Actress Fan Bingbing’s autograph accused of being indecent

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Just made into the top 10 2010 Forbes China celebrity list, red hot actress Fan Bingbing has always been the talk of the nation. But recently her autograph was a hot topic of discussion, because supposedly her hand writing is too easily to be associated with something indecent for the imaginative mind. Let’s take a look, her surname Fan ”范”said to be overly simplified and looks like “尸” (a common header for a Chinese character), and the name Bingbing (冰冰), putting them together looks like “米”, so the entire name looks like“屎”(Shit). If you separate the two character “冰冰” then they both look like “水” (water), so the entire name looks like “尿水”(means “pee water”). No matter how you look, it looks indecent, netizens urge Fan Bingbing to change her way of signing her name.


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Compare them for yourself, do you think her autograph is indecent? Should she change her signature?

  1. I definitely thought the indecency referred to the slight phallic resemblance. I hope she knows how to say “Go fxck yourself” in Chinese next time someone confronts her with this.

  2. I suggest Fan rewards the person who found the connection. Celebrities live by the number of tongues and eyeballs after all and they ALWAYS gain from controversies in the long term, no matter it’s an affair, a sex video or a suggestive autograph. LOL

  3. If this is a stage name, she needs to fire her manager for coming up with it. If it’s her real name, well, her parents didn’t forsee this coincidence but the comparison to the other words is a little forced. Are both she and her fans really so sheltered that the excitement ISN’T that it looks like a phallus long before comparing the words to other words???

  4. There is something weird about fan bing bings name and face….she is not ugly…but I do not consider her pretty neither…I heard she has had major facial plastic surgery…although that has nothing to do with anything…I dont understand how she got so famous…maybe because jackie chan took interest in her…anyways…i guess a bilionaire people in china, someone got to make it big right?

    1. do us all a favor and stay off this site. i helped create it. i didnot create it for your sympathetic emotional flaws. keep out please sir or the fbi will be pulled amongst us. Thank you sir.

  5. hahaha yeah saw it on the front page and i was definitely thinking ‘dick’ before anything else.

  6. To me, it looks like a “F” (Fan) to start out her signature. Maybe if she used her full Chinese name she could easily bypass this issue. Of course, unless this was intentional.

  7. now we know why they are called critics, because that’s what they do best. of all the things, her signature is her freedom, dammit can’t you even move without being accused of being indicent?

    1. your shirt is not tucked, you’re indecent
    2. your signature looks like shit for an imaginative mine, you’re indicent
    3. your shoelaces are untied, you’re indecent
    4. your hair is not neat, you’re indecent
    5. your bag is open, you’re indecent

    I think we should just have her name carved in a stone stamp and some red ink so that these morons will mellow down.

    6. your stamp is not good, you’re indecent…lolz

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