International relations “expert” forgets his lines on CCTV

CCTV channel 2:

Host: “The Conflict between the Thailand red shirt protestors and the government army continues. Can this crisis end with peace? Will there be more painful bloody confrontations? Now we are linked to China International Relations Research Center, South East Asia department Dr. Chu Hao. Hi Chu Hao, From the program yesterday we can see that Thai prime minister Abhist Vejjajiva rejected Red Shirt’s peace overtures.  We also heard the news that Thailand Army may take actions within the next two days to forcefully disperse the protesters.  Do you think there will be new confrontation breaking out?”

Zhu Hao: “From the current situation, the possibility of confrontation breaking out has increased.  This includes two sides, first is the conflict between Red Shirts and the government deepens, Red Shirts uh… Red Shirts leader uh… said today… yesterday… uh… uh… he is willing to accept the parliament uh… to be dissolved uh… within 30 days… and uh…on the other hand… uh… Red Shirts is getting ready for armed struggle… the government… prime minister Abhist… uh… prime minister Abhist…  …”

[Long period of  silence]

Host: “Prime minister Abhist… go on, Zhu Hao.”

Zhu Hao: “uh….”


Zhu Hao: “uh… Prime minister Abhist tightened up the methods of breaking up Red Shirts, so first he uh… announced uh… expressed strong position… will further more… strengthened the armed crackdown of Red Shirts. On the other hand uh… he also announced he will implement reform to eliminate the unfairness in the society. uhhh… So uhh… where is the situation of Thailand going from here I think depends on uh… Thailand… uh… various… uh.. various political forces… uh… currently… uh.. uh… Red Shirts are taking more violent actions and the government are putting more pressures.  In march, Red Shirts already prepared self… self-made.. self-made weapons.  In April, Red Shirts not only robbed… hmmmmmmm… “


Host: “hmm… Ok, ok  Chu Hao, thanks, thanks…”

Dr. Chu makes a disappointing face and sticks out his tongue…

  1. Shame on Dr Chu! It’s not about remembering the lines. It’s all about he doesn’t really have that knowledge base. If you know the problem well, you don’t need to recite any “standard” answers…
    Shame on China’s higher education system!

  2. Whatever. This is fucking boring. Isn’t there anything cooler happening in China right now? It’s the biggest god-damned country in the world. Surely this isn’t the most interesting thing happening? Yikes.

    1. “biggest god-damned country in the world”…

      I think the Russian fenqing just let out a collective groan of angst. (And the Canadians, at 2nd biggest country, are too polite to make even a peep.)

      They may well have been joined in that groan by the ghosts of your geography teachers, however.

      1. When people talk about China being the biggest country, they tend to refer to the population size.

  3. Is this supposed to be funny? So the guy was nervous on live TV. Guess what …most people are – which is why nitwits with cool nerves are paid vast sums for reading the news from teleprompters. Media obsessives like you guys need to get a life.

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