Mystery woman in black behind Obama at the town hall meeting becomes popular and speaks out

| November 24th, 2009


[From NetEase and many others] During President Barack Obama’s town hall meeting at the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, a beautiful Chinese girl dressed in black appeared in many photos and videos of the scene with the President. Quickly the photos along with the mystery girl became popular on the Chinese internet. The mysteries identity of the beauty let to her Human Flesh Search. She is Shanghai’s image ambassador, Fan Bingbing’s relative, Yang Lan’s niece and many other speculations roamed on the internet.


November 16, President Obama delivered his speech and dialogued with the Chinese youth. However compared to President Obama’s speech, one photographer at the scene seemed to be more interested in the woman in black. The entire process of this pretty girl taking off her red coat was captured on camera and made into an animated GIF. It was then uploaded onto the internet and became widely distributed on forums and QQ groups. Then other netizens uploaded screenshots of this woman from the video of Obama’s speech, quickly, beauty in black’s classy and beautiful looks are greatly admired by everyone.


Netizen Alex praised “this girl kind of looks like Tang Wei…” Netizen Honolulu focused more on president Obama: this MM (short for beautiful girl) knows how to release electricity, not sure if she shocked Obama? Netizen Jason was obsessingly interested in the girl “Anyone knows what brand her red coat was? And how much it costs?”

Other netizen’s description said “If you watch the video online, when Obama was shaking hands with fellow students one by one, suddenly a woman in black attracted my attention… this woman, elegantly stood there, had a special expression which was intolerably aggressive. Wearing a black OL business suite, black silk stockings, and her hair worn in a bun gave her an even more noble looks. What was even more unbelievable, this girl had all varieties of poses, but her manner and presence was neither overbearing nor self-effacing…”

Netizen human flesh search, who is pretty woman in black?

In many efforts of human flesh search, some netizens uploaded this girl’s “life photos on campus”, claimed “pretty woman in black is from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, was once the Shanghai’s image ambassador”, she is “a MBA student at Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Management” and “people often see her”. (Form tianya, netizen claimed her name is Wang Zifei 王紫菲) However some netizens analyzed that, according to woman in black’s calm expression at the scene, not likely she is a college student.









Digimax A50 / KENOX Q2

Supposedly she was on “Go Oriental Angels” Nanjing district






More rumors referred “beauty in black and Fan Bingbing are relatives, some also said she is Yang Lan’s niece.” While everyone had their own answers, other speculated that she is a policewoman, “because her beauty is filled with chills of killing, she looks very much like one when people say she is.” After all, none of the above speculations had been fully confirmed.

The video playback is also described in the online community was very similar feedbacks. When she shook hands with Obama, the beauty in black was not shy or nervous like other students, her eyes looked directly at Obama. She looked courageously right at Obama.

Questioning: the beginning of another hype?

The identity of the woman was not yet revealed, but there were already people started writing reviews to condemn, saying it was a clever hype. The article said, why did she sit behind Obama so that she was exactly in line with the camera angle? Why was her manner so professional? Why was she so calm in front of the camera, and even felt like she was posing? Most importantly, during U. S. President’s speech, why was there a camera specifically taking a set of her photos and uploaded online?

Author states, looking these signs, he feels that this thing was not so simple, perhaps using Obama as an opportunity for exposure to start the beginning of another hype.

At last Wang Zifei (王紫菲) responded to this in her blog post titled “What did President Obama bring me?”

Responding to this incident:

Today Sina staff contacted me through my teacher, hope I can talk about my feelings though a blog.

Two days after I attended dialogues town hall meeting with President Obama, my classmate came to my dorm and said to me “You are popular on the internet!”  and searched for “woman in black behind Obama” on the internet for me.  Once I saw all the news on varies sites that’ when I found out about this incident.  There were also many talks on the forums, I was upset at some negative comments but I did not reply because I was really busy at the time.  But misleading news was spreading by the hours, I felt my power alone could not slow down the speed of rumors spreading on the internet, even if I explained, it would not have helped, so I took the ignoring approach.  Recently there were many text messages and phone calls regarding this, I always tell my friends to “not to reveal anything online, after awhile the rumors will die down.”  But my silence led to even more speculations.  After talking with Sina staff members, I think it is a good solution to sincerely speak with you through this platform.

1. self-hype?

Some media speculated that it is not possible that I am a student because of to my manners, however I am making an announcement here that I am a current student at Jiao Tong University.  I don’t have natural born self-esteem, but I am constantly developing my self-esteem.  I could not deny the fact my quality had to do with my family and my well-trained childhood.  I first played violent on stage when I was 6, after I acted in plays, hosted shows, was an image ambassador and was interviewed many times, therefore I am not a stranger to cameras and would not feel nervous in front of the cameras… Everyone knows the security was very strict during U.S. president’s visit.  Except for the reporters, no one could bring cameras in, even students could not bring cameras in, how could I self-hype?  Also I did not want to be popular because of this.  People who have a brain would know this, entertainment news is like drinking tea, first time is like washing tea leafs, no one really cares.  Maybe 2nd or 3rd time it will have the sweet taste, but in the end it gets weaker and weaker.  After a few washes, who would remember me? What can I leave behind  for people?  Before I shoot films just out of my personal interests, but at the same time I wanted to be rebellious, because generally people have misconceptions about highly educated women. I hope to change people’s view through my actions.  But I never wanted to go into entertainment circle, therefore I rejected many TV stations’ offers and contracts. I feel business management is a long term path for me, therefore I study hard, my gaokao (college entrance exam) was the normal exam, not the kind for entertainers.

2. Why did i sit there?

There were nine universities participated in the meeting, each school was assigned to fixed seats.  I was sitting at one of the seats for Jiao Tong University without any special arrangements.  There were some people had even better views than me, why were they accused of self-promoting? As for my posture being professional, I knew that this meeting would be broadcasted live worldwide via the internet, I not  only represented my own image, but the image of our school and our country, of course I could not relax!

3. Why did I take off my coat?

Because it was an important meeting, I wore a dress to show respect.  I chose to wear a black shirt so I don’t stick out, but you know how Shanghai’s weather is like.  I remember it was raining and a bit cold in the morning, so I wore a coat.  After I entered the meeting room I took off my coat, at that time Obama was not in the room yet.  In fact the temperature was not very high in the room, I really wanted to keep wearing my coat, but if I really wore the red coat, people are going to say I want to be famous like crazy?

4. My attitude of comments

Although some individual comments from netizens hurt me, but I can understand. Maybe they were criticisms to certain social phenomena through me, but I became an innocent victim.  And some of the influential people on the internet, made comments without any investigation, actually claimed that I was a female official conducting self-promotion.  How did Chinese Youth became female officials? Did you even read the title?  You should know that you are the leaders of public opinion, does such an irresponsible move in the end hurt other people or damage your own credibility?

To destroy a person only takes one sentence, but to develop a person takes more than thousands of words, please have mercy~

Mystery has been solved, we no longer have to bother guessing, my recent studies and life have been disturbed and hoping to quickly restore back to normal.  I like small animals because they are cute and simple.  Hope that after all this I can continue to be simple self.  Presenting you with a small kangaroo photo, I wish you happy, all the best~


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  1. Roberto Bernardi says:

    Farguine que , ze la pi bella ragazza vista fim adesso, e dopo darente al Obama, qui que nao fa mia sucesso, anca mi

  2. Cristian says:

    “Lixo como você e seu povo?” não bem assim, você ta ai querendo dar lição de moral no Zina, e fica falando este tipo de coisa?
    Acho que primeiro você deveria olhar para o seu povo, pra depois falar dos brasileiros, tenho certeza que você vai ver que seu povo sim, é que é um lixo.
    Um Abraço.

    • Monica says:

      Are you one of them?
      Are you saying all brazilian are like them?
      Are you comparing yourself and brazilian to pp like Zina so

      “if the cap fits wear it”!

      I was talking about Zina and pp like him and maybe depends on your answer to those question I was talking to you as well 😉
      Take care

      • Felipe Oliva says:

        Hey Monica Lewinski before before you come with moral lesson thin this:

        People like you voted for dumb ass like G.W. Bush (For twice…)

        Your people also voted for Swazzenegger, Sara Palling and etc

        People like you kill for oill, diamonds and land in really poor places like Africa, Vietnan, Mexico, Korea, etc (sometimes with nuclear bomb)

        People like you are responsible for more than 60% of all carbon emitted

        Your Grandfather English also are responsible for cowardly exterminations and several civilizations like Zulus, cheroqui, navajos, choctaw and Australian Aboriginal.

        So english speakers had not any the moral status to criticize other people, so shut up.

        • Monica says:

          SO funny how you jumped to conclusion! I’ve never voted for Bush, I have never been to California, my grandfather and as far I know none of my ancestry are from UK. Sorry, I knocked on the wrong door, if you know what I mean!

          hahaha Where did you get this idea from?
          You were so naive that make me sorry! Sorry you wasted your time lecturing to the wrong person!

          “english speakers”? like you? Because or the world’s gone mad or you are communicating in english as well! Anyway, I am posting in english just because the article above it is in english and if I want to post in my language I will go to a website in my in my language, isn’t obvious?

          Take care honey

  3. Sammy says:

    digital inclusion… hahahaha… that is funny!

    As I wasn’t sure it it was a joke or for real I went to check and that is true they have things like “telecentres” and “acessa”, but forgot abou social inclusion has rights and duties

  4. MR GUSTAVÃO says:

    This chinese girl is HOOOOOOOOTTTTTT


    WORLS IS CRAZY!!!!!!

    • Marian says:

      My God!
      People if you want to write in English, please learn it first.
      ” A HORN DRESS” waht in the name of God is a horn dress????
      You meant whore didn’t you? And even if you meant “whore” you have to learn how to apply the words to the phrase so the whole thing makes sense.
      Like this: Here in Brazil a girl became famous only because she wore a very slutty dress to go to school.


    Wang Zifei e linda e muito gostosa. Estou louco para ela. Gotaria de conhecer ela pessoalmente. Ela parece uma pessoa muito intelligente e charmosa. Vou viajar para China em breve e encontrar ela em faculdade de Shangai. Eu estou appaixonado para ela. Isso e amore na primeira vista. Desejo ela muito felicidade, saudade e paz.

  6. Michel - Brazil says:

    She is much beatiful !!! that china girl!!!! very very pretty!!!

  7. Michel - Brazil says:

    Too hot !!!!! Linda d+ ah se todas as chinesas fossem assim!!!!! Take it!!!!

  8. Enião says:

    Muito sexy !!!
    Gostaria de trombar com vc quando eu for pra China, pode ser que tu me veja já que tens olhos enormes mesmo sendo Chinesa, a unica. Lindona !! ;P

    Beijo e tudo de bom pra vc meu amor
    te quero

  9. Vinícius Wiest says:

    I always think that Chinese girls are so ugly. I was wrong, she’s very very pretty!

  10. Giromba says:

    Chupava ela inteira…

  11. Giromba says:

    Mar…aprenda a escrever primeiro seu idiota…

    Marginal sem educação é você seu imbecil…

  12. ygor says:

    Ela esta certa.
    Uma garota bonita provavelmente inteligente e que tem muito charme.
    É isso ai,quanto mais ela aparece na midia melhor para ela.
    Um abraço para a Chineisinha mais linda da WEB.

  13. NILTON says:

    Po Chinesa bonita é coisa rara ehm…. ela ta bem simpática.. mas pode ter certeza que daqui um tempo vai estar aos que moram no Brasil, todos desdentados…rs

  14. Ela realmente é linda, como a própria historia da China!
    Grande povo, muitas tradições, antropologia notável e significante no
    sentido da evolução da sociedade mundial, sim…como um todo!
    A china…sim a China! Nunca poderei visitar esse povo…mas
    digo que seria um “sonho” poder estar um dia na China antes de fazer a viagem eterna!
    Osny Ferreira
    Pimenta Bueno/Rondônia

  15. Marco H says:

    Liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinda… agora, falar q ela é simpatica forçou amizade… daqui a pouco vem os comentários do tipo, “e é cheirosa…..rsrsrsrs”

  16. raiden says:

    Bem gata
    eu comia

  17. cleiton says:

    garota chinesa na visita de Barack Obama

  18. Viva Brasil.
    Seja aqui ou acolá, vamos sempre encontrar os que AMAM os ‘paparazzi’.

  19. Grillo says:

    The world is in war! and do you can’t stay in peace? It’s too ignorance
    O mundo esta em guerra! e vocês não conseguem ficar em paz? É muita ignorância

  20. Grillo says:

    buceta na horizontal

  21. BUCETAO says:

    Bando de filho de uma Puta que nao tem porra nenhuma pra fazer e fica escrevendo nessa mrda!!!

    Vai arranjar alguma coisa pra fazer seu bando de vagabundo!!! Vai ficar escrevendo merda na web por causa de uma chinesa idiota, pelo amor de Deus!!! Por isso que o Brasil e como eh!!! Soh tem desocupado que nao tem porra nenhuma pra fazer, e ao invez de ir ler um livro ou assistir alguma coisa educativa ou que te adicione alguma coisa, ficam escrevendo sobre uma chinesa filha de uma puta que apareceu na foto perto do Obama!!!! Grandes merda, eu quero que eles dois se fodam juntos!!!! E vc tb seu merda!!!!!

    • BEAR says:

      hehe… Pronto. Sou mais um desocupado!!!
      Mas estou perdendo meu tempo agora para critica-lo.
      Idiota, se voce é tao busy que esta fazendo aqui criticando e ofendendo as pessoas.
      Mostra que voce é uma pessoa mais baixar do que os que estao aqui escrevendo merdas.
      Bem, a guria vai ficar famosa e voce é um poço de inveja. uhauahauhauahuaha!!!!

      Abraço a todos…

    • ygor says:

      Hilariante ver que inquilinos como voce que degride a imagem dos comentários que aqui
      postam,nao quero ser anti-ético com voce,mas voce mesmo usurpa a imagem do seu pais dizendo e colocando essas “asneiras” na WEB.Ai eu te pergunto:
      Esse é o tipo de pessoa que constitui a sociedade brasileira?
      Por que se for,rezo para que cada vez mais pessoas como voce virem escravos do nosso SISTEMA,e trabalhem arduamente ate a morte subta para as grandes latifundiários brasileiros.
      “Há pessoas que já nascem póstumas” Friedrich Nietzsche.

    • Gzom says:

      O Bucetao….. Vai tomar no meio do tu cu,para ver se seu buraco relaxa um pouco..
      que cara chato so sabe falar merda para os outros!!!

  22. NEGO SAFADO says:


  23. Beto says:

    If all the visitors of this blog could understand the portuguese words written by those brazilians, they would see how disgusting this country is. Instead of doing good comments they come here with bad words and a lot of shit. This is really a country of bitches.

  24. Dennis says:

    Podem xingar ofender e falar oque quiserem… Mas que a chinesinha é gata e da um pau em boa parte dessas peitudas e bududas brasileira, isso eu tenho certeza… Ela é simplesinha… magrina… ANIMAL…. mil vezes ela do que essas minas deformadas de academia.

    Japinha… Beijo me Twitta.

  25. Joey says:

    Put a keep are you

    Só tem braZileiro nessa merda, kkkkkkkk

  26. Luiz says:

    Em portugues. in Portuguese
    Ola, para todos.
    Vocês estão discutindo o que afinal, antepassados, isso ai não pertence a vocês, o que pertence a vocês é o futuro, tanta coisa pra fazer e vocês fican discutindo o que passou.
    Tenham uma santa paciência. Estou lhe falando do Brasil sim e em ingles, pra vocês não terem que traduzir para o portugue. Eu não falo uma palavra em ingles, pra que, se tem tradutor on-line.
    Acho que discusão em internet não tem nada haver, uma que um ofendo o outro e pra que, sejam mais civilizados e parem com essa porcaria.
    Se vocês fazem isso em público, porque não o fariam isso o mesmo que os seus semelhantes.
    Só lamento que usem o tempo de vocês para essas coisas.

    in English: em ingles.
    Hello to all.
    You are discussing what, after all, ancestors, that ai does not belong to you, what belongs to you is the future, so much to do and you Ficano discussing what happened.
    Have a holy patience. I’m telling you from Brazil and yes in English, for you do not have to translate for portugue. I do not speak a word in English, to which, if you have a translator on-line.
    I think internet discussion that has nothing to do, one that offends the other one but so, are more civilized and stop with this crap.
    If you do it in public because they would not do it the same as their peers.
    My only regret is that use the time for you to these things.

    • Mirror says:

      Well, after all whoever wants to read or comment has to translate it. The english part it is incomprehensible, it is like lots of world thrown thrown together without any connexion between them.

      The portuguese part, I do not speak portuguese but others latin languages, doesn’t seem quiet right as well for example “fican” instead of ficando, “nada haver” instead “nada a ver” ” Nice try anyway.

      • Luiz says:

        Da pra ver que você não fala portugues.

        • Galera do 2A says:

          hahahaha… o pior é que mesmo sem falar português a pessoa te corrigiu.

          Realmente o certo é:
          NADA A VER e não “nada haver”
          FICAM e não “fican” (isso nem existe, pelo menos na Lingua Portuguesa), apesar correção do/a Mirror esta errada mas pelo menos FICANDO existe.

          hahahaha… Você pagou o maior MICÃO, sendo corrigido por quem nem fala sua lingua. HILÁRIO!

          E a tradução do ingles parece o Joel Santana falando, tadinho…

    • Fabricio says:

      Tradutor do Google foi fodão aqui hein

  27. deivid says:


  28. Thiago says:

    Eu vô fácil! E volto! hauehuahuea

  29. Larissa says:

    Linda!!! Tá certa tem que aparecer mesmo… se foi intencional ou não, pouco importa é linda e o que é belo é para ser mostrado!!! bju para a Girl Obama rsss

  30. Carlos André says:

    Ainda não concondo!
    Para min são todos ideênticos….
    A beleza asiática não chega aos pés da beleza europeia ou latina!

  31. Sérgio Nogueira - B.hte - MG says:

    From Brazil. Mas como é deliciosa essa chinesinha hem!!
    Me them as this chinesinha is delicious eh!! byby

  32. andre Ratão says:

    Ela deu o cú para o Obama

  33. Camila says:

    Well, she is really pretty, but as we could see there is no account for taste.
    Some ppl like latin grls and other like oriental girls.
    Nobody know wether she did it to show her off and it really doesnt matter.
    Thing is, this has become a silly bilingual discussion.
    btw, I am brazilian.


  34. roberto says:

    por favor seja enteligente pense em Deus e no que seu filho fez por voce menina ele morreu por voce para ter voce para ele somente sev isso for mentira ou uma historia sera so uma historia mas se for verdade voce estara desperdiçando a unica oportunidade de ter uma vida eterna apos a morte que tem que entrega a sua vida toda para o Senhor Jesus.Pense nisso Jesus te ama fica com Deus.

  35. Camila says:

    “nobody knows weather…”

  36. Chrono says:

    eh muito gata essa Chinesa!!!!!! xD

  37. Jéssyca Fyama says:

    Eu achei bem inteligente essa chinesinha…….. Legal!

  38. Leonardo says:

    Que bucetinha daora… chupava o cu! facil, facil!

    Nice Chick, i suck this anus, easy, easy!

  39. Fabiano says:


  40. Punheteiro, sim, e daí? says:

    The book is on the table!
    The sky is blue!
    Puta chinesa gata do caralho!!!!!!!!

  41. Sarah says:

    Muito Bela a garota da foto
    She’s very beatiful!

  42. Mauro says:

    Essa chinesinha é muito gatinha e é dificil ver… agora tem até evangélico desocupado querendo converter a china girl… também estou preocupado com outras pessoas que disseram que vão para a China. Cuidade chinesinha gatinha… pode ter algum louco psicopata querendo te bombardear…

  43. Fabricio says:

    Se fosse aqui no Brasil ia ser convidada a desfilar na Mangueira… se é q me entendem

  44. Malik Hussain says:

    Hi i m from PAKISTAN. All Chiness people are good. They r very great peole. Who bastrad said that they r not good or their country not good. They r best. PAK CHINA FRIENDSHIP ZINDABBAD…

  45. Carl says:

    Webmaster, who the fuck gave you the right to use her personal pictures on your forum, did u ask her permission?

  46. Os Imbativeis says:

    Ronaldo brilha é com os travecos!


    Bora VITÓRIA!!!!!!!!


  47. Tom says:

    The young lady is beautiful. She is a credit to her family and her country.

    The media hoopla is understandable. When one goes into public attending a well covered world event it is inevitable that sitting where she was would bring attention. Then she is in line to shake the President’s hand which caused even more publicity.

    To attack her for whatever reason is regrettable. But in this age of easy communication that is to be expected also.

    I have read her statement and find it very professional. What I mean by this is she shows she is not just another pretty face. A very intelligent lady who is pursueing a college degree that will give her a professional career. She is to be commended for her beauty and intelligence. She is worthy of recognition in a polite and respectable manner.

  48. Centrist says:

    Video:Wang Zifei Is The Newest Lady In Red To Take China By A Media Storm

  49. Sweet America says:

    what’s with all the Latino talk on this site. Speak ENGLISH!!!

  50. Thiago Bra says:

    Brazilians are really taking place in this conversation. That’s somehow amazing.

    Google desktop and its funcionalities are making us a way ahead.

    Anyway a very beautiful lady.

  51. kimboslice says:

    I would much rather look at her than Obama anyway. She’s a babe.

  52. Doug says:

    First impresion….she’ “O’s” Mistress.

  53. Doug says:

    First Impression…”O’s” MIstress

  54. niubi says:

    enjoy your freedoms now. after the recent wikileaks scandal there will be no freedom of speech on the internet. big brother is coming soon to shut down independent thought and shit like this story!

  55. Bea says:

    Just sharing! I showed my picture to my Chinese friend (from Mainland) and he was like… very meticulous to my pic. Asking several questions like, why is your fist like that? your smile is like you’re hiding something else. I can’t stop laughing! He’s like a detective.
    About this… LOL! I’m glad I was born to country that being “beautiful” is not a big deal.

  56. Lucas says:

    Our really she is very beautiful. Seems to be an intelligent and successful young woman.

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    Matt Schiavenza - Woman in Black: A Chinese Internet Tale

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    ChinaHush one year anniversary review, and submit your stories! | ChinaHush

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    Chinese Obama Girl, In Red Coat, In Black Dress: Wang Zifei | chinashow

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