Awesome Chinese version of a kimchi commercial

This Korean kimchi company EXCELLENTLAND (金地杰) is developing a market in China. Check out this awesome commercial…

First version is a music video.

Version A:
What does youth taste like?
What does love taste like?
What does missing someone taste like?
What does kimchi taste like?
delicious, good life, Korean kimchi, Excellentland (金地杰)

Version B:
The passion when first met
The sweetness of being in love
(graduation certificates)
The lingering lovesickness
The forever togetherness
delicious, good life, Korean kimchi, Excellentland (金地杰)

    1. The word ‘awesome’ is very closely related to ‘awful’ – they both come from the same Old English word. After watching half of the video, I think this must be a case of mistaken translation.

  1. that was pretty bad. I don’t even think that was really a korean company, it didn’t originate from korea just the Kimchi. Everything about it is very Chinese and poorly produced. Story line was awful, the plugs were hideous, the parts where Korean characters were used when we can clearly see that they are in China and these are chinese actors.

  2. the ad is awesomely cheesy and funny. It is not quite in the same class as that fertilizer ad, Jinkela (金坷垃), but comparing anything to the tall order and standard of Jinkela isn’t really being fair.

    1. 金坷垃 is awesome, and ‘creative’. The ad said it’s headquarter is guarded by 5000 special forces from US Navy SEALs, the fertilizer’s formulation is classified as a top secret and it’s CEO is the most promising candidate of the president of United States. LOL

  3. Obviously that “tightly sealed” jar of “juicy, red-hot” kimchi is a metaphor for a certain part of the female anatomy.

    Hence, this video is indeed “awesome” on just about every level.

  4. i love the way of chinahush use sarcastic words!! ;D
    and why do chinese people so obsessed with korean stuffs?

    1. northern chinese likes kim chi because they in general like spicy foods…….koreans must market to china because their country is too small so they have to expand to their neighboring markets such as china n japan…..koreans have been sandwiched by chinese and japanese forever…..both countries have had fun running up in the spicy cabbage land taking turns ruling them

  5. This kind of ad only works in Chinese market, it’s insulting to see Chinese girl is trying act as Korean by wearing Hanbok and flirting with some nerd looking Chinese male.
    I wonder why this piece of ad is being laugh by Korean netizens.

    1. hey tae yang, shut your weak midget asss up and break dance away……you talking like koreans dont copy shit….what about all those fake NBA basketball jerseys I see up in japan along with tnose “custom made” new era baseball caps?? ..where the fuck you get those usher moves from? dont tell me you got it while the sun is out and you couldnt open up those slant asss eyes and starting imagining chereography…….koreans laugh at chinese but chinese also laugh at koreans…….just learn some asian history and realize china and japan has been punking lil korea all those years……you bulgogi motherfawkers lucky the u.s. military has presence there to protect soju drinking stink clam dick face faggots like you, yes i agree that chinese kim chi commerical is wack, but dont tell me the gucci bandanas they sell at korean town isnt wack neither

      dont make me get started on you plastic surgery going cake faces out there…..
      along with your double eyelids, hahahha….just kidding yeo-bu, sa rang hae…..we cool, we chin-ku??? hahahaha i squeeze kim chi juice in your eye and make you look like RAIN

  6. I’ve checked this company “EXCELLENTLAND (金地杰)”, there was no such company existed in any part of Korea. The Hangul text from label looked like it came out of Google translation. Why Chinese stamping their product as “Korean made” when it wasn’t even from Korea.

    1. Chinese stamp a lot of things as “other country made” when it was really “made in China” you know

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