Woman relieves herself in street of Shanghai in broad daylight

From Xinmin:


While the theme of the Shanghai World Expo is “better city better life”, this woman is definitely not making the city better. Recently a forum post about a woman taking her pants off and relieving herself in the street of a busy commercial area (Xujiahui) in Shanghai triggered netizens’ heated discussions. So called “Xujiahui pants-off gate”, this post contained 6 photos and captured the scene.

In the photo, you can see there are luggages next to the woman; some netiznes speculated that it was her first time arriving to Shanghai, and couldn’t find a public restroom. Xinmin reporter then when to the site and interviewed nearby security guards, but none of them knew about it, only a traffic assistant said he has heard of this but did not know the details.

“Is it that difficult to find a restroom in Shanghai?” reporter interviewed some people on the street. Out of the 6 people, 4 said there are more and more public restrooms in Shanghai in the recent years, and the signs are getting more noticeable, but 2 said “it is indeed difficult.”


She takes off her pants and relieves herself.





She is done…


Some people actually went up to her to stop her.

(photos from kaixin001.com)

  1. 彪悍啊!

    There are actually three restaurants in a row in the background of the first picture and as I have searched a KFC is in the same building (though they may only allow customers to use their RRs but usually I had no problem to get into one by playing some tricks) . Even if she couldn’t find a public restroom, why not find a place with covers?

  2. Oh man! That’s close to where I live!

    Kids still do it all the time, with the parents’ encouragement of course. Men, especiallly workers, are particularly fond of just doing it at a seemingly inconspicuous corner or a building or grass patch.

  3. come now, a man doing it wouldn’t get the same degree of uproar. a woman’s privates just invite thoughts of sex, indecency & lewdness right. a man exposing his genitalia is so passe:P

  4. I work at a kindergarten in a community which is so called ‘your 5 star home’ and I see students taking a leak on the playground all the time. The bathrooms are right there! I know a lot of people in this country don’t like to waste. Maybe they think the kids are fertilizing the grass? But what about hygiene problem? Haven’t they learned from SARS?

  5. These expectations to China frog leaping into the 21st century are problematic to say the least. This is a good example since people have been relieving themselves whereever they wanted up until maybe just a decade or two ago and everyone still encourages their kids to do the same. Although I am sure this woman did this out of necessity she obviously didn’t have that much of a problem with it,, and many Chinese people would feel the same way. But for city dwellers -and especially the Shanghaiese- this kinda behavior is frowned upon and they conviniently forget that their nice looking city is built by migrant workers and occasionally is visited by other Chinese who might as well have come from another planet.

    In my beginners classes (3-4 years old) I have from the start encouraged the kids to wash their hands after going to the bathroom and now almost a year later it’s finally beginning to take effect which I am happy about,, the happiness quickly vanes when I see older children, teenagers and many grownups leaving the bathrooms without even a glance at the tap and soap. Many people here -definitely not all mind you- just have a very different view towards hygiene than we do.

  6. I’ve seen it here in Taiwan with children was well….been here for 15 years and I can honestly I never get used to it. It still pisses me off like the first time. I’ve never seen an adult do it though.

  7. Social expectations are different in the countryside. The woman looks like she’s probably an older generation rural resident, so it’s not too surprising. Better education would solve this sort of issue in no time.

  8. The surprise for me is why someone would want to post these photos. They are very insulting to Chinese people. What about African shi**ing in the streets?

    It’s very embarrassing, or should be, for China to have this kind of behavior still considered acceptable by its people. This indicates the basic educational system is still backward – people are not taught to shit/piss in the middle of the street?

    I also find it slightly patronizing how easily Westerners make excuses for this kind of behavior. If a white woman from Arkansas took a piss in downtown New York, would people say, “When you gotta go , you gotta go.”?

    The korean-guy’s reply was quite true.

    It’s understandable that Chinese peasants lack knowledge of urban hygienic behavior but what’s the point of broadcasting their gaffes to the world?

    1. Yes, people would say “when you gotta go, you gotta go.” You don’t seem to follow Western blogs very much. It’s cool to give the finger to society these days – didn’t you get the memo?

        1. You don’t seem to have gotten the point, but it’s nice to see we’re already on the yo mama quips.

      1. Woah, how did you know?

        Guess the memo got lost when the your serfs were chasing butterflies sire.

        Please, are you going to tell me , honestly , you never once took a piss where you shoulndn’t have?

        If you are referring to ‘your society’ please count me out.

        1. + 100 000. Sometimes there’s no “restroom” available in your surroundings and you don’t have any choice, hence the “when you gotta go, you gotta go” thing.

    2. When and only when these disgusting habits are shown to the world do things actually change in China. I have seen children squat at the doorway of restaurants, supermarkets (inside too) and apartment buildings. To me it is a health issue, people have to walk through these areas and few seem to care. As for the white guy taking a piss in New York City, he runs the chance of being arrested for public indecency. Here in China the guy next to you taking a piss on a street corner could easily be a cop….

      They outlawed the wearing of pyjamas outside in Beijing for the Olympics, and I believe the same for Shanghai during EXPO to give the appearance of civility, why not just continue these laws permanently. But, no it will return to normal very quickly.

      Everybody, especially the educated uses the excuse we are a developing country. While their parents continue to teach their grandchildren to continue the same bad habits. To be honest unless this crap (literally) stops China will always be considered a developing country.

      1. Public indecency *is* a crime in China. The problem is that it’s not very easy to enforce among the 800 million something peasants. You’ll note that a police car arrived in the photos above to take the “auntie” into custody. This happened because it was in an urban area. In a rural area, by contrast, nobody would care because it’s standard practice, and you don’t have the police manpower to regulate people’s behavior anyways.

        Better education is the first step.

        1. I agree education is the answer, however a stand must be taken at some point. I disagree that it is only the 800 million peasants. The problem also includes the educated and wealthy. One day at a swimmimg pool I watched a university teacher tell her son to piss against a wall outside the womens changing room. Her excuse “Oh we are a developing country”. An excuse that is being beaten to death in China.

          Police manpower is the one thing China does have and they certainly do regulate peoples behavior. If every cop nailed one offender each day in the cities things would change. Slowly but they would change. The legal system must uphold the law first. What I find amazing is that police sub-stations, security guard shacks are built without toilets…. In doing so the city officials are condoning this bad habit. Everyday you can see these people taking a leak in the nearest bush. I also see people stop their taxi’s, get out and take a piss on the side of the street. They have no shame. Maybe by hitting their wallets things will change, there must be consequences

    3. I think using the words ‘Chinese peasants’ to describe people is a little bit degrading, where as a puddle of piss will evaporate in 20 – 30 minutes in the Shanghai sun~ that mindset will pollute your thoughts about millions of people for many years to come.

      I seen foreigners pissing in the stairwell of Tong Li Studios all the time and I wish I had pictures to post.

      You get pissed every time you see people blowing snot rockets in your genral direction? Will you call down the wrath of the sars gods? Because obviously , you are in their favor if you can choose the proper hole to piss in.

  9. People in the west might get on their high horse over this. How dare she take a pee right there on the street in broad daylight! Scandalous! How unsophisticated!

    Meanwhile, the U.S. and UK bomb the shit out of Afghanistan and Iraq, killing tens of thousands of innocent civilians. So that’s okay.

    1. Why does every issue, even a discussion about public peeing, always have to have some 3rd world apologist use Iraq as an excuse for bad behavior throughout the world?

    2. Ah, you have finally arrived. I have been waiting for you or the clowns like you to appear. You cannot stay on the topic, you have to bring the woes of the world into every discussion. It is always the U.S or Britain (I am neither) that is killing the innocent. You never talk about the thousands of innocent people killed by the terrorists. or the girls that are whipped in the Middle East for talking to a non-relative boy, or the honour killings in Pakistan and India, the 6 – 8 people executed every day in China, the systematic staving of an entire nation by the North Korean Gov’t. You make me gag….

      Stay on topic or to use the vernacular of this forum, “PISS OFF”

  10. Saying she did this because she is from the country is utter nonsense. People in the country are even more modest and conservative than in the city. She’d be the village retard if she did this!

    1. hahahahhaa you are sickkkk xino………i bet you would tap that asssss while she is releasing that jasmine tea………hahahaha

    2. Xino, you would tap that ass while she was taking a dump, now would you? You shit dick. LOL

  11. someone took a dump on a busy street in Los Angeles. Not quite sure if that was a hobo though.

  12. I work down the road from there, and live nearby.
    That is Novel Plaza. Xujiahui. Corner of Tianyaoqiao road and Xingeng road.
    The art/statue she is next to is only 3 or 4 months old, indicating this is recent, which is funny because right near during this time her is an EXPO information Kiosk.
    This is downtown Shanghai in the district of Xujiahui. Near to her is Starbucks, 7-11, Subway, City Shop, many up-market shops and restaurants and all around her in this place are hundreds and hundreds of shoppers and white-collar workers.
    What I mean is, this is not the country side, this is not the ass-end of Shanghai, this is not a side stree, this is not a place devoid of restrooms, this is as central as it gets. She might as well have taken a piss on the steps of the Jinmao tower.

    For her to have done this makes me think she wasnt well. She may need geriatric care. Doubtful she will receive it, being here in China, but oh well.

    The main point, i have been saving, is this. NOTHING SURPRISES ME ANYMORE. Shanghai is a toilet. So she did what one does in a toilet. Shanghai may call itself wealthy, elite, fashionable, classy, sophisticated, decadent, glamourous, prestigious, blah blah blah, but NO. You can’t be any of those things if you have no basic decency.
    Wealth, go ahead people of Shanghai, accumulate as much as you want. But you will always have a deficit of the soul. You are always going to be empoverished by your lack of dignity and grace. Go ahead and PRETEND to be classy with your BMW and snakeskin bag, LV purse and teddybear puppy. But the moment you DO ANYTHING I see how uncouth and how garrish you are. So go ahead. You can pretend to be sophisticates. But you wont fool me.

    1. griffin……i want to work and live in shanghai……give me some pointers……im american how hard is it to get a working visa…….i dont want to teach english neither…..

  13. Every day I see parents instruct their children or children take it upon themselves to piss in public places in Chinese cities. I see middle aged men walk to the wall of the nearest building and do their business. Does anyone even think we would see pictures of a man pissing on a road? The whole country is used as a toilet. It’s that 5000 years of history. It’s time for China to open it’s doors honestly to worldwide culture and do it’s pissing on porcelain like everyone else.

  14. The first time I came to mainland China was 1977, public toilet meant a hole on the ground with 4 or 3 walls without flushing water (forget about tap). The same kind still existed around early ’90s. There’s a huge iliterated population in this country and because its rapid change of attitude towards western countries (or culture), the older generation just couldn’t (or not bother) to catch up. I do believe the longer the history is, the deeper the roots goes and it’s harder to change. Don’t you find the China town in your city is always one of the dirtiest areas? Chinese are very practical, they go when they have to go, there’s no courtesy. One thing I still couldn’t figure out is the definition of ‘saving face’. Doesn’t ‘pride’ go with everything?


  15. The whole ado has nothing to do with hygiene on the streets of Shanghai. These photos were posted and looked at by Chinese people because of their titillation factor. As has been previously noted, nobody blinks when an adult male pisses along a wall or a 5 year old takes a dump on a sidewalk. This is entirely about an adult woman exposing her ass.
    And it parallels so well with the other obsession of the Shanghai thought police as to what is considered the most appalling habit of Shanghainese: wearing pajamas outdoors. Can anybody show me any damage caused by a housewife running to a bodega to fetch something to snack on during a commercial break while wearing something that she feels perfectly comfortable in?
    When I think about all the wasted efforts to get Shanghai people to buy and wash more clothes, it seems clear that the Chinese care more about nudity than shit. I had the unfortunate encounter with a bowel movement left in front of my elevator this morning, but is there one public official who will ever get it into his head that a foreigner, let alone a native, might not appreciate such a wonder of nature? And everybody reading this has seen something similar, whether on a sidewalk, in a supermarket, once even in a hospital waitingroom, less than 10 m from the public restroom, and nobody has ever battted an eye.
    I wish all those volunteers would carry around cloth nappies, and safety pins instead of taking on the far easier task of shaming their fellow countrymen into changing their wardrobe. They wouldn’t even need to say anything. They could hand one off to every guardian with a toddler with those ubiquitous split crotch pants. (yeah, I concede that they might have to include some instructions as to what to do with it.)
    It’s sickening to me how parents in China externalize the costs of cleaning up their own children’s waste while the government’s biggest worry is that a foreigner might see too much of a Han Chinese woman’s natural beauty on the streets of Shanghai.
    I really wish that

  16. so many assumptions:

    Her luggage could be a sign she was destitute and homeless. Maybe she did not have the strength to carry her bags to a bathroom and had to go really bad?

    Maybe she was mentally ill or disturbed?

  17. If i was in that ladies position,i would have just worn adult diapers,or just went in my pants,rather than risking jail sentense or in trouble by police.Diapers are most exeptable things,and people dont need to know why your wearing them,we all have problems.

  18. WEB SEARCH: 1911 / 1949:

    GOOGLE SEARCH: famines in the 1950s 1960….. truth in the public domain.. PD.

    great leap forward.. public doman PD facts

    cultural revolution: public domain PD facts….

    china from 1949–1978-1979…

    INTERNET SEARCH: mao zedong killed upwards to 45-million people… twice the peoples of Australia….




  19. No huge story if you ask me!

    I’ve seen people relieve themselves in cities ranging from Vancouver, BC to Toronto, Ontario, to Seattle, WA to Chicago, and Palm Springs!

    What makes this situation so newsworthy? It’s a waste of bandwidth if you ask me.

    Must be a slow news day!

    You just received a “Thumbs down” on Stumble from moi!

  20. City,State,& Federal Governments in China,Europe & USA are so incompetent,lazy & money grabbing that they won’t bring their cities up to decent human requirements forcing private businesses to afford public sanitation which is usually given to only their paying customers. 21st Century! Give me a Break.!

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  22. Only Chinese people ever need a toilet on the streets of a big city.

    In the west we don’t need toilets, never see one on the streets.

    Just go to any big toilet, like MacDs.

  23. I see Irish do it all the time in public streets. They drink so much that they just pee wherever they wish, women included.

    But I’m wondering who or what was the idea to make this an issue?

    NED is strong here. I can smell it a mile away.

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