Shanghai equips with BMW 5 series police cars for the World Expo

| March 31st, 2010

From Netease:

March 30, Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Department was equipped with “BMW 5 Series” police cars for the World Expo escorts. 22 BMW all had lights and sirens installed and police symbols painted on them. These vehicles will be operated by the Shanghai local police in full service of the 2010 World Expo.







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  1. GuoBao says:

    As long as you keep the police, the army and the officials happy,,,

  2. tangda says:


    nice display of @face@…wonder what they really are going to do to improve the real life of common people…

  3. b-real says:

    they really want to impress whitey. I saw a few of these in rural Beijing. They are upgrading ey?

  4. AlleyCat says:

    BMW 5-series are made in China. So as part of a marketing-strategy they probably got a good deal.

    • b-real says:

      hey guy most cars sold in China are made in China, because the import tax and tarriffs are insane. Now its saying something if they were driving in exotic cars.

  5. dongshizhang says:

    the man driving the bmw 5 series took my knife

  6. NeriannaLinn says:

    I wanna be a cop driving a BMW 5series…. they would do anything to impress foreigners!

  7. dilladonuts says:

    for public reputation, you might get more traction from actually doing visible police work in front of visitors/foreigners rather then driving a 5 series bmw thru a red light with the sirens and police lights flashing for no reason other then to feel important whilst smoking a cigarette and honking at the poor fella and his family on a moped.

  8. b-real says:

    think of it this way no one is going to ding or scratch those BMWs.

  9. i seen ferraris for police cars, u know whats in common? they arefor looks and not catching any bad guys, great job bmw 5 series at shanghai expo, reminds me of the really fake fireworks at 2008 olympics,

  10. kevin says:

    display the good face to all the foreigners…..shame on shanghai gov….

  11. anthony says:

    i love shanghai, but this looks like shit, awful paint job
    and come on it’s time to use led bars on top…bet no led on dash neither, what a shame

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