Female translator Zhang Lu becomes popular overnight


If you paid close attention to the Two Conferences (NPC and CPPCC), you must know who Zhang Lu (张璐) is. She was the female translator for Prime Minister Wen Jiabao at the meetings. Started just couple of days ago, her name was one of the most searched keywords on Google and Baidu. Was this accidental or inevitable? Does this girl becoming popular mean Chinese netizens are more and more concerned about the country, politics and current affairs? Did Zhang Lu’s talent and elegance win millions of netizens over? Or was it because people like the fact Zhang Lu came from a common people’s family, a perfect Cinderella story? The following is an article on Netease supposedly is the first time exposing her past and her family background being ordinary, a very typical piece by the Chinese media to praise a public figure…

“Who is the female translator next to the Prime Minister?” after the two conferences (the National People’s Congress and the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (NPC and CPPCC), Prime Minister Wen Jiabao’s “poetic and knowledgeable elegant demeanor” at the press conference fascinated many reporters. Because of the fluent translation of the ancient poems quoted by Prime Minister Wen, the female translator Zhang Lu sat beside the Prime Minister also was praised and became popular on the Internet. Her micro-blog click rank was even higher than Liu Xiang’s.

In fact, many people do not know, the female translator sat with Prime Minister Zhang Lu was a girl born and raised in Jinan. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter got in contact with Zhang Lu’s family, former classmates and teachers; together they looked back this “hottest female translator’s” past growing up.

Zhang Lu’s Introduction

Zhang Lu was born in 1977, a student at China Foreign Affairs University (CFAU) International Law student and graduated in 2000. She not only has a dignified and elegant appearance, but also was intelligent. She studied foreign affairs at a university in London and got her master’s degree there. She is currently the Deputy Director of the English Translation and Interpretation department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. With extensive experiences, she is Hu Jintao and Wen Jiabao’s chief translator, and is also one of the important chief external interpreters. People widely appreciated her quick thinking and elegant manners.

In February 2009, Premier Wen Jiabao met with British Prime Minister Gordon Brown during his visit to Britain; Zhang Lu served as the on-site translator. On March 7, 2010, when Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi answered reporter’s questions, Zhang Lu was the live translator. On March 14, 2010, she was also the translator for Premier Wen Jiaboa at a press conference. Now she is officially recognized and became a heavily discussed celebrity.

Beauty translator from Jinan

“Zhang Lu was born and raised in Jinan.” Yesterday afternoon when reporter contacted Zhang Lu’s former classmate Li Zhigang, he told the reporter proudly.

Li Zhigang told the reporter Zhang Lu and he knew each other since when they were young. Since 1984 they were going to elementary school together. In Li Zhigang’s mind, Zhang Lu was cheerful and also hardworking, she was always the captain of the school’s Young Pioneers, with “three bars” on her shoulder, and she was also the class leader.

Previously, Zhang Lu’s family lived in the city hospital family home. Because they lived near each other, Li Zhigang and some friends often did their homework together with her. Zhang Lu had particularly good grades and became everyone’s “little teacher” and was responsible for answering everyone’s questions. “I still remember doing homework on a stone table in the hospital.” Zhigang said.

Because her family relative was in Japan, Zhang Lu always had dolls and stationery brought back from Japan. This made the other children envy of her, but Zhang Lu was never a snob, she invited everyone into her home to play.

“Class Flower” was beautiful and intelligent at an early age

At the press conference, Zhang Lu’s appearance made many people shouting “beautiful translator”. In fact, since childhood, pretty Zhang Lu has always been called as “class flower”. In Li Zhigang’s memory, Zhang Lu looked very westernized in elementary school, with bangs, like a doll, looking very well-behaved.

In 1990, Zhang Lu successfully entered Dianliu middle school (now Yanshan middle school). Li Zhigang and Zhang Lu were still in the same junior high school, but not in the same class.

Zhang Lu was still excellent in school, but she was not the kind of rigid nerd. Jiao Xunhe was Zhang Lu’s teacher, he told the reporter, Zhang Lu was not only the class leader, and she was also the representative of English class.

Tall and beautiful, the deepest impression Zhang Lu made on Jiao Xunhe was her savvy. Not only good in school, she was good at organizing activities, was rewarded as municipal outstanding student leader several times. Because Zhang Lu sings well, she also was the lead singer for many large scaled activities at school.

When Zhang Lu graduated from junior high school, because of her excellent academic achievements, she was automatically admitted to the provincial High School and became the only one that was recommended for admission for this school.

Show foreign language talent in high school

Looking back how she met Zhang Lu, her high school classmate Ms. Li felt Zhang Lu was particularly elegant and easy going. The first time they met, Zhang Lu initiated the conversation, and later two of them became good friends.

In high school, because she was already 1.7 meter tall, she was placed to sit at the back of the class. Her classmate Liu Gong already saw her on TV three years ago and felt Zhang Lu did not change much. Zhang grew prettier, therefore students called her “class flower” once again in high school.

In students’ eyes, Zhang Lu was not only beautiful but also a talented woman. At that time Zhang Lu had already shown her talent in learning foreign languages. Her English grades have been very good in class, during class she often was called up to read as an example. She also loved to read English newspapers and magazines to improve her reading skills.

1996, Zhang Lu was admitted into China Foreign Affairs University (CFAU) studying International Law. Graduated in 2000, she changed her career because of her interest and became an expert translator.

Mother surprised about Zhang Lu becoming popular

During Prime Minister’s press conference this year, Zhang Lu’s fluent translation, especially the translation on ancient poetry was consistently praised by everyone. Zhang Lu still keeps in contact with her high school friend Ms. Li and they often talk about work.

Ms. Li said, Zhang Lu once told her that being a translator needs constant learning, especially real-time translation has greater pressure. Sometimes, when Zhang Lu walks in the hallway at work, she would be called into leader’s office and asked about the recent popular English words and slang. In order to improve her work, Zhang Lu does not slack off after work and keeps on learning every day, accumulating vocabulary.

Because work is busy, Zhang Lu has less time to go back to Jinan and see her teacher and classmates. But when talk about Zhang Lu’s excellence, almost all the teachers and students all agree, Zhang Lu well deserves the praise, because she made a lot of efforts.

Now, Zhang Lu’s father and mother still live in Jinan. Zhang Lu’s mother Ms. Sun works in the city hospital. Her father used to work at the train station and now retired. Zhang Lu is the only child at home. When her daughter a few days ago suddenly became popular on the Internet, Ms. Sun said she was a bit surprised.

When the reporter contacted her, she first thanked the reporter politely but declined to talk more about her daughter. Ms. Sun said, Zhang Lu is just doing her job, nothing special. Because Zhang Lu is usually very low key, never talks much about herself, Ms. Sun respects her daughter’s view. Just like her daughter likes foreign language; she respects her daughter’s choice and never interferes her interest.







  1. she’s not all that hot but for her age she look pretty damn good. I bet you she has a white husband, or banged a few whiteys for fun.
    I wish chinese GOV would consult fashion designers of 2010 not 1950. They all have boring woredrobes. Dark and depressing liuke some one died.

    1. She looks good for her age? She is only 33.. I don’t see how this could be considered old unless you are 12..

  2. She’s actually very cute. Nice pale skin. The top picture is the best.

    b-real, not sure what you mean about “I bet you she has a white husband, or banged a few whiteys for fun.” but it certainly makes you sound like a tiny-dicked, sexually repressed Chinaman. Just sayin’

    1. You mean a tiny-dicked sexually repressed ‘Whiteman’?
      ‘Chinaman’ doesn’t make sense, why would someone make fun of oneself?

  3. A woman has two smiles that a cat might envy: the smile that accepts a lover before words are uttered, and the smile that lights on the first born babe, and assures it of a mother’s love. I don’t see either.

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