Tainted milk powder from 2008 not completely destroyed and enters Chinese market again


Guangzhou Daily on February 1, 2010 reports, January 30 afternoon, (Guangdong) vice governor Lei Yulan (雷于蓝) participated in a health group discussion of CPPCC members and mentioned some of the contaminated milk powder from 2008 was not completely destroyed, and recently have entered into the market. The authorities held an emergency meeting the day before yesterday, from today on, any dairy products in circulation and dairy production chains throughout the country are set to be under comprehensive inspections.

Lei Yulan originally scheduled the group discussion on the day before yesterday, when she was asked about the reason for postponing she said, she received a notice in the morning of the day before yesterday, and participated in a food safety rectification emergency meeting in Beijing in the afternoon. She said “Because there is still a batch of milk powder contaminated with melamine from 2008 that was not destroyed, and now some had circulated back into the market.” But she did not disclose the quantity of the tainted milk powder, and where it was circulating.

Reporter researched online and found that early in January this year, the Joint Office of the Shanghai Municipal Food Safety released, that Shanghai Panda Dairy Co. Ltd. had been investigated and prosecuted by the regulatory authorities on suspicion of producing and selling dairy products containing amount of melamine exceeding the national standards. In min-January Guizhou Province health department also announced the names of 4 dairy products which also were contaminated with melamine.

Municipal Food and Drug Administration deputy director Lin Yongsheng said he also received a notice of the rectification. He introduced the major rectification in Guangzhou start from 2 points, first is the investigation of whether local dairy products, dairy products manufacturers are adding the old melamine raw materials to the product; second is to track the recently announced circulation of the tainted dairy product in the field, to see if they exist in Guangzhou market.

The afternoon of January 30, the National Food Safety Office held a national food safety rectification video conference. After the national conference, the provincial government held a following provincial food safety rectification teleconference.

Lei Yulan, Vice Governor pointed out that Guangdong from February 2009 onwards, carried out 2 year long food safety rectification work and achieved substantial results. When identifying food production companies conducting criminal activity, and refuse to mend their ways despite repeated disciplinary actions, shall be punished severely.


What’s ironic is the news only a month ago in December 28, 2009: “Many officials who were punished due to the (Sanlu) milk powder scandal are back, or being promoted


Former director of AQSIQ (General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine) Li Changjiang (李长江), has come back as the vise-deputy head of national “anti-pornography” Group. In September 22, 2008, Li Changjiang (李长江) was resigned because of the “Sanlu” milk powder incident.

According to official media, Jiangsu Province, “Xinhua Daily” reported on December 26, in December 24 to 25, vise-deputy head of national “anti-pornography” group Li Changjiang came to Jiangsu to observe and study. Li Changjiang listened to reports on Jiangsu’s “anti-pornography campaign” to fight the spread of pornographic through mobile phone and web sites; he observed the publication market in Nanjing and Zhejiang, and communicated with provincial leaders.

There are more official (involved in Sanlu milk powder scandal) before being punished, being transferred to off-site office and then even being promoted.

Former Deputy Director of AQSIQ Department of Supervision on Food Production Bao Junkai (鲍俊凯), who was given administrative demerit by the Central Discipline Inspection Commission in March of 2009, as early as last year, had been transferred and became the director of the Anhui Entry Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, party secretary, now his title, is at department director level which is technically half grade higher than his old job.

Bao Jun-Kai is not the only official being transferred after “the Sanlu milk powder scandal”. This year in March, Hebei Province Commission for Inspecting Discipline decided to give administrative demerit as punishment to former director of the Hebei Agriculture Department Liu Daqun (刘大群) However as early as in last (2008) November, Liu Daqun who was involved in “Sanlu baby powder incident”, had been transferred from Agriculture Department to become the deputy secretary of Xingtai City, and was elected as mayor in January this year (2009).

  1. I see this as a good thing because this tainted milk powder was discovered before it reached store shelves.

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