he would probably wonder to himeself “what just happen” the next morning he wakes up, haha If only I can see that Tricycle Bro’s face at the crossing moment

  8. Train tracks are electrified, and it looked like Train guy was shocked and launched backard half a second before that train was on him. Seriously he was oblivious to it and then he jumped out its way? no chance. seemed fake.
    Running guy must have been pumped full of adrenlin. that was AMAZING.
    Tricycle guy, well it’s hard for me to care about him when others died.

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