Chinese swingers sentenced to jail time

Ma Yaohai, a 53-year-old college professor, interviewed by the reporters before he went in court . ChinaHush reported on April 3, 2010 that prosecutors charged 22 alleged swingers in east China for “group licentiousness,” a crime subject to a sentencing of a maximum five-year prison sentence.

Last Thursday, associate professor Ma Yaohai, 53, was sentenced to three and a half years in prison, according to a Global Times article. The other 21 people were also sentenced for jail time.

Ma, who works at an unnamed university, organized a swingers club in Jiangsu Province, which hosted 35 parties from 2007 to 2009, and he “personally participated in 18 sessions.”

He told Phoenix Satellite Television before his April 7 trial, "I didn’t do anything wrong. And there was no forcing or organizing. Why is the whole country picking on me?”

“Group licentiousness” became a Chinese law in 1977, and makes sex with three or more people illegal. However, the charge is highly debated in China as societal views toward sex have changed since 30 years ago. A May 22 Time Magazine article says this incident “reflects larger uncertainties about sexuality in China. … Chinese society is stumbling toward a more liberal attitude about sexuality.”

  1. What an invasion of privacy. How can person date in China? So if some one were to post online that they went on 3 dates and had sex on all 3 dates is that illegal? Or to have an orgy (group sex) is illegal? Either way that sucks.

  2. No fucking way he got jail time for this. Here I’ve been going around thinking that China is improving and is not as bad as many people abroad think. Then a case like this comes along where basically everyone can see that the law is weird, outdated and just plain wrong and we all expect the judge to throw it out especially since this isn’t related to undermining the government. Unfortunately this isn’t the US or Europe where logic (most of the time) prevails. This is a huge loss of face for a China trying so hard to become a respected and valued member of the international community. Time to take a good hard look in the mirror.

  3. Dude, shut down sex slavery of kids and exploited women first. Not consensual recreation (especially with rubbers.)

    1. ^^ Agreed, aren’t there bigger fish to fry? ^^

      @ ShAdO ~ I got Kim Jong-il on line 1 , He’s been on hold for a while waiting to take pointers from you for his new public castration movement. Best to not keep him waiting too long.

  4. Sex with 3 or more people, should be illegal worldwide.
    It beckons in the downfall of society, society developed through the family unit that took long enough, now all i see is cheating, too much desire, and broken families with hurt children.
    Swingers, no more than a drug addiction.
    Wake up all u perverts

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    1. Wow. You are one dumb motherfucker. I’m ashamed to be of the same biological species as you. You are so immoral and disgusting… 🙁

    2. You must be happy to live in a place where porn is forbidden and a government imposing it’s outdated moral values on you.

      I’ve rarely seen so much crap being let out in only 7 lines so I wouldn’t even know where to start but tell me how do you propose we fight the “too much desire” part? Wait let me guess,, Christian values?

    3. i’d love to join your anti porn group on facebook wanker, but guess what??? it’s blocked….

    1. Thats disgusting. Up to now I’ve been a devoted follower of The Beast 666, but after that link, I’m joining the nearest and most straight-laced christian congregation in the neighbourhood.

  5. The dude sorta looks like that actor in “To Live” and “A World Without Thieves”, but with hair

  6. What the fuck kind of law is this anyway? You can have two girlfriends, a wife and a girlfriend, that’s okay, but if they have sex with you at the same time it’s ILLEGAL? What if one is just watching, and it’s only one at a time? Some scary-retarded dumb shit.

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