Capsule Apartment appears in Beijing, 2 square meters each

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Recently, a 78 year old man Huang Rixin (黄日新) built 8 units of “Capsule Apartment” in Liulangzhuang, Haidian district in Beijing. Each unit is less than 2 square meters, but in the unit tenant can lie down, sit, watch TV and go on the internet. After Huang Rixin accidentally saw the Capsule hotel from Japan on the newspaper last year, he had the idea of building his own “Capsule Apartment”. He stated that building this kind of apartment is not for making money; he only wants to solve the transitional housing problem for college students who just graduated from college.






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QQ netizen from Guilin 桂感恩:

Today there are two interesting news, one is “Capsule Apartment”, another is “875,000 billionaires in our country, mostly in the real estate business.”

QQ netizen from Fujian Province 一叶知秋:

Live in this kind of home in such spacious country, what is the reason? It is really country’s misfortune… society’s sorrow.

QQ netizen from Yinchuan 银川市网友 9690974:

So depressing, after going to school for over ten years and live in this kind of home? Might as well just die! When you die the place you live is about the same! And with no worries! FUCK!

QQ netizen from ZhenZhou 海风微咸:

Propose to put the government who cannot solve people’s accommodation problems into the capsules.

QQ netizen from Chongqing 牛头

I didn’t even live in it, just looking at it I feel depressed, and panicking. Living under this environment for a period of time become crazy… looks like the jail cell people talking about.
However in this ultra-high housing priced Beijing, it is good to have a place to stay.

QQ netizen from Hunan Province 252600805

9.6 million square kilometers,
Shelter is only 2 square meters
Don’t know who is sad.

QQ netizen from Qingdao 858551958

Abolish cremation, Support coffins, each person gets a coffin, you can plant it in the ground, or hang in on the tree, people who has money can place it in the room o (∩ _ ∩) o ha ha

QQ netizen from Shanghai 室内环境检测

It is consistent with the national conditions; it is more practical than using BMW for police cars.

QQ netizen 大有前途:

Support! The space is just a little too small, propose to add one more square meter.

QQ netizen from Huzhou 石头剪子布

What is the difference between this and a cage…

  1. How about having all poor people placed in this kind of housing? Each building would house thousands of workers, you could quarter off that area of the city and keep the poor people in, don’t let them out at night. Then there would be more space for the worthy human beings!

    1. I know you are being sarcastic, but isn’t what your describing more or less what’s happening with poor people and migrant workers anyway?

  2. This reminds me of Japan’s capsule hotels. They are quite popular as a short-stay accomodation, for men only. In each capsule there are many buttons and knobs: one turns on the light and a knob dims the light. One turns on the TV, another button flips through the channels. There is a radio and an alarm clock built in. Finally, there is a big red button that costs Y300 to press. That’s the porn button. At the end of the capsule there is a screen you can pull down to “lock” yourself in. In other words: a very suitable cocoon, for only $40 a night. What else would a real man need?

    1. aw man that’s mean.

      back to the story more than students will using it pretty soon. Beijing is smashing every village they can smash. One day people are thriving and day later piles of brick. Where are these people going to go. These rooms were 100-300 a piece, small apartments in rural areas don’t exist or all occupied. Which leaves them filling 2-3 bedrooms at 2300 a pop or the huge 5-6 bedrooms 5000 a month.

      Sure, life in China is getting better but for those who could afford it. But life goes on.

    1. the suite is around 2.5 square meters. you have room to stand up and stretch your legs or for men pee standing up. Quite an accomodation. hehehehe….

  3. I would live in this little box, but looks like you would hear every single sound your neighbors make… disturbing.

  4. This guy thinks he is going to make a million? Who knows? Welcome to the prison hotel. He doesn’t supply a tv? Look at the ‘bed’! A typical university students 1 cm pad. This thing screems crap quality all the way!

  5. Freedom isnt free, but since our family will fight if needed I can enjoy m,y 3500 sq ft house.

    We are in US

  6. After some serious thought, to be a graduate and to progress backwards would be a serious blow to ego. Instant suicide for me If I had to resort to such level in my quality of life. I can see why drugs and guns are illegal, and limited knife sales. Have to starve or jump in front of incoming traffic to escape the pain of poverty.

    1. You mean you can’t handle a little bit of inconvenience and hardship in life? Chinese saying, “sit da fu jong fu, fong way yan shon yan” (cantonese) meaning “the blessed people are the once who can handle extreme hardship”.

  7. Thats why they jump off high building. I wonder what the price is in RMB per day or week or month. At least they will have some place to go if terrible weather, or maybe just use to store belongings somewhat safely.

  8. This reminds me of the Net Apartments in Japan (aka Closet Apartments) in Tokyo.
    This capsule apartment is nothing new….

    already whole industry of Closet Apartments in Japan…they convert lots of buildings to Closet Apartments…

  9. I think it’s terrible to live in this room if you can call it … thank God I live in a wonderful country … where there is enough room for everyone.

  10. Dear

    Very ashtonishing to see.
    No good idea.This is betray from brotherhood six square meter if combined is good space for if it is separated in 2 sqare meter is very meagre for one.So this is sort of lack of fraternity among society.


  11. This guy obviously never bothered to visit a Japanese capsule hotel. I stayed in one last week in Gotanda. Very nice 🙂 Big area with wifi, huge Japanese style bath, TV’s all over. Lot of public space to talk, smoke, rest. Then finally into your capsule to sleep. With a nice tv above your head and very clean comfortable bed. The ladies come in the morning and clean like crazy. Spotless every day. You spend all your waking hours in nice open spaces and just sleep in the capsule.

  12. This is such a sad condition. No bathroom? This is not even as
    good as a jail, at least in jail, you have more than a pot with a lid.
    At least in a jail cell there is room to move around, seems very
    bad for ones mental health and physical health.
    Kentucky, USA

  13. Its way too small. People should not be made to rent such a place for up to a week. Its torture! Africa is better.

  14. This is an excellent idea. It would be great if they had a communal kitchen, bathroom, and living room. Which I’m sure that they do, since most capsule hotels have them.

    I wish that America had these. I cannot afford rent at times because it never seems to dip below $525 unless you want to live in a broken down home for $200. If I had the money, I would build of of these.

    This only happens because there is a large income disparity in China. It’s not as if they’re torturing people by forcing them to live there. People simply cannot afford to live elsewhere. People seem to enjoy living in the capsules, even if it’s small. It’s better than being homeless.

  15. This is a great idea! I’d stay in one after bar hopping instead of calling the cab. Why can’t we have this in USA? Because of regulations, regulations, and more regulations. While politicians feel smug, millions of people continue to suffer.

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