More Schoolgirl Violence caught on Video, this time in Fuzhou


[DNKB] While the recent Shanghai school girl “Sister Bear (Sister Xiong)” beating incident was not yet subsided. Another heavily discussed school girl beating incident was created. A 4 minutes long video showing four girls and one boy ganging up on one girl while many bystanders just watched recently became popular on many Chinese major websites. Kids in the video were speaking Fuzhou dialect. Netizens said “This group beating scene was even ‘better’ than the Shanghai schoolgirl fight.” Some netizens fleshed out the incident location is in Minhou (闽侯), the northwestern side of Fuzhou City in Fujian Province.

October 16th a netizen with the user name “霍元甲” uploaded a 4 minute long video onto Ku6 and Sina blog. The content of the video was a group of boys and girls led by a girl wearing a white shirt beating up on one girl in a red shirt. People in the video all spoke Fuzhou dialect.

Five people in front of many bystanders were nonstop kicking and punching the girl in red shirt. The girl getting beat up by the group never fought back. Finally she could only cover her head with her hands. A schoolboy, holding a cell phone captured the whole process.

Less than a week, the video on Ku6 had over 10,000 views and over 100 comments with majority of them denouncing this behavior. Afterwards, netizen “naoki” forwarded this video onto Fuzhou Information Website (BBS.FZBM.COM) and called for “human flesh search” on those kids.

Some netizens reveal the last names of both girl let the beating (Lin林) and the girl took the beating (Zhao赵), and they were Minhou middle school students.

Who unloaded the video? What was his relation with the people at the scene?

In Baidu BBS followed by the video, a netizen with the same ID “霍元甲” said he was the person who uploaded the video. He did not know any of the people in the video, the video was found form someone else’s cell phone. He hoped netizens can “flesh out” the people in the video and punished them accordingly.

Many netizens discussed the fact the girl in red did not fight back and extending the discussion to what one should do when ganged up by a group. They gave advices of running away, calling the police and asking people on the street for help. In the end focus shifted to how to use violence to defend against violence. They also gave many dirty tricks.

The content of the discussion also began to change color. Other than sympathy and anger, there were also people making fun.

When the girl was being beaten up, she almost had no expressions. Her hair was always being pulled. Netizen made fun and said “hit her head, but don’t mess up the hair style!” Someone also said the girl was calm throughout the beating, they “like this kind of girl who forbears”.

Originally a shocking video in the end was made fun of by some netizens. “What happened to these kids?”

In the video:

Girl in red’s hair was pulled back, others were kicking her. Some bystanders were shouting “don’t hit her, don’t hit her…”

Girl in red was pushed on the ground. Leader of the group grabbed her away. “Bring her over there.”

“Beat her. Beat her.” One boy was yelling, all other girls went up and slapped her face.

“Girl, look over here, tomorrow you will be on TV.” The boy shooting the video laughed and said.

Pulling red shirt girl’s hair, the girl in white slapped the girl in red with her right hand over and over on her right cheek.

“Be a snob! Be a snob! You know how to be a snob! …” The girl in white slapped her some more.

“Stop hitting!” an old lady shouted.

White shirt girl kicked the girl in red on the head, she fell over.

“Go together, go together.” The girls said, 4 of them all kicked the girl in red who was lying on the ground.

“If you hit me again, I will call my father!” the girl in red said.

“Did you call?” “No!” a slap on her face.

“Did you call?” “No!” another slap on her face.

A boy in red walked over, slapped her twice in the face…

DNKB continued its coverage: Young girl was beaten because of her glares


Reporter found the place where video was shot and the girl Zhao Xiaorong (赵小蓉 not her real name) who was beaten up. She recalled the incident happened in May last year. After the beating she would have headaches during rainy days. Since she was threatened by the batterers, she was afraid to go to school. Early June this year, right after she graduated from Jr. High, she went to work in Fuzhou.

As for the reason of beating, “I still don’t know right now.” Zhao Xiaorong said, “They told the teacher, because I stared at them, even teacher didn’t believe.”

Yesterday noon, Zhao Xiaorong got home. Wearing jeans and red sports coat, she was taller than in the video, her hair was tied up.

Xiaorong recalled, last year on May 3 afternoon 2pm, when she was passing by an internet café, she was grabbed by the hair by a boy running out from the internet café. She was not allowed to leave. The girl next to them immediately made a phone call and gathered a group of boys and girls to beat her up. At the time she was 15 years old and in 2nd grade of her Jr. High.

“Among the 5 people who beat me up, 2 of them were from 2nd grade of the same school, other 2 where from 3rd grade of the same school and one was 2nd grade in high school. The boy shooting the video was also 3rd grade from her Jr. High.” Xaiorong said before the beating, she was warned that they were looking to teach her a lesson.

At the time, her cousin was just passing by and wanted to help, but was stopped by these people. Xiaorong told him to call her father, but unexpectedly couple of girls heard her and harshly slapped her face a few times, and shouted loudly “Tell your father to come! Go tell! Are you going to tell?!”

After the group dispersed, they also took away her cell phone which worth thousands of yuan. They threatened her to not to tell her parents, if they ask just say it got run over by a car, or else she would be in more trouble.

Why were you beaten?

“They think I am snobbish, I usually don’t say hello.”

The leader of the gang was the girl in white named Lin Wen (林雯 not her real name) actual was famous for fighting at school, but supposedly she played guzheng very well. According to Xiaorong, after her family found out about this, her father went to school and saw Lin Wen with two other girls, but did not see their parents. When he asked three girls why they beat up his daughter, they asked question back “What are you going to do about it we beat your daughter up?” Lin Wen even tried to kick him. In the end they gave back an old cell phone, and this thing was over.

Reporter learned, after the beating incident, Lin Wen was expelled from the school, currently she came back to school again.

Because she was beaten up, and also recorded on video, there were many gossips in school and on the internet. Under pressure, this once a good student began to skip classes and proposed to leave school with various reasons.

Her family began to misunderstand her, thought she started to become a bad kid. But she was afraid to tell her family the truth, afraid of her father’s blame and feared to bother her grandma who had heart disease and high blood pressure.

The beautiful campus, to her was a place she wanted to escape at any time. The price to pay was abandoning her schooling. She eventually finished Jr. High and became a worker at a fast-food restaurant where she erned 3.5 yuan (50 cents) per hour.

Yesterday Mr. Zhao just found out about the video. At home listening to his daughter telling her story, father took out his cigarettes started to smoke. He only took couple buffs and threw it on the ground, stepped on top of it with his foot. Then he lit another one, soon the floor was full of cigarette butts. In the end, the father turned his head around with his red teary eyes.

Four o’clock in the afternoon, Mr. Zhao called reporter, “I am afraid my daughter is taking things too hard.”

“I don’t understand how to control the kids now days, and don’t know what they are thinking about.” Mr. Zhao said, he really didn’t understand, he hoped the reporter could talk to his daughter more.

“Today for the first time heard my daughter say these things, I really felt incompetent as a father, only knew how to lecture, but had too little communication with my daughter.” Zhao said. He also hoped that other parents can learn from his lesson.

He said that they wanted the reporter to report this matter and hoped the education department can pay more attention to this, so that students in school will not be bullied again.

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  2. “If you like this story, be sure to go vote for it….”

    What the fuck? I don’t like this story. Go to Hell. This is horrible… really! Those girls should be ashamed! they shoud go to jail! fuck’em all!

  3. I don’t think that I am especially old but the more of these stories I hear about the more I get the “what the hell is wrong with young people today??” feeling. I live here in China and generally I think kids are well behaved but these things are just beyond me. Sure we had fights occasionally in my school when I grew up and when I was teaching for a few years back home they happened too. But I have never seen or heard about kids being beat up by many at the same time for several minutes like this.

    When we had a rare fight as kids (probably for some equally ridiculous reason as “not saying hello”) it was at it’s most a punch in the stomach by one, then maybe a short wrestle one-on-one followed by a surrender by the guy who got pinned down. The surrender was ALWAYS accepted and the fight ended there usually with a quiet understanding from all parties that nothing more was to come from this since noone got hurt for real. I don’t get why kids these days accept nothing less than total humiliation and continues to kick and slap people around untill they tire themselves out. Also the many-against-one thing is something I don’t get at all. If you really are so weak that you can’t win a fight on your own hey,, then maybe you shouldn’t be fighting in the first place,, less of all call 4-5 of your braindead hangarounds over to help you.

    If you can’t understand this pow then at least you should be able to get that maybe next time your victims father and 3 of his friends will drag you into a dark alley some day and introduce you to Mr. Nailbat.

  4. well, to be honest, i would hide a stick if i was ever beaten up. Or something to protect me. it wouldn’t be funny to just get your butt kicked around like that and i think it really is sad how people are and what seems right to them or not. i dont know about the society they live in, as i never been in it, but if i was there i proberly fight back. even if i was alone.

    But if thats how live is, then the kids need to be stronger. because this should never happen. also i still think a hiden metal pole or something to protect yourself is the best idea i could think of in a situation like that. at less the kids would be scared of you, right????

    1. you should just buy a tonfa
      its better at defending yourself against a big group of people

  5. What happend to the morals of people these day. I understand those assholes beating the kids has none, but what the fuck were the by standers thinking? Just standing there was watching as if everything was normal. They’re mature adults, they can easily stop the fight, what the hell happened? Even the morals of the farmers 20 years ago were better.

  6. It is only getting started again in China, soon it will be just like the good old days of the cultural revolution here, gangs of the sons and daughters of corrupt people and local thugs, running around beating people randomly, and then China will lose ebvery aspect of anything that makes it woerthwhile.

  7. this is stupid. how can you watch and enjoy a girl being beaten so badly.
    if i were there i would have stopped it.

    and see if those people dare beat me. sure they would win but those who came at me first probably would be eating soup for 6 months to a year. boy or girl

  8. I can’t believe wat I just witnessed I really wish those little bastards got beaten to a pulp by their parents. who the fuck do they think they are. that poor girl I wish someone stopped it and got all those little shits and beat them :s

  9. Being a trained Wing Chun person, 6 ‘ tall, 185 lbs, I can kill a person with my punches and I do not want to kill someone and get me into hell lot of trouble. However, I could slap these girls faces till they all swollen up to teach them a lesson not to gang beat other people to such an extend. These girls are just lucky I was not there as I am living thousands of miles away from China. If I were there, I would definitely lend my hand, jump in, stop the fight or fight for the girl to help her get out of trouble. Just want to let the world know that not all Chinese are dummies, standing there , watching someone to be badly beaten

  10. I am not chinese but you must understand discipline is needed for children these days. Us as parrents are to blame for such problems (not the children). Like they (say monkey see monkey do !!!) Our children look up us wether we see it or not , we are there role model. I do not belive that such a beating is good for the girl , or the family . But this is an indication of what is going on in our childrens lives , so that we can take action on ourselves to prevent such problems. We have wisdom past down to us throught our whole lives , and we should youse it . No dobt the girls when they grow up (and boy) , they will have learned that when it happens to there children , they will feel the same pain as the girl in the red t shirt .

  11. Why did they just gang up on her for staring and not saying hello? Is that considered bad and snobbish in the chinese culture? I’m taking Mandrian Chinese, but I know nothing about the chinese culture so can someone explain?

  12. Vor allem in letzter Zeit, als wir in Kneipen und Clubs eingesperrt waren und es gelinde gesagt unmöglich war, neue Leute kennen zu lernen. Wie lernt man also ein Mädchen aus der Nachbarschaft kennen? Heutzutage ist es ganz einfach: Die meisten Frauen und Männer, die jemanden für eine sexuelle Beziehung kennen lernen wollen, gehen online.

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