Picture of Obama with the waitress at the welcome banquet sparks comical skit

President Obama’s China visit has ended on Nov 18th, but he left the Chinese people with this funny picture taken during his welcome banquet at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. Some say a picture is worth a thousand words, but in this picture perhaps it is Obama’s expression that is worth a thousand words. This picture supposedly was posted on the front page of the “Culture Report” newspaper (新文化报) on Nov 18. (But the front page picture on the electronic version was already changed)


Immediately, this photo, spreading through the Chinese BBS sparked many netizens creativity and comical talents. A comedy skit script was written inspired by this photo. The story of Obama meets this young Chinese girl, it turns out that she is the daughter of a woman (the waitress in the picture) he met 10 years ago in China…

[From Tianya]

Translation of the skit

Ten years later, reelected Barack Obama re-visited Beijing, a mixed-race girl found Obama “Mr. President, do you still remember that waitress in the Banquet Hall that year?”

Obama: You are?

Girl (talking to herself): Mother, I finally found him!!

Obama: Little girl, are you ok? Who is your mother? Where is she?

“Mr. President, my mom has already passed!” little girl says sadly.

Little girl (singing emotionally): “We are the world, we are the Children, we are the ones who make a brighter day… this song is written by my mom …” (in some version of the skit she sings the song “One night in Beijing, you left many love”)

Obama said emotionally “I heard this song at the Great Hall ten years ago, did not expect your mother to write this. Your mother is a talented woman! But, the lyrics are too sad!”

Little girl saw Obama is wispering to himself and was entertained. He seem to be filled with happiness. At this point, she couldn’t help herself, took a deep breath, re-collected her courage and said “My mother, is because missing my father, wrote it for my father!”

Obama: Oh? What happened to your father?

Little girl once again had tears in her eyes: my father… my father, long long ago, left my mother because of his career, without a trace.

Obama looked at the little girl, with deep compassion…

Little girl looked at Obama, wiped her eyes, and affectionately said “my mother said, this man she waited for her whole life and hated for her whole life, but thank god, that for letting her have this man she waited and hated. Otherwise it would have been like a pile of hay wiyhout any life’s pleasures.

Little girl pulled out a yellow napkin, embroidered with 2 national flags, fluttering in the wind, life-like…

Obama took a look, startled, put his hand on his forehead and shouted lightly: OMG~~~~~~

Little girl pulled out a glass goblet, crystal clear, shining with bright lights…

Obama couldn’t bear no more, holding a little girl’s hands, asked: Are you… no wait, how come you are not even dark?

Obama looking at the little girl as if she reminded him a person from his first visit in China…

(Background music: “One night in Beijing” laughers… beautify waitress…)

Suddenly Obama’s bodyguards came and surrounded the girl. Little girl got scared and fainted.

Obama suddenly awakened from his memories (could… could she be my… ): hurry send her to the hospital!!

Little girl struggled and said: Actually… actually… I … am …

She did not finish but fainted again..

Little girl finally woke up, she found herself lying on a very big bed. Around her are foreigners with blond hair and blue eyes.

Obama saw the little girl woke up, hastily went to the bed and put his hand on her forehead, surprised and excited, said “her fever is reduced! OMG!”

Little girl asked “where… am I…”

Obama looked at her lovingly said “Good kid, don’t be afraid, this is the White house…”

Little girl struggled and said: actually… actually… I am …

“Actually I was trying to return this cup for ‘chocolate Ziwei’”, little girl finally spitted out these words before she passed out again, at the same time she pulled out a crystal cup and handed over to Obama.

Obama holding the crystal cup, as if once again returned to the Hall, the charming and romantic feeling of ONE NIGHT IN BEIJING. Obama had tears in his eyes, holding the little girl’s hands choked with sobs “My baby, dad finally found you, don’t pass out, dad will make you “Princess Cup~~~”

Suddenly, outside of the door appeared two chocolate colored girls fighting with some agents. Chocolate girl number 1 while fighting the agents yelled “daddy, I, Ziwei is the real Princess Cup… “Chocolate girl number 2 was crying, holding onto the first girl, weeping and shouting “Why, why is like this, miss, you are the real Princess Cup…”

(The ending is a reference to the popular Chinese television series, Returning Princess Pearl. 还珠格格)

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Haha look at the expression of those 2 soldiers, is this one Photo-Shopped?

  1. I noticed during my year in China that Chinese people would always ignore wait staff except to bark orders at them. I was always taught to say thank you when someone does something for me, including wait staff, and it always flustered the Chinese waiters/waitresses to have a foreigner pay just that much personal attention to them. That’s at least 50% of what’s happening in the pictures of O with the waitresses. The other 50% is that he probably at least suspected the students at the university question and answer were plants and so by speaking to the waitresses he might actually get to talk to a few regular Chinese people. Some of them might be undercover internal police but maybe not all of them.

  2. Guess it was a slow week for this to be a major topic on the Chinese sites. He does look kinda goofy in the first pic though but I guess if the photographers take 4-500 shots at an event a certain number of pics are bound to look weird.

  3. when i was in china we always thank the waiter/waitress, not every chinese ignores them, most people in my city do show respect and say thank you or what ever.

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