Girl dislocates her arm in the jostling of job fair by state-owned enterprices

From Wuhan Morning Paper

One girl dislocated her arm and 3 boys climbed windows in the process of getting into the job fair hosted on March 19th by 25 large and medium sized state-owned enterprises who altogether offer 5,000 jobs. The fair has to be canceled due to overcrowding.

Reporter on the spot observed at 8:30 am that over 1,000 job seekers had already been waiting at the square. When the gate opened an hour later, the crowds rushed forward and forced the balloon arch down in their way in.

To prevent stampede, organizer of the fair let 50 people through every 10 minutes, but still could not get control: around 10 am, a female student dislocated her arm in the jostling and was sent to hospital by guards; later 3 boys were found climbing through the bathroom window at ground floor to reach the fair at the second floor where thousand-some applicants flocking in the 800 m2 space.

The fair came to suspension at about 11:40 am and declared not to resume in the afternoon for fear of accidents, at which thousands of job seekers left with empty hands.

“We haven’t prepared enough beforehand, the fair for the afternoon will be canceled and we will announce the date to resume later.” said Wang Waixin, director of the fair. He added that employers attended were large or medium sized state-owned enterprises that enjoy good fame in salary, welfare and stability. Organizers expected 1000 job seekers for the morning but received approximately 5,000 in fact.

Gao Yunxiang is a senior of Yangtze University majoring in automation, he has been in Wuhan for 3 days looking for a good job. Seeing state-owned enterprises like China Mobile, China Telecom, Wuhan Iron and Steel Plant etc. offering jobs in the fair cheered his heart up: “compared to private enterprises, state-owned ones provide more stability and immunity against market risks.”

Why do job seekers chase after state-owned enterprises? Besides welfare and stability, relatively sound labor union organization also adds credit to state-owned enterprises, according to Zhou Layuan, Vice-president of China Association for Employment Promotion, college graduates and others tend to view working in large or medium sized state-owned enterprises more decent and presentable even if they receive lower salary than that in private ones.

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  2. Slow news day? I’d say “Girl dislocates her arm in the jostling of job fair by state-owned enterprices” sets a new standard for boring headlines. Anyway good job. I like this site.

  3. Wait, the enterprises are providing 5000 positions and there are ONLY 5000 applicants in the job fair? Not much competition. Just the building is too crowded to accommodate all of them.

      1. stop making so much babies and there wouldnt be 1000sof peopletrying to get a lousy job

        i was at one of those job fairs when visiting china last year, my china cousin was competing with over 1000 people for 1 position with a graphic design firm…… wonder they want to come to the us and a

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