Taiwan would like to know, do you know?


[QQ] Direct flight across the Taiwan Strait was completely achieved in 2009. The exchange between Mainland China and Taiwan has entered a new stage. However, not everyone has the opportunity to go to Taiwan, unwilling to be left-out netizens come up with a new way to play. Recently an activity using photographs for cross-strait exchange spreads on the internet. Youth from both side of the strait are learning about each other through these images.

Mainland China’s “QQ alumni” and Taiwan’s “iPeen” has recently joined together to launch the activity called “Taiwan would like to know”. Netizens from Taiwan take pictures of the questions they have for netizens at Mainland China, and post them online. Netizens of Mainland China answer these questions using their photos. Questions involve in all aspects of lives of young people from two sides, such as “Who do you think is funnier, Jacky Wu (吴宗宪) or Xiaoshenyang (小沈阳)?” The questions show the cross-strait culture differences and also the fact that the netizens of Taiwan constantly pay close attention to the lives of fellow brothers and sisters at Mainland China.

Event responsible personal Mr. Zhang said during an interview: Due to majority of the Mainland netizens use QQ but Netizens of Taiwan mainly use MSN, cross-strait netizens do not have many chances to talk to each other. And learning about each other trough movies and television is also somewhat too passive, therefore we wanted to have this cross-strait exchange through the internet. To make the exchange even more interesting we came up with the idea of using photos for questions and answers.

This event started this month and will continue until the end of this year. It currently already attracted many young people from both sides of the strait participating with urgent desires to learn and to understand each other’s lives.


Q: Where in mainland has the most beautiful girls?
-Lai, 21, student



A: Chengdu, Deyiang have the most beauties!!!



Q: Which Taiwanese comedian do you like the most?
-Ken 19


A: I like Taiwan’s Xiao S the most.



Q: Does mainland also have cosplay?
21, student, Ahying


A: Many people play cosplay in Mainland!
We love China!


Q: Do you like to eat spicy?
-Dadi, 20, student


A: Many people in mainland love to eat spicy food.



Q: MSN or QQ? (most frequently used)
-Eliza, 18, student






Q: Use more Yahoo or Google?
– Hani, 21, student =)





Q: Most desired job?
– Mg, 18, student


A: The job that makes me happy, the job that is most rewarding.
Happy everyday!
– Hui Lijuan



Which places are must go when going to Mainland?
– Yi Jung, 20, Student


A: You can go to Shenzhen and Chengdu, especially Chengdu, beautiful scenery, full of history and the greatness of man lends glory to this places



Q: Which subject do you think is the most difficult?
– Ahqiu, 18, student



A: Chinese and Russian are the most difficult, also do not know how to write ancient Chinese prose.


Q: Which brand of sports gear do you like the most?
– Kezhen, 21, student



– Donkey, Mainland

Event photos:




  1. Copyright! Copyright! As an American, I demand you remove the Nike photo. Copyright! Lawyers are from Nike are gonna be all over your ass even if you refuse to listen to me.

  2. Why on earth does the author keep saying “Mainland China”??? Why not just “China” or PRC? There is some disgusting innuendo here. :(((

    1. You do know the official name of Taiwan is the Republic of “China”. right? So when you say “China”, tefter, which “China” are you referring to?

      1. I think he just hates how by attaching a mainland prefix to china, it suggests that there is a non mainland china. He would much rather that non mainland China referred to by a different name. Just like a divorced wife wants to go back to her maiden name.

        It resembles the same kind of reaction from some people who get really angry and defensive when anyone refers to them as chinese.

        1. Because Mainland is mutually acceptable. Saying China suggests TI politics; that Taiwan is not a part of China, saying ROC gets Chinese officialdom upset because it doesn’t recognize the RoC as a legitimate government.

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  4. Here are my answers to Taiwan friends:

    Q: Where in mainland has the most beautiful girls?
    A: 1) Model companies 2) art schools 3) Northeast (dongbei)

    Q: Which Taiwanese comedian do you like the most?
    A: The one who played Zhang Mingqing (even though I don’t know his name)

    Q: Does mainland also have cosplay?
    A: Yes (thought I’m not one of them)

    Q: Do you like to eat spicy?
    A: Yes I do. It’s said people in Hunan and Sichuan are the ones who like spicy food most.

    Q: MSN or QQ? (most frequently used)
    A: MSN. QQ is for hookers.

    Q: Use more Yahoo or Google?
    A: Google. Haven’t been using Yahoo for years.

    Q: Most desired job?
    A: Photographer

    Q: Which places are must go when going to Mainland?
    A: There’s nowhere you must go to but I highly recommend Yunnan if you are planning a vocation.

    Q: Which subject do you think is the most difficult?
    A: Chemistry. I still can’t tell if it’s a liberal art or a science.

    Q: Which brand of sports gear do you like the most?
    A: Nike (but I have more 361° shoes)

    1. Q: MSN or QQ? (most frequently used)
      A: MSN. QQ is for hookers.
      please be nice

      1. Sorry I was kidding. Thank Tencent (the company that created QQ) for organizing such an activity. I shouldn’t be so mean to them.

    2. “Q: Which places are must go when going to Mainland?
      A: There’s nowhere you must go to but I highly recommend Yunnan if you are planning a vocation.”

      Don’t insult China – there are several must go places! This expression means where should someone (especially a foreign visitor) go to see the best in the country. For example, a visitor to Italy “must go” to Rome and walk down the Spanish Stairs. To say there is nowhere a visitor must go is to say the entire country is not even worth visiting!

      I recommend Dali and Kunming in Yunnan as “must go” for the beautiful countryside scenery and local people who friendly and do not try to cheat tourists. Bai girls in Dali are the most beautiful! But I have only visited a few places in China. Someone who has travelled more may know better places.

  5. Hi, I’m a writer with Wired.com’s Raw File. We’re interested in this photo exchange between Taiwanese and Chinese kids and I was wondering if you may be able to answer a couple of questions I have. If you could be so kind as to write me an e-mail I would really appreciate it. Hopefully I haven’t missed a very obvious contact box somewhere, this was the best way I could figure out how to get in touch.


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