Shanghai Mobile: cell phone sends pornographic text messages will be terminated, after being verified of course

Last week Han Han already mentioned about this news in his blog, The Chinese new year is here soon, people in China should be careful sending text messages, especially if you are in Shanghai, you don’t want your cell phone to stop working while sending text, and then going to the local police station to write a promise note on new years day! Here is the actual news and some netizens’ reactions.


“On what basis, you can look at my text messages?”

News from QQ:

In order to cooperate with the dedicated actions which were launched by nine ministries on penetrating and punishing obscene, pornographic and vulgar information on the internet and cell phone, China Mobile Shanghai branch currently has introduced a number of effective measures to cooperate with the public security department to block out the criminals’ “pornographic channels”.

On January 16, Shanghai Mobile stated “Mobile will pre-filter cell phone text messages based on a series of keywords provided by the police department, then in order to determine if they are “(yellow) pornographic and obscene” the process is based on the 13 technical standards published by the nine ministries. Once if an issue is found, the cell phone’s text messaging functions will be suspended. If the user has any objections, he/she can go to the public security department for further verification of the message content.” The spokesperson stated “If the public security department verifies the text message indeed is “(yellow) pornographic and obscene”, the user’s phone number will be permanently terminated. If the public security department verifies the text message does not count for a violation, this user can bring the certificate issued by the public security department to Mobile in order to have the text messaging service restored.”

Over 6500 comments! here are the most popular ones:

腾讯上海市网友 KaBy[信翾源] 2010-01-16 21:39:36

  • This kind of text message monitoring could clean up the society environment in the short term. However after thinking about carefully, this is a violation of the people’s privacy. Today you can use the pornographic text message as a reason to monitoring people’s privacy, who knows if this will continue in the future. Who is going to protect people’s privacy!!! We should find a more suitable and legitimate way to solve this problem for long lasting stability and peace.

腾讯网友 Charles Qiao 2010-01-16 17:48:07

  • This thing is too laughable, this news from a different angle says, citizens do not have the most basic privacy rights. First not to talk about sending yellow information, just base on the fact of monitoring text messages means the abuse of power. And that means, if someone sends some love messages to his girl friend, when the system notices the police will have to verify them one by one. A piece of advice, going too far is as bad as not going far enough.

腾讯上海市网友 一里地的风景 2010-01-16 17:19:36

  • Mobile, why don’t you first clean up your spam text messages.

腾讯攀枝花市网友 一介疯猴 2010-01-16 17:23:44

  • The left over minutes will become Mobile’s profits; this is more profitable than sending yellow pornographic information. Internet sweep the yellow, why not close down China Mobile?

腾讯天津市网友 不惑 2010-01-16 18:26:18

  • If anti-corruption efforts is half as this, hen all problems will be solved.

腾讯杭州市网友 莫莫子ヽ 2010-01-17 02:55:12

  • Xiaoming sends a message to his dad “奶奶的鸡把你晒到林荫道的米吃精光了!" (Grandma’s chicken ate all the rice you are sun-drying on the avenue.) Mobile company verifies this message has “鸡把|dick, 奶奶|breasts, 荫道|vagina, 吃精|eat cum” these obscene yellow sensitive words, his cell phone number will be permanently terminated and confiscated by the public security!

腾讯内江市网友 心念旧恩。 2010-01-17 06:49:15

  • Strongly urge the CCP to develop relevant policies, close the internet, confiscate cell phones, all the people should be engaged in large-scaled production campaign, steel making, iron making, young and old together. The GDP for the country will leap forward like a rocket, so that people can also concentrate and with no distractions put everything into production. From quantity to quality in order to achieve the leap, and also further strengthen the Celestial Empire.

腾讯哈尔滨市网友 一网幽梦 2010-01-16 17:16:27

  • Triggers public discontent, motive is suspicious…

腾讯绍兴市网友 LOVE RAIN 2010-01-16 17:38:01

  • Take the branch for the root, the cell phone carriers should be the most responsible for cell phone yellow information, not the cell phone users!

腾讯上海市网友 o5ay 2010-01-17 05:35:25

  • The People’s Republic of China Constitution, Article 40, the freedom and privacy of the citizens are protected by law except in the need for national security or investigation of federal criminal offense. Public security organ or prosecution will precede the inspection of the communication in accordance with the procedures prescribed by law. Any organization or individual shall not in any grounds, infringe upon citizen’s freedom and privacy.
  1. This country is going down the drain fast. Wonder how far the CCP is willing to go to control everything and how much of a backlash they are prepared to take.

    And then they wonder why the whole world as laughing at China (well, we aren’t but as the song goes,,). I guess the waiguoren are more into bemusedly shaking their heads possibly followed by a facepalm.

    I too wonder what else they are checking or planning to check from people’s phones. Let me suggest that every conversation could be monitored by a government employee for pornographic and otherwise rebellious material. The monitor could then if needed interrupt the conversation with subtle remarks like” Hey, watch your language” or “This is getting too yellow” at carefully selected points. An army of monitors would at the same time help the growing number of unemployed grads find a job. 4-5 million people should be sufficient to get the job done.

    No need to thank me Mr. Hu. Just doing my part as a concerned nearly-citizen. Now get to work implementing. Who knows how many yellow conversations the Chinese are having RIGHT AT THIS MOMENT!!!

  2. Pornography is the terrorism in China that the government uses as an excuse to strip its citizens. Exchanging obscene messages between lovers results in arrests. How funny!

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