Family of Four Bikes to Shanghai from Hefei for New Year


From Qianjiang Evening News:

Family of four, spending 10 days, going through multiple cities regardless of the weather conditions biked (a bike specially designed to allow 4 riders at the same time), started their journey from Anhui (安徽阜阳), has successfully arrived their destination –Shanghai.  Throughout their journey, the bike caught much attention from people, and the journalist finally spotted them around Weihai Road (威海路).  The bike was made by 2 regular bicycles next to each other with one common steering wheel.

A Sudden Idea

Huo Yun (霍云), 38 years old, told the journalist that his idea came from a commercial in January.  As a man who enjoys outdoor activities, he suggested to his family to bike to Shanghai.

His two daughters, Wanjing (婉婧 ) and RanRan(然然), in their teens, both supported the idea and agreed to join the journey together.

After planning for approximately 10 days, Huo Yun finally found his ideal travel route – starting from  capital of the province Hefei (合肥), routing through Chaohu (巢湖), Wuhu (芜湖), Nanjing (南京), Wuxi(无锡), and finally arriving Shanghai (上海).  Total travel time planned to be approximately 10 days, such that the family would be able to arrive Shanghai around New Year’s Eve.  To ensure the whole family will be able to travel together, Mr. Huo also purchased the 4-rider bide from the internet.

Many Obstacles

The journey started on February 3, 2010.  As the two daughters did not have long-distance travel experience, the first day was rather challenging for the family. “It was mostly hills from He Fei to Chaohu, the ride was rough as we had to go through many up and down hills and exhausted the whole family” Mr. Huo told the journalist.  It was also challenging to ride the bike.  They chose to push the bike while going uphill and learned to better manage the break system while going down hill.  The kids were very tired which almost pushed Mr. Huo to call off the whole plan “we wanted to give up.  but my daughters were very strong, so we made it.”

Throughout the whole trip, the family ate and lodged at whatever was available on the way.  When they arrived Wuxi on February 10, 2010, it was snowing and with a mixture of rain.  The weather condition was terrible and cold-burned RanRan’s feet, who was 11 years old.  As a result, her feet started swelling and could barely put shoes on.  The girl stayed strong and never complained throughout the trip.

Post Mark as Evidence

Wanjing, 13 years old, told the journalist that she saw Yangzi River, many lakes and mountains throughout the journey. Yet, her favorite was still Shanghai.  “Shanghai is absolutely beautiful, just like the way I saw it on TV.”.  Comparing to her younger sister, who was really outgoing, Wanjing was a little shy.  She told the journalist that after 10 days of biking, she is able to finish a big bowl of rice.

The family of four decided to spent the Chinese New Year in Shanghai and it is their biggest wish to promote the World Expo in Shanghai with their own hands.  The two girls wrote diaries everyday to record everything they saw and experienced.  “As we pass a post office, we will go in to get a post mark as evidence.”

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