Students collect garbage to surf the net

This reminds me of when Internet addiction was made an official mental disorder in China. I’ve also heard quite a few Chinese people say that "the Internet has ruined a generation." And these are just really cute kids. There are also some good links after the break.


According to the photographer, who works for a website, the two school children filled their backpacks with waste plastic bottles and paper cups early on Saturday morning. The photographer had thought the children were from impoverished families and wanted to buy stationery with the money gained from collecting garbage.

But he was told by the boss of a recycling station, where the two children bargained the price for the garbage they had collected, that they would spend the garbage fee on hours of net-surfing in an internet cafe. The recycle station manager also disclosed there are many other pupils doing the same thing.

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  1. they gotta get their internet fix, before they break out in sweats convulse from withdrawals. I really dont get it. Waist of spirm.

  2. I remember collecting recycling paper and bottles at my first and second grade, selled them and satisfied my thirst for popsicles

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  4. I fail to see how this is related to the Internet addiction. Poor kids collect plastic bottles to earn a couple of CPU hours in the Cloud Computing Center Wangba is hardly anything addictive and those who got trapped in the IA boot camp usually have rich parents.

    When I was young, I collect 啤酒瓶 for coins to play in 游戏厅. A green bottle is worth 1 mao while a brown one is paid for fifteen cents.

  5. I see some kinds who are willing to put in some work in order to get what they want. Sadly something many spoiled kids in China (and in the West) wouldn’t dream of doing. Much easier to go pester your parents and grannies for a new phone, a console, a LV bag or a car. Learning the value of money is an important lesson growing up and as long as it doesn’t interfere with their school I don’t see much of an issue here.

  6. Have anyone read the biography of Peter Huizenga. He is a Dutch American who founded Waste Management Inc. Doing garbage and stuff. He became a millionaire and owns several sporting teams in Florida. Who says garbage doesn’t make money.

    1. Huizenga was born in a Chicago suburb in 1937 and moved to Florida in his teens.
      A 1994 article in the Miami New Times dug up a pile of ‘garbage’ (both actual and alleged), including an early assault case in which he had roughed up a sales prospect who refused to do business with him (Huizenga lost the civil suit); ties with organized crime; physical and emotional abuse of his wife; unfair competition practices; illegal political contributions; and disregard of environmental laws. So yeah, sure enough there is money in garbage. If you work very hard, you may even become very rich.
      Yet climbing your way to success at the expense of others doesn’t sound like such a marvelous plan for our chinese brothers to build their dreams on I would say.

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