Shanghainese girl gives birth to black baby, her parents ignore the matter


[EASTDAY] November 7, 2009, 5 am in the morning, a 20-year-old girl gave birth to a brown-skinned mixed-race baby in the People’s Liberation Army 411 hospital in Shanghai. It is reported that this girl got pregnant and gave birth to the mixed-race baby due to her lack of judgment while making friends. With no parental care, the girl was not able to induce labor. The hospital lent her a helping hand to help her pull through the difficult time however the girl’s parents heartlessly ignored everything.


Eastday reporter and Shanghai Radio and Television News reporter went to the People’s Liberation Army 411 hospital. In the hospital, Xiao Yan (小嫣) did not have any joy of being a mother, next to her in the baby crib was her black-brown skinned daughter. According to the doctor, baby girl weight 3,200 grams (7 lb and 0.87 oz) when she was born, her health score was 10 out of 10, and she was a Chinese-African mixed baby. Xiao Yan said, in the beginning of this year, her female friend took her to a hotel in Yangpu district. After some drinks which made her unconscious, she had sexual relation with a black man.

Xiao Yan said “When I was playing outside, I got to know a ‘sister’. Then she took me to some Africans home. Those two guys knew a little Chinese, when I first got there they were quite polite, asked me if I wanted anything to eat. After I drank the drinks, in less than one hour I started to feel dizzy, my head was still clear but I already could not walk anymore. After one hour, my brain was no longer clear.”

Xiao Yan told the reporter after she graduated from a vocational school in Yangpu district she worked jobs like hostess and waitress etc. She quit her job after the pregnancy. She had talked to her parents for help, but her parents have already been divorced for 5 years, the mother and the father each formed a new family. The father thought he had an agreement with Xiao Yan’s mother that she should stay with her mother. After that she wondered in the mini-park on Changyang road in Yangpu district, because of the lack of family warmth, Xiao Yan attempted suicide but was rescued by the nice security guard and sent to the hospital. At this time, Xiao Yan could no longer have an abortion, so the hospital lent her the helping hand, and hoping Xiao Yan’s parents can take some responsibility as her parents.

According to the PLA 411 hospital gynecology doctor Cheng Xiaomei (程晓梅), from Xiao Yan’s physical exam to staying in the hospital, to giving birth, and now after the operation, baby’s supplies, daily necessities as well as her meals all were free of charge provided by the hospital. The hospital hoped Xiao Yan’s parents can step up and help their child. The child only made a mistake because she was careless at one point of her life.

Reporter and doctor called Xiao Yan’s father on the phone, when asked “Did you know your daughter is in the hospital giving birth?” the father said “Can you not call this number please?” Then he gave the reporter another phone number.

When dialed the number provided by Xiao Yan’s father, reporter than found out this was Xiao Yan’s step-mother’s number. She said, 20-year-old Xiao Yan should take responsibility for her actions. She also stated that her birth mother should be the one taking care of her problems. Xiao Yan’s step-mother said “We are incapable of managing her things. She is over 18 years old, an adult, anything she does she needs to take full responsibility.”

Reporter than attempted to dial Xiao Yan’s birth mother’s cell phone number, however this number was no longer working.

Currently, the hospital is actively seeking the coordination of the street committees, hoping the girl’s parents can give her love, and let Xiao Yan return to her normal life.


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  2. Wow, what a godawful story. I have no fault with the translation or the selection of the article — both seem right on — but with both the content and writing of the original.

    This is the part I find most ridiculous:

    “After that she wondered in the mini-park on Changyang road in Yangpu district, because of the lack of family warmth, Xiao Yan attempted suicide but was rescued by the nice security guard and sent to the hospital. At this time, Xiao Yan could no longer have an abortion, so the hospital lent her the helping hand, and hoping Xiao Yan’s parents can take some responsibility as her parents.”

    Is this seriously the time frame and sequence of events?
    “Helping hand” — isn’t that the hospitals job?
    Her parents sound like grade A douchebags but she’s also TWENTY YEARS OLD!

    I’m going to bring this rant to a close but this kind of article (the original) is a disaster on every front and I hope everyone involved with it is fired.

    1. Not ridiculous in my opinion. The article mentioned

      “from Xiao Yan’s physical exam to staying in the hospital, to giving birth, and now after the operation, baby’s supplies, daily necessities as well as her meals all were free of charge provided by the hospital”

      Few thousand RMB donated by the hospital is qualified as a “helping hand” IMHO.

      As for the parent part, Chinese parents are supposed to take good care of their children even after they get married. The family bonds are much stronger here in China. I say it’s culture difference. A Chinese may think most western parents are irresponsible in many ways.

      1. Wang, you’re making excuses. A strong family bond is about and has always been about unconditional love and respect. In any culture. This girl is not the only single parent in China. This article makes it seem like it doesnt happen. There are so many babies being sold and stolen over there… the Chinese dont have a monopoly on the “Family”.

        1. As I expected, I can usually see comments attacking China within the first 5 comments. I don’t think this is the only contribution from western medias’ everyday negative reports about China. Because a normal adult should have their own judgment, so many attacking comments can tell one thing that western people are more easily to be brainwashed.

          Giving a simple example, Chinese people sometimes see some ridiculous things that some western fathers fuck their own daughters for years. Chinese media like to report such negative things happening in western countries too. If Chinese people are as stupid as western people, then they will consider in US and Europe there are so many young girls being fucked by their fathers everyday.

          Another two factors are also important contributors of prejudice of western people.

          Homo Sapiens only have vision of high resolution in the fovea. Things at peripheral are not well represented in the brain. That’s why everyone can only see things clearly that are currently being stared at.
          People are bombarded with tons of information every moment, but they can only be aware of a limited part of the input. That’s called attention which filters the information and only allow goal-relevant information to enter the consciousness.

          Western medias are playing a role of such filtering. They filter any positive news from China, only allowing negative things to pass through. And they are more than filter. They can turn white into black.
          Unfortunately, not every western people is willing and rich enough to travel to China and make reasonable statistics on good and bad things happening there.

          1. You are correct, we often see the negative, we miss the positive..our world is painted for us by those wearing very dark sun-glasses. Weather it’s a father fucking his daughter on China’s news or pictures of pipes dumping sludge in a water-way on Western web-sites, the acts are wrong, the reporting is not. We must live in this world together. Education brings health, wealth and peace. Without education, we are polluters and rapers. We are nothing. Read to your children so they may learn. .

            1. You mean a father fucking his daughter in the West? That pretty much never happens in China. It’s very common among whites- like Josef Fritzl and countless others.

              1. What the fuck do you mean it’s VERY common among whites you self serving sack of shit! Then you name ONE man from a story that was reported internationally and add the words “and countless others” as if you fucking know anything.

                I guess if reading one story about some freak from Austria makes you think “most whites” and “very common for whites” then I should lump Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Cambodian and every other Asian community into the same category, huh?

                What kind of idiot would say something that STUPID? Well, you, apparently. It most certainly is NOT very common amongst whites you fucking retard.

                But I read the Chinese news translated into English from a few websites, and I’ve read several stories of teachers beating the shit out of kids & even killing them, children and teens killing themselves over grades or over being criticized by teachers, and plenty of rape stories. Does that mean I can extrapolate that it’s “very common” amongst “asians” to be all abusive, rapey & suicidal? OKAY then, I’ll be sure to pass that along, ASS !!

                1. Hmmmmm…..collective comments and judgments are passed on blacks every day….how ironic when the rest of the world takes similar myopic liberties with other races…now….if they will only start judging and treating each individual based on that collective judgment….LOL

                  1. Queenbee \

                    according to the Center for Disease control 48% of black woman have herpes, several times more than any other ethnic group, please explain.
                    Black woman are number one in hiv aids, please explain.
                    the % of black people on welfare is several times that of any other ethnic group, please explain
                    \pick any city in the USA, blacks will be number one in crime, murder, rape , please explain
                    on IQ test blacks always come out on the bottom please explain

                    In fact look up IQ of the world, again all black countries are on the bottom, please explain

                    75% of all black children are born into a single parent home, please explain

                    why do blacks get 230 points on their S.A.T. please explain

                    blacks are terrible, they are barbarians, they ruin everything

                    1. You are definitely an ignorant american. Why do you American always look at your country in a very narrow minded way.
                      I think you need to get your statistic well – you are racist towards your own people, racist towards guests whats wrong with you.
                      Your fuckin president is black ,he cant have the same IQ as you. FUCK YOU AND GO BACK TO YOUR AMERICAN TRAILERS IN BUFFALO

                2. Well Rebecca…’very common for whites’ is a maybe bit too harsh..but just face wide we see whites from the America’s, Europe and Sheep country in the news in connection to pedophilia..
                  About childbuse in China or elsewhere in Asia….are you aware of the number of kids just missing in the US of A? Didn’t they ‘invent’ Amber alerts over there? Scholars committing suicide over grades happens everywhere and I shouldn’t ‘fact check’ US rape figures in comparison to the rest of the world as they may be very disappointing for you.
                  Of course the pedo business in Thailand, India providing the kids tp play with requires the help of locals but the drive behind that is simply money.
                  And last but not least..most whites live in the so called ‘developed’ for thought I would say…

          2. I’m not sure how much time you have spent in the “West”, or an English speaking country because your English has several mistakes, these are just assumptions I’m making from your writing style to try and understand your post better.
            Anyway, the difference between Chinese and Western media, you see the disgusting things that happen in foreign countries on your news, well in these foreign countries they are reported too. We are all very aware of what is going on in our own country, at least for me in Britain, there isn’t this focus positive Western news in the West, then negative Chinese news in the West that you seem to be suggesting (is this from direct experience of living abroad you came to this conclusion??). The great thing about living in a democratic country is that our news is not filtered. We have access to objective reports however I don’t think the situation is exactly the same in China.
            What is true is that these negative stories often attract a lot of attentino because thats what people find interesting. The media is constantly trying to find new stories to shock the public. This story was reported on because they knew it would cause a reaction, which right enough it has. However we cannot judge exactly what happened because it is hard to trust the media in any country.
            I doubt the girl was drugged because the media would have picked up on this (it would have made a much more interesting story, no?), it sounds like any case of an unwanted pregnancy they were stupid enough not to use protection and instead of being decent human being and both taking responsibility for the child they are rejecting it. I think the parents of this girl are hugely to blame, they should be guiding and supporting her, she is their child therefor her responsibility. Do not have children if you won’t take responsibility for them!!! This is a problem all over the world, people who should not be parents having children ‘cos their too ignorant.

            I’m so happy to hear that a kind Chinese couple have become her adoptive parents and I only with that this was the outcome for more orphans in the world.

            1. I love how in your first paragraph you criticise his English (which is actually pretty good for someone from China) and then your last paragraph/sentance makes no sense, grammatical or otherwise.

              All media filters. Which is why you go to a variety of news sources, not just Xinhua, Washington Post or your local daily newpaper.

              Drugged or just drunk, this was date rape. I know it’s buhaoting, but it needs to be said. She did not make the choice to have sex, let alone the “choice” to get pregnant. She was stupid, made a mistake, and got in trouble she couldn’t get out of on her own. That her parents have abandoned her, especially in what seems an attempt to spite each other, is most saddening, especially as socially she’s still quite young.

              I think this is a good story to circulate, nevertheless–the more young girls are informed about these things, the less it will happen. This is one of the more extreme cases, but it’s still a real one, and shock value aside, has a very good moral.

              1. What I didn’t miss is the undertone of RACISM. She did not willingly seek out a booty call, but was DRUGGED and DUPED by some Africans.

                With billions of people in a country, I’m sure that there is some fucking going on!
                To now blame the “dangerous” Africans, stealing the virture of a young Chinese girl, reminds me of America, where the cry is always “the black guy did it.”

                1. Unfortunately, in America, it usually is the Black guy that did it. At least according to the United States Bureau of Justice Statistics. And if you look at the statistics, you will see there are 2 to 3 times more Black convicted criminals than White or Hispanic combined. This being the case, it certainly isn’t prudent to cry “the black guy did it!”, but given the facts, it is understandable why someone would.

                  1. UNFORTUNATELY THOSE STATS ARE VORRECT. NOT because blacks are worse than others but because whites are LESS likely to be convicted for doing the same things as blacks or even other minorities. I just watched a true cop case show whee 4 whites deliberately plan and repeatedly crash their car into a tree to fraudulently collect insurance proceeds.

                    They TAPE their actions and eventually collect over 4000 US dollars. From the scam. Later someone turns them Jin. They don’t go to jail. They are forced to jay the insurance company back and pay several hundred dollars in a fine.

                    Had they been black, chances are high they would have faced aa felonious fraud charge and gone to prison and we’d all be shaking our heads about those darn hnlack people.

                    The fact is we have our scapegoat group and if we can’t just blame them for ALL crimes we most certainly cami overlook, any/most other races except them…EXCEPT when the cases are sooo heinous we can’t sweep the crimes under the rug with just a fine.

                    Blacks are disproportional in US prisons..but the real questions are which other races should be in there more but aren’t?

                    1. queenbee is a typical black, a liar, please do go to the fbi statistics, the Department of Justice statistics and check them out, also check out the horrendus statistics from the Center for disease control, you will find that blacks are horrible in every statistic. Queenbee even your statistic on serial murderers is wrong. PLEASE CHECK THEM OUT. but see it does not matter to Queenbee because she is a typical black, they are very bad in Math and do not understand percentages %%%%

                      Please go to Center for Disease control, Black woman 48% have herpes DISGUSTING!!! they even have to get extra points on test to pass because of skin color. every black school district a complete disaster

                  2. Approximately 36 percent of prisoners in US prisons are black, over 34 percent are white and 30 percent are Hispanic the rest are other ethnic groups. There are less than 3 million people of all races inl the prison pop in the US. Check your DOJ stats and stop exaggerating.

                    1. According to a Justice Department report released in July 2003, the U.S. prison population surpassed 2 million for the first time—2,166,260 people were incarcerated in prisons or jails at the end of 2002 (the latest statistics available). Since 1990, the U.S. prison population, already the world’s largest, has almost doubled.

                      About two-thirds of prisoners were in state and federal prisons, while the rest were in local jails. The report does not count all juvenile offenders, but noted that there were more than 10,000 inmates under age 18 held in adult prisons and jails in 2002. The number of women in federal and state prisons reached 97,491.

                      About 10.4% of the entire African-American male population in the United States aged 25 to 29 was incarcerated, by far the largest racial or ethnic group—by comparison, 2.4% of Hispanic men and 1.2% of white men in that same age group were incarcerated. According to a report by the Justice Policy Institute in 2002, the number of black men in prison has grown to five times the rate it was twenty years ago. Today, more African-American men are in jail than in college. In 2000 there were 791,600 black men in prison and 603,032 enrolled in college. In 1980, there were 143,000 black men in prison and 463,700 enrolled in college.

                    2. queenbee i did not link IQ and herpes among black woman, you did
                      I find black woman to be ugly, black woman are getting herpes from black men

                      again please explain why the low IQ among usa blacks and every black country in the world

                2. SHUT UP ‘onelove’ – Chinese people do not like or want some gross Black African! And considering most African countries are so full of rape that a woman is more likely to be raped than know how to read; then why would anybody think they stop raping just because they go to a different country.

                  They come here to Sweden and rape/ gang rape / beat up & murder women everywhere they exist. Sweden is NOT the melting pot of the world like america, and before the immigrants started coming we had one of the lowest crime rates on earth. NOW we are #1 rape country of Europe, and what is happening is glaringly obvious.

                  You don’t go from unlocked doors, and happy innocent people walking & riding bikes everywhere they go, girls unafraid to walk at night, etc., to suddenly 10 year old girls being dragged in the woods in broad day light by some piece of shit african to be raped AND NOT NOTICE IT !!!

                  So you can take your outrage and shove it up your ass.

                  No UNDERTONE of racism here. AFRICANS RAPE LIKE ANIMALS. In the DRC, which is #5 for HIV in the world, the number one cause of the spread of hiv is RAPE; south africa is called the rape capital of the world by INTERPOL. In Congo a woman who had been gang raped 3 times, told how the last time she was gang raped, they also gang raped her 9 year old daughter and it kILLED her.

                  1. If you’re not Chinese then how do you know exactly what they want or don’t want? I think that you heavily misunderstand what’s going on here. A Chinese woman has sex with a male (who just happens to be black) and is shunned once her parents find out that her baby is a mixed black baby. How educated are you on Asian culture? This could be anywhere in the world. There are all kinds of girls of all different types all over the world and each and every one of them have their own preference of what they prefer. Who’s not to say that this woman preferred a black male? What if that is what she likes? There’s nothing wrong with that at all. People choose what they want. The conflict is of course race. I can tell you a ton of things about Asian White-Washed culture…and then I can say the same about Asians who like black guys. Asians believe that the darker you are the worse you’ll be off politically. The parents are ashamed to have a dark member in their family, that’s just how Asians are. Especially the ones who use whitening creams and soaps to escape who they truly are.

                    Ms. Smith you are infact one of the most ignorant people I’ve ever seen on the internet. You’re completely abandoning factors of a society and then using those same prejudices to blame a group of people for things you’ll never understand. Have you ever been to a country in Africa? Do you know anything about Africa other than HIV/AIDS and the things you see on television? I think you don’t know anything about anything from Africa. There are different parallels to life other than your peaceful suburbian home. Have you ever seen death, famine, or genocide from a land? Do you know what war does to a place? Ever heard of the rape of Bosnia? I don’t think that you have. You just sound angry and racist for no apparent reason. All you’ve done is read an article which has probably been somewhat fabricated and then you become an extremist and bash African people? Should I remind you of some people we’ve had here in history who aren’t African and rape?? These are with high body count. I’m not even going to go in on you because with all of these cites that I have I could surely make every word you’ve typed look like uttered nonsense. Stop being racist.

                    The Marquis de Sade
                    Jack The Ripper
                    John Wayne Gayce
                    Ted Bundy
                    The Green River Killer
                    The Boston Strangler

                  2. LOL..the same denials used to be made about white women in the US until there were just too many mixed babies to deny the fact that white women were strongly attracted to and were seeking out “gross experiences” with black men. Now they rarely lie about it.


                  4. Rebecca smith you are white and do not know what we want.
                    But what you should know we don’t want people like you!!
                    Typical White idiot

                3. Actually, her story now that there is a black child is to claim victim status…but reAlly, to avoid criticism what else could she say? Funny how she seems to have never sought out help or told anyone. I suspect this WAS a booty call and an adventure. Too bad in pursuing sexual exploits this girl felt a need to throw her family and some Africans under the bus. ..And too bad this girl lives in such a closed society where she can blame her behavior on a race of people and they are also racist That they would rather embrace a lie than examine a Societal dynamic which looks down on another race based on race and allow the hypocrisy of lies, double standards and does not examine how anyone could focus such judgment on one act instead of responding to the fact of a new baby.

                  Anew Chinese baby…that happens to be of mixed race. NOW…how or when will China be able to welcome, embrace and celebrate this new diversity instead of nurturing BACKWARDSrejudice and scapegoating about black people?

            2. News is ALWAYS filtered. Even in so called democratic countries. It is just a semblance of freedom is granted by allowing a lot of so called dissent and perversions while censoring or ignoring all news or opinion democracy does not find useful to manage. EXHIBIT A would be the USA disregard of their FISA laws and wiretapping FOR YEARS under Bush only to finally own up to it YEARS later

          3. I forgot to mention, you say that Western people are stupid. I won’t sink to your disgusting level of trying to make some sort of connection between race and intelligence, I will say though, that if you were born black, white, asian or mix race, you would still be the dirt of society.

            1. ezo
              I don’t see Ji Meimei saying that western people are stupid anywhere in her post, all I see is your ignorant assumptions and talk of disgrace, I hope you didn’t mention you were in Britian, I hope your not British, so bloody shameful !

              1. It’s Britain, not Britian and It’s you’re.. not your.

                Did an American teach y’all how to spell, y’all?

                1. “You’re” are short for “You are” and “your” is a possessive adjective. Per Sam, in his sentence “…all I see is your ignorant assumptions….”, the word “your” is grammatically correct as it takes a possessive adjective. So Geoff, my British friend your criticism is only 50% correct. Did a British teach y’all the correct grammar in school, y’all?

                  1. “I hope your not British, so bloody shameful !” does in fact contain the incorrect use of the possessive your.

                    Swing and a miss. Try 2, big buddy.

              1. actually western scum like you are actually the dirt and making the world dirtier with your single minded multicultural scum hellholes that you want the world to suffer in
                sorry blacks are violent rapists
                it’s not ours or their fault it’s just the way they are
                just because you idiots love them doesn’t mean the chinese have to

                1. Imagine that. So before blacks came to Europe or Asia, you believe there was no rape? LOL

                  1. What are the chances that a black man rapes a small asian woman…

                    very likely, in fact.

      2. Wang, just the fact that this is an acutal news story says it all…LOL! If Lebron James was the daddy, mofos would be looking for a payday and they’d be celebrating, dragons, fireworks and all that!

  3. Probably hundreds if not thousands of cases like this every single day in China. The reason why this is singled out apparantly is that the baby is black (Oh the horror!!). Sounds to me as if the girl if she is telling the truth was dateraped,, I hear rohypnol isn’t hard to get your hands on here,, especially for Africans. Might be a harsh statement but I think it is fairly common knowledge that if you are looking for drugs in the bigger cities look for black guys in the party areas.

    Well,, anyway. I kinda hope that the Chinese and some Americans can wake up and realize that it is actually ok to have a child without being married in our day and age. It is a sad story sure but I contribute that mainly to this girl being in trouble already before she got pregnant. Working as a hostess hmm, trying to kill herself suggest mental issues no matter what the situation is but in the end I think her parents should help her out. That’s what having a child is all about,, no matter what mistakes they make one should always forgive and help out out of love. So she had a baby out of wedlock,, big fucking deal.

    1. “I kinda hope that the Chinese and some Americans can wake up and realize that it is actually ok to have a child without being married in our day and age.”

      That will destroy the traditional values that Chinese has been living on for thousands of years and the society may collapse thanks to it. And it seems you are looking for excuses for the black male. Did you do it because of his skin color? Sounds pretty hypocritical to me.

      1. “That will destroy the traditional values that Chinese has been living on for thousands of years and the society may collapse thanks to”:
        That s the REAL Hypocritical.
        Who doesn t know that chinese are “conservative people” only on words? In actions, they are just “human beeings”.
        Please dear Chinesemates, Stop hiding your face while you are offering your ass.
        Its helpless.
        That girl, if she is really 20 years old, it s a pitty for her, coz she behaves in shanghai pubs, most frequented by black skin men, since more than 3 years.
        So nobody is the Hell, no body is the Heaven.
        Let’us recognize our daily life, and things will go on for Good.

        Wish the Best to the new born baby, and hope the new mother will get wisdom after all.

      2. Wow! I had no idea.

        I was under the mistaken assumption that Chinese people were more…what’s the word…intelligent than would be implied by what I’m reading. I’m doing research for a paper in a college course, and I came across the article about Lou Jing, which lead me to this article.

        The comments made by some Chinese nationals is despicable by Western standards, but those are Western standards. As an African-American, I don’t believe that I am in a position to make a judgment on the appropriateness of the comments–I do not understand the cultural norms and mores in China. However, I do recognize an untruth when I see or hear one. One commenter’s assertion that this situation does not happen in China, except at the entrance of vast African immigrants into the country, has to be an untruth. This is common behavior for children of divorced parents worldwide–seeking love and acceptance in the wrong places and in the wrong ways.

        The mere fact that so many posters mention the disgrace associated with having sex with a “black man” is testament to the racial intolerance obviously at work in Chinese society. This is in no way making an excuse for the “black man”. What he has done makes him less than a man. The point is that not only black men are guilty of this social crime; there are Chinese, white, Latin, and any other racial/ethnic groups you can think of that are also guilty of this type of act. So, unless you see it that way, regardless of your culture, then you cannot deny your racism.

    2. Yes, oh the horror the baby is black. According to you the baby will grow up into a person who can easily sell drugs while speaking Shanghainese!

      1. I feel so deprived that I didn’t learn about “drug dealing”, as a Black person.
        Must be somthing lacking in my genes.
        However, the Chinese girl I dated in school, did China proud!

    3. It’s not ok to have a baby without both parents. Children need to have a loving mother and father to raise them properly. It is much harder for one parent to work and raise a child at the same time.

  4. The society may collaps if some women get children without being married? Are you serious? And no I wasn’t looking for excuses for the black male,, try reading my post again. I even suggested date rape which the article didn’t.
    Unimpressed: Irony isn’t your strongest point I assume. I was in fact attacking how many Chinese people are pretty darn racist especially against black people. However anti racist I am I am not denying the fact that there are a certain amount of black Africans, especially Nigerians, supplying drugs in the major Chinese cities. Those people don’t exactly help in changing the way Chinese people feel about blacks in general but (sigh) that doesn’t mean that all black people are worth less.

    1. Nigerians, supplying drugs in the major Chinese cities

      Umm…they may sell the drugs but do you actually think they are the ones that IMPORT the drugs into China? Or do you think they are the ones that even, manufacture the drugs? I have a hard time saying “yes” to either of those questions. Drug dealers SOME Nigerians MAY be, they cannot do it without the assistance of local, Chinese people. Period. So instead of pointing the fingers and playing the blame game, you should open your mind and realize that foreigners can’t do anything, especially illegally, without the help of Chinese people.

      1. Fail. Did I write “importing” anywhere? I clearly said “supplying” meaning they are a part of the final link in the distribution chain,,, mainly when it comes to supplying other foreigners. You would have to be pretty stupid to think that the triads would allow black Africans to climb the ranks in the organization.

        1. I’m glad you made that comment, my friend. Speaking of being “pretty stupid”, how intelligent do you think it is to advocate cutting off the tail (final link of distribution chain) of the snake while attempting to kill it rather than focusing on the head (Chinese officials who are aiding the import of drugs)?

          Look, it’s obvious that you will view people of color the way you view them. Just have the respect and decency not to assume that everyone else is as blinded by your prejudice as you are. It is no mystery that your focus in this situation is on the blackness of the “black Africans”, not on the drug problem and its implications to Chinese society.

          This is the same mistake made in western civilization. It will not solve the problem or any problem. In fact, it will create vast amounts of problems. The choice is yours.

          1. Why are the Chinese allowing these black Africans into their country to deal drugs in the first place? Is it the Chinese don’t have enough criminals of their own that they need to allow foreign criminals into their country?

            1. If you don’t know the answer to your question, you are truly ignorant about world events. Just look how many Chinese are in Africa. Check out Africa mineral deposits and raw materials. This is why China is a friend of Africa.

                1. Niggers ? Ha you are very amusing .If I am not mistaken looking back at American history didn`t whites take land from indigenous people (Native Americans) . Kill their children and rape the women and same goes for the black slaves . You Honky’s couldn`t keep your penises out of ethnic women . You took your disease to Africa and brought them to the Americans . Being of Indigenous background I am aware of how you whites work , you like to brainwash people and play victim when in reality you are the true Savage cave men . Look how your foreheads stretch over your eyes and how pale your skin is only a Cave man would look such a way . You still invade our reservations til this day . 1/16 indian doesn`t make you an indigenous person go back to Europe Yancy .

    2. Everytime I walk downtown china main cities, people who comes to me or to my friends, offering drugs or asking if want sex massage,ect… are not black skins, so can not be Nigerians. Most of time, they look chinese -muslims, but some other times, they look chinese -Hans.
      So do not generalise since you don t have real informations.
      And all the chinesemates who claim “beeing happy” or getting satisfaction from “LaoWai Boy friends”, are not under drug effects. It s a choice, they made.
      Please respect their choice.

  5. Agree with the date rape possibility which was suggested by Xiao Yan in the interview. But then again at this point it’s pretty much basing on her words. It’s pretty sad that she sill doesn’t know who the dad is.

  6. Who knows whether the story the girl tells is true? For all we know the date rape reason may as well be an excuse for her own stupidity. I mean, maybe the father was her boyfriend for a while and he dumped her when she turned out to be pregnant? Maybe there wasn’t any GHB or other drugs in her drink? Who knows what she’s saying is true? Maybe she just wants to save face by saying that she was raped. And why didn’t they even use a condom? With that said, I really feel sorry for her, and I truly hope her daughter will turn into a beautiful human being.

  7. Its sad to hear that both her parents ignore to help their child when she needs them, maybe just because of the baby’s race or even for other unknown reasons but most likely for race. but what about the baby’s Dad? where is he? i hope she remembers him. this kind of situations happens everyday in china and everywhere in the world, girls get pregnant not because their want to or ? it happens but why is it different to this. what if the baby was white,yellow or Red whatever you call it? two or three months ago it was the black shanghainese girl in the contest that made headlines in forums. it seems some people are so sensitive to blacks and that few individual actions are charged by all.
    xiao yan, whatever happened it happened and its not time to ask why you did this? seek help from whoever is willing and stay strong. i hope you can be better than some people’s expectation.

    1. Indeed Chinese Netizens are associating this with Lou Jing There are Chinese articels with name like “Shanghainese Girl repeats “Lou Jing” reproduction…”

  8. Do all of you commenters like Chinese food? Because Im about to kung pao those peanut looking teeths out your man-tao frying mouths, this comment is especially directed at JCOLESZ. YES you, you son of a biscuit eater. Shut your weakass up about Nigerians/Black people being innocent or atleast the way you make them sound out to be. If we had to point fingers, ofcourse we gonna point fingers at those dark soy sauce chickens, who the fuck you kidding? Yes that girl was stupid, stupid enough to go to some ninja’s (I would say nigga but some of you would be offended) house and got drugged up. I have lived in China for a few months to know most African/Jamaicans are up to no good out there

    These goof troops ain’t doing any international business when they state their reasons to enter China, if you know what the fuck im saying, hell, they probably do not even have a high school diploma. The reason Chinese cities look like African villiages is because China is trying to become a Capitalist country by inviting foreigners. However, Americans/Canadians come and go, while these burnt Oreo’s are littering around. They are tired of eating peanuts wrapped in tree leaves and would go to the extreme to put their mooloomooloo in a Chinese girl. That poor girl was tricked, but still no excuse on her behalf for letting her guard down. I always thought people from big cities are super street smart, that bitch was dumb as a rock. Cant blame her parents for not caring about her. Shit, I bet they wouldnt care about her in the first place even if the baby came out 100% xiao lung bao, now they definitely dont care because its tainted with soy sauce. Also, do you fruit tarts really think she wants the baby? She dont even know that guy, she had no choice but to give birth. So stop criticizing the parents. Everybody is at fault here especially the inconsiderate bastard that nut inside of her.

    1. No choice but to give birth? Did they change the laws to make abortion illegal? She didn’t notice she was pregnant until it was too late?

    2. Kung Pao,
      seems you never travelled out far than your “locked brain”.
      Go around the world, starting by neares Japan, you will see how many chineses citizen are living abroad, and are adopting “other countries nationality”.
      You can find chinese everywhere in this world, carrying every country s passports. But you will never ever see any “laowai”, even after a century of life in china, become a Chinese citizen. So don t show your lack of knowledge, just because of Racism culture, and jealousy deep inside your soul.
      Take it easy.
      That girl knows what she is doing.
      Did you ask yourself, or anyone else, WHO is the other who took her to the Boys flat?
      Why she doesn t ask her for help to remember the Boy?
      She is protecting herself and wanna just keep the face “MianZi”, as “our culture” reccommends it.
      Let Time to Time, and Your eyeswill see clearly…

  9. Being black and having been to China… There is aa very unrealistic view of things over there… Ignorant

    1. Let me ask, then: why did you not stay in China? Most likely they did not want your black ass there knocking up their retarded girls and goats. They have enough poverty and mud huts there without you bringing your “culcha” to their country like you did to the USA.


      (The H stands for home; the G stands for go, and you are the N)

  10. “lack of judgement” – just because its a black child.

    What if the child is yellow or white bastard born out of momentary pleasure? Bloody Hypocrite SOBs

    1. Actually that was the title: 女孩交友不慎生下棕黑混血儿 “girl because of lack of judgement in making friends, give birth to brown-black mixed baby” But i think what they are saying “lack of judgement” was the fact she still doesn’t know who the father is, she only knows he was black… Now we know that too, I wonder if she knew that before the baby was born…

    2. Color has no correlation to the unwanted child being born out of wedlock. Be it yellow, black, white or mixed, it is still a bastard. However, racewise, black does not seem to be the color of choice whether one accepts it or not. It is what the society makes it to be regardless of what one righteously wants it to be.

    3. If it was a white bastard I’d say kill it, as long as its under the age of 18. In fact kill the white guy who fathered it or just any white guy “dating” Chinese girls as punishment.

    4. This is a bull shit story, either the Chinese slut is lying or the news is fake.

      There are thousands and thousands of abortions there in China every day, so why is she making a black baby for a mother rapping stranger?

      She wanted her 15 minutes of fame now she gets more than what she was asking for, a black bastard for life.

  11. As a foreigner living in China, I have to question several items in this article. Of course, the state media is always 100% accurate (and Western media owned by Corporations with political affiliations are equally “unbiased”) so items like “According to the PLA 411 hospital gynecology doctor Cheng Xiaomei (程晓梅), from Xiao Yan’s physical exam to staying in the hospital, to giving birth, and now after the operation, baby’s supplies, daily necessities as well as her meals all were free of charge provided by the hospital.” could not have been added to make the Chinese Health system seem more caring. In Sweden, Norway, Ireland, UK, France, Germany, Denmark, etc., I can totally see the state covering the bill, but I do have my doubts about here in China. In the US they will still bill you (or your health insurance).

    Second, does anyone not see an example of trying to save face? “Yan said, in the beginning of this year, her female friend took her to a hotel in Yangpu district. After some drinks which made her unconscious, she had sexual relation with a black man.” Now I will be the first to admit that there is always the possibility of foul play, but I would first assume that this woman had consensual relations with this man, and then hinted towards the date rape after the fact. We will obviously never know but we should consider the alternatives than to point fingers immediately.

    Lastly, for the Chinese posters who have responded that all blacks in China are selling the drugs… you have got to be kidding me. China’s population is roughly 1.3 billion… and how many blacks are in China? Let me guess, they are all pimps, drug dealers and gangsters. That is complete and utter ignorance. Just like every other country, there are plenty of native Chinese who fill these positions so you should not point your finger at the small community of blacks who are presently residing in China.

    1. For the last paragraph, I am simply stating that each country has their own citizens conducting the criminal activities (not blacks, Chinese, Russians, Mongolians, etc.) . I just reread what I wrote and I just wanted to clarify that.

    1. Of course not all black people in China are drug dealers, but a lange amount of the drug dealers happens to be black, so “they” say. Or is that just prejudice? I’ve ran into white people in southern China who offered me dama, they got if from Chinese apparently. Anyone who’s been to Sanlitun in Beijing knows whom to turn to when you want to buy dope, a black guy just asked every foreigner passing by. This would make an interesting study.

      @eight: how can we know that what you’re stating is true and not made up yourself? can you provide some sort of evidence?

      1. @Paul,
        What Eight says, is the TRUTH. I don t know Eight, and I m sure he doesn t know me.
        But I could recognize the Girl on TV, on internet, even her face was covered.
        We are many person, chinese girls, african girls, shanghainese boys, black boys, … who met the girls in many pubs and shared drinks with her. Some of us, still too close to her (and also to her unnamed girl friend. We know her life and we are surprised about the story she is telling reporters. We can not tell more things, we are “afraid” that some press responsibles get annoyed to find out that “we discover they made that story” just for TV sensation.
        She can named 10 or more, of “LaoWai” she met during the last 2 years. She is a smart girl.
        If she really lost memory on some points, it s too pity for her.

  12. 1.) Girl goes out, meets some fun guys, gets drunk and has sex while blackout.
    2.) Girl becomes pregnant, parents tell her to deal with it.
    3.) Girl contemplates suicide.
    4.) Girl gives birth to a healthy baby, parents still don’t care.

    Tell me again why story was deemed worthy of posting here, let alone being broadcast on TV? Slow news day? How is this story any different than what happens to countless girls across the world every day?

        1. @ Meme
          Please take your racist ass somewhere else and also go die in Hell you dumb bitch.

    1. Only ones that infected anyone with any disease are you nasty white men . Get off your high horse African nor Indigenous Native Americans had any diseases til you came along and infected us . They are just giving back the nasty shit you started and as for crime whites have been criminals since the beginning of time . You kill your own for greed so why wouldn`t you do they same to others . You just feel hatred because you are no longer in control . Why would anyone be jealous of a white man ? He is nothing but a pale face cave man that is lazy and shouldn`t be hear in the states in the first place . YOU WHITES destroy everything you touch . Look at the Amish you fuck your own siblings and kids ? Sick bastards .

  13. the fact that this is even a story just shows how chinese are racist. i’m not saying they mean harm, but i mean, really, if this had been an unwed mother of a chinese kid, it would not be a news story. even if it was a rape.

    also it’s obvious that this “date rape” business is just an excuse she came up with to cover her ass.

      1. what’s wrong with being racist?
        racism has saved people from death and destruction for 100s of years?
        what has multiculturalism and diversity ever done to further the human race?
        ignorant negros can’t do anything but destroy
        just look at africa
        the easiest way to destroy order and society is to import niggers

  14. i dont think ‘obvious’ means what you think it means.

    that said, the fact that this is news does show how racist chinese society is. not that any foreigner who’s visited china needs told that…

    1. Yes China is racist because they don’t want hordes of ugly niggers and honkey trash to pollute their genes.

      If a Chinese man did this to a nigger or honkey whore woman he’d be lynched already by you “non-racist” niggers and honkeys.

      1. “Truth Speaker” if you didn’t know it already, anytime you put human beings together, they are going to fuck! No matter the race, nationality or religion. It is just a human condition.
        The young lady with the Chinese/ African child is not the first to have a mixed race child.
        If you visit the little island of Jamaica, you will see many mixed race Chinese/African people as well as Chinese/European and European/African children. The bottom line is, if you put people together, they are going to fuck!

      2. Like anyone wants to fuck a Chinese bitch that eats Cats and works in a whore house designed to look as if it were a spa . Ha and you say blacks are nasty ? Get real buddy and keep your Asian asses out of the states us Natives don`t need anymore unwanted visitors occupying space . You bring a good 6000 family members in one trip . That`s plenty . Stay in Asian and keep blacks out if it is such a problem for your brainwashed culture . I`m sure they don`t want Asian women when they can have a lovely black or native woman (;

  15. She let out to a friend of mine that “everytime we were together he did not like to use a condom” now does that sound like a one night stand. While she was pregnant she would spend nights in net bars and day time go to friends places. She really had not many people to turn to for help even seeking help from one african friend of mine. I called the hospital were she was admitted and told them I just wanted to extend some support to this girl, on learning I was a foreigner the doctor asked me which country I was from (odd question), it happens to be african. Then the doctor said it’s ok to visit but the mother may be a little afraid to meet me. Gnawsh. Anyway this girl has recieved cash support, a job and even an apartment while still in hospital and what does she do the first day she leaves the hospital…give up the baby for adoption. That act in it self speaks volumes about this girl.

    1. I was in Florida last week and what I saw was too fucking much.

      I saw China women sluts with white and black ugly reject males of Amerika walking and kissing on the streets, like they are the only ones in love or something. Showing off, maybe?

      A few Chinese sluts had babies with those old dead men walking looking men and they were showing off like they are saying look at me.

      End of the world as we know it.

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      1. No the chinese part is bad now it will have to work in a sweat shop or a whore house serving tea to old men .

        1. I bet youre just a poor lil boi who can’t get laid and nag about this here. Such a pussy!

        2. So there is no white slut now huh? I thought the slutty culture is pretty popular in the USA among those dumb blondes?

  16. I think I’m gonna start a fake newspaper that isn’t satirical and see if anyone can determine which stories are real and what facts are made up.

  17. Reason for chinese girls sleeping with blacks is their large dongs. Chinese men are not real men down there, so chinese girl need black dongs. This is the fault of men and women not to be blamed.

      1. Niggers don’t have “big dongs”. They only do if you don’t count 95% of their population that has AIDS and is starving.

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  18. Chinese are just racist. And they are all crooks and cheats. Chinese here in Africa deal in drugs, arms, ivory, fake pharamaceutical products,pimp Chinese girls to Africans, name the criminal activity they are deep into it. I live in Zambia and my police friends tell methe most dangerous criminals here right now are Chinese. They even keep other Chinese as slaves. Just what kind of fucked up country is China ?

    We have Chinese here in jail for bribery, for building crap building that collapse, for drug trafficking, for human trafficking, for diamond smuggling, for selling fake goods. the Chinese it seems can do anything to make a buck

    1. Hey, correction. Not all Chinese are like what you said dummy. Likewise, not all niggers are bad people. A few bad arses do not make the whole clan bad. You need to apologize to the descendants of the yellow emperor, the chinese folks.

    2. That’s funny coming from whites, who are the biggest criminals and mass murderers of history. Niggers and honkeys deserve each other and the AIDS you have.

      1. I`m sure there are not a million Chinese by choice I bet half of the population is here because of rape and selling sex . Chinese are useless and need to all die (; Just taking up to much valuable space .

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  19. Poor baby girl – she’s not going to have an easy life in China.

    East Asians generally, be it Chinese, Koreans or Japanese, are repulsed by the blacks. Chinese in other parts of Asia have similarly mindset too.

    This wouldn’t be news in Europe or America.

    1. no it wouldn’t be news, only because the jewish media has over the past fifty years, created in the minds of europeans world wide, the idea that we owe the niggers the very skin off our backs to make up for slavery. niggers are poison. they infect everything they touch, and if you chows ever let them into your society the way they infect american society, you are doomed.

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  20. I am an American Chinese and I am not a black hater. The relationship between this girl and the black man was a consensus and the girl was over 18. It is a civil matter rather than a criminal matter. At worse, the black father has to pay child support till the baby becomes 18. The few bad apples are not a reflection on all the black people though.

    1. Pay child support… in China? You Americans are funny with your not knowing anything about anything in Asia. Keeps me laughing for ages.

      Child support …China… HAHAHAHHA *points at stupid american* HAhahA

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  21. Just goes to show blacks cause trouble where ever they go, mother land or otherwise. You can take the black out of Africa but you can’t take Africa out of a black. The Chinese are stupid and ignorant if they don’t learn from America’s black problem, instead inviting them in. Don’t we all know how blacks will rape any woman any chance they get? Bye, bye Chinese! If these Chinese girls are so stupid, give it a couple of generations, I predict China will become another Africa, or at least a truly mud race. ;P

    1. Since both are adults and we do not know the real circumstances behind their relationship, we are not in a position to make accusations against all the blacks. Even if it is a rape case, we can not accuse the whole country based on one case. For all you know, the father could be a yellow man, white man or any color person. By the way, I am not a black person, fair is fair.

    2. Hey F*ck bag ~ I hope this is some satire sh*t because if this is what you really think, you are below f*cking dirt, you sh*t-face moron. You must be the most unintelligent being I have ever came across in my entire life. There are a lot of racist assholes around the world:Europe, America, Australia, Asia…everywhere! You are a sad piece of creation. Man I feel sorry for your mother catching that cum from your dad’s d*ck. You better be thanking her and your dad for life ~ b/c if it was my choice you’d be on tissue paper being flushed down the toilet. You low life racist, bigot, prejudice “nothing.” Exactly what you are Nothing! And just responding to your ignorance just makes me sick myself.

      F*cking Prick! 我是美国人我的皮肤brown,我不喜欢中国人叫我黑人:it’s insulting. 我希望你们都(chinese people and everyone alike)别听这个很白痴的人!他没有教育!他是个大prick (A$shole)

    3. You mean the white problem in america . This is native land it belongs to my people who you raped and killed then stole from . Go back to your country and stay out of mine you are not welcome . Natives and blacks were trading way before your invasion and we had no problem til your Pale ugly asses came here thinking you could really kill us off . Natives will make their comeback soon and get rid of all you ugly ass whites .

  22. Good to hear the baby will be put up for adoption, otherwise the mother (slut) would be forced to relive her shame everytime she looked upon her mud kid *shutter*. Perhaps an American couple will adopt this precious bundle of joy.
    BTW, it is soo sad to see Heidi Klum with her mud child. Such a sad waste of beautiful genes.

    1. Hey F*ck bag ~ I hope this is some satire sh*t because if this is what you really think, you are below f*cking dirt, you sh*t-face moron. You must be the most unintelligent being I have ever came across in my entire life. There are a lot of racist assholes around the world:Europe, America, Australia, Asia…everywhere! You are a sad piece of creation. Man I feel sorry for your mother catching that cum from your dad’s d*ck. You better be thanking her and your dad for life ~ b/c if it was my choice you’d be on tissue paper being flushed down the toilet. You low life racist, bigot, prejudice “nothing.” Exactly what you are Nothing! And just responding to your ignorance just makes me sick myself.

      F*cking Prick! 我是美国人我的皮肤brown,我不喜欢中国人叫我黑人:it’s insulting. 我希望你们都(chinese people and everyone alike)别听这个很白痴的人!他没有教育!他是个大prick (A$shole)

    2. To bad it is only ruined by the white side . . poor black people polluted by whites and their nasty ass disease they killed natives and africans with long ago .

  23. The chinese people here are sick. “mud kid”, “nigger”, etc… I’d be upset if my daughter (who sounds like a deceiving slut) thought of her own child in such a low way. I don’t blaim her parents for not helping her grown adult ass out when she went to have sex and do drugs like we all know she did, then ended up pregnant. They should help their grandchild, but then again, these are chinese people, only thing lower than them is dog shit. fucking racist idiots who think a slut’s innocent mixed race baby is such a burden to all of china that this is actualy news.

    you’re an idiot. keep having wet dreams that your country is so fair, balanced, and perfect, not to mention all chinese are superior and better than blacks. I’m not western, I’m asian, so now what? have I been taught from childhood to hate china and chinese becuase the media says so? or because they are a bunch of fucktards to showcase their stupidity on their own? I dont need to visit Fox or CNN websites to read stupid articles chinese write, its all here for normal sane people to read, posted by none other than yourselfs.
    you think you chinese don’t attack western countries or korea or europe first thing when you read a negative story from that area? please stop living in your red bubble, acting like a child and grow the fuck up. chinese need to be responisble for the stupid things they say and do instead of screaming “westerners jus hate us!”, “you are racist”, etc… when clearly chinese think more about the west than anyone living there thinks about china, not to mention chinese are some of the most racist people in the world, look in the god damn mirror before you start playing the race card.

    1. You are no Korean, you are a fucking black in disguise. Why would any Korean care about a Chinese article about black baby??? hahahahaha….nice try. Koreans are smart people, not fucking morons like you. I know because I am part.

      1. Who cares no one likes any of you asians you are all scum of the earth . I hope you all die of a horrible disease .

    2. looooooooooooooool

      Chinese people are the least racist in the world, which is why we have all the problems we do today. If we had only exterminated all the ungrateful savages like you we wouldn’t have to be dealing with you today.

  24. She probably was a whore do to lack of support from her Mom or Dad. Brown baby is the only news here, this happens every day with yellow babies from no-where-to-be-found dads in China every day.

  25. Ok, having read all the comments I am going to have my little rant:
    1) The article seems more concerned with the fact that the girl, due to lack of parental responsibility and love, got pregnant out of marriage. Incidently, it happened with a black man.
    2) The girl says she was date raped, if she had been a white girl complaining about happening with a black man, would some of you commentors have bad mouthed her, saying she was just trying to cover her arse??
    3) Same as above but with a black woman accusing a white guy of date rape.
    4) The fact that the Chinese media has made it news at all is not neccessarily about racism rather just trying to finding a newsworthy story. In the US media, is it not true that when stories about people being arrested for crimes, they often show Afro Americans being arrested. Does that mean Americans also hate blacks.
    5) What about the father’s lack of responsibility? If she was lying about the date rape and she was in a relationship with the father, where was he? I have heard many stories about Afro American children not knowing who their fathers were. Even Barrack Obama’s African father abandoned him and his white mother. Yet I know not all black men are bad fathers, but to blame it all on the mother is unfair and Im sure some are motivated by negative stereotypes regarding Chinese women when they do blame her.
    6) China’s media is not bround by the same “political correctness” as US, UK and Australian media. It is not too much of a concern so don’t judge their media by your own countrie’s standards.
    7) If the article was indictative of Chinese racial prejudices, have you thought maybe it is prejudice against MIXED people in general? What about that? I must be the first that has mentioned this. The rest of you are more concerned about supposed prejudice against black people. And i know that in Africa, half black mixes are terribly discriminated against their “black brothers and sisters”. What does that say about African racial attitudes. NO ONE IS PERFECT, REGARDLESS OF WHERE THEY ARE FROM.
    8) If the African community in SHanghai feel so strongly about this, why didnt they offer to adopt her? I read it was a Chinese couple that adopted the baby. IF Chinese are so racist, why did this happen?
    This is all I have to say at this moment, more to follow..

      1. First of all, the word “nigger” is originated from the white people, the Scottish, the English and the Spanish in the late 1700s. From the earlist usage it was “the term that carries with it all the contempt and rejection which whites have inflicted on the blacks”, not the asian people.
        In calling another human being, the Chinese people (asian) yellow dogs, you are downgrading yourself and everyone else to the “DOG” category since we are all human beings. Thus, we become black dogs, white dogs, brown dogs and red dogs etc. Is that what you really want? By the way, Filipinos have a taste for black dog steaks grilled on the open fire, but that is beside the point.

        1. @ Chinese Nationalist & neggerhater & ess & nat & sam
          I would like to discuss kicking idiots like you off planet Earth.
          And, while we are on the subject of kicking things, I hope someone kicks the teeth out of your head.

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      2. lol you idiots did kick all the whites out of africa
        now the chinese came to help now you idiots are crying RAYCISM

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  26. “Eight” is a fuuckiin lier i now the girl and whaat she said is true.This nigger eight is juust trying to defned the nigger that raped her.

    1. A hoe is a hoe no matter what race it just happens more with asians and whites but is not reported . You redneck honky’s come on the the reservation and rape the native women all the time but it is never reported .

  27. Hey F*ck bag ~ I hope this is some satire sh*t because if this is what you really think, you are below f*cking dirt, you sh*t-face moron. You must be the most unintelligent being I have ever came across in my entire life. There are a lot of racist assholes around the world:Europe, America, Australia, Asia…everywhere! You are a sad piece of creation. Man I feel sorry for your mother catching that cum from your dad’s d*ck. You better be thanking her and your dad for life ~ b/c if it was my choice you’d be on tissue paper being flushed down the toilet. You low life racist, bigot, prejudice “nothing.” Exactly what you are Nothing! And just responding to your ignorance just makes me sick myself.

    F*cking Prick! 我是美国人我的皮肤brown,我不喜欢中国人叫我黑人:it’s insulting. 我希望你们都(chinese people and everyone alike)别听这个很白痴的人!他没有教育!他是个大prick (A$shole) @ JAK

  28. That’s a terrible story, I don’t know how she’s going to find a REAL husband now. That baby will have a hard time growing up in China and even his relatives already don’t care about him so financial support is out of the question. That black guy will probably never see her again. It just sounds like Barack Obama’s life except there’s no rich white family to take care of him and get college scholarships for being half black.

    He doesn’t have a chance to be a famous sports star or a rapper in China and his IQ is probably too low to compete with Chinese children. Police will probably just arrest him for some small thing and he will live a troubled life in China as an alcoholic at least.

  29. what a waste of good genes, let’s just put the baby on transport back to africa then that slut can work on having a normal life

  30. Drugged? No, I doubt it. Drunk and horny? Yes, I believe it. In the USA, we call white girls and asian girls that want to be with niggers “coalburners”. Mixing a nigger with any other race is dangerous. Look at our nigger infested cities such as Houston, Detroit, Chicago, New York, Philli, and L.A. You can take the nigger out of the ghetto, but you can’t take the ghetto out of the nigger. It’s already been tried in the USA. Don’t waste your time with these animals.

  31. Shame on African and Black men for not being responsible father. In the Carribean and Jamaica, Chinese men love and took care of their Afro-Carribean (Black) wife and afroasian children. Black men should learn to be better father from chinese men. I’ve been to USA and sickened to see majority of Black household are single mother family.

  32. Those Nigerian drug dealers are everywhere around the world. Beware and take care of your teen and college aged daughters. Many asian women and girls being duped to became drug mules. China and other Asian countries should end diplomatic ties with Nigeria.African drug lord are worse than british drug trade in 1800’s . They corrupt female members of our family and destroys our family ties with their anti-social values. Malaysia have many African criminals in colleges doing just that.
    The lack of spiritualism is the reason many girls fall prey to those Afro Barbarians. My Great grandparents were the victims of British drug trade. Luckily we were able to revive due to the strong spirituality of my grandmother. She’s a devout follower of Taoism, Confucianism and Buddhism.

  33. It appears the African-Chinese baby girl is about to become the next Lou Jing, another African-Chinese girl, also born in Shanghai, who made a controversial fame in competing against other “pure-blooded” Han Chinese ladies in a singing competition show called “Go Oriental Angel” (the Chinese female equivalent of “American Idol”). Now Shanghai has two famous African-Chinese people. I’m wondering what is the reaction of the public in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, and other Asian countries when they see those dark-skinned African-Asian people like Lou Jing and the daughter of Xiao Yan.

    Believe me, this does not look nice in this fierce debate.

    1. Why do you think a dark-skinned baby is such a surprise? I’m sure the kid could pass for Korean.

  34. It’s still not too late for an abortion. It’s sickening that the state will now be responsible for that turd she squirted out of her legs, and the fathers (surprise surprise) won’t contribute anything at all to its care.

  35. That thing that came out of the beautiful Chinese lady’s legs is DISGUSTING!! This is a classic example of a “coal burner”. A White or Asian that wants to be poked by a black man. Totally disgusting. Should have aborted it earlier or donated it for medical research. Haven’t you all studied the black’s behavior in the USA, Africa, and Nigeria? It’s like a plague!!

  36. Ugly fucking niggers. They add nothing to society and constantly take. Put them back on a ship filled with bananas and let them fend for themselves with their amazing minds. They act so much like monkeys it’s unbelievable

  37. It is unfortunate that the parents didnt warn the girl of what nigger animals are like, They are rapists, murderers and theives, Thats it, They dont contribute only destroy. it is written in their genes, They are not human, Yes, we all bleed red, but so does a donkey and a horse, yet you wouldnt say they are both equal would you? Look at the country africa, It is the only country that has not contributed a single iota to the rest of the world, Left to their own governments, look at Haiti,Iberia, Congo , Niger, or south Apefrika. After whites leave or are murdered, the blacks rip everything apart until nothing remains but one huge toilet, Then they cry and whine they have no water, yet not one will help to dig a single well, Not bloody one,! A shovel is used for kindling , thats their idea of work, None at all.

  38. The way I see it there are two possibilities. She either willingly bedded down with a shitskin, or she got lured and raped. Even if it’s the latter, she should never have trusted the groids. In China, they have a reputation for being “sex-crazed drug-addicted womanizers who want to attack Chinese females” and they earned that reputation for a reason – it’s TRUE! Not surprisingly, NOBODY knows who the father is in this case. Bottom line: Niggers will fuck anything that moves, especially if it’s not black.

    The hospital wanted the parents to help out so her life can “return to normal”, but it will never return to normal. She’s damaged goods. No Chinese male will want to touch that nightclub whore now. But I like her parents’ attitude ~ “YOU created the problem, you’re an adult, YOU deal with it, bitch”.

  39. This gives me an idea. Maybe exporting our niggers is the way to end the possibility of China’s future economic and military dominance. They will drain the system, bring drugs and crime and lower the national IQ simply by being there as well as having children through rape and the few Chinese coal-burners willing to get screwed by them.

    Just tell them, “Dem Chinese people be commies ‘n shiet. Dat means more welfare foo’ stamps ‘n free shiet, and less work.” The government could give them free tickets, because I have you never heard of one paying for their own stuff. If the Chinese discover what is up, then they may kill the ones already there as enemy combatants in a clandestine war, but as long as they are not here, who cares?

    I feel sorry for this woman and any woman in any country that would have to go through that. But I would rather it happen somewhere else than in my country.

  40. The chinese are kicking our ass big time. While they are busy growing and expanding, the americans and british are dying and sinking

  41. What do you expect from people (awang Hitam) with no civilization ? China kept making economic deals with African dictators, and in return gets African criminals. Malaysia have too many criminal problems with Africans coming with fake Student Visa. All the peaceful neighborhood turned Ghetto suddenly when Africans came. Putrajaya should now be called Ghettojaya.

  42. In the USA, whitey messed up by bringing the niggers over to use as slaves and then years later felt sorry for them and set them free. Our chaos here in America didn’t really start until the 1950 and 1960 with the nigger rights movement. No more hangings of niggers this is when they really started tearing up our cities. Detroit, Chicago, Houston, New Orleans, Los Angeles, Oakland, NYC, and Tampa. I am sure the Chinese government has studied this and I wonder why they even allow niggers in China to begin with. China, your country is beautiful. Please learn from America’s mistakes. Use chicken and watermelons to bait your niggertraps and then hang ’em!!

  43. Wrong, a strong filial bond is dependent upon CONDITIONAL love. The condition is that all may be trusted to do the right thing for the families continued well-being, those who cannot be trusted or who are in violation of that trust will become and remain unloved (witness the longevity of communes and sub-human familial lines).

    She, who breaks or deceives that trust, betrays the family and its lineage. They who support her or him in their betrayal seek a moral high ground that they have no intention of defending (but they like the attention) or are worthy of occupying.

    Such a person will be the next that betrays its kin thusly creating conditions ripe for the disruption at best, and dissolution at worst, of the family if the cancer that is miscegeny is not concluded with immediacy and finality.

  44. So China will realize that their American brothen are right. They don’t hate blacks for no reason in America.

  45. The most racist of all?

    No one even considers asking the Black male to contribute to the care of the child. There seems to be general agreement that an African male would not have the skill/intelligence/morals/ethics to do that.



  46. Asian countries should restrict African from coming in. Many Africans from Nigeria are part of crime syndicate. There’s too much news of Nigerian Crime Syndicate recruting Asian women as their drug mules. Vietnam have banned nigerians from entering Vietnam already.

  47. NIGGERS are terrible people more like animals, they are killers, and rapist, their IQ are lower tham Korean, everywhere around the world, they are the loswest in IQ but highest in CRIME, DESEASE, HIV, HERPES IN USA 48% of Black woman have herpes , its not a lie Google it

  48. You guys are funny, I hate to think what you would say about the native americans. I have to agree with her parents. She made her problem, now she must deal with it.

    1. It is not a lie, look at sub shahara africa, a cess pool, the highest in desease, hiv, stds, herpes, crime, child rape, these african black people are killers, look at the uk, they sell drugs, low iqs, rapist, lazy, will not work, look at usa, 48% of black woman have herpes, google it , it is true, they are 12% of population but they commit 60% of crimes, they are lazy, killers, look at any city that has majority blacks, every year, killings, murders , rapes, children with no fathers around, black africans are a disgrace, they are a desease, if you are black you just want to hide all these things and say they are not true, but if you visit south africa, usa and walk through these places they will try to rob and kill you, if you have a business they will try nto rob and kill you, if you are a woman they will rape and kill you, they are bad good for nothing people

      1. look at johanasburg, look at detroit, google it, black cities, crime, murder, who commits the most crime and murder , black african, walk through Chinese city you have no problem, walk through Japanese city no problem, walk through black city, you will be killed, murdered, raped, research it

  49. whereever Chinese people go in the world they have no problem, usa love them, europe love them, you can walk through any chinese area , there is no problem, all over world, walk through any black african area any where in world, YOU WILL HAVE PROBLEM, they are killers, robbers, rapist, muderers RESEARCH IT

    1. No, I am Chinese and it has nothing to do with race. This girl is a dumb bitch for not knowing her limits or aborting the child.

  50. Korean guy, I rather live with Koreans and or Chinese, you do not know the black man, he is worse than chinese

  51. Mr Korean Dude, Do I need to remind you of what the niggers did to all the stores and restaurants in the Koreatown District during the LA riots? A nig has his place in life. It’s at the bottom of a rope from a tree.

    1. Korean guy suffered from amnesia, can’t remember a thing about the LA riots. All he ever remembered was a huge black dick up his ass and cream in his mouth and he liked it. lmao….

  52. I hang with Chinese everyday. Work and social life. I will tell you that the Chinese are welcoming and more understanding than the Koreans. Koreans are too plastic and snobish. Koreans seem to prefer the jigaboos over the caucasian and this will be their downfall in society. The Chinese are alot more resourceful in their inventions, creations, and justice system. Where else can you go and have justice meeted out quickly and a prisoner’s organs harvested in the mobile death van to aid in saving normal people’s lives? Nowhere! I would rather live in China as a dictatorship than Korea anyday.

  53. Mr. Korean dude, I think you need to spend some time in a American prison to get a more accurate perspective on life. You wil get pumped full of nig cum everyday. Better yet, I know some real cool parts of Los Angeles and San Bernadino that I can drop you off in at night time so you can intelect with your nig borthers. At sunrise give me a report on your communications with the natives went. You can get on your hands and knees and stick your tongue up their ass while getting fucked by the other nigs.

  54. Mr. Forean Dude, 90% of nigs are criminals. You never had to deal with them in a military, law enforcement, or corrections capacity. When you do, you will understand. The nigs will rape anything that moves especially inside a prison. I know having been working the prison, county jail, and reservist. I would love to be dropped off at a random location in China. I want to meet the people and try some authentic Chinese food in the villages and understand them. Just because Koreans and Western people don’t agree doesn’t mean what the Chinese do is wrong. I would try their chicken specials, dog, squirrel, snake, and cat. You have have no idea what it is like to be hungry. People need to eat it. I will gladly sit down in a Chinese village to eat with the locals.

  55. What disgusting, low-brow ‘conversations’ by korean_guy and John Wayne among others.

    Their perspectives outlined in their crude writings are rooted in racist hatred- a very sad testimony to the so-called education they received. Its truly astonishing that anyone, claiming to be educated, could in the year 2011 — after nearly 100 years of progress in social science and liberal education– demonstrate: a) their low-level of education, b) blatant arrogance to think others would find value, meaning, or humour in their writing.

    Such moronic views, especially in light of genocidal atrocities that scar the 20th century, are a sign that indeed, much work is left to be done in terms of education. Let us hope that both of these men never have children, for that would propagate their hatred and ignorance to the next generation.

    Comments like these are not intelligent conversations at all and hold no value whatsoever. They are just the angry rantings of ill-educated, young men who feel that an emotional rant, with no logical structure or appeal to reason, is a worthwhile contribution to this site. If we want to hear illogical rants, we can go to an insane asylum or to a neo-Nazi conference and listen to the ranting of lunatics.

    1. T I used to think like you, but then I opened my eyes and saw that black people come intom your civilization and do nothing but take, lets take the USA as an example, an Asian or European could not walk through a black area without fear because they will rob you and kill you for nothing, name the city and there will be hundreds of murders committed by blacks every year, even though they are 13% of the USA population they commit 60% of felony murders, most blacks are on welfare, have numerous children but no father is home taking care of them, 48% of Black woman in the USA have herpes, STD, and other sexual diseases HIV aids, etc, they are always on the low rung in performance for education, Asians come in barely speaking English but the Asian excels , the average IQ for blacks inn the USA is 70, OPEN YOUR EYES !
      No matter where you go in the world black people are a parasitic criminal

      1. READ the US stats on welfare: there are approximately 2.6 million people of all races combined in all US jails. There are over 300 million pele on the US.

        There are less than 4 million people on welfare in the US.

        there are over 43 million blacks in the US. Now do the math and percentages. Even if ALL the welfare recipients were black, and ALL the people in prison were black, that would still leave over 35. Million blacks out of 43 million blacks NOT in jail or on welfare.

        In fact, stats show that over 75 percent of blocks are above the poverty this?.then explain your stats.

    2. T I used to think like you, but then I opened my eyes and saw that black people come intom your civilization and do nothing but take, lets take the USA as an example, an Asian or European could not walk through a black area without fear because they will rob you and kill you for nothing, name the city and there will be hundreds of murders committed by blacks every year, even though they are 13% of the USA population they commit 60% of felony murders, most blacks are on welfare, have numerous children but no father is home taking care of them, 48% of Black woman in the USA have herpes, STD, and other sexual diseases HIV aids, etc, they are always on the low rung in performance for education, Asians come in barely speaking English but the Asian excels , the average IQ for blacks in the USA is 70, OPEN YOUR EYES !
      No matter where you go in the world black people are a parasitic criminal

      1. You are one dumb bitch. The goverment gave all that to black people. It started with Syphilis. The goverment conducted an experient on 400 black men without telling them and it eventually killed all of them just so the scientist could make an observation. You’re stupid. White people just blame and blame and blame for their own mistakes because they don’t want to admit that they are wrong and are the devils of race. White greed is why the world is suffering right now.

        1. you are nothing but a nigger, look at any usa city blacks are the killers, rapist, robbers, full of disesase, only 13% of population but 60% of the killers, africa one big shit hole, if nobody go there, they would not have electricity, roads or communication, STONE AGE NIGGERS. blacks LOWEST IQ IN THE WORLD, when blacks take test they need help to pass, what a disgrace. , they destroy schools and education, they had to dumb down the schools for blacks but they still FAIL. BLAME EVERYBODY BUT YOURSELF

          1. Ok you are one really confused dumb white person. I’m highly sure that you are of no significance for the USA at all. You just need some place to come and vent because maybe your first lay was a black guy who just wanted to get some and dumped you. Gtfo! I have a lot more respect for people then you do. That’s how it usually is.. White people who’ve oppressed other races for hundreds of years and then expect for them to come out and bloom like a rose? That’s the real ignorance. BTW have you been formally educated on American culture? I don’t think so because the way you talk seems as if you’ve never even graduated highschool. Educated yourself about the USA 500 years ago and then educated yourself on Africa from 1800 up until today and see how much the USA has always depend on Africa and have sucked the land dry of a lot of its natural resources. White people are the devils of human race. Although their are some nice ones, their are people like you who are a pity to their race. Remember your Commander in Chief is black also. He was the top of his class at Harvard but his IQ is low. No it’s people who apply themselves are the ones who make it in this world. You have no idea on what you speak of and need to be corrected good day ma’am.

            1. How is your dumb ass any better than her with your ‘white people are the devils of the human race’ crap?

              Obama is also a dumbass, that is the reason why his school records are sealed.

          2. Africa is one big shit hole ??? Do you know how ignorant you are for saying that ? Who made it that way in the first place.The continent was ravished and robbed by whites.And note you ignoramus ,that in every race there are persons who cheat.Black,white , Asian it doesn’t matter.And you say “They dumb down the schools” for blacks to pass ,then why are children of other races failing? Your comment is so myopic that it reflects that you’re the “STONE AGE NIGGER”.I hate backward thinkers like you .People like you are a disgrace to society,I think before you begin to bash another race,one should be impartial and not blinded by racism and you clearly are.And as such you should keep your opinions to yourself.And don’t blame blacks for anything ,no race is exclusively at fault for anything.It’s the society in which we live ,the media influences our behavior ,so don’t go playing the blame game and blame blacks for anything it’s underhanded and disgusting –_.

      1. You have a personal hatred. Where the white listings at? Or should I just be your opposer and put everything about whites blue collar and white collar so that you guys are exposed to the full extent!

  56. korean_guy and meme,

    It seems that you two have suffered some sort of trauma (or perhaps brain injury) during your life and are venting some suppressed feeling through the venue of racism.

    Do not think that your arguments are logical. They are not. Anyone with basic education in social sciences can easily demolish your arguments. They follow the same, worn-out, irrational line of thought of racists and nazis everywhere. Luckily intelligent people can analyze and destroy your childish and emotional arguments. But sadly, many others are convinced by such idiotic rubbish.

    None of the ‘facts’ you point to above are solid evidence of belief that Chinese or Blacks are somehow racially inferior. Because you two seem to be completely untutored in sociology or logic, you are unable to think rationally about the social meaning of stories or statistics you point to.

    Even if you could accomplish your end desire- the erradication of all the people you don’t like, how can this possibly be a rational thought? Its completely irrational and rooted in an immature perception of others and probably in some sort of weird self-loathing of yourself. Had your style of thinking prevailed during WWII, the Nazis would certainly have vanquished most traces of civilization and exterminated half of the world- everyone non-white or did not fit their ideal standard.

    So please don’t pollute the internet with your ignorance and crappy writing. Why not invest your anger and energies where it a positive purpose for social change? Most of the problems cited in the links above are all caused by poverty, lack of education, social exclusion and an over-emphasis on materialial/economic growth.

    Reading your comments can only leave the intelligent reader with the impression that you are truly stupid. So why not change that and do something positive with your life?

    1. T your arguments are just empty words, look at the facts, lets take the United States
      sexual diseases
      48% of African American woman have herpes, google it, search it, has nothing to do with poverty, if that was the case why not Mexico or India, blacks lead the world in this regard this website is from government agencies

      you can not disprove what I am saying, no matter where you go in this world Africans will be the highest in diseases, crime but lowest in IQ, they will perform at the lowest level in tests but when POOR ASIANS whose second language is English will perform higher than Africans, will have higher IQ, and lower crime rates

      You say a lot of empty words but I give you the facts

      1. Lol. Explain the correlation of women contracting herpes with IQ. Thwn explain 48 percent of black women getting any sexua
        Disease when supposedly,they are the least desirable women in the world. You sound jealous of black women. You shou
        D also know that ac ording tote CDC the number one breeding ground for drug resistant and virulent strains of VD (and has been since the early 1940s) has been Asia….look that up…

        1. I know what mike is saying, african americans very evil and bad, woman are so dirty ugly and troublemaker

  57. The Blacks and Chinese are both filthy SCUM. I don’t feel sorry for either of them. Blacks are natural rapists and Chinese are natural crooks – they deserve each other.

    Hopefully then the Blacks will stop stealing White women and start corrupting the Chinese genepool. We would have perfect slaves if there was some Black-CHinese hybrid.

    I fully agree with Korean_Guy. At least the Koreans and Japanese have some sense to allign themselves with the west and let us protect them from those SAVAGE YELLOW MONKEYS to the south. They will be spared.

  58. Chinamen just can’t stick to ther borders. I almost feel sorry for those Blacks…Their only hope from being enslaved by those Chinese criminals is to turn to the West.

    The West only wants what’s best for Africa: FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY. It’s clear they can’t manage themselves and need guidance from the US and EU. The worst thing they can do is trust China.

    However, I hope African men read this story and have a little compassion for the White women that they rape.

    1. How could they ever come to begin to manage themselves after their continent has been ravaged by whites? You guys are incredible!

    In its last complete National Criminal Victimization Survey (1994), the Justice Department revealed blacks to have committed 1,600,951 violent crimes against whites. Only 15 percent of these had robbery as a motive. We can safely infer that most of the rest had race as at least a partial motive. Eighty-five percent of the attacks were assaults and rapes. While blacks were committing these 1.6 million crimes against whites, whites were reciprocating with 165,345 violent offenses against blacks. Blacks, representing thirteen percent of the nation, committed more than 90 percent of the violent interracial crime. Fifty-seven percent of the violent crime committed by blacks had white victims. Less than 3 percent of violence committed by whites had black victims. In 1994, a black was 64 times more likely to attack a white than vice versa. This is the real story of hate in America. It is the media’s well-kept secret.

    A black female driving a school bus apparently did nothing to intervene as black students were beating a White girl. Black students knocked the White girl to the floor and were beating her.

    When the girl’s father saw his daughter being beaten, he attempted to rescue her. The bus driver responded by throwing punches at the White man’s face while shouting anti-White racial slurs.

    The bus driver was not suspended. A black female spoke in behalf of the school district claiming the matter was under investigation.

    1. Bout time they beat up some white girl. Do you really want me to flood this page with all of the vile acts commited upon black people until we started to stand up for ourselves??? Black people became violent because white people thought that they could treat blacks however they wanted, and RAPE AND HANG AND BEAT AND CONTROL US HOWEVER THEY WANTED! This is a response to black people standing up for themselves. FOR 400 YEARS STRAIGHT! If I met you today and slapped the fuck outta you and told you to make me some money then you would have a bitterness towards me for the rest of your life. That’s just with a slap. Imagine 400 YEARS of oppression, racism, hatred, raping, lynching,murder, segregation etc. Now what is your bitterness to mine?


    OKLAHOMA CITY — A second student this week said a bullying incident involving racism forced him to drop out of his Oklahoma City Public School.

    The student from China was taken to a hospital after he said black students attacked and taunted him on his school bus.

    The foreign exchange student said a group of 13 and 14-year-olds jumped him, beat him and called him several racial slurs. The student shared his story less than 24 hours after another student said she has been dealing with the same problems.

    Seventeen-year-old James said he was so terrified about what happened to him last week, he asked to remain anonymous.

    “I never talked to those kids before and they want to fight me,” James said.

    James was enrolled at Centennial High in Oklahoma City, until he was beaten on one of the school’s buses. He said the students who attacked him were black and feels the random assault was racially motivated.

    “It’s not friendly,” James said.

    Not friendly and certainly not what he said he expected in America. Diane is his host mother.


    The New York Times reported yesterday on a police investigation into the gang rape of an 11-year-old girl by 18 young men and boys in Cleveland, Texas. Reporter James McKinley Jr. described the incident, in which the girl was lured into one 19-year-old boy’s car and subsequently raped by that boy and 17 others in a house and then an abandoned trailer. The assault was video taped on several of the attackers’ cell phones and came to light when the videos surfaced last November.

    After some background, McKinley homes in on the community’s reaction to this crime, writing, “the case has rocked this East Texas community to its core and left many residents in the working-class neighborhood where the attack took place with unanswered questions. Among them is, if the allegations are proved, how could their young men have been drawn into such an act

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