White Day, write a three line love letter


March 14 is White Day (White Valentine’s Day), originated in Japan and now is also observed in South Korea, Taiwan and Mainland China. It is an extension of the February 14 Valentine’s day. In Japan, February 14 Valentine’s Day is observed by females who present chocolate gifts, usually to a male as an expression of love, courtesy or social obligation. On White Day, the converse happens: male who received a honmei-choco (chocolate of love) on Valentine’s day are expected to return the favor by giving gifts back to the girl they love, usually more expensive. However, this tradition seems to be reversed in China, on February 14 boys suppose to give girls presents, usually roses or chocolate, and on White Valentine’s day, it is the girls’ turn to give the boys of their choosing presents.

Recently, this video about “three line love letter” became red hot on the Chinese internet. Only 5 minutes long, but with lovely background music, 16 “three line love letters” written by people in Japan has touched everyone. It then inspired the “White Day, Write Three Line Love Letter” event on Netease, encouraging Chinese netizens to submit their “three line love letters”.



In the video:

From all over the country
“Expressing love to the most important person”
Write into three line love letter

Male 15
All your practical jokes
I fell for them on purpose
because I want to see your smile

Tokyo, Female 25
The one pushes me and telling me to make an extra effort
the one holds me and telling me not to force myself
are both you

Male 21
Follow me
don’t like it?
If you don’t like it, then I follow you

Tokyo, Male 53
If you met me in heaven
please pretend that you don’t know me
because next time around I still I want to ask you to marry me

Osaka, Female 15
I, being nervous facing an exam
You said “Jiayou” (literally, add gas, refuel, means making more effort, Go!”)
made my heart jumped one more point

Aitomo, Male 31
My cell phone still has
“like you”
the message that never sent out

Tokyo, Female 18
Fought on the phone
even so still want to see you
that’s why I want to see you

Hiroshima, Male 37
Looking at the short life line in my palm
talking to myself if there is really destiny
wife silently extended the line to my writes with a pen

Kannagawa, Male 79
even though I lose my tongue to say love
you are not allowed to die before me

Nara, Male 18
Text message, you asked me what I was doing
“I am dazing” I replied
because I can’t reply “I am waiting for your text message”

Hokkaido, Male 17
The only dish dad makes
salty egg pan cake
tastes better than anything

Chiba, Female 34
The truth I never even told you
clumsy you unexpectedly cried for me
that is the reason I married you

Osaka, Male 16
Received your message
asking how I am…
at this moment, I came alive!

Male 60
Grandma, Happy birthday
Women’s beauty is directly proportional with the number of the candles
It really is

Osaka, Female 30
Want to raise the son that looks extremely like you
with the same personality as you
this way one more person will be as lucky as me…

Hyogo, Female 24
When I complained about “Tokyo to Kobe, long distance relationship”
grandma smiled and said “20 years ago I already started a long distance relationship”
grandpa in heaven, did you hear that?

Below are selected Chinese netizens’ three line love letters on netease, which would make for great White Day or anniversary ecards:


“Those days the crumpled notes in your hands, do you still remember?”
“How can I still remember?”
Stupid, how can I forget.
– SK, 21


looking at you giggling,
looking at you makes me giggle
– 小小安, 24




You leave,
I also leave,
but I must hold your hand.
– Netease anonymous netizen from Shanghai


I must turn off my cell phone,
I can’t chat with you anymore,
or else I would miss you more.
– Tianjin, xuefengzhou, 34



I miss you again, do you miss me?
Let us continue to face each other and miss each other…
– Guangzhou 小丫, 19


Stupid don’t wait for me anymore, or else you will wait till we go to retirement house
even though it’s a joke,
ok, see you at the retirement house…
– Shangdong 吴浩晨, 27


Told myself ten thousand times,
I cannot love you,
but starting to love you from ten thousand and one times.
– Inner Mongolia, Wuhai, 吗啡, 26






One gentle sentence,
go home with me,
it is the reason I married you.
– Changsha, Hunan, 千寻, 27



It was always me bringing you happiness before,
now it’s your turn,
Just leave it all to me.
– Qinghai University, 樱, 19


Tell you a little secret,
every night when you kiss me,
I was always awake.
– Dalian 小陌, 25



If, I say let’s break up,
Pig, please don’t be sad,
it is must because I don’t have the heart to let you love me so much.
– guai, 23


When you are near, I feel you are so annoying,
when you are far, I feel so annoyed,
please come annoy me.
– 给我一杯忘情水, 25



I said, what present are you giving me?
you said, it’s raining today, bring an umbrella,
you are always this way, condense love in life.
– Shenzhen, 棉花糖, 28


You are my first love 17 years ago,
now I am still a stupid girl,
marring you is the accomplishment I feel most proud of in my life.
– Qingdao 南山圆月, 39


It is really good to have you,
you let me divide the days into two –
the days seeing you and the days missing you
– Hebei 敏子, 26


Happy White Day! What would you write in your three line love letter for your lover?

  1. All of these poems are so touching. Were they ever published into a book? I’d love to have a copy if so. If I were to write one: (as if I could)

    Hello, so wonderful to see you again
    I see you are still blond with beautiful eyes and soul
    But now, you have four legs

    That’s for the boyfriend I lost six years ago.
    I now have a dog who acts (in dog mannerisms) the way HE acted when we were together, as if his spirit has entered this dog to be with me again.
    Incidentally, my dog was born one the same day he died.

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