2010 Forbes China celebrity list

On April 28, Forbes China Magazine released 2010 China  celebrity list, Jackie Chan took the number one overall spot, And Yao Ming who was ranked number one for the pass 6 years since 2004 fell to 4th place.  However Yao is still number one in income with 255,300,000 yuan.

1. Jackie Chan (成龙)


Occupation: Actor
Income: 206,000,000 yuan
Income Rank: 2
Internet Search Rank: 5
Newspaper Rank: 2
Magazine and TV Rank: 7

First person to sing a concert at the Bird’s Nest, His movie Little Big Soldier (2010) breaks hundred fifty million yuan at box office.

2. Jay Chou (周杰伦)


Occupation: Singer, Actor, Director
Income: 122,500,000 yuan
Income Rank: 3
Internet Search Rank: 3
Newspaper Rank: 4
Magazine and TV Rank: 15

Tests the water in Hollywood, directed “Panda Man” and suffered a setback, no time to release a new album.


3. Andy Lau (刘德华)


Occupation: Singer, Actor
Income: 86,200,000 yuan
Income Rank: 6
Internet Search Rank: 2
Newspaper Rank: 3
Magazine and TV Rank: 17

The king (One of the four heavenly Kings of Cantopop) participated in three new films, fans pay close attention to his marital status.


4. Yao Ming (姚明)


Occupation: Professional athlete
Income: 255,300,000 yuan
Income Rank: 1
Internet Search Rank: 27
Newspaper Rank: 1
Magazine and TV Rank: 17

The first person in China with dual role of basketball player and the boss.  (Yao Ming bought his former club Shanghai Sharks)


5. Zhang Ziyi (章子怡)


Occupation: Actress
Income: 69,000,000 yuan
Income Rank: 11
Internet Search Rank: 12
Newspaper Rank: 9
Magazine and TV Rank: 1

Despite many troubles, persists in shooting “The Grand Master” (2010).  25 magazine covers, no one else can compare.


6. Zhao Benshan (赵本山)


Occupation: Actor
Income: 95,600,000 yuan
Income Rank: 4
Internet Search Rank: 6
Newspaper Rank: 6
Magazine and TV Rank: 71

Zhao’s group performs national tour, “Liu Laogen Big Stage” now has 10 locations, but his health is worrying.


7. Jolin Tsai (蔡依林)


Occupation: Singer
Income: 46,500,000 yuan
Income Rank: 12
Internet Search Rank: 24
Newspaper Rank: 5
Magazine and TV Rank: 44

Singed with owner and released album “Butterfly”, created new fashion brand “72 changes”.


8. Donnie Yen (甄子丹)


Occupation: Actor
Income: 86,000,000 yuan
Income Rank: 7
Internet Search Rank: 43
Newspaper Rank: 22
Magazine and TV Rank: 7

Income, endorsement soaring, among the ranks of kung fu stars.


9. Liu Xiang (刘翔)


Occupation: Professional athlete
Income: 64,600,000 yuan
Income Rank: 12
Internet Search Rank: 24
Newspaper Rank: 5
Magazine and TV Rank: 44 

“Flying Man’s” comeback is nearly perfect.


10. Fan Bingbing (范冰冰)


Occupation: Actress
Income: 30,500,000 yuan
Income Rank: 27
Internet Search Rank: 10
Newspaper Rank: 18
Magazine and TV Rank: 2 

The most hard-working actress, starred in six films in one year.


11. Lin Chi-ling (林志玲)
Actress, Model

12. Eason Chan (陈奕迅)
Singer, Actor

13. Lu Chen  (刘谦)

14. Nicholas Tse (谢霆锋)
Singer, Actor

15. Aaron Kwok (郭富城)
Singer, Actor

16. Li Yuchun (李宇春)

17. Sun Honglei (孙红雷)

18. Zhou Xun (周迅)

19. Huang Xiaoming (黄晓明)

20. Zhao Wei (赵薇)
Actress, Singer

21. Li Bingbing (李冰冰)

22. Leehom Wang (王力宏)
Singer, Actor

23. Chow Yun-Fat (周润发)

24. Jet Li (李连杰)
Actor, Philanthropist

25.  Zhang Yimou (张艺谋)
Cinematographer, Director


For a complete list (top 100) (in Chinese) see Forbes China Magazine.

    1. hey crystal, is daniel wu (wu yin cho) on the list by any chance?
      i can not read chinese……..if so what # is he? so curious……his advertisement are all over HK…

      1. Daniel Wu (吴彦祖)
        Overall rank: 51,
        Income: 19,200,000 yuan
        Income rank: 46
        Internet Search Rank:69
        Newspaper Rank: 52
        Magazine and TV Rank: 60

        1. thanks KEY!
          by the way is that what he earned in 2009 ONLY?
          i guess that is around 3 million u.s.? not bad…..but cant hang with fan bing bing…….

  1. Isn’t Jolin Tsai Taiwanese? Oh,, I see what you did there. Jackie Chan is the most famous living Chinese in the world,,Frankenstein’s monster doesn’t even come close abroad. Basketball isn’t a big sport in Europe, South America, Africa or most of Asia so he is basically only known in China and the US. I know I am a bit off topic based on the guidelines for this list.

    I like Donnie Yen,, rising star. I also have a soft spot for Andy Lau (not his crappy music) but I always wondered how he can be so awesome in certain kinds of movies and so ridiculously lousy in others. No love lost for China’s handful of great directors it seems.

    1. Jackie Chan is the most influential name also in Thailand. He is the only truely influential of the world, and i’am thai. my father spotted only Jackie Chan (Chen Long) in China Olympics

  2. Liu Xiang does not belong there, I can not comprehend why he is still up there after his shameful appearance at the Olympics in 2008. Yes he’s recovered from his injury and is making a comeback, but until he proves he can perform internationally against the big shots of North & South America and remain on top he does not have my approval at being number 9.

    The rest of the list seems fair game.

  3. Jackie Chan is the most influential also in Thailand., and i’am thai. my father spotted only Jackie Chan (Chen Long) in China Olympics

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