“China’s number one voice actress” Shanghai girl jailed for voice acting pornographic novels

For those of you who do not know already pornography is still illegal in China. China has been cracking down on “obscene” (yellow) internet content for years now, thousands were arrested and thousands of websites were shut down over the years. However this time the “obscene” content usually described as “disgustingly unsightly” should be described as “disgustingly intolerable to the ear”.


Ye Qiantong, (叶倩彤) an online voice actress for Dongting China (www.iListen.cn | 动听中国), her voice was said to be lustful but not obscene, was named “China’s number one voice actress” by the netizens. Her real last name is Ma (马) Ye Qiantong is just a stage name. Graduated from Shanghai Conservatory of Music, Ye Qiantong had many fans obsessing over her audio readings. October 2009, after iListen.cn was shut down, China’s number one voice actress Ye Qiantong was arrested and sentenced by Shanghai Xuhui court to 2 years in prison but suspended the sentence with 2 years of probation.

20091105-voice-actress-05“Dongting China” website specifically had a program called “nice original all night talks” where Ye Qiantong broadcasted her readings of pornographic novels. Website charged visitors (“listeners”) for audio content and provided paid members with pornographic audio files. February 2009 Shanghai police successfully cracked the first criminal case of producing and distributing pornographic audios in the country. Number one voice actress Ye Qiantong was a broadcaster for the largest Chinese audio books website. In 2008 “Dongting China” owner Gong (龚) hired Ye Qiantong to broadcast reading “yellow novels” (yellow means pornographic in Chinese), provided members with number one voice actress Ye Qiantong’s sex audios for download.

20091105-voice-actress-02  Ye Qiantong, (叶倩彤)

When Ye first came to “Dongting China” website she was still studying in the university. She saw the website ad hiring a broadcaster for 40 yuan an hour which aroused her interest. However when she first received the script for recording, Ye Qiantong was shocked. She found out all the contents were actually pornographic novels. What were between the lines were the naked details of sex and even the moaning sound. The content was very detailed and explicit and even made Ye Qiantong blush. “At first I felt embarrassed” but finally she accepted the job.

Ye Qiantong was very “responsible”. Whenever she got the writing materials, Ye first began brewing the mood in the bedroom. With her own recording equipment, she recorded these words with vivid descriptions into a piece of luring audio reading. Then she sent it to the website editor Zhang via the internet. Her luring voice soon made her red hot popular on the internet. Netizens named her “China’s number one voice actress”. Her fans gathered and raved over her on the Baidu forum created for her. Ye Qiantong worked for “Dongting China” for 10 months and recorded numerous pornographic audio novels like “Unicorn does not belong in the pond”《金麟岂是池中物》、”Young wife Baijie”《少妇白洁》、”In this world” 《天地之间》、”Three sisters of tall trees”《高树三姐妹》.

Ever since these programs, “Colorful” and “Urban night talks” were set up, “Dongting China” website’s traffic was also increased along with the “enhanced” content and their profits have also gone up.

According to the relevant department, before the crackdown “Dongting China” traffic was ranked 54,000 in the world, and ranked number one among the audio books websites. It had over 20,000 registered users, listeners were from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Zhejiang etc. major provinces in China and also foreign countries. With over 2 million visits, 260,000 downloads, it already had a huge impact on the internet.

After the hearing, the court determined that “Dongting China” produced, distributed 831 pornographic audio files, the circumstances were serious. Gong the company’s executive, Zhang x, Zhang xx, and Ma x were guilty of producing and distributing pornographic materials. They received the following sentences: Gong: 3 years and 6 month in prison and a fine of 50,000 yuan.
Zhang x: 3 years in prison but suspended the sentence with 3 years of probation, fine of 50,000 yuan.
Zhang xx: 2 years in prison but suspended the sentence with 2 years of probation, fine of 30,000 yuan.
Ma x (China’s number one voice actress): 2 years in prison but suspended the sentence with 2 years of probation, fine of 30,000 yuan.

20091105-voice-actress-03 Ye Qiantong, (叶倩彤)


Sources: Hangzhou Daily | Sina | 爱词霸

  1. Pornographic audio?? Oh the horror!!! I am surprised she didn’t get a bullet to the back of her head for this disgusting crime against humanity. We should praise the relevant authorities for their succesful crackdown on this triad of indecency and moral depradation.

    Some might say that the authorities ought to spend their time chasing thieves, murderers and rapist, fight organized crime, expose corrupt officials and the likes but NOT me. I think this bust and the following convictions is a feather in the hat of those couragious G-men.

    1. You are absolutely right. Although, a bullet to the head isn’t public enough–why don’t we instate public burnings? Her beautifully alluring siren-like voice won’t do her any good then.

      And, while we’re on the subject of lauding those securing the impressionable young minds of China from such base distractions, I must say I have found the Green Dam to be one of the most successful applications of the minds and efforts of the intellectuals of this great country, second only to the Great Wall itself. Kudos to the Party!

  2. Pornography is any form is evil to say the least, it still to this day amazes me that this degrading genre of “art” is legal, LEGAL explain that one to me?? It corrupts the minds of all that come into contact with it wether u realise or not, l’m a mid twenties male and it shocks me that amoung the male community it’s looked down upon if u don’t watch (or listen to) porn, like my birthright is to watch porn so l can become morally corrupted so on and so on.
    Why is porn legal????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    1. …because it’s hot?

      Seriously, porn itself won’t kill your brain/morals; it’s the simplistic, degrading mainstream porn that’ll do that to you, if you believe it’s real (like most shows, actually). Go find some amateur stuff, done by real people who are really enjoying it. Or head on over to /d/; they’re actually some of the most moral and knowledgeable people around, since they deal with the dark side of humanity on a daily (hourly?) basis, and aren’t likely to judge you for your ignorance (too much), and you’ll quickly find that what disgusts one person is another’s dream come true, and is no basis for banning (except in regards to furries and cake).

      tl;dr Porn is simply another form of entertainment. Don’t like, don’t watch, don’t ban.

  3. Man, she is HOT !!! i would tap that assshhh ANY time of day !!!

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