Too many ads in the Gala gets CCTV’s homepage hacked for 2 hours



At the night of lunar Jan. 2nd (Feb. 15th), some netizens reported that they could not login in from time to time, and the homepage of CCTV was covered by a western woman’s picture. The page didn’t fully recover until 20:20. No official comment from the website by far.

According to the reporter, he wanted to login in at 20:05 to watch the Vancouver Olympic Games, only to find a picture with a western woman’s derrière. He’s not alone; many netizens had already discovered the problem and posted it on a few BBS. The content that got hacked might seen irrelevant to the Spring Festival Gala hosted by CCTV on Chu Xi (Spring Festival’s Eve), however, many netizens believed that the hacker was upset by the Gala because it planted too much soft ads in-between the program which is supposed to entertain the whole country for the one time in a year. The reporter then contacted a few employees of CCTV, all of whom replied “on vacation, don’t know about it”.

In fact, it is not the first time gets hacked. On Jan. 30, some “unhealthy videos” were posted on Xing Bo Ke, one of’s video channel, but removed 2 hours later. The comment then was “our IT department doesn’t work on weekends, plus nobody reported about this, it’s probably just a joke.”



    * 本日
    * 本周
    * 本月

    * 6,479中国千人旅行团游纽约主攻购物 人均花6千美元
    * 5,675美国总统奥巴马无视中方反对会见达赖
    * 4,973外交部就美国总统奥巴马会见达赖发表谈话
    * 4,427外交部发言人就奥巴马会见达赖发表谈话
    * 3,371外交部副部长崔天凯召见美国驻华大使洪博培
    * 1,557海南高房价致游客减少 本土旅行社损失严重
    * 1,211新华社:奥巴马见达赖各有所图
    * 1,059山西长治5口灭门案1日告破 疑犯与死者结怨
    * 1,030美国国务卿希拉里会见达赖
    * 816山西长治发生一起凶杀案造成5死2伤

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