Funniest videos on Youku in 2009


Youku has top 10 lists of videos in all categories, thanks Kaiser Kuo for the link!  I picked out the funniest videos from the top 10 list that do not require you to know Chinese. Enjoy!

1. Tianjin News, funny male anchor

This is the Tianjin special news program before the 2009 Chinese new year.

2. How did she get her license? 

Sorry I know not all Chinese women drivers are bad…

3. <Marching Song of Exchanging Rice> by Communication University of China

This is a mash-up of all the famous Chinese songs.  Ok, you have to kind of know the Chinese music culture to get it.

4. Foreign film?

I don’t think this one is that funny… but it had over 5 million views!

5. Girl stirs up emotion in front of boys’ dorm

This one is my favor…
“Come out, you like to play video games, I play with you.  You like to play football, I watch you play.   Is it going to kill you to like me a little? I just want to be with you.  I am willing to be with you all my life, are you willing to?”

6. Silly college boy

I didn’t think this one is that funny, but it had over 6 million views and over 9,000 comments.

7. One unfortunate man climbing the wall

I posted this one before.

  1. Here’s to Kaiser Kuo… who is paying this ambassador of cool to China?!?!

  2. Wow,I’m laughing to tears,even got a pain in my abdomen,who can help me ? Oh,my God,
    while watching video of poor female vehical driver’s show really make me a huge fun.Thanks,Key! wonderful job and linkage.

  3. Well, for vidoe of “Foreign film” I share the same kind of view with you which is not that funny as I can imagine.however,so is that the word “Hijack” comes from?

  4. I somehow feel a little bit sad about the emotional girl standing down outside of the male dorm gave a such affective scenario,although finally her boyfriend came out and gave her a warmly hug,however,I still feel pessimistic about their fragile future affection.It will another bleak one I thought!!

  5. The car video is great. That woman parking,, I am still roffling around just thinking about it. Nasty one with the bus though,, kinda hard to spot it for the following vehicle but I guess it is clearly marked by signs.

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