Housing developer dragged sleeping residents out and torn down the wrong home

(From dahe.cn) "We were sleeping when a group of people broke in and dragged us out, next moment our house was bulldozed flat with computer , freezer and everything still in it." cried a woman crouching in front of the ruin of her home with her son still searching his textbooks among the rubbles. It happened at 5 in the morning on May 13rd. Later that day it was revealed that the house was not up for demolition yet, and the developer torn down the wrong house.

The woman named Guo Man, living in the Da Yuan Keng area that has been targeted by real estate developer Wensheng Company. But the company hasn’t  got a deal with the family yet due to compensation issue.

Guo Man said it was 5 a.m. or so when her mother, her child  and she were woken up by the noise, a group of people broke into the house, dragged them out and carried some furniture out afterward. Guo Man went back to stop them but was grabbed and pulled out by 7 or 8 people. She wept to the reporter that her credit cards, computer, freezer and even the kid’s shoes are still in there, now her primary school child has to attend class with bare feet.

Wang Yanming’s house stands opposite to Guo Man’s and is taken care by his brother Wang Yanqiu who hurried to the scene and saw people taking down his brother’s house at about 6 a.m… He asked the demolition crew for certificate who asked him back for legal certificates.

In the afternoon the reporter went to the local government and interviewed Zhang Yongcheng, vice-chief of the district who’s responsible for urban construction. According to the Zhang, there is in fact a demolition operation aimed at 8 settlements in the area, and Wensheng company the developer was supposed to demolish 20-some housings whose residents had already agreed and moved out.  Zhang said: “Guo Man’s house really should not be demolished, it is the developer’s mistake.”

When asked how many houses were taken down mistakenly, Zhang replied he received two complaints from the two households, but the case with Wang Yanming was still unclear.

One staff from the Wensheng company negotiated with Guo Man in the petition handling office of the government. He admitted that the company was wrong in the way of demolition.

Vice-chief Zhang Yongcheng said, “presently the district government proposes 3 ways out: 1. Wensheng company apologizes to Guo Man’s family and gets penalized by the government; 2. Wensheng company settles Guo Man’s accommodation and other living problems, gives out 3,000 yuan first; 3. The district government will surely justify the matter for Guo Man’s family."

  1. They have to get a many-times-fold compensation (and part of it paid personally by the head of that real estate development company!)

        1. They claim to be communists, they call themselves communists, so don’t criticize others for calling them communists. In reality China is a totalitarian state with a crony capitalist economic “system”.

          1. Totalitarian is a word thrown around a lot by people who don’t really know what it means. I also challenge you to name one country where the practice of capitalism is not “crony.”

            1. Totalitarian oligarchy rather than dictatorship, if you prefer, but still totalitarian. Now, if the Chinese government actually fulfilled all its obligations under the Chinese constitution, and gave equal treatment under the law to all its citizens, then maybe you’d have an argument.

              As for crony capitalism, the pejorative term is usually reserved for worst case offenders–I’ll leave it up to individual readers to settle in their own minds whether China fits that bill or not.

              With regards to the more narrow example of the article above, the developers certainly wouldn’t feel free to roust people out of bed and immediately demolish their house if those developers weren’t assured of virtual fiefdom by the local government, would they?

              All that said, the original commenter is obviously trolling. No one seriously following the China narrative over the past few decades would pick ‘communism’ as the best or most accurate pejorative to throw at the currently-misnamed CCP. Aside from not giving peasants ownership or selling/trading rights over their own land, there isn’t much communist edifice remaining; the article above is an example of capitalist excess if anything.

  2. I can’t imagine how many charges the developers and their goons would be brought up on in the West and especially in the states had they done that there. Trespassing, breaking and entering, assault, kidnapping, and god knows what. I’ll throw in a Grand Theft House as well.

    1. In the states?! Hell – more like the homeowner being interviewed by the local papers after putting a few rounds into the first group of goons trying to break in – followed by a wall of lawyers for the “developer” disavowing any knowledge of said goons and their activities.

    2. In the States and the rest of the developed world the goons and the developer would aleady be arrested and charged and the family’s law suit would already be filed.

        1. No system is entirely just and fair, in the sense of a philosophical absolute. But I think most people would agree that the US justice system is vastly more just and fair than what is currently available in China.

          I am definitely looking forward to the day that the Chinese constitution is upheld, courts develop independence from the governing political party, and the justice system is made accountable and transparent. Jiayou!

      1. false. This happens quite often in europe as a good friend of mine’s family owns quite a large property development company. Europe and the States are not all that ” just ” , so take ur cultural imperialism somewhere else.

  3. Let’s not kid ourselves folks – this is will continue to happen, and people will continue to get hurt and/or die. The powers to be in Beijing are just too damn far away and frankly – powerless to really deal with the provincal leaderships (much like the Imperial and Republican governments of the centuries past).

    Kind of expecting a diplomatic incident coming from one of these “events” soon – as some dumb @$$ local official decided to bulldoze the wrong house, and kills a few laowai in the process.

  4. if you think this happens [midnight raids on or destruction of residences] only in China and not the West [don’t conflate the U.S. with “the West”] think again. there have been many instances of police, and developer, raids and destructions of the wrong house. but the compensation in China is measly compared to the U.S. but the speed at which it is delivered in China is better than in the U.S. so, quicker smaller compensation versus more delayed but more substantial. frankly the company should be “executed” and the individuals who made the decision jailed and the individuals who executed the decision fined for not making sure the individuals who made the decision had made the right decision.

  5. This is just so dumb and shocking. Crass people without proper checks and balance goes and demolish some average family’s home without any consultation. The construction company must pay for compensation and damages.

  6. In the U.S. County/City officials depending on State, handle condemned and foreclosures.Most state have 30 days some up to 90 days notice before Sheriff comes and put’s all belonging in yard and locks and escorts people out.This is after months of notices that you either owe taxes or mortgage and court hearings and the property is being taken to compensate who you owe debts too.However if it’s because your home violates safety standards many local city/county governments you keep your property after home or business is demolished but you get bill from county or city depending.However if you do owe taxes/mortgage you can still file bankruptcy and negotiate debts.However developers can not evict people EVER only government officials.Yes their has been accidents but they aren’t that common.However if you don’t have any debts or safety problems the government hardly ever relocates people even than the governments have to purchase land and transfer deeds.

  7. This is so fu*ked up. Reminds me a medical accident that a doctor removed a patient’s left lung but actually it’s the right one that has tumor.

  8. There’s more Communists in the US than in China. Bet on it.

    The police won’t do shit to the developer and the goons as the police are most likely the ones who suggested the goonsquad to the developer in the first place. Good Ol buddy system in place there.

    What its a surprise that the Chinese people have no rights at all?

  9. Did I read correctly, the second option for rectifying the matter was to give a cash sum (on the spot) of 3000yuan?
    I don’t know about standards of living everywhere in China, but I know 3 grand is not a lot of money. They could get clothes and bedding, some new cooking appliances, maybe a cheap second hand computer but then all the money would be gone and they would still have no fucking home!
    This story makes me want to scream for the sheer stupdity of Chinese.

  10. By and large, I like China and enjoy living here, but sometimes I just want to throw a chair through a window…

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