Mixed race girl, Beijing vagabond from Sweden


[From Sina]

Actually when many people meeting me for the first time, they will think I am pretty cold because I don’t like to talk, but that’s because I am very shy. Therefore people who know me all know that I am really very warm.  Growing up in Sweden and coming to Beijing this time, many things are my first time. For example, shooting for a TV show, magazine or a show, also climbing the great wall and then the first time doing this kind of interview.  Comparing Sweden to China, I think China is more suitable for young people. Because it’s lively here and there is always something to do here. My dream is to be a good actress.

[pro-player width=’400′ height=’300′ type=’video’]http://www.chinahush.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/maomao.flv[/pro-player]

Does anyone know who she is?

        1. Babeness makes its own rationale: “Maybe I’m goodlooking enough that some ‘creative’ person will see a way to make something interesting out of me.” It’s one way to find out who you might be, or what you might be good for; in some cases it probably beats sitting O levels or whatever.

  1. I have once or twice been asked if I know some random person from my native country by other expats here. Naturally the answer is always no. I assume this chick is completely unknown in Sweden so I doubt asking random Swedes about her will help.

    Maybe next time I see a Chinese person back home I’ll ask “Hey, so you are Chinese?? Then you must know Wang Mei,, works in a shoeshop in Qujing. Black hair, brown eyes, kinda brownish/yellowish skin,, no? really??”

  2. I think the way she talks makes her sound pretty arrogant, high nosed.
    Definitely the type of person who was just average in their home country and then got almost superstar status in china, getting all full of themselves.


  3. Maybe it’s a fast way to be popular among many people in Internet with the help of persons behind her, while there are two many such thing happened each day. she can be a “superstar” for a day, a week or a month with her good-looking face, while, if she wants to be hot longer – depends on her real ability. otherwise, another one-day, one-week superstar will replace her soon.

  4. Amazing Mandarin fluency for such a young girl, and having grown up in Sweden at that…

    I cannot believe you people are buying into this lame attempt at viral marketing. Not saying anything against the girl, but her handlers are sleezodelic…

    1. Celebrity is never worthy of note, yet is always in the news. Paris Hilton? Is she really noteworthy? No. Yet, she’s had 1 billion times as much exposure as this girl. lol. It’s called life, dude.

  5. Real nice. What about Lou Jing? This half-white chick probably will become “famurse” in China just because she’s half-Swede. She didn’t even grow up there! Poor Lou Jing has never been anywhere else and all she wants is to be accepted yet people will continue to treat her like an animal at a zoo.

    This is ridiculous.

  6. i know her. she is not half swedish, both parents are from china. we used to live next door. sweet girl. i got her contact if u need it.

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