Xinhua News: China Refuses “Political Google” and “Google’s Politics”

So it looks like Google is finally going to leave China, the date may be set to April 10. Yesterday, “First Finical Daily” had the report about the latest development on Google China. “We already got the news, saying Google will leave China on April 10, this news currently has not been confirmed by Google yet.” according to a person briefed on the matter. Google China staff members also told the newspaper reporter that the announcement could come as early as Monday March 22. This news then was reposted all over Chinese media and western media.


It will truly be a sad day for the Chinese netizens when that really happens, according to my observations most Chinese netizens wish Google can stay in China, despite the fact some of the online polls on some major Chinese sites show otherwise. Read the Chinese netizens’ open letter to Chinese Government and Google to see how they really feel about the situation.  Here is the translation of the Key parts.

Looking back there are already indications of the failed negotiation between Google and the Chinese government. On March 19, Xinhua News (the official press agency of the government of PRC) published an article titled “China Refuses ‘Political Google’ and ‘Google’s Politics’”, stating the Chinese government’s view on the situation, accused Google turning business into politics and its motive of positioning itself as a threat to China. The article also firmly indicated that the Chinese government will not back down from their censorship policy for Google or anyone. This perhaps is to prepare us for what’s to come. I will translate this article for the western readers to see the arguments that you probably normally wouldn’t.

China Refuses “Political Google” and “Google’s Politics”

Xinhua net Beijing March 19 reports: First Google without any evidence accused Chinese government of hacking attacks, then using the arrogant attitude of “ultimatum” to threaten China to lift the content management according to the law or else withdraw from the China search market, followed by U.S. politicians and government agencies jumping onto the stage backing it up, together performed this nonsense.

A company known for having solid technologies and innovations and the world’s largest search engine – Google, finally no longer “comply” with the universal rule of a businessman, exposing a “political face”. This makes people raising questions, Google as an independent “commercial company”, what is the real intention of the supporters behind?

Logically, already operated in China for four years and even gave itself a nice Chinese name “谷歌”, Google should know to do business in any country should respect the host country and to comply with the laws and systems. Only this way it can truly “do as the Romans” and win over customer market and commercial interests.

There are also sovereignty and borders in cyberspace, and it must be subject to the control of national laws and regulations. Any country will not allow the internet to be filled with pornography, violence, gambling, feudal superstitions, publishing articles on subverting the government, ethic separatism, religious extremism, racism, terrorism, hatred, xenophobia information and even inciting “colored revolutions”.

Unfortunately from the “Google case” we can see that the real purpose of Google China does not seem to be developing the business, but to use the Internet to act as a tool of conducting cultural infiltration and value infiltration. According to the U.S. “Wall Street Journal” that Google co-founder Sergey Brin who had spent his childhood in the former Soviet Union, which is why co-operation with the government to review the content has always been a moral dilemma, he repeatedly confided to his colleagues and friends his confliction of operating in China.

Since the Internet is free, then on what basis Google operating under the slogan of “freedom of information” but to force the American values upon China, and by changing China’s social system to establish America’s “hegemonic ideology” and “cultural hegemony”?!

Google’s senior officials have millions of relations with the United States government. According to the U. S. “Global Politicians” website reported that Google is the fourth largest sponsor of the Obama campaign. Currently there are four Google executives serving the U.S. government, including the U.S. Department of Defense Deputy Assistant Secretary, the former Google Wireless Product Managing Director Agarwal, and some security experts from Google working in the Pentagon has long been an open secret.

Google is becoming a politicized brand, which is perhaps what the politicians are glad to see. But this is no doubt a tragedy for the well-know multinational company who has already gained a competitive advantage with its technological innovations. When a commercial company lack of independence and proper business ethics, how do people trust the search content provided to be not biased? Just as one U.S. website that disclosed the family ties between Google and the U.S. government commented “When I think of Google’s management is running on the road to the White House, people should have reasons to worry about the thing Google bring, how many are added with U.S. political motives.”

The people who know Google’s history know that Google’s founders believe that Google has the ability to spread democracy through the freedom of information, and to pursue a credo “DON’T BE EVIL”. However what is the standard of good and evil? It is not to be determined by the company Google, and certainly not by the United States, or else anything good for America is the so-called “good”, and anything against the U.S. is labeled as “bad”. Moreover, we should not see what it says, but rather see what it has done.

Needless to say, Google map clearly show the national military and other sensitive facilities, but only similar facilities in the United States are covered with mosaics. Some Chinese users who prefer to use Google may not know that Google and the U.S. intelligence agencies are in close contact, Google user’s search records will be permanently retained for the control of the U.S. intelligence agencies. According to “Washington Post” reports Google seek help from U.S. National Security Agency to analysis the network attacks coming from China, and it has already reached a cooperation agreement with the U.S. National Security Agency.

China’s opening up to the world in these years was obvious to all. China will also adhere to its own steps and gradually improve the management of the Internet, which are China’s internal affairs. What’s more, as an extension of the real world, it is impossible to achieve absolute freedom on the Internet without any obstacles, even if the same is true for the United States. After 9.11, the U.S. in order to fight terrorism requiring the police to search citizens’ email communications, even in cases monitoring communications without the knowing of the citizens. Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Britain, Germany, Sweden and other Western countries have the same bills and regulations.

Whether to leave or to stay, the drama performed by Google and the U.S. politicians will soon be forgotten with the passing of time, the 400 million Internet users in China’s Internet market will only continue to grow vigorously. But as time passes by it is more clearly and thought provoking that what is behind the Google incident is the United States vigorously promoting “Network Warfare”. As the world’s first to introduce the concept of Network War, the United States sees the Network being a threat that must be achieved in four years; the U.S. Department of Defense has secretly developed “network weapons” attempting to extend their reach to every corner of the online world.

There are reports that U.S. Secretary of the State Hillary Clinton, on January 7 invited Google CEO and other information and network operators to a small dinner to discuss how to use technology to promote the U.S. intervention around the world to encourage the popular movement and so on. They said the 21st century tools such as micro-blogging website Twitter, Google and its video site Youtube will be crucial. There were also reports that in Afghanistan and Iraq, “Network Warriors” also have been widely used. It is learned that the United States often claimed to be the victim of the cyber-attacks now has a “network army” of nearly 9 million people, more than 5,000 professional hackers.

Perhaps Google is making the final preparations for the withdrawal, and perhaps Google is still hesitant. But one thing is clear: China will not be threatened by a commercial company while allowing it to disrupt the market rules and regulations. An American Internet company attempts to change the Chinese society and the legal system is arrogant and ridiculous. China does not welcome “Political Google” and “Google’s Politics”.

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              1. I think you should calm down a little. Such powerful emotions are not good for the health. Find yourself a girlfriend or something…
                By the way – are you a Chinee? You sure sound like one, hehe…

                1. I think it is you, who need to calm down and stop trolling around and making sad little attacks on Chinese, your hatred is not good for your health, because someday, you might get bashed or have tanks run over you.
                  I would like to have 2 but if I did that, I think I’d lose both. But if you really need one, I can introduce one for you, but not Chinese, as I don’t think they’d like you if you keep telling them they’re stupid; maybe Indian? or Filipino, or Vietnamese?
                  By the way, are you Taiwanese (Green), you sure sound like one (and very pissed off with China) and seem to be able to read Chinese.

                    1. The best way to end a conversation without directly conceding defeat is to not answer at all (e.g. Pretending to have left and never come back), rather than a poor come back such as “whatever”.

    1. Moronic. The Chinese are truly smart and deserve their meritocratic government. Fuck you.

        1. If you disagree, please state your claims. Otherwise, you would be very much suited to your current liberal democratic government and I certainly hope that all people like you may join together to form a liberal democratic state.

  1. Untill Google packs and leaves they country, I don´t believe they will leave China… Maybe I´m wrong, but I think they will stay.

  2. China government and people alike, have nothing to lose by having Google going away (whining). China, with or without Google’s hands in its market will progress toward a better version of itself, defined by itself. China doesn’t need a Googling presence to prove itself capable of greatness, democratic or not.

    1. Right on, brother! Through censorship and oppression towards a shiny future! Hail the CCP!!!!!

          1. Unfortunately, unlike me, you have no choice but to be castrated, I’m sure you will get used to it by having pigs fucking you instead.

              1. I have, a long time ago, have you? Think before answering that question and before claiming Chinese are stupid and especially before making anymore passive aggressive posts.

                  1. Here, let me explain: the question is the statement preceding the question mark, which is most commonly represented by the symbol ” ? “

                  2. Yes, to a certain degree. I hope you have learned that the best way to advance your point is not to avoid, or pretend not to see the questions from the other side. Otherwise it will just make you look foolish.

                  3. If only you didn’t make a fool of yourself in the first place; hence your disagreement is invalid. Next time, please check if you have contradicted yourself before disagreeing to something that you have already demonstrated to be true.

      1. @LS that’s not what i said is it. now read it again, word by word, read don’t interpret, just read what it says. I’m not you, i don’t think like you, and i probably never will. So what i wrote will not be what you think i wrote as if i wrote if were you. so don’t interpret my words as if they were yours. just read what it says.

      2. @LS that’s not what i said is it. now read it again, word by word, read don’t interpret, just read what it says. I’m not you, i don’t think like you, and i probably never will. So what i wrote will not be what you think i wrote as if i wrote if I were you. so don’t interpret my words as if they were yours. just read what it says.

    2. good thing i didn’t click the “Notify me of followup comments” thing, i’ll i’d be in for a long list of emails..

      so guys, if u dont mind, fight somewhere else.

      1. What’s wrong? The best attack you can come up with against Someone not sharing your views is to tell them to learn English?
        Tsk Tsk Tsk, you ought to learn some manners.
        Attacking people for expressing their opinions? You must really support this free speech concept.

      2. It true, if I google I would not give up 30% share of market. Just like Ebay, Ebay also truely stupid. Chinese don’t miss Ebay.

        and my english is fine, you understand my writing so it is enough.

    1. no, they are getting kicked out for having a moral conscious with financial conflict. Google is going morally bankrupt because they can’t make any money as long as China keeps blocking all their advertising partners.

      If anything this is China playing protectionism at its best. Same thing they tried to do with coke, and infertility, pepsi and pollution of the water, taiwan and the missiles, and the exchange rate. China drumming at its own beat and the rest of the world can’t do shit about it. With a booming population means a shit load of consumption. That is the leverage china holds on foreign companies. You have to drop allot of integrity and or change operations to cater to their ass backwards rules.

  3. The CCP (not China as they all so desperately will try to convince of us) is fucking with our fundamental rights, In this case regarding free flow of information and FoS. Don’t buy into the CCPs propaganda crap about Google. They’ve made the bed and if the Chinese want to lie in it it’s their problem. I am sick and tired of trying to promote X to Chinese acquaintances who are brainwashed and indoctrinated to a higher or lower degree,, so much that they question why X ought to be fundamental rights or not no longer even surprise me. Can’t save people who don’t want to be saved. Anyway If Maslow was right sooner or later things are bound to happen no matter what we or anyone else do or say at this time.

    Last words: Don’t buy the government’s spin on the Google issue. Actually this case is as close to black and white as it gets even though they’ve managed to make it look like a scale of a thousand greys.

    1. the gov never really wanted to block you
      if you’re stupid enough to not know how to circument it then you’re subject to the censor cause ,,have you ever thought why the gov. would want to block these sites?
      cause the mass uneducated chinese are so easy to stur up and the gov. just wanted a stable environmet for the economy to grow

  4. The cultural divide in the article is obvious. China’s history is it was attacked, colonized, and controlled by foreigners. So, the issue is sensitive to Chinese. I see this all of the time. Now, how much the Communist government likes to frame all arguments in the form of “foreign influence” for its own purpose, or whether it really believes it, I don’t know nor should I care. Google was founded by someone who was attracted to America precisely because of the freedoms of speech, etc. Probably many Chinese have a skewed view of international affairs, seen through a prism of government propaganda and news filtering. This isn’t their fault, but neither should Google try to please them. Whether or not this decision hurts Google’s business, so what? I realize this concept is probably very odd to many people in China. Google makes money already, it’s employees are happy.

  5. Google comes, Google leaves… Who cares?

    In this world, nobody cannot leave without another person.

    In this world, no country cannot leave without Google.

    When in Rome, do as Romans. It is well known both in China and the west.

    Since Google doesn’t like do as Chinese in China, Chinese people are very glad to say goodbye to it.

      1. hehe, unfortunately you are wrong. I am neither in any political party nor serving for any political party. I am a common Chinese citizen studying in US who is tired of the disgusting propaganda of western medias.

        1. So what about the “disgusting propaganda” of the Chinese media? To be honest,, for just a regular Chinese guy studying abroad you sure didn’t take your sweet time to post pros and cons. 5 lines of pocket philosophy all in favour of the oh-so-wronged Chinese government? Anyway I can turn your argument around ‘coz I live in China and I sometimes take the CCPs view and I have several times on fora argued that at this point in time Hu and his comrades is probably the best pick for running China. That doesn’t stop me from pointing out when they are blatantly in the wrong as is the case with Google. That said I can also see why the CCP doesn’t give any concessions to Google in this matter since they just can’t accept a major search engine outside of government control that is fighting for something that the government cannot accept namely the free flow and spread of information. BUT just because something might be a lost cause doesn’t mean that we just should roll over and die.


    离开谷歌的日子里 中国真的就剩黑暗了?
    2010年03月21日20:45:24 [新闻大杂烩]






    美国最前卫的性感女歌手Lady GaGa(嘎嘎小姐),与英国苏珊大妈的唱片,长期雄据卓越音像产品销售榜的前十名。



    Google 于二零零五年中开始在中国发展;二零零六年开始有中译名谷歌,并于同年在Google.com之外新增Google.cn好便大展权脚。那时的谷歌,有它因适应在地环境而来的调整和妥协吗好了,依《华邮》记者那篇报道透现的思路,今天的谷歌在中国占有一定市场份额之后,便企图以其自以为「不可替代」的地位提出改变游戏规则,即是要求中国政府按谷歌的要求来改变互联网法规。谷歌很自信地认为,强势如中国,也得忌它几分。






    美国哥伦比亚广播公司(CBS)旗下ZD NET科技新闻网的专栏作家伯勒(Ed Burnette)说,谷歌结束中国的业务,「是悲哀和可避免的错误」。伯勒又说:「自以为我们才明白甚么对中国人最好,以及认为我们的文化价值观在这很不同的环境,还会一样良好地运作,是傲慢的想法。还有,相信威胁和最后通谍可以带来正面效果是出奇地无知,特别是面对一群如此有自豪感及自给自足的人们。」



    Below is the awful translation by the stupid “Google Translate”. hahaha


    To leave the days of Google China really Jiusheng dark?
    March 21, 2010 20:45:24 [News hodgepodge]

    Chinese media widely rumored that Google will soon announce the specific arrangements for withdrawal of China. The world’s largest Internet search services company, with the world’s largest Internet market in the trial of strength. United States, “Washington Post” (hereinafter referred to as China Post) on the 19th published an article entitled: “The Chinese people were deprived of Google would mean that” only the dark “” reports that the wording of the title alone, has been completely caught the attention of this global struggle highlighted Line in the deep game.

    Click “Washington Post” reporter reported, accounting for one-third of Google in the Internet market has become a necessity for the Chinese people can not lose, there are respondents said that even the loss of glasses instinctively think of Google first find. Report added that if China does not compromise on Google, in addition bound to move toward closure, self-marginalized, he also could trigger a 1989-like, such as social unrest.

    Story worth pondering. If Google really is in China, such as mercury diarrhea, the coverage of sexual enough to the ground without the Google people will be left in the dark … …, it will be modern Eastern and Western cultures meet again, after an extremely shocking results. Would help if all these were true, then the Chinese government certainly does have a reason to worry about.

    China’s reform and opening up three decades, during which the symbolic items of Western culture has begun to enter China, the earliest are Coca-Cola. Store a bottle of Coca-Cola on the kitchen window, or even only a Coke ad has been sufficient to show the world declaring that China is already open. Followed by McDonald’s, KFC and Starbucks in recent years.

    The influx of Western goods, while the Western popular culture, or the introduction of lifestyle. The world’s largest Internet retailer, Armagh Morrison (Amazon) for China’s business played in Chinese name: excellence.

    America’s most avant-garde of the sexy singer Lady GaGa (rattle Miss), and the United Kingdom Aunt Susan’s record, long-term male superior audio and video product sales, according to the Top 10.

    All products come with culture and values, the Chinese acceptance of Western things, the same time, they will inevitably be affected by the influence of Western culture and influence. But the cultural exchange is a natural two-way, local people to accept new things and new things have to adapt to its new audience. This is also the Chinese congee to be supplied to KFC, McDonald’s replaced by Chinese recipes reason.

    Countless examples like in the description, on the macro-structure, China’s rejection of Western culture there is no sign of hostility, but, after all, not every Hollywood movie would get a set of “Affan up” the enthusiasm of treatment.

    Google in 2005 to start development in China; in 2006 began the translation of Google, and in the same year, in addition to new good exhibition will be the right foot. At the time Google has its environment due to adjustment on the ground from the adjustments and compromises do well, according to the “China Post” reporter Napian transparent reporting is the idea that today’s Google occupy certain market share in China, after they attempted to its self that the “irreplaceable” status proposed changes in rules of the game, that is, the Chinese Government according to Google’s request to change the internet laws and regulations. Google is confident that the strong such as China, they have to bogey it a bit.

    Because Google believe that they had “control” to live a considerable part of the Chinese people’s lives, even if more Chinese people to use Baidu and other Chinese local websites.

    Google is aware, this trend is reminiscent of the momentum is very easy to clear by mid-ships and armament opened China’s doors to foreign powers. Then able to clear the arrogance of the Government of the unequal treaties, it is because they have the “China absolutely can not resist the modern weapons.” “China Post” a complete denial of the Chinese people have such associations, saying that this is only China’s official hostile propaganda. “Washington Post” reporter or even Google, and perhaps do not understand that they have the powers of the old road then stomp. Were once used for military weapons, today is the Internet service used. “China Post,” cited several examples to illustrate how they “understood by the public (Health),” in turn, is more likely to provoke the Chinese government unrest.

    Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao replied, “Singapore’s Lianhe Zaobao” reporter’s question on China’s foreign policy, said that in modern times, the Chinese people suffering deep heavier. Therefore, they for the country’s independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of the harbor strong feelings.

    “China’s major trend,” an author of the book 64 events in the analysis, said “A lot of people are concerned about what happens when China, but more valuable The problem is what did not happen.” 64 After the West think that China from move toward closure and confusion. By contrast, Deng Xiaoping and intensify the outside world, when he was Shanghai Mayor Zhu Rongji to the United States shortly after the 64 for the Pudong New Development Zone Investment.

    Obviously, the incumbent of several Chinese leaders have stressed with the world, reform and opening-up policy unchanged. The high-profile Google has asked the Chinese Government to accept its meaning of “open” the default definition of a fundamental challenge to the Chinese government’s sovereignty. Trial them with the overall situation, China has been in the development and changes, open the state did not want to stop signs.

    CBS (CBS)’s ZD NET Technology News, a columnist Bala (Ed Burnette), said the end of Google’s business in China, “is sad and avoidable mistake.” Bala added: “Those who think we understand what the Chinese people are the best, and that our cultural values, in this very different environment, but also as working well, is the arrogant idea. Also, I believe the threat and the final Messenger Spy can bring a positive effect is surprisingly ignorant, especially in the face in such a sense of pride and self-contained group of people. “

    Popular China threat theory, which is dominated by the Chinese fear of Western society’s “voice.” Than has been the heart, Google put a “You can not be without me” attitude, is friendly gestures in the hope that China will, or will China turn away from it.

  7. Saw there are 55 comments on the front page. Thought it might be an interesting discussion and clicked in. Found both the article and comments are the same type of clicke and name-calling since two months ago and the whole thing has already turned into a religious war, while the only ones who suffer from the consequence has long been forgotten – Google China’s employees.

    Chinese government, stop feeling being offended like a naive teenage and calling Google a tool of US government. What tool? In capitalist America, the cooperatives control the government, not the other way around.

    Google Inc., stop crying like a baby and demanding the government kowtow to you and accept your rules. What freedom of speech? In socialist China, the companies kiss the government’s ass, not the other way around.

    I now stop ranting and start buying some Baidu stocks.

  8. Georgeson, unlike Google, or most Americans, you do not have the strength of your convictions. If the USA bothers you so much, go back to China. Otherwise, you are just another example of China wanting what we can give you, and you resent us in return. I know you would never dare tell other Americans or your American professors or any American guy in the street about your deep resentment about America. But, as a Chinese, you are used to keeping your little mouth shut and your opinion to yourself, aren’t you?

  9. network army of 9 million ,Really here in the U.S. Can your government tell me where Americans apply for these jobs,because with unemployment so high I would love to be one of these Americans getting a job.9 Million Really ,Is their an agency?

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