Children’s hospital doctor on duty playing games, 5-month-old baby dies


[NetEase] November 5, 2009 afternoon, a tragedy happened in a Children’s hospital, but we the common people will not see it in today’s newspapers or from major media. It’s not that we didn’t ask for help, but there was no one helping us. Posting this in hope of friends in the society can support us, to make people responsible at the hospital step up, to make the major media step up including our beloved 110 (police) also step up.

The incident: (The victim is my friend, the following is written by my friend to his lawyer, please patiently read on)

November 1, 2009 Baby had a fever. We went to Nanjing Jiangning district hospital in the morning. The hospital arranged for Baby to be hospitalized to receive treatment. The next day Baby’s right eye was red and swollen. We informed doctors, and after the ophthalmologist consultation, the preliminary diagnosis was pulse tears swelling. They gave us erythromycin eye ointment medicine and ofloxacine. The next morning, Baby’s eye was even more red and swollen. The doctor suggested that we go to the Children’s Hospital for treatment.

November 3, 2009 we took feverish Baby to Nanjing Children’s Hospital and signed in for urgent care. Ophthalmologist Xu Zaixing (徐再兴) conducted diagnosis and blood test. Normally it takes half hour for the blood test report, but the staffs made us wait for one hour and said it needed review. We gave the report to doctor Xu, he said the report showed poor blood state, he diagnosed it as cellular tissue infection and arranged Baby to be hospitalized to receive treatment. He requested the ophthalmologist and a physician to conduct a consultation immediately, and it was also noted on the medial record.

Around 11 am, we gave the documents to the ophthalmologist and registered to stay in 14th floor bed number 45. Sitting in front of the bed, Dr. Chen Juan (陈娟) and Dr. Feng Xiaojin (冯小津) asked about patient’s condition, but did not arrange for physician consultation. So the best time for diagnosis and treatment was missed. The doctor never came to the check on Baby after he was hospitalized. For long time no one came to check Baby’s temperature and give him IV. We repeatedly went to the front desk, but the nurse on duty told us that medicine was being made and we have to wait till afternoon. After we repeatedly hurried them, at 1:30 pm IV was finally given to Baby. From getting in the hospital to Baby passed away, no nurse ever came to measure Baby’s temperature, every time we had to go to the front desk and tell the nurse Baby’s temperature. During this period there was no doctor and nurse came to ask Baby’s condition.

Close to noon, the doctor told us to take Baby for an eye CT, and said will take appropriate treatment action according to the result. At 2 pm we gave the result to the doctor, she simply said there is no major problem, and said she was getting off work, but she gave our information to the night shift doctor. She did not take appropriate treatment action after the CT result like she said she would. Then my wife asked about Baby’s eye inflammation situation. She said it’s nothing, it needed to slowly disinfect and couldn’t tell the effectiveness in one day, it would take couple days. Wife asked the doctor base on her clinical experience how serious Baby’s condition was. She said that this was just inflammation, should be not a big issue so my wife was not as worried as before. At 6 pm, I notice Baby’s eye was more swollen and even his face was swollen. We went to the office of the night shift doctor Mao Xiaojun (毛晓君) , at the time he was playing games. I said Baby’s condition was much worse than before and asked him to go take a look. He said he was the doctor on duty, not the doctor in charge of the beds; he was unclear on Baby’s condition. He said to wait till doctor in charge of the beds to come in the next day. My wife said, are you an ophthalmologist? He said yes. My wife said during the day doctor in charge gave us information to give to him, and if anything happened with the baby we could directly contact the night shift doctor. Then my wife said that we beg him to go take a look, at this time he was very reluctant but followed us to the room. He went in front of Baby and took only one look and said, it was nothing, let’s wait for tomorrow.

Baby has been crying the entire time, till 1 30 am in the morning Baby cried even harder and his face was even more swollen. My mom and wife took the baby to find the doctor, begging the doctor on duty Dr. Mao Xiaojun to take look at Baby’s condition, and stressed that Baby’s condition was getting more and more serious, but he refused. In the end we begged him to clean Baby’s eye and apply eye drops, because we didn’t dare to touch Baby’s red and swollen eye. After my wife’s pleating and begging, Dr. Mao Xiaojun unwillingly took some cotton q-tips cleaned Baby’s eye. In the end he non-stop complained angrily “You people, woke me up at night, I don’t need sleep? It’s so funny, woke me up to clean your baby’s eye.” At the time my mom was so angry and about to cry, but she had to endure because we were asking for his help. Later Baby’s crying turned into week groans. My mom once again carried Baby out to ask the doctor to take measures, but the doctor refused.

After about 10 minutes I carried Baby to beg the doctor and told him there was serious inflammation on Baby’s brain, and may have gotten worse. But Dr. Mao’s answer was “what’s up with you, your mom was just here. We gave him IV during the day to reduce inflammation, and reducing inflammation doesn’t only take one day, wait for doctor in charge come in tomorrow.” I could only carry Baby back to the room, Baby was still groaning. My mom, my wife and I took turns to hold the baby, finally my wife couldn’t take it anymore said her heart was bleeding. She went to the front desk and told the nurse everything. But nurse said the same thing, wait till tomorrow. My wife asked the nurse if she could get a doctor to take a look. Nurse said usually doctor on duty sleeps, today he was woken up many times, was very angry. Not for long, a couple took a child to the urgent care. Dr Mao appeared for couple of minutes. He saw my wife and glared at her then went back to his room to sleep. My wife continued to ask the nurse to find an internal medicine doctor to take a look. Nurse said internal medicine doctor also was on duty, he would not care about us. My wife could only sit on the bench next to the nurse waiting for doctor or nurse’s compassion. After hours of anxious waiting we did not get their sympathy.

At 5 am in the morning baby didn’t even have strength to groan, finally breathing painfully, and suddenly his breathing was weaker and weaker. My mom holding the baby and I rushed out of the room and cried out for help. My wife also called out loudly and knocked on doctors doors. Two doctors came out, one of them said baby was registered with ophthalmologist and then she turned around, closed the door and continued to sleep. My wife knocking their doors, kneeling in front of the door begged them to call the hospital’s emergency number. But the answer she got was that she is not an eye doctor but a doctor of facial features, this matter did not concern her. My wife kneeled in front of the door called for help loudly. When other patients’ family on the same floor heard us and came out, under pressures from people, she reluctantly placed a few calls. 7 to 8 minutes later emergency doctors came to rescue, but at that time Baby was not breathing anymore, finally rescue failed. Just like that, our baby left us, leaving us with deep pain and endless memory. The cause of this was just a fever with swollen eye. Just like that, heartless irresponsible doctors and nurses killed my lovely Baby step by step when he was only 5 months into his journey of life.

(Here are a few pictures at that time when security guards came to beat us. Security guards came and asked us if we were family members, then they beat us. We took some pictures in panic; also hope bystanders at the scene provide pictures and video. I remember there were angry bystanders. Security guard asked “who are you?” “We see injustice!” We are grateful to those cared about us.) Hoping for everyone’s support, thank you!

Yesterday, we did not get any answers but only more pain. In the beginning looked like an ordinary fever with swollen eye, but just like that heartless irresponsible doctors and nurses killed my lovely Baby step by step when he was only 5 months into his journey of life. How sad is that?

Ten months to conceive the baby, a perfect family for 6 month was ended in such a hurry. Is this a tragedy on earth? It was not Baby’s fault, not parents’ fault, only because no one helped us in a few hours that night? A tiny life was lost, bringing family members the painful memories forever.


Respectable doctors just stood there, as if nothing happened.  I don’t know if they are used to this scene at their hospital.  They were even laughing.  Our baby just passed away, is it like not a big deal?



Security guard, go easy please, we are all injured



red: security that beat us. blue: our beloved police stops us from fighting and speaks for the hospital



Security that beat us



A fresh life, just like this wasted



Our baby

Now we are helpless. There is no answer from the hospital, only fierce assaults; no media attention, only our word of mouth. We have no choice, only relying on the internet and netizens’ power, help us, for the poor tiny life, for us your foreign friends, I beg you, and thank you!

Child was gone just like that. He could have saved him, but no, only because of playing games and sleeping, the doctor wasted time. Who wouldn’t go ask for justice? This doctor not only has no ethics as a doctor, but also has no moral. Even more tragic is he doesn’t even have the basic human dignity. Of course, she was not the only one who is heartless. They include those in Nanjing Children’s Hospital administration building, doctors, security guards and even including the police stationed at the hospital.

In order to ask for justice, child’s parents accompanied by friends and relatives gathered in Children’s Hospital to find the president and the doctor on duty. Of course after the incident they would not come out to public. So people put up banner in front of the hospital said “Children’s Hospital treats human life like dirt” hoping for the public and media’s attention. The hospital’s image and reputation was in jeopardy, the leaders of the hospital had to do something, therefore 20 security guards showed up. Can they beat us in front of everyone? Of course not. They pretended that the hospital would talk to us. An “undercover” suggested us to go upstairs to talk to the hospital leaders. In fact this was our goal in the first place, to talk to the hospital to sort things out.

However we were tricked by hospital’s setup. A premeditated beating was waiting for us. Hospital president’s office was empty. We sat there and waiting, but “white coats” were nowhere to be found, instead group of hospital security guards and “undercover” in plain cloth (hooligans) appeared. They threw us out of the office with violence, beating us in the elevator lobby. We called 110 and the police came to ask for information. (However they were police stationed at the hospital) When the hooligans pushed us (2 women) on the floor, they pretended that they didn’t see. When our wrists were held by the hooligans only one police stopped them and told them not to beat us, the other police and doctors just stood there and watched. Men and women, old and young all were pushed out of the administration building. The most disappointing was mother called up various television and newspaper media in the city, they all said “we already knew” but no one interviewed us. Not sure what Children’s Hospital has done behind the scenes? Everyone knew every well.

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  2. The inspection results from a team of health department officials, journalists, medical experts and citizens have came out.

    Press conference


    The doctor’s license was revoked and he’s fired from the hospital. Related staffs and the head of the hospital were punished accordingly. A further inspection is going on to find out if anyone will be charged with criminal responsibility.

  3. China’s healthcare system,, nice. I know that doctor’s aren’t miracle workers anywhere in the world and that inflammation that has been diagnosed and and treated it is kind of ok to tell the family to wait untill the morning. The huge thing here is that when the family reports trouble breathing noone took action. Breathingtrouble almost always suggest problems with the lungs, heart or brain which are all potentially lifethreatening. If the doctors and nurses aren’t able to realize this I am very glad they got fired -at least then they can’t endanger more lives.

    And what is the deal with the security guards luring family members inside to beat them up? I can’t imagine anything more bizarre or morally bankrupt. I know 90 percent of these security people are country bumpkins without a highschool education – the remaining 10 are city bumpkins. I have seen some of them act like animals a couple of times (I take a guess that their choice of career was probably 1. police 2. Army 3. Chengguan but since they couldn’t do that private security was where they ended up). At the very LEAST you need some kind of responsible educated person in charge to control them and tell them what to do since they obviously haven’t got the mental capacity to deal with any problem apart from using brute force. And if some high ranking employee ordered them to attack the family that guy should be sent to jail for years.

    1. It’s not just the healthcare system, many Chinese governmental workers or social services, schools… you name it are just simply irresponsible. They don’t give a shit.. only when tragedy like baby’s death happens, and only if those family members are persistent enough, educated enough to voice their injustice and get public and media behind then, then something happens. Some “unlucky” ones will get fired and go to jail. Work ethic is a hugh issue in China.

  4. The death of Baby has reached the front page of the biggest newspaper in the Netherlands.
    I feel very, very sorry for Baby’s father and mother.

  5. Shocking story. Incomprehensible that staff in a children hospital is that rude and irresponsible. They should know and fully understand that especially in China children are very important. They should be fully aware of that and act accordingly. Its an extra important task when working in a children hospital.
    Personally my biggest concern is that I get serious ill one day and end up in a Chinese public hospital. I have some experience myself and with family members and foreign friends. Its really not good (Both treatment as well as hygiene). But private hospitals are being build. Those in general are much better. But the private hospitals are too expensive for normal people. Think the government must advance to bring up the level of public hospitals to world levels.

  6. being a foreign medical student studying in china,im not sure wat expect anymore in these hospitals…
    one time i hear top notch doctors getting paid under the table to do surgeries but the interns end up doing them,to seeing fist fights in the inpatient departments…
    i guess china isn’t the best place wen it comes to providing health care services.

  7. You mother-fucking China doctors, FUCK ALL YOU WORTHLESS SCUMBAG MOTHERFUCKERS !!! YOU PUSSIES ARE ALL SICK IN THE HEAD. This is normally how FUCKING CHINA people (or should i say FUCKING ANIMALS) do business and take care of their own people: They don’t care !!! It’s been like that since the beginning of CHINA’S Fucking history, it’s not surprising. Let me tell you all something: That motherfucking doctor (Ching-chong wang chang, or whatever the fuck his name is) was just waiting to be bribed. YEAH ! That’s right, if that couple would’ve slipped a $1,000 bucks into his hands, he woulda jumped to give the baby the best service possible, but they probly didn’t have the cash to do it, so he gave the typical chinky attitude: “Nyah, who cares, it’s just another Chinese baby, it’s not mine. i need to go back playing games, THAT’S more important right now.” FUCKING CHINK !!!

    1. Animals know their place in the world… these pieces of shit that let this atrocity happen should be lined up against a wall and shot.

  8. “Fuck you China!!!”

    I think JUST maybe your message could have been more readworthy hadn’t you worn your “Racist Redneck” hat. Congrats on your ability to say Fuck as every 3rd word. Impressive.

    1. As a foreigner in Chinese territory… I must say that most Chinese people are warm and beautiful people. I respect your family values and your culture. It is a tragedy and my heart goes out to the mother and father. To lose ones baby through neglect is inconceivable.. It is the system that is at fault I believe. We are being pushed beyond our human capability.. I don’t know what else to say.

  9. Is this outcome of all this really that the doctor’s licence was revoked and he was fired? Is that all? I’m pretty sure there are people in China on death sentence for lesser crimes than this one.
    I have been to both private and public hospitals in China, I have to say the difference is huge and only the private were close to Western standards. I wish more people in China had access to this type of treatment, medical care, especially for children, should be a basic human right and I don’t know why these people, (like people all over the world no matter what nationality) have acted like such monsters. I don’t agree with capital punishment, but anyone who worked at this hospital when this was going on and deliberately did nothing to help, they should be severely punished for what they did and suffer like the parents of this poor child will do for the rest of their lives.

  10. i feel so bad for that baby and the parents as my 11 month old baby has just had the same , woke up with puffy eye ,took her straight to sheffields childrens hosptal wer they dealt with her straight a way she went in sunday afternoon , put on med through iv that evening , ct scan monday then sergery monday nte , and finaly home thursday nte , thankyou so much sheffields childrens hos , i no how grateful i am for my baby and was so up set that a hosptal could have treated a baby that way , god bles that child and the parents ii was me would not get over it as i was so cared of the thought of losing my baby girl

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