I have resumed secular life: The secret lives of monks, part 2

Some readers asked me to continue (part 1) translating the rest of the story, however the original post on Tianya was already deleted, luckily I found some websites here and here which reposted this story.

I have resumed secular life (part 2)
by 佛祖在我心2010

Our monastery is relatively a well-known one in the local area. It attracts a large number of worshippers and pilgrims each year. The government also gives us money for the construction of the monastery and so the abbot makes a nice side profit from all of it.

Of course, a celebrity visited our monastery. It was a female star, rising in the ranks in the recent years, and she was even called the number one beauty of Mainland China. But in fact I saw her with light makeup that day and she looked very ordinary to me.

We got the news saying that a movie director and a female star were coming to worship. Early in the morning we started working on looking good, changed into new cloths and neatly sat in the hall chanting. However, we chanted until the afternoon and still did not see them. At around 4 pm a black car drove in. The female star got out of the car first, followed by a bearded director, looked over 40. Both of them looked were lavishly dressed. They immediately burned a bunch of “888 incenses.” Afterwards, they followed the abbot inside.

After we completed our chanting for the evening, I washed up and went back to my room to sleep, but everyone was excited and yelling in a circle in the room. Then I heard this female star was going to spend the night in the monastery today. Monasteries have very few women spending the night, so everyone was excited. Suddenly another little monk ran over and said excitedly, guess what abbot told Hui Zhong to buy? No one had any ideas. The little monk said, “Condoms!”

Everyone got rowdy and claimed it must be a lie, why buying condoms. The little monk said it was for the female star, she is sleeping with the director in the same room. Everyone got excited again, but I stayed very calm. Because I know there is gay group sex in the monastery, what is so surprising about a guest having sex at the monastery?

In fact, after I witnessed the thing Zhi An had done, I seldom spoke to him. I knew it even showed on my face when I saw him, because I felt very disgusted by his presence. But Zhi An acted as if nothing had happened, and still talked to me warmly. Most of the time I found an excuse to to push him away. One day Zhi An could not bear the confusion anymore and asked me how he ever offended me, and why I was so cold to him. I could not hold any longer and told him everything. When I was done, I said ferociously, now what do you have to say.

Zhi An’s face was red all the way down to his neck. He looked very distressed. He told me, since you already know everything, I won’t hide anything anymore. Actually, I was forced. They are people under the abbot named Weina. I will tell you the story.

Weina was the third manager of the monastery monks, like a squad leader. Zhi An had followed him since he was young. Weina especially loved Zhi An, always arranged him to be in his own room. Zhi An was also grateful to him. However when Zhi An was 17, one night, Weina kept touching Zhi An’s lower body. At that time Zhi An was still young and did not know anything. And so, just like that, he ejaculated. After that, Weina harassed Zhi An even more, later even made Zhi An to use his hands to masturbate for him or give him oral sex, etc. Zhi An did not understand anything and became Weina’s sex slave. However, it is very hard to keep a secret here. It was also unusual for the teacher and student to be stuck together like glue. Later Wang Xuebing and others found out about what they were doing in the woods. But they did not dare to say anything until Zhi An turned 25. When after Weina had passed away they threatened Zhi An, saying they were going to tell the abbot. Zhi An was sacred, begging them not to. Xuebing said, if you want to keep this secret then you must make us to feel good too. Just like this, Zhi An became their sex tool.

Zhi Ah cried when he told me all these. He said he was helpless. He needed to survive and become a supervisor. He could not let things be brought out to light, or else he would be expelled, and have no way to make a living.

After I heard all these, I began to sympathize with Zhi An, but I did not know what to say. I turned around and left. I was sleepless that night. I was thinking what kind of relationships people have in the monastery.

Zhi An and I restored our friendship, actually to me it was more compassion. Zhi An told me, he already started to manage the functioning rooms, and soon he would be promoted to the manager of eight deacons. At that time, they would no longer dare to do anything to Zhi An anymore. I also wished him well silently, and hoped he could reach his goals.

Because we were friends again, Zhi An told me many promiscuous things that happened in the monastery. He said the current abbot often went down the hill to visit prostitutes. Of course now nothing could shock me anymore.

I really did not have a very good impression of the current abbot, the old man. He is lustful and snobbish. Normal visitors who do not buy the “high-incenses”, the cheapest of these cost 300 yuan each, the old abbot would not even look at them. However once you buy the “high-incenses”, the abbot would act like you are his loved ones. And the money he makes for “high-incenses,” except for the 200 yuan we get every month as allowance, the abbot takes all of it.

The abbot goes out once every week. Down the hill are the rural areas full of wild hotels, which are for those passing cars to eat and find a miss (hooker).

Those girls are generally older, mostly over 30 years old. Because they mostly serve the passing cars, they are very cheap. Abbot finds a 34 year old middle aged miss for sex every time. This was because one of the boy staff at the hotel found it unusual and was telling everyone. Soon it spread into the entire monastery.

One day, no one knows how, but the hotel own found a new 19-year-old girl. The hotel owner then called his regular clients. Abbot was one of them. When he got there, abbot and two young men from the steel mine all liked this girl. The owner suggested three of them to do it together and abbot agreed. Afterwards the same boy staff told everyone again. That 19-year-old girl only stayed at the hotel for one day. As for why, and what really happened that day in the hotel, only the abbot knows.

The monastery has its hierarchy, for example the second in command is called the instructor. Generally he assists the abbot on everything. Our instructor was over 30, looks like Alex Fong (方中信), really he does. He was very clean and also very polite. Therefore we all had a good impression of him, but after a while there were problems again. Every so often a nun from another convent would come to look for the instructor and they would have quite enjoyable conversations. I secretly listened in. It turned out that the nun was the instructor’s wife. After he became a monk, she also became a nun. People say because of “guanxi” (connections), she was able to take a high position directly, and after two years became the first in command of the convent. After I heard this I was really touched by the instructor and his wife’s devotions to Buddhism. But an older monk told me the secret: the real reason was because they could make more side profits. That’s why he used guanxi to send his wife to the convent. When they both held high positions, no one could say anything when they saw each other. One time bother even saw them naked in the wing-room having sex through a cracked open door. Brother also said, their son is currently studying in Australia. When a monk and a nun can afford to have their son to study aboard you can image how much side profits they make.

Some of you say I don’t have literary talent, maybe you are mistaken. I am not a writer, I am telling this for the sake of telling truth, telling my life and how I got tricked into believing a religion. Should I be writing this like a masterpiece?

As for those don’t believe, I don’t know what else to tell you. I have already sworn to tell the truth.

The monks in the monastery are more or less sexually repressed. Nowadays the people who could really follow the Buddhism philosophy of all space-directions don’t really exist, there are probably only a few high-monks.

Many monks at a young age are just like normal people would secretly masturbate. Because of the environment, they have to hide it, they can not change their underwear and wash it right away. Therefore most of them just pull up their pants right after masturbation and go on with their lives. Especially during summer, when you pass by a monk there is a stench.

The monk named Xiaopang in the monastery definitey has some sort of weird fetish, he is obsessed with the strong smelling underwear of dudes.One time, a brother forgot his book in the morning class. He went back to the dorm for the book and saw Xiaopong put the underwear in front of his nose, smelling and masturbating at the same time. This brother told the abbot. Of course it was simple, Xiaopang was expelled the next day with 200 yuan of travelling expenses. Xiaopang cried and begged to stay, but to be honest, even I could not accept, let alone that abbot who loves women. Just like that Xiaopang was expelled the next day.


The story stopped here, looks like there could be more, but the original post on Tianya was already “harmonized”.

  1. Oh,My God,What a terrible and disgusting story it is! It’s true that there is no virginal or chaste environment here is China!

    1. That’s such an exaggeration. What the hell. The same stuff happens in an overwhelming number of Catholic churches, so you say all western countries are without hope? What farcical thinking. Be mature, man. Shits happen all around the world. This is the reality of life. Totally normal. To borrow a sentence of my high school: We have to bear and defeat those ugly things in life, and to feel and to create good things. That’s the spirit.

  2. It is a saying:
    “Do what the priest says, not what the priest does”
    I seems that every cult has it’s stock of perverts.

  3. i have been living and wandering in china visiting temples living in them for 2 years now.
    i have been a monk for a short while and also lived in taoist temples for a while.

    i could say between the 2 the taoist are more honest why? because they dont say were celibate they dont say we dont drink(which the buddhist do and deny) buddhism is a science not a belief and to protect it you pretty much destroy all this bullshit it has turned to becoming almost exactly like all these other religion,
    buddhism is a science of liberation,

    We could say that buddhism is dead in china (except a few obscure temples with great masters(but you wont be hearing about them much)) and also taoists are only about money *mostly*, *there are real masters but you wont hear about them much*
    you can see groups of *buddhist* followers just like the evangelicals in the US giving money for buddhas salvation?? (when did buddha become jesus or a god??)

    seeing abbots too friendly with children,
    i found some nasty drawing made by some children..

    asking for donations in thousands of yuan because buddha will give them luck???

    same as the articles poster said 300 yuan incense that is worse in quality than the 50 cent indian incense??

    I believe the problem lies in the face, and respect your elders taboo in china,
    when bodhidharma came from india to china to *reform* biuddhism he was denied entry into many many temple even though he was a succesor in shakyamunis line,
    the problems he said buddhists in china had is almost exactly the same as the problems buddhism in china has today. a whole bunch of lazy drinking whoring fools ,
    it makes me sad to write this, but degradation is everywhere in every system.

    if anyone wants to find anything authentic of buddhism and taoism , best bet is taiwan,
    and even korea,
    they were free from the *sorry excuse for a leap forward* so they have genuine connections to the original lines…

    Buddha explicitly states that *be a light unto yourself*


    1. Pretty much agrees with a lot of things you say, except for the claim that it has something to do *with China specifically*. I quite dislike this kind of talks. To be honest I think even though *religion* might have had its positive sides in the very beginning, *religious institutions* are simply destructive and repressive in nature, from the very very beginning. For example Roman Catholic was a tool to brainwash and control the poor. Just look at how much corruption there is in Catholic churches. If you feel Taiwan/Korea stuffs could be better then do some field investigation before reaching this conclusion. I bet they are nowhere better at all.

  4. Celibacy is unnatural. Those repressed young monks need to be sucked off and masturbated. Let them stand in line as they pull up their robes! Do it!

  5. A young monk must release his pent up sexual urges. He must allow his penis to be manipulated, fondled and/or tasted. This is the road of all young men. To deny earthly desires is a sickness the falsely righteous preach. It is natural for a young man or a young monk to grow tired of chanting and to want someone to manipulate his penis. Do it!

        1. Yeah. Go on confusing “sexual drive” with all practices of corruption, coercion, hypocrisy, deception etc., while “drunk on green tea”.

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