11 Siberian tigers die of malnutrition at Shenyang Wild Animal Park

So much for the year of the tiger, when this news broke out netizens were full of grief…

From Netease:


Shenyang, China news agency reports on March 11, 11 Siberian tigers died within three month period in Shenyang Forest Wild Animal Park, allegedly the cause of death was lack of food, starvation. At the same period of time 30 other animals also died there.

According to the local “Liaoning Daily”, some insider revealed that the zoo only gave each tiger two chickens a day, this is all the food for the day for one tiger, thus leading to the death of these tigers.

This has also been confirmed by the Shenyang Forest Wild Animal Protection Station. The station vice manager Liu Xiaoqiang told the reporter on March 11 that the tigers in the zoo live in the small cages, lack of activity causes decrease of immunity, plus inadequate intake of nutrients, which could cause the death of these tigers.

In accordance with the relevant provisions, death of tigers at the zoo should be reported to the relevant government departments. At the Wildlife Conservation Station in Shenyang reporter saw a report written by the zoo: January 23, one Siberian tiger died, cause of death is hemorrhagic enteritis; January 30, one death caused by congestive heart failure; January 31, one death caused by nephritis, renal failure; February 8, one death caused by myocarditis.

It was reported that 11 Siberian tigers died during this period starting from December of last year. In November last year this zoo had an incident of park staff member being bitten and injured by two tigers. These two tigers were wounded by the rescuers and soon died after. This accident has been identified as a result of lack of capital investment on the security system at the zoo; the hidden dangers were detected but however not fixed in time and also the staff member was operating while violating regulations.

After the incident, the zoo was ordered to close for reorganization, however during this period, 11 tigers died one after another.

The zoo has always had the problem of animals including tigers not getting enough food, the zoo therefore was many times subjected to criticisms. For this reason the local government has been giving support and funding to the zoo, however the animals’ living condition has not been fundamentally improved.

It is reported that Shenyang Forest Wild Animal Park was established in 2000 by a private enterprise in Dalian. In the first couple of years the business was good, and later for various reasons profit has declined. When the zoo was first established, there were 1024 animals of 61 species, and as for February 8 this year, there were only 518 animals of 49 species left.


Siberian tiger lanterns near the Shenyang Forest Wild Animal Park

  1. I once come to Harbing Wild Animal Park, which is located in Heilongjiang Province, North of China, it’s famous for tigers also. we together with other visitors sat in a armed car to watch tigers very closely, they seems aslo thin and hungery. when all the visitors in the car purchased two chickens and threw to them with the help of workers in zoo, these tigers are crazily ran to the chicken,,,,,,,,,,

  2. Disgusting! Its an outrage zoos which have been protesting for years about their negative press, claiming to be ‘conservation centres’ can allow rare animals to die so needlessly. Its not like they actually had diseases which they tried to treat, malnutrition I regard as willfull and deliberate neglect! If they zoo didn’t have the funds to feed the animals then they needed to be relocated! Horrifying Event!

  3. Maybe what is needed there is a marketing and planning genius who could bring the park back on track. They will feed them well enough as soon as they profit. BUSINESSMAN

    1. fuck you.

      It would be just “business” to sell your organs on the black market.

      or to carry out a hit on someone you care dearly for and send you their beheaded skull.

      fucking idiot.

  4. Horrible, just read about this tragedy.
    Who can we contact or write to in protest? I’m looking for a website.

  5. I am so sick over this. I won’t even say what I’d like to do to these murderes. Can you imagine what these poor innocent animals went through and they’re endangered to boot!Well as far as I’m concerned the owners and the zookeepers are now endangered. Too bad the tigers didn’t eat every single one of those dirt bag chinks!
    Supposedly the WWF is looking into it. Hopefully PETA will too, but it’s China, what can we do about it? They’re claiming they died of a disease, I’m sure the tigers bodies have already been burned. They eat dogs & cats over there for God’s sake & children are making Nike sneakers, etc. at 5 years old, not to mention they kill their own second child and daughters born (well the government does or used to, they are no better), go figure. Why do we keep them alive with market trade???? Makes me sick!

  6. Ahhhhhhhh Haaaaa Haaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaa


    Ahh! The rant of the racist!
    Faux outrage much?

    Are you are aware that you have branded almost 1.4billion people as “dirt bag chinks” and questioned “Why do we keep them alive with market trade” ?
    If so, then your not worthy of my reply, but I’m feeling generous today even to racists.

    But where to start??? Okay I guess from the top.

    Murder is the unlawful killing of another human being with intent, not tigers.

    “as far as I’m concerned the owners and the zookeepers are now endangered”
    Ahhh HaaaaaaHaaaaaaHaaaaaa you are too funny, Got to love the internet hard man. So what, do you have a hit out on these guys? “You gona bust a cap in his ass”?

    This is going to come as a shock to you and your obvious lack of intelligence but.. wait for it…. China isn’t the only country to carry out abortions. :0 Oh!!! Hurts doesn’t it?? Your blinkered view of the world has just been changed forever. 🙁 anyway if they didn’t carry out abortions would those children as soon as they were born become “dirt bag chinks”?

    Oh! and while that statement about 5year old children making Nike runners is useful in a racists arsenal, as you know it’s absolute nonsense. You clearly made it up as you were typing. Anyway in your little mind 5 year old Chinese are “dirt bag chinks” anyway.

    Anyway, I’m bored and you’re an idiot, but I must say if you’re just a troll trolling for food congratulations, I’ve just fed you.

  7. Maybe it’s a case of liquidating assets – it’s just business
    Probably the bone/body parts are worth more in ‘blackmarket’ chinese medicine circles than sending the live animals to another park.

    It is ‘Year of the Tiger’ but I wonder what the going rate is for ‘tiger’ medicine and ‘tiger’ delicacy dinners, they all seemed to ‘die’ in the months before the new year festival…

    Coincidence – probably!

    I’ll just go down and see if I can get some Tiger Bone powder to mix in my soup!

  8. To Tully,
    Please do me a favor and kiss my American white butt. I am not a racist, I happen to have Hispanic, African American, Indian, Native American, even Asian friends. I’m ticked off at China for various reasons, this was just the icing on the cake. If you are so bored with what I wrote, why spend the time replying with your long, boring, sarcastic, useless, “think you know it all” reply? I am outraged by what has happened to these poor defenseless tigers, you heartless person. It is a known fact that China has the highest rate of child labor in the world. Keep your opinions to yourself about abortion, I really could give a rat’s A@* what you think, really ~ yawn.
    Christopher R. ~ A proud American, animal lover & kind gentlemen with a Batchelor’s degree in medicine 🙂

  9. Chris is an Idiot… and so is anyone else that blames an entire country worth of people,
    rather than certain individuals.

    China isnt the only country to use children for labor. I think it happens much more
    frequently in India & Tailand. Countries that are much more poor.

    Most of America wouldnt even be able to afford to live, if slave wages were raised to
    adequate levels of livability. Most Chinese do not own a car. They bike. Most Chinese
    barely have enough food to eat. And why? Its not because the Govt. Its because of
    OUR GOVT. WE, the USA, are the REAL racists / Terrorists of the World.

    If we didnt get the dirt cheap products from China, it would be some other poor nation.
    The companies in the USA know Exactly where the stuff comes from, and the poor
    conditions of the factories / workers.

    You think there is no corruption / evil in the USA! lol Man, you are a true programmed
    Zombie. We probably have the worlds highest murder rate here. We also use the most
    energy, and are extremely wasteful.. which is accelerating the earths destruction.

    The world you live in wouldnt be possible without the slavery you unwittingly are party
    too. USA will one day need to institute population control as well buddy… which means
    even more abortions will exists. Just that woman here can afford to abort
    in a time before the baby pops out… where as most of those poor farmers who slave
    night and day, working 1000000 times as hard as you ever will… do not have the money.

    The story Is tragic. But its also one that has been been within our Own country
    many years ago… and to some degree, still happens. Man has less and less regard
    for animals. Obviously, we cant have bears and tigers roaming our streets…
    and so they are forced into a caged life. Who will pay for them to survive? Will you
    give up 3/4 your income to help feed and care for them all? WIll you move your home
    underground so there is wilderness room for them to roam on your land?

    The childish Killemall is exactly what the USA Govt wants you to spout. They Want a
    war, so it can further depopulate the USA/world. Most especially the “Poor”… which
    are the ones that go into the military for educational funding and benefits.

    Your views are shallow as a 5yr old child. And as a human being, you shouldnt be
    proud at all… because you are a true failure to feel and think the way you do.

  10. UNholy one, you’ve watched too much Michael Moore films and listened to too much Noam Chomsky. Please grow up.

  11. Ahhhhhhhh Haaaaa Haaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Chris, Chris, Chris!

    Did you ever hear the phrase to stop digging when you are in a hole? In your case I really hope you don’t, as your replies are hilarious. Please keep them coming.

    I thought you were just a racist troll but as it turns out I now think you are just a funny guy with strange views of the world a unique view of what’s considered to be racist and even stranger debating skills.

    Look you can try to justify what you said using “outrage” and the fact that you are “ticked off” as reasons for doing so, but you can’t shy away from the fact that you in your post made two comments condemning all of the Chinese people for the crimes of a few.
    I really think that you should just own up and admit that it was wrong of you.
    The following is what you wrote. Please tell me now do you stand by them or withdraw them?

    “Too bad the tigers didn’t eat every single one of those dirt bag chinks!”
    “Why do we keep them alive with market trade????”

    If you stand by them, pray tell how is it compatible to say these things and then claim: :0

    “I am not a racist” “kind gentlemen”

    “Hispanic, African American, Indian, Native American, even Asian friends”
    That sounds suspiciously like the George W. Bush defense, when he was questioned he would state that he couldn’t be racist as he has African American friends.
    But seriously “even Asian friends”? Wow “even” Asian friends and are any of the Chinese among those Asian friends aware that you see them as “dirt bag chinks”?

    Regarding the comment: “you heartless person” Ya ammm! irony much?
    But here I must say, nice attempt at a put down. The unfortunate thing for you of course is that everyone can see what I said above, so Chris can you please point out to me and everyone else what gives you this impression? I didn’t express a view on the Siberian tigers, as I really think it goes without saying that no straight thinking person would condone such behavior. So, I’m really curious as to what it was that I said? 🙁

    “Keep your opinions to yourself about abortion, I really could give a rat’s A@* what you think”
    Ah poor Chris again you fall down… If you go back and read my post you will see that I didn’t express an opinion, I simply stated the fact that China isn’t the only country to carry out abortions. But then again maybe in your blinkered view of the world it’s a matter of opinion as to weather abortion is or isn’t carried out outside of China. 🙂

    Oh! one more thing there Chris, I wasn’t bored with what you wrote, I was fascinated. I was bored of typing and so I finished my post quickly. But please don’t let that stop you from replying in one of those long, insightful, descriptive, adjective laden sentences. 🙂

  12. I’m ashamed to be from the same country as Chris Roberts. I’d like to assure everyone that not all Americans are like that.

  13. BTW, who was the genius who decided to keep all those tigers if they couldn’t afford to feed them. They should’ve sold them to another zoo that could’ve taken care of them. Retards.

  14. Maybe they can channel some of the $US50 000 000 000 they spent on the Olympics, the masses of cash for sending men from a developing country into space, or some of that 300 000 000 RMB to parade nukes down the street for the 60th anniversary into looking after animals. Oh, I forgot, that doesn’t have any direct effect on the image/PR of the PRC…

    …until something like this happens, that is.

    Form over substance, masters of the lie, always the way with one party states.

  15. I got these tiger organs for sale, cheeper cheeper for you.

    Haven’t you heard that if you eat some tiger penis you will never go limp again?

    im just kidding for all you lame dik blog ragers..

    MMMMMMMmmmmm wonder were they really went to tho…

  16. I’m really appalled and saddened by this. Unfortunately, I know this goes on all over the world, not just China.

    It’s not surprising that they don’t value animals in countries where people are taught to barely value themselves. When you have no power in your life, you look out for yourself only, and have no empathy or compassion to spare for others.

    Raising the standard of living will help this, eventually. However, I fear it will be too late for the tiger and many other species with which we share this planet.

    Before I go to sleep tonight, I’ll cry and mourn these poor creatures, but be glad that they no longer suffer.

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