Armless man writes calligraphy to brothers and sisters of Foxconn

From MOP:

May 19, 2010 at noon, an amazing scene on the pedestrian bridge walkway in front of the south entrance to Foxconn Corporation, Shenzhen captured people’s eyes. From Shandong province, an optimistic man with no arms used his feet and wrote down some inspirational words in Chinese calligraphy for the Foxconn employees, to advice them not to do any more foolish things – jumping off buildings and committing suicide.


On May 12, I wrote about Foxconn employees’ “8 consecutive suicides” since the beginning of this year. And it has been only a week, two more Foxconn employees leaped to their death! On May 14, 21 year old male employee Liang committed suicide by jumping from the 7th floor of his dormitory, and the 10th incident happened in the morning of May 21, a 21 year old male Foxconn employee jumped off a building and died in the hospital at 4:50 am.

The armless man wrote, “To brothers and sisters of Foxconn, life is priceless, ought to fulfill filial duty, there is always a way out, harmony relies on oneself”. This man’s action soon attracted a number of Foxconn employees who were passing by on their way home from work. Many expressed support and appreciation, some stepped forward asking for the inspirational pieces.

The armless man claimed a few years ago when he was a chef in Beijing, a gas explosion made him severely disabled. After several surgical procedures, luckily he was able to live. But his parents raised him in many difficulties, in order to fulfill his filial duty and to carry the load for his parents he practiced hard at writing using his feet. His actions not only motivated many people across the county, but also fully paid for his huge medical bills. Recently he was heartbroken when he heard the news on Foxconn employees’ nine suicides (now 10). He thought these able young bodies should think about the filial responsibility and social responsibility. He hopes they will not do any more foolish things, heaven never seals off all the exits (天无绝人之路) – there is always a way out.















  1. I hate the word “filial”, I think it was an English word created expressly for the purpose of translating the Chinese word/culture/thought.

  2. I hate the word Harmonize:P
    Seriously, many of these armless artists put me to shame. They often draw, paint, and write calligraphy much better than “armed” folks.
    What a beautiful smile and powerful spirit.

  3. We should know that many of the staff of suicide, not that they want to die, but by ultrasonic harassment, military electronics group used laser polygraph murder. This electronic equipment can be remotely detected ideas of the ultrasonic wave of intimidation, control people and force them to commit suicide crime, this is the most high-tech era of terrorist abuse of a worldwide criminal. Please enjoy the world’s people concerned about electromagnetic weapons and the victims of China’s allies.我们应该知道,其实很多自杀的员工,不是他们想死,而是被超声波骚扰,被电子集团使用的军用激光测谎仪谋杀的。此电子设备可以远程探测思想,用电磁波超声波恐吓,控制人们,逼迫他们自杀犯罪,这是在高科技滥用的时代最恐怖的世界性刑事犯罪。请全世界人民尽情关注中国电磁波武器受害者同盟。

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