Cross-dressing boy entering singing contest, judges and viewers stunned


Super Boy” or ”Happy Boy”, inspired by UK show Pop idol, is a national singing contest in China for male contestants as a spin off the popular series “Super Girl” or “Happy Girl”. A 2010 Happy Boy southern division contestant Liu Zhu (刘著) are attracting more attentions recently because he went on the show looking just like a girl, wearing heavy makeup, pink stockings and high heels.

According to his Baidu wiki page, Liu Zhu was born in January 9, 1991, 1.68 meters tall from Nanchong, Sichuan province. He is currently a student of Sichuan Conservatory of Music.

From youtube:

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From youku:

Check out this video when she went on the show in front of the judges, she was repeatedly interrupted because one judge just wouldn’t believe that he is a boy. Judge Annie Rose (安妮玫瑰) first asked if his hair was real then asked to see his id, and then even asked to examine his gender.

“I am still suspicious about your identity. Can we examine your gender?”

“How do you examine?”

“Do you choose a male judge or a female judge to verify? I still have doubts about your identity. I think you are a girl.”

“I didn’t lie. Thank you.”

“But I feel if you are lying, you are playing tricks on us and the viewers.”

“I didn’t lie or play tricks on you.”

“Then I hope the netizens will human flesh search you! Can you swear on your dignity?”

“I can swear on it on anything…”

According to the interview after, Liu Zhu has always been this way since he was young. He always dressed this way in everyday life, and his family has already accepted him. “This way is more natural, if I purposely dress like a boy just for this contest, I think it would be very fake.” “I am in deed a boy, and I dress like this every day, but I think everyone has their own choice, their own way of life.”

Here are some of his photos:



















Netizens actually were angry about the way Judge Annie Rose treated him.  While some netizens criticized how Judge Annie Rose’s rude behaviors, many showed full support of Liu Zhu.  It is actually a big deal to enter the singing contest and go on national television like this, especially in China.  Some netizens praised him being brave, real and honest.

However some think the whole thing is engineered to hype up the ratings. How naïve can Judge Annie Rose be? to think the contest staff is incapable of determining contestants’ genders, that she needs to call for a human flesh search on him?

Well, you be the judge, can you tell he is a boy?

  1. wow that judge was horrible. i can’t believe there isn’t a bigger response to the judge’s behavior and lack of professionalism

  2. You go girl! I mean boy? 2 thumbs up for shim. That took a lot of courage!


    Look out Chinese Simon Cowel! You will make the Netziens angry if you call on their wrath without filling out the proper paperwork and getting the right stamps..

  3. I think you can tell from a couple of the pictures that it could be a man (I know this is China but I refuse to refer to men and women between 18 and 30 as boys and girls like everyone else here). In one of the pictures you can see the adam’s apple although he goes to great lenghts in the others to keep it hidden by looking down, keep it in shadows or covering it by hair or clothing. Anyway,, who gives a fxxx. If that’s the way he wants to go then it’s fine by me.

    “Happy Boy”?!?

    1. If it’s fine by you why go to such great lengths to rip her apart. Is it important that you can tell. i don’t think she’s trying to fool anybody she’s just being herself.

  4. Transgenders—also called “the third sex” and “ladyboys”—usually still live on the fringes, often denied secure work and in many parts of the word they are forced to prostitution.
    I have met quite a few of them when I was in Bangkok, also known as the asian sex-change capital. Acually transexuals and cross-dressers are different species. Unlike travestites they are not merely indulging in a temporary fetish. Their psychological identity is usually female. Also, recent research has shown a female brain structure in genetically male transsexuals. Apparently a deviation of hormone levels effected their sexual identity in early childhood. One might argue the only male aspect about these individuals are their genitals, or -indeed- their adam’s apple. Therefore many will take plastic surgery to remove any reminiscence of male features; if they can afford it that is. In most of Europe it is even possible for them to change their formal status, to match their actual identity. Yet I suppose in this case it might prove to be an advantage not to.

    1. This comment is COMPLETELY wrong and ignorant. Even the terms used in this comment are somewhat offensive. Do NOT listen to it. This person clearly does NOT know what they are talking about.

  5. Respect to the lad – dealt with that silly twat asking daft questions afterwards very well too. Like he’s not heard it all a thousand times before.

    1. You NEED to come out. There has to be resources in your area to help you with coming out. The least you can do is find others like yourself, because this means seeing the benefits that others have gained from coming out, and they can help you get going, whether it be moving from dangerous areas filled with close-minded people to areas where you are likely to find legitimate employment and decent housing, finding out where the hormones can be bought, finding friends like yourself so that you have a sense of safety in number and a sense of belonging, and so on. If anything, research this completely in private without changing your appearance at all, if you need to, and then relocate and take your time to come out. It’s scary when you see this happening to other people, but once you go through it with help in the right places, you lose that fear enough to move on with your life.

      1. Impossible!

        I have a girlfriend. If she knew, if my family knew, no way.

        Just dreaming.


        1. That’s the problem. You get into these relationships knowing who you are, yet they don’t really know who you are. Eventually, you come out or you destroy yourself and live in disappointment. That is your choice.

  6. Trying to come out of the closet too Kai Pan? 😛

    But that judge was really annoying. Very rude, thinking she can become more well known using that poor boy? Guess she is but in a negative sense.

    I applaud that boy, very courageous and also stayed well composed.

  7. I am Chinese, and have become Liu’s fans after this contest. I am badly moved by his attitude toward life and even doubtness. Just like what Liu said in the interview “didn’t I looks sunshine? didn’t I looks healthy?”
    She is cool absolutely.
    Hereby offer his wiki for you:
    (you could’nt read Chinese, but all your message posted on the wiki will be transltaed into Chinese, hope Liu could go further and furher with all your help)

    I couldn’t translate all her words into English due to poor English, If you could understand her statements, you guys will love this teen for sure.

  8. There have been millions of condemnations to the rude judge currently in China these days. And the rude judge will surely be replaced in the rest of the contest. This is good news.
    Liu has step out and apeal for peace, Liu asked we fans stop attack the judge and show good manners.
    Liu’s next competetion will be May 8(pm +8).
    We Chinese can’t browse the TUBE due to the domain was banished by the country’s internet administration, could you help we fans of Liu to post her video onto the TUBE ? I think Liu deserve for more support and not just from domestic.

  9. He has a good example to follow.
    The transgender Israeli singer Dana International in 1998 won the big international singing contest – Eurovision.

  10. What a poorly behaved Judge…..That judge ought to be stripped searched herself to confirm She is not an evil Monster.

  11. 我觉得 一个人最可贵的地方 就是可以直面真实的自我

    你内心真诚与善良 已经打动了和我一样无数的网友
    刘著加油 如果你输了 我就吃了我桌子上的鼠标键盘

    1. translate:
      I think the most valuable of a human is that he or she can confront the real himself or herself.
      your honest and kindness have touched countless cyber citizen like me
      we are confident that you will gain the victory.
      liu zhu cheer up!If you failed,I would eat the mouse and keyboard on my desk.

  12. It does make one ask the question though, “If you look so much like a girl, and you live like a girl, then why are you in a boy’s competition?”

    To me at least, it’s a bit more difficult to accept someone as male if they dress as a female, speak with a female voice, and apparent live intentionally as a female. I suppose he has claim on this contest because of genetic heritage, but hasn’t he given that up? Why not let him join in the women’s competition in that case?

    That said, if I was the producer I’d definitely let him perform because this has to be great for the ratings. (And I’d prefer to see him sing than most other pretty boys, who are generally obnoxious and wanting of a punch in the teeth.)

    1. I seriously doubt he’d be allowed to perform in any female-oriented competition so going on a boy’s program would be the only way to showcase himself. It’s a bit of a conondrum either way though, but he has to play by society’s rules, not the rules he ascribes to himself.

      His face looks a little bit dude-ish but the voice, man that tripped me out. Most ladyboys cop a fake falsetto but his tone didn’t register as male AT ALL. It’s like the adam’s apple is just there for show :-P.

      Hope the judge gets the ax, way lame.

    2. Because he thinks of himself as a boy. It’s that simple. He may not want to interact with the world as a boy, but to his mind he’s male, his body is male, his psyche (I’m guessing) is male, and that’s all the reason one needs.

  13. I guess he didn’t join the girl’s contest because then people would definitely squawk about “deception.” Besides, he seems to self-identify as male, just with a feminine presentation. That is definitely an existing category of gender expression.

  14. I was seeing this for the first time, and right up until I heard his voice I though it was simply a cross dressing thing, but WOW! He sounded as girlish as any girl.

    I’m actually a fairly conservative person, with an open mind of course. I wouldn’t know how to act towards him had I known him personally. That has always been a mystery for me. Treat him like a girl or a guy. I mean, as much as we would like to frame it, people will have to choose a gender if only because we live in a society and the social norm and the way we talk and act towards people do have differences in regarding gender. I’d be more inclined to talk different things to my guy friends than to my females friends, it’s just how I act.

    I mean there are obviously things that people can talk about regardless of gender, but there are thing that aren’t, and it’s just awkward.

    Anyways, good thing he’s come out about it, again, great incredible courage. Applauses.

  15. “I wouldn’t know how to act towards him had I known him personally. That has always been a mystery for me. Treat him like a girl or a guy.”
    @ Carl: How about treat him like a person?

    1. I think i’ve explain that part perfectly, treat him like a person, OBVIOUSLY. but there are times when it would be natural to act in a certain way, which is hard when everything expected of a person is not what it seems. Stuff like “being manly”. Should you expect him to act courageously towards certain subject usually expected out of a guy when he’s really a girl inside? or not? Those kind of things. I can obviously talk to him about the current weather…

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  17. 春哥,曾哥,凤姐,著姐只是这个年代寂寞的产物。
    Oh my lady gaga,The sentence above is so hard to translate.

  18. whoa, he sings just like a girl! i can see he’s a dude by the first glance. But I m really look up to him for his courage and honesty! I hope he does well and happy in his life

  19. yes. somehow his frame and face is not quite feminine. like something is a bit off about his whole appearance. what really scares though is that voice.not gonna bother rewatch the vid and listen with the pictures off or anythign..but i read that there are certain notes females and males cannot hit in each other’s range.(which is why for a crossdresser, they can instantly tell another out)either he’s not through puberty completely yet(still?) takes some sorta fempill/jections or had surgery on his voicebox or whatever–apparently you can go from sorta tonedeaf to singermaterial if you get the right doctor. im not a crossdresser but even for the crossdressers(temp,’fake’ or otherwise)i have seen it’s reall hard to tell he’s male from his voice alone.

    and if he is actually a she or something in between or even something else altogether(uh that’s not meant as an insult or anything. really)one thing inbody, another as presentation, yet another in spirit and basic communication..sorry if anything i said anything that offended. maybe the whole ‘offness’ is just his basic adrogynity.

    and the judge is really rude. seriously keep your curiosity to just that. ask all you want but demanding as if you’re some higher authority pouncing on..smugglers or something is way weird. and rude.

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