An elderly woman who collects scraps returns lost 7000 RMB to police

I was feeling pretty disappointed with humanity after the results at Copenhagen, but then I read this story and felt a bit uplifted. If everyone was this selfless and took only what they needed, I imagine a different result at Copenhagen would have been possible. In less than one day, this story has generated 1200 comments on Mop.

From Mop

拾荒 shi2huang1 – to clean and collect scraps (to eke out an existence)

When picking up garbage and other scraps in the streets (拾荒), an elderly woman over 70 years old found 7000 RMB in the street in Tieshan mountain, Huangshi City, Hubei province. Even though the elderly woman was cold and hungry, she handed the money over to the police without a moments hesitation.

According to the authorities at Tieshan, Guo Dongrong is over 70 years old and picks up trash and waste on her way home everyday on the nearby Jianlin mountain. On the morning of the 18th, Ms. Guo was walking home as usual and discovered a tightly wrapped plastic bag filled with money near a ditch, a total of 7000 RMB. With no time to rest, the out of breath Ms. Guo finally found a police officer. The police officer and Ms. Guo went to the police station immediately and performed the necessary steps to report the missing money.

After the correct forms were filled out, it was close to 9 AM, Ms. Guo embarrassedly asked the police officer, "I still haven’t eaten breakfast, can I borrow I RMB to buy two buns?"

In amazement, and with tears in their eyes, the police started to stuff money into Ms. Guo’s hands. But Ms. Guo was stubborn and would only take 1 RMB. "Two buns only cost 1 kuai. You guys should hurry up and find the owner of the money and return it to them!"

  1. Wow! What a selfless act, I wouldn’t be able to hand over the money without hesitation. It’s a good feeling to know such people exist.

  2. Unfortunately it doesn’t say what happened after that. High probability that the cops kept the money for themselves.

  3. Impossible to find the owner I’d say unless someone came in and reported it lost at around the same time. “Who has lost 7000 rmb? It can be collected at Huangshi No. 3 Police station”. Nice old woman,, apparantly there is still hope for China after all.

  4. Sadly, people who turn in money (lost wallets) are sometimes accused of stealing by the rightful owner, claiming that there is money missing from the wallet.

    Hopefully, no one will be able to claim this cash and it will eventually go to the old woman.

  5. xiaowang xiao wang, haw haw haw haw haw
    your name is funny
    apparently there is still hope for china but no hope for your name

  6. This story really touched me.Chinese ordinary civilian are the kindest and most lovely people in this world,and the pathetic thing is that the authority do not cherish its people as they take care of themselves.

    Merry Christmas….

  7. Key,guess how many commentators here following your articles and gave their posts?I assumed zero.!

  8. This was a selfless act, the old woman probably needed the money, she knows what’s right and what’s wrong. FRED, you’re right ordinary Chinese are the kindest people in the world, I know first hand. I just hope it went back to the owner or if unclaimed, might Ms Guo receive a reward for returning the money.? There are good people everywhere, unfortunately, we mostly hear about the bad ones.
    This was a nice story

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