Introducing PAPER BUS: a free proxy service

20100121-paperbus-01 We just ended the Freedur VPN giveaway drawing, and the winners were announced here today. Thank you all for participating in the drawing! If you didn’t win, here is the good news, also good news for those of you in China. There is a new way for you to browse the internet freely and it is FREE! Introducing PAPER BUS a Free proxy service brought you by Open Terrace Ltd the same company that made Freedur.

PAPERBUS has just been released today! January 21, 2010

Kudos PAPER BUS! In my opinion this is by far the best free proxy service there is right now. My experiences with the free proxy services out there are usually unpleasant. They are usually very slow; and do not load AJAX or java script heavy sites. Most of them do not support HTTPS connections and the application itself is usually bloated with ads.

I am using PAPER BUS right now and it is pretty fast, easy to use and seamless. The only down side is there will be an ad web browser tab popping up in every twenty minutes while you are using it. (Although the current version on the website doesn’t even nag you with the ad page at all, I am using 1.0.3b) Hey after all it is free! One open webpage tab every 20 minutes is not so bad, that’s how they were able to make this a free service. Just make sure to close your browser or turn off PAPER BUS when you are away from your computer.

It’s simple, download it here and use it to bypass the Great Fire Wall, access blocked sites etc. etc. It’s FREE!

  1. How safe is this software? What’s its mechanism? The website of Paperbus doesn’t mention these questions. and who are “our sponsors” and what are their “products and services”. The 18.5 section in the ToS indicates this software may be produced in Hong Kong?

    1. This software should be pretty safe, it is kind of like Freedur 2.0 the only difference is this is a proxy service which means it only take care of your HTTP and HTTPS traffic, not a Full VPN software. regarding to sponsors, i am not sure who they will be, the sponsors will put ads on a webpage that you might see from time to time if you use the app.

      1. Sorry but as a security maniac, I hardly believe any proxy software. I checked the website’s whois info and found the “Technical Contact Email” is “”. Then I went to The website promotes a non-free VPN (same software as the Paperbus’?), but there are three “quotes” from suspicious people who praise the software. Who are they? “William Mcguin, CCTV”, “Jonathon Anwar, Independant Investor” and “Samantha Jones, Hermés”? and the whois info of is basically anonymous.

    1. Then it’s a no go for me… I’ll stick to the “chinese way“(sorry the page is in french only) for now although it may not be super safe either.
      If more people can give their opinion it would be great !
      — Woods

    2. It should work for firefox too, if you need support on getting it work for you, try go to their support forum, It is brand new, so there might be bugs.

  2. The program is full of bugs. I wouldn’t recommend it at all. It doesn’t even install properly with IE8 – a bug they have admitted to.

    If they are so careless to something that basic through their launch, what else is wrong with it?

      1. Look at their support site where they apologise for the bug in installing with IE8

  3. I have been following China Hush via RSS for some time, but your endorsement of this product has totally turned me off.

    How much are you being paid?

    What is your relationship with this company?

    Do you have any comments on the security issues and bugs associated with the release of this obviously untested product?

    Do you have any information about this company? Registered office? Directors? Mr. Google seems never to heard of Open Terrace Ltd.

    Would you like to give us the details of all the legal action over Freedur?

    1. Hey, Just FYI, I am not getting paid for this, I am trying to establish a relationship with all organizations that seems to be providing values to this community. This is a FREE proxy service, I tried it and it worked for me, I think many of you in China can use it. Just for browsing freely on the internet, for casual uses, to get to some blocked sites I think this is just fine. I see values in this company, I don’t know what dramas they had before, and I don’t really care. All I see here is they created something that allows the free flow of information on the internet which is much needed in the world.
      If you think it’s not secure or too buggy, then don’t use it. Let everyone else have a chance to try it. I am not an expert to condemn the app to be not secure, and just look at Microsoft products, how many security vulnerability do they have, everyone is still using windows and patches are being sent out every month. To me we are living in a world that just cannot be proven truly secure. If you know any security experts and software experts condemn the app, or gives bad reviews for their pervious product Freedur, let us know. Because I have not heard anything like it.

      1. Bullshit. Freedur is your freaking sponsor, do you think the ads on your site are free? Can anyone get their ad on your site for free? Yes, maybe (I don’t believe it, but its possible) you are not being paid for this particular post, but you are pushing your sponsor on your readers, for a service you know little about.

        Is it safe and secure? You don’t know and don’t care. If your readers get screwed, if their passwords or other info are stolen, that’s too bad for them, not going to affect you now is it.

        Even if you are not getting anything for this promotion itself, they are your sponsor and you are shilling for them.

        What a shameless lie Key. Can anyone believe it? Can you really say that without feeling like the slut you are?

        New flash: People who do their marketing on the down low with undisclosed payments and fake news stories are usually not people who care about their products and customers.

        I can’t wait til Freedur is back in the news. It won’t take long I am sure.

        1. I don’t deny that Freedur and us are partners, I have said that long time ago. This is a different product and again I am not getting paid for writing this post, I simply want to inform the readers about it. How am I pushing it on my readers? You don’t have to use it if you don’t want to. Do I have to promote a product that everyone likes and agrees with?

          Gee, I really know nothing about cars, so I guess I shouldn’t tell people I am driving a Honda and it takes me to places, because god knows how unsafe it might be for my readers… they might just go out and buy a Honda because I liked it, and get themselves killed in an accident. Oh how evil that would be for me to not care about my readers.

          With your logic every news network that runs a car commercial have to personally test the car and make sure it is safe before they air it? What about when Lexus makes a recall of on a batch of their cars because it is not safe, and all the media that ran the commercials are guilty? What about when Microsoft had a vulnerability in their Browser and caused people to lose their credit card information, say … is PC magazine who promoted windows and IE responsible?
          It is not possible for me to do background checks on every story I post, FROM WHAT I SEE SO FAR, Freedur is a great product which many people are currently using, now they are providing a new free service. Hey, if the news breaks out on PAPER BUS saying it is unsafe, I will gladly pull this story out, heck I may write a new one to inform everyone to not to use it until they fix the bug.

          Please be reasonable, plus this is a personal blog you don’t have to agree with what I think and what I write. I don’t understand why you are so angry over my post. If you have problems with Open Terrace or their product go take it with them. Or write on your own blog and to prove why they are unsafe.

        2. You sound not only immature, but also uneducated. I wonder if the things you say even make sense in your own head. This is a great blog and tools like you should do everyone a favor and just get lost. Loser.

  4. Then Paper Bus bans anyone who questions their security.

    Why are they providing a service to get round censorship when they do censor dissension themselves?

    To make money. Without morals. That’s all.

    You lower yourself by associating with them.

  5. For those of you are skeptical of the legitimacy of the company Open Terrace, I personally know the co-owner Chris Matthews. And here is the article from New York Times talks about VPN software Markers for Censorship, where they interviewed Chris.

    “That’s when the VPN industry just exploded,” said Chris Matthews, co-owner of the company. At first, Open Terrace offered a free one-month trial membership that was downloaded by 7,000 Web users in China.

  6. My last two comments didn’t appear.

    I accepted your reply that you are not paid by Open Terrace Ltd, but wondered why they claim you are one of their sponsors. Are you paying them? If there is no business connection, then publicly disown them.

    I also questioned why you are supporting a company which claims to exist only to fight anti-censorship but at the same censors any comment pointing out flaws in their product, but then ignoring requests to explain why they took offence.

    The truth is that they depend on China’s censorship. If China miraculously opened up tomorrow, they would be out of business.

    I live in hope.

  7. Liuzhou why are you being an ungrateful hater? If you don’t want to use a service just don’t, no need to hate, no one’s forcing you for god’s sake. you make it sound like you’re entitled to something and i wonder that it is.

    keep up the good work Key, there are those of us that aren’t spoiled children.


  8. A company that makes software to bypass government and other institutional firewalls depends on governments to make firewalls in order to stay in business? No kidding!

    That’s like saying that light bulb companies depend on darkness in order to operate, or that hospitals depend on people being sick, or that schools depend on people being uneducated. Don’t confuse the remedy with the disease, or assume that causality works both ways.

    I would turn up the heat in my apartment, but that would just encourage the utility companies to make winter colder!!

    1. To be fair to Liuzhou Laowai, he’s not really arguing for two-way causality. He’s simply accusing Open Terrace of being hypocrites. He says Open Terrance purports to be anti-censorship, yet they censor him. Hypocrisy, right?

      We can guess why they’re censoring him, because he’s saying bad things about them or otherwise asking questions they don’t want to answer…on their website. He’s affecting their business, or they’re afraid he will, and they’re exercising their right to censor him on their own property.

      The business connection, minimally at least, is that ChinaHush has endorsed their product and they’re acknowledging ChinaHush’s endorsement. Generally, audiences will care if an endorsement is independent and genuine or a result of some kind of mutually beneficial transaction between the endorsee and endorser, and they appreciate disclosures of such. Whether there will be disclosures or not depends on ChinaHush and Open Terrace though.

      The whole recent Freedur and Paper Bus thing is probably just riding on the recent Google threatening to leave China news. chinaSMACK did the same thing when they covered the news, openly suggesting that people might want to consider getting a VPN if shit hits the fan and Google is blocked out of China:

      Time to consider a VPN service? Freedur is an advertising sponsor of chinaSMACK and it is what we use. It recently released a new version and additional servers.

      ChinaHush is just following suit, doing the same thing.

      For ChinaHush’s China readers, I’m sure most of them appreciate the small discount for Freedur or the recommendation of a free web proxy like Paper Bus given the situation and possible worsening of the situation.

      For Liuzhou Laowai, if you’re really serious about getting answers to your questions, you should probably consider e-mailing the makers privately instead of threatening their business. If afterward you’re unsatisfied and feel strongly enough that they are a danger the public should know about, you can wage your PR battle. If the possibility of getting censored by those who disagree with you worries you, know that you can always set up your own website to share your message.

  9. i downloaded this thing and windows kept popping up. I tried to uninstall and I cannot. Windows keep popping up even though I supposedly deleted the program. It is driving me crazy and 2 windows pop up every 1015 minutes. Anyone know now to erase this darn thing once and for all?

  10. For Key,I’ve sent you a letter with purpose to get some of your suggestion.Pls check it out when spare.

  11. Some of the ppl here are so unbelievably ungrateful… take it or leave it, and that’s it!
    It works great here (IE and Firefox) btw… thanks!

  12. hi,why this software is not working in iran?I m living in here and tried to pass through it but is not it limited for IPs from here or the route is restricted by iranian internet provider?

  13. works like gold!… has a few minor glitches, advertisement pop-up’s occasionally. As a free bee it works just fine. I don’t mind to click and support their sponsors or ad’s … no big deal and most I recognize most of them.

    I’m really only using it for facebook so no big deal with security…

  14. not working anymore…but i had a 1 day taste of it. it worked fantastic. thought it will last. but oh well. HPS not working. puff commercial. freegate sucks.. ohboy.. ultrasurf???

  15. Hey everyone, Paperbus is not working because it has been blocked by GFW in China, they are working on reslove this issue right now.

  16. i see. now it makes sense.. i thought it was just my pc coz my friend said it’s working for her. she’s in dubai ^_^.

    anyway, i think that paperbus is great (hope they can fix whatever it needs fixing and it will stay free for a long time), maybe even comparable to that of HPS and puff. th free version of puff seems to be random, sometimes i can connect, sometimes i can’t. now im leaning towards buying the commercial puff. 16bucks a year isn’t so much for a great product.. (FYI, not promoting. just stating what i’ve experienced) if some of you used puff commercial and has pros and cons, please let me know… thanks in advance..

  17. you can go to a IP address site and find yours, and you can also find others, but what you can’t do is find out who they belong to as I am aware of so that is impossible

  18. “It’s a little hard trust ip:port/Elite proxies, because many of these proxies piggy-back on other proxies to prevent acceptable use policy (AUP) violations (DDOS attacks using proxies) of their hosts.
    submit=Post Comment

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