Shanghai Schoolgirl Violence, Public Outraged



A video about schoolgirls in Shanghai fighting appeared on well-known forum called KDS on the evening of October 23rd. The video is 5 minutes and 20 seconds in length. In an alley, a middle school schoolgirl wearing a purple T-shirt beat up another schoolgirl while many bystanders stood by, speaking in Shanghainese, and they continuously called the girl instigating and bullying “Sister Xiong” “Xiong Jie” (熊姐).

In the video, Sister Xiong is non-stop slapping the other girl’s face, punching her in the stomach and kicking her… No one tried to stop her, including a boy in the video that is supposed to be the other girl’s boyfriend. In the video the other students are saying “How does it feel to have your wife being beat up? What are you going to do? …” The boyfriend just continues to helplessly stand there and watch. The girl who was being beaten up also did not resist or fight back at all. She just passively stood there and accepted the beating…

This video triggered public outrage, everyone criticized Sister Xiong’s violent act. “She is ill-bred.” “Why are kids now days being like this?” “Why not calling the police” …

[Netease] Soon Sister Xiong was exposed by human flesh search:

Name: Xiong Jiaqing (熊佳庆)

Birthdate: 1992 October 1 (Libra)

Blood Type: A

Place of Birth: Shanghai

Current Residence: Shanghai – Pudong New District

School: Nanhu Professional Schools, No. 2 Branch Campus

Emphasis of Study: Railway Track 09 Level

School Student Office Telephone Number: 6554414965542002 – 8201

Personality: Bold, rough, lively, straightforward and impatient

Personal Habits: Occasionally smokes, never drinks, loves to sleep in.

Physique: Medium build.

Marital Status: Single

Schools I’ve Attended: Junior high school: Shanghai Jianping Century Middle School

Home Address: Mudan Road, Lane 418, #1

Home Phone: 86-021-68450700

Reasons for the beating: Xiong Jiaqing was taking revenge on the girl who stole her boyfriend.

[SCOL] Netizens started a “Bear Slaughtering Meeting” (Her last name – Xiong in Chinese means “bear” also)


Hundreds of netizens gathered in front of “Sister Xiong’s” school, demanding Sister Xiong to come outside and apologize.


Netizens also went to Nanhu Professional Schools, No. 2 Branch Campus asking school to apologize.


The police came to maintain orders.



Netizen fleshed out “Sister Xiong’s” QQ number and her arrogant signature. It says “Don’t come and make trouble, it’s not good for me or you, thank you!!”


The school’s sign was covered by an angry green face.

The school said, since Saturday, they have already viewed the video many times, everyone felt “angry and shocked”.  Schoolteachers also visited Xiong’s home several times.

The school requested Xiong’s parents to bring her to school, but the family did not show up.  After the school had visited her home 3 times, they found out Xiong was sent to an unknown hideout.

The incident currently is under investigation. The school also said that after the facts are investigated, they will deal with the incident seriously.

The victim was also contacted. At first she said the incident was just in jest, then later she admitted that it was a “beating.”  She said she received light injuries but that she is fine now.  As for why she was beaten, the victim would not respond directly.

For more on this:  Shanghai Schoolgirl Beating & Human Flesh Search (chinaSMACK)

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  2. A common story, just like thousands of other stories like this on youtube…

    I remember another story, a 13 year old girl posted her naked pics on the internet, then a crowd of people came to her school with these pictures and shown them to everyone.

  3. I’m sure it was all a misunderstanding.

    The boyfriend was probably with the fat chick and then saw that girl before hand and said “I’d hit that”, then………… well the rest is history

  4. What a sad story… I feel so sorry for that girl who was getting beat.. I cant believe that all those people stood around and let that poor girl be humiliated.. Shame on them and their families…. Cowards!

    1. It’s rather pitty that the girl was so brutal who call some of her friends before beat the poor girl. I hope that you will not share this video because i am a Chinese. I love my country.

      1. Patrik.. It is unfortunate that this happened and I do not blame an entire culture for the acts of few… I am American and the citizens of my country do not always make me proud… I would love to visit China one day!

  5. before i even read anything i knew it was about a guy…

    lol @ the internet ppl showing up at her school… seems weird

  6. I am just admiring how Chinese society works.

    Amazing story – a mob of people who probably knew both girls would not intervene at the time of the attack, followed by the intervention of a mob of complete strangers who wanted to right a public wrong.

    Amazing story!

    My daughter is living in China right now. This is a real education for her and me.


  7. hmmm…interesting video.

    Why didn’t the girl that was getting beat react? I mean, in a situation like this, it’s either fight or flight right? Did she get hit in the head beforehand losing her God given instincts?

    The guy is a wuss.

    For all the “netizens” out there, mind your own business! The internet is a wonderful way of spreading news and gathering mobs. Gather a mob to do something productive. Protest in front of a government building because we all know the government is corrupt. Protest in front of factories that are polluting the environment. Protest in front companies that are paying too little wages and treating workers poorly. By God sakes, don’t protest in front of a school looking for a 13 year old girl requesting an apology! Things like this happen all the time in schools and we should just be glad no one got seriously hurt. Are you going to run a mob every time a fight occurs in school? Getting internet in China is a blessing, please use it wisely.

    1. Hey Andrew, before you open your mouth get an education. You are ignorant. How dare you go waving your flag telling a people of another country how to conduct their lives. Who are you to tell anyone anything?

      Ignorant how you ask? Try protesting in China and see where that gets you. Google it you stupid prick.

        1. still sounds like an opinionated ignoramous though. luckily those types rarely exceed the ability of an armchair internet troll that never left his hometown.

      1. I think I have a right being that I’m Chinese and FROM China. Where are you from and what right do you have of calling me ignorant? How dare you accuse me of not having the right and a proper education when you don’t know anything about me!

        Its close minded, easy to jump to conclusion pricks like you that cause degradation in society.

  8. Physique: Medium build?

    Don’t flatter yourself Xiong Jie, even by American standards you’re a lot bigger than medium build…

  9. A classic. Noone wants to do anything but watch,, can’t even be bothered to call the police. “He/she/it probably deserved it” is what everybody here thinks when they see someone getting beat up. Also Chinese people are weak individually but find strenght in groups/mobs (I guess like everyone else but it is particularly true here) so the first thing they shout if push comes to show is how they’ll get 20 of their friends and come to kill you and burn your house down. Now it isn’t exactly uncommon to hear that kinda trashtalk in encounters,, the difference is that here it might actually happen so noone wants to interfere or call the police should anyone find out.

    Even if you DO call the police they’ll end up arriving too late but rest assured that they’ll spend a LOT of time getting all your personal details and be nice enough to call you in to the police station to give a full statement as well as require you to testify against the murderer/robber/wifebeater or whoever who might have enough guanxi with “someone” to go scot free leaving you hanging out to dry and prone to being hunted down by the criminal and his all too keen friends.

  10. Are there any MEN in China? Why are these assholes standing there and letting his poor girl get beat up by this big bitch? Losers, all of them.

  11. Ooh gosh i just wrote a huge comment and when i submitted it it come up blank! Please tell me it worked right? I dont want to write it again if i dont have to! Either the blog glitced out or i am an idiot, the latter doesnt surprise me lol.

  12. That sort of flying kick to the back is deadly and can be extremely fatal. That plum violent girl should probably go and apply for Japan Woman Wrestling. Probably that’s the kind of job which suits her I guess given her creativity on how to beat a person.

  13. Fucking stupid China-Chinks. Always fighting each other and let other countries laugh at us. Dumb assholes !

    1. Interesting your only concern enough to comment on is about it reflecting on your ANCESTRAL land or if it will reflect on you as part of a group, not about the girl who may’ve been injured

      1. Yeah ? And, what’s your point ?? Who cares ??? They’re a bunch of dumb-ass Chinks. Let them kill each other. There’s way too many Chinks in the world anyway. Fuck ’em !!!

  14. wow…..i’m actually reading the few fights that been published and i’m thinking, fight back why don’t you??? i mean, if i’m gunna get beat up, at less let it be fighting. i mean, its kind of hard to just sit there and see a one sided fight like that happen to ones face. i would just really try at less running away to be honest……

    1. Just curious, where are you coming from?
      It’s not hard to watch sensational things happening to strangers. Let’s face it, they are not part of our family and most of the time they look different from us that is why we can safely pretend they do not exist while at the same time bragging about our ‘heroic deeds’ in front of people we know or don’t know and it is safe enough you know. Most of the time nobody can check whether you live up to your ‘heroism’ or not, while as time passes the whereabouts of the victim become as clear as mud.

  15. Wow future Shanghai Gang Boss, you know like the one in Chongqing that need a few dozen young men to keep her “sexual” desire in check….

  16. This is absolutely terrible! Why didn’t any of those kids call the police? I cannot believe they just stood there and let this ‘Xiong Jie’ do this! She is beating that girl like she is an animal!

    Have the world become this ugly of place to live within?

  17. This is terrible. But its a bystanders dillema. Poeple get killed while lot of people are watching. Because no one does something everybody wil think the same. Nobody is doing anuthing, what could i do?? Its a bystander dillema. Something i can explain but i can not undertstand. I would slam the girl in the purple shirt to the floor and make sure the police would be there in a few minutes to pick her up. I would kick anybody’s ass who would try tos stop me. People should stop fearing and start fighting for there rights en stand up for there humanity. Wake up people protect eachother and dont watch like a stupid ass.
    Be a person

  18. The big girl didnt even have a fight on her hands and I think the smaller girl was in shock. They filmed it too… well can anyone say lawsuit. Can you do that in China?

  19. Ah it’s so nice to see how violence spreads worldwide. It knows no boaundaries.
    The problem is nothing other than these spoiled little children who have become so desensitized by violence in media and in video games.
    The idea that children should be nurtured and cuddled has failed, everywhere kids are now terrible, no wonder over 83% of all children being born in the world come from accidental pregnancies. Adults despise kids now, and everywhere they are erecting barriers around “Adults Only” neighborhoods, restaurants wont serve anyone under 18, movie theaters in Europe wont allow anyone under 21 during the daytime.
    Parents! Stop being “friends” to your kids, they have plenty of friends, they need leaders, the media is spending billions of dollars to influence your children.
    What are you doing?
    Spend time with them, teach them right from wrong, give them challenges, make them work, stop spoiling them, you are only helping them fail, because the world is harsh, and they wont be able to handle rejection if you arent firm and teach them while they are young. Praise them when they do right, punish them when they don’t, its really that easy.

    As for this little fat bitch, she should be beat publicly and humiliated, there is no excuse for what she did. She had no problem doing it to this other girl, society should have no problem doing it to her! Kids hate being embarrassed, looking cool is the only thing that’s important to them anymore, all it would take is publicly embarrassing a few of them and the rest would fall in line.

    1. hey yo J shoo,

      Well If you beat her up, the law of causality dictates that she will do unto others what has been done unto her.
      It is upto the officials to send both the parents and their bully-child to an army bootcamp for rock hard discipline. In there they will have maximum oppurtunities losing their ill behaviours and bad manners, by mirroring themselves against a good role model.
      It should work as long as the punishment is in proportion to the crime committed.

      I am looking forward to your reply.

      kind regards,

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  21. It piss me off seeing something like this. If I was there that fat son-of a Bitch would’ve got kill on the spot. Retarded bitch. Your lucky your not in America because if you were you were I would’ve kick your ass so hard your fat pieace of shit will come out of fucking ear. One word for all the guys standing around not doing anything ” Pussy “. Go fuck yourself and die for not doing anything about it. Faggots.

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