The kidnappings and killings of children in Shenzhen, the truth and reactions


[NetEase] Recently, there were rumors in the Shenzhen community with news about elementary students being kidnapped and killed, causing students and parents to live in fear. Reporter learned from the Shenzhen police that since the second half of this year, three child kidnapping cases had happened in Futian district in Shenzhen, and one of the cases involved a death of one of the children hostages. There were also many kidnapping cases in Nanshan district. At least one child was killed there as well. Shenzhen police already decided to undertake a special 80-day activity to maintain order around the campus in the city.

20091214-kidnap-02 In front of a school kids being picked up by parents.

The case which the child hostage was killed happened in Futian district Yuanlin elementary school. Fifth grade student Chen Hao was kidnapped last month on his way to school. The family reported the crime to the police, and not long after, the police cracked the case, but unfortunately, Chen Hao was killed. The security guard told the reporter that during an interview on December 5, the police took the kidnapper back to school to re-enact the crime scene. The reporter also went to the victims’ home, but the family in the house have already moved out. The neighbor said the mother of Chen Hao threw away her son’s belongings in tears and planned to go back to her hometown.

In Funtian Xinzhou elementary school, many students and parents said on December 3, there was a 20 some year old woman, using stuffed animal and toy cars to lure fourth and fifth graders to go into her car, luckily the students were alert and did not fall for the trap and reported the incident to school.

Students from Science and Technology Park foreign language elementary school in Nanshan District, Shenzhen and an insider reported that a sixth grader from the school was kidnapped on his way to school on October 20. After the incident, parents thought the son was missing and posted missing person notices everywhere. Then they received a phone call from the kidnapper asking for 500,000 USD as ransom. The parents who work for a power station and a state owned enterprise actually paid the ransom, however their son was still killed.


20091214-kidnap-06The missing person poster made for the student who was killed by kidnappers can still be seen

The Chinese news TV reported the three kidnapping cases as follows:

October 20, a sixth grader named Yi from the Science and Technology Park foreign language elementary school in Nanshan Distric was missing. His father received a phone call from the kidnapper asking for ransom for his son. On November 12, police arrested the suspect. The suspect, Zou, confessed that he kidnapped and killed Yi then extorted ransom from the parents.

November 3, a first grade student in middle school named Mai in Futian district was missing after school. Parents received phone call from the kidnapper demanding for ransom. November 6, the police arrested three suspects Shi, Zhang and Du from Shenzhen and Changsha and successfully rescued Mai.

November 7, Mr. Chen from Futian district received a phone call stating his nephew was kidnapped. On November 8, the police arrested two suspects, Kong and Huang. These two later confessed that they knew Mr. Chen very well and worried of being exposed after kidnapping his nephew so they killed the hostage.


This forum post was written in response to the kidnapping news in Shenzhen and quickly spread on the internet.

Yesterday afternoon, my husband, who was working at the time, called me, I thought something had happened. (He is usually very busy with work, would not call me unless there is an emergency) But all he said was to look at the newspaper : 11-year-old boy from foreign language elementary school in Nanshan District was kidnapped and killed. The news took up 4 pages of the newspaper.

In Shenzhen, this was the news back on November 20, because the parents of the kidnapped child were working at the same community as my husband. That day the entire community found out, the news of this scary incident traveled fast, but we didn’t know why it never made to the paper. At that time my husband told me there were already three similarly aged boys being kidnapped at the foreign language elementary school in Nanshan District. Then, what he said afterwards made my hair stand up: actually, there were more than three the kidnappings – there were dozens.

I then realized the reason of my husband’s phone call: our daughter goes to school and comes home every day by herself, he was reminding me to protect our child.

That night, my husband mentioned the kidnapping incident again, he said, the parents found out after they have paid the ransom of 500,000 USD that still could not have saved their only son’s life, they both fainted and were sent to the hospital immediately. For a middle-aged couple, is there any tragedy on earth that is more tragic?

In only a few months, the fact that dozens of kids have been kidnapped sends cold shivers down people’s spines. The “relevant department” must have kept the information from getting out. Why are they blocking the flow of information? Was it because they did not want to cause panic? Or just afraid of this chaotic society triggering a public outcry?

I don’t know.

Nobody knows.

My husband described the news he saw on the paper, and I believed it. On November 20, I already heard him say that among the three boys, two of them were well-behaved, therefore they were able to stay alive, but the boy who was killed was stubborn, as a result he was killed and his body was thrown into the ocean.

What kind of stupid logic is this?

What kind of stupid society is this?

Must our children’s personality and humanity be erased in this chaotic society?

Who can teach the innocent children how obedient they need to be to keep them alive?

Who can tell the helpless parents how to ensure the safety of their children?

No matter how you block the information, fear is spreading. Now the entire Nanshan district and even the middle school and high school have parents picking their children up from school. The school entrance is filled with parents sending and picking up students every day. Many rich people are too afraid to drive their luxury cars to school…

This is really ridiculous! World-famous shockingly ridiculous!

Yes, some rich people really show off their wealth, couldn’t you just enjoy your wealth in secret? Are you going to lose a piece of flesh if people don’t know you are rich? They must send children to luxury schools, live in luxury homes, drive luxury cars and go to wealthy areas anyway they can. These type of people who reek of the odor of money are afraid that the whole world does not know they are wealthy are really disgusting. It’s not that I hate the rich, but I want to question the parents for the victimized children, do you know a tall tree catches the wind? (Chinese saying: a person in a high position is liable to be attacked) If you show off so much, who is responsible for your over-indulgence of material desires???

It is really tragic, a society, that is chaotic to this point, those with money and without money are all sinners!

It is really sad, this sick society makes people desperate to the point of abandoning their hopes for fairness and justice.

What else is there to say?

Couple of years ago, I had the idea of sending my daughter overseas, last night I became more sure of the idea and told my husband. Even if I have to sell my blood and my body, I must send her overseas. I can never let her live in this environment, this is an environment that can twist humanity. Plus I only have one child, she does not have brothers and sisters, one day when her parents have passed away, she will not even have anyone to consult with if something were ever happen to her in this chaotic environment. I don’t know what will happen, I cannot predict but I am afraid. I want to send her to a place that is truly made for people to live in, a place with dignity and freedom, at least a place that is safe and secure. I prefer her to live and die in that place, other than staying here and becoming twisted and devastated.

What else is there to say?

Tragic, when I am writing this I am bleeding, for this country has changed beyond recognition, for the country that give birth to me and raised me, my country of flesh and blood! Today, her children are so determined to leave her, I feel pain! I feel sad! I feel tearless grief.

I should take a deeph breath and calm down, I do not want this land to have another crazy person, it is already crazy enough. The cancer has spread, and all are sick. The mothers are ill, children are all ill, entire families are ill. Please allow this country to slowly heal, do not hate her and her children, even the children who committed crimes, for all of them are pitiful.

  1. The powers to be in Beijing are going to have to keep a close eye and hand on this situation – given the trouble that occured already with the factory race riot a few months back in this same province. The idea of an Atlanta Child Killer – or the Russian Railway Killer – is going to be really be a shock for some parents in P.R. China – and could escalate into some serious rioting if the P.R. Chinese police take the same wrong path the Russians did with blaming a gypsy.

  2. Lots of truths in this. China REALLY needs to do more about this insane gap developing between the rich and the poor. For a government that calls itself communist there sure isn’t much socialism to be seen anywhere,, well,, maybe the exception is the humongous bureaucracy.

    I especially like the part about showing off your riches. If there are people out there desperate enough to kidnap and murder kids for ransom -and obviously there are- I am pretty darn sure they’ll keep an eye out for soccer moms Bentley and not Fuwuyuan moms scooter near the school.

    Sometimes when I think about it I find it really hard to come up with just a single reason why I would bring up my children in China instead of my native country. Don’t get me wrong,, I really enjoy it here but I am certain the situation will change the day Xiao GuoBaos enter the world.

  3. Plenty of socialism – government control of the economy. Try getting a license to start a company in an area of the economy that the government doesn’t want to enhance – you won’t get it, or it will be a huge expensive hassle. It’s just that they are taking the capitalist road to socialism. Deng Xiaoping said, “Socialism is not poverty. To get rich is glorious.” First, get rich. Then, pursue other goals.

  4. Damn! I worked at that school in Nanshan (sounds like they are talking about Nanshan Waiguo Yu Xuexiao) from 2000-2001. The child is too young to have been one of my students, but still, that’s horrible! Poor kid!

  5. The Chinese Government should reinstate the punishment “death by a thousand cuts” to deter such crime. The capital punishment should be carried out in the open to set an example to the would-be kidnapper/murderer. “Death by a thousand cuts” punishment is warranted because these children are the future of China. They are young, innocent and helpless and they do not deserve to die so senselessly because of money.

  6. I was living and working as a foreign language teacher at the Nanshan Shenzhen Foreign Language school during the time the sixth grade boy was kidnapped. My good friend was his English teacher and I remember all the posters throughout the neighborhood. I was saddened when I found this article online because it was a scary time for me, being that I was so far from home. I remember seeing and hearing little about the details of the kidnapping because the media is so heavily censored and because of this, citizens are very afraid to speak out.

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