Female “Beijing vagabond” Seeking for Marriage with her 5 Houses


This post “Beijing vagabond ‘leftover girl’ to get married, 5 houses as dowry, who wants marry me?!” (剩女: (Literally) leftover females, it refers to unmarried mature females with high education levels and high salaries; single career women) appeared on Netease forum. This post could well be fake or a joke, but it made a ripple on the Chinese internet, and I thought it was funny and also had some truth to it.  Here is the translation of the post:

I am 32 years old, from Hebei, normal looking, kind of dark, weight 130 some jin. (1 jin = 1.1 lb) I don’t have much of good looks, but not lack of money. 5 houses in Beijing is my capital.

One in Liwan (丽湾), over 80 square meters, when there is subway it will be in hot demand; one in Yizhuang (亦庄), over 60 square meters, good environment; one in Tiantongyuan (天通苑), many young white collar there, this one was for rent; There were 2 more in Meilifang (美立方), recently invested, over 80 square meters, very good location, guaranteed to appreciate.

Of course, the small scale investment is only my side job. My main job is in foreign trading. I have my own foreign trade company. The special emphasis on the houses seems a bit ridiculous, but life is just so ridiculous. If I were a poor “Beijing vagabond” “leftover female”, probably will never get married in my lifetime.

Just because I have a little bit of money, I was not short of men around me, however the memories were bitterly painful.

First one was a North-East man, too violent. He slapped me whenever we had a fight. On the outside, he cared so much about his face, pretended to be a rich man when he was really poor.

Second one was a Beijing man, lazy, only knows how to lie, full of cunning. What was the most intolerable was he spent my money and I caught him cheating in bed!

Third one was a Tianjin man, good guy, also honest, but got a mouth that just couldn’t shut up, nagged more than women. He had no ambition. I was in Beijing for 10 years and bought 5 houses. He was in Beijing for 5 years and changed more than 10 jobs.

Number four, a Shanghai man was worse than the rest, stingy to death. Making him spend money is like taking his life. When we went out for dinner he never paid for anything.

I really have had enough of those stinky men! I know they liked my money, so I am going to show all of my money! I have 5 sets of real estate, so who wants to marry me?! Of course, it is not quite so simple if you want to marry me, look at the conditions I have listed. Please contact only if you are sincere.

1. No man from Northeast, Beijing, Tianjin or Shanghai, not even if you have blood relatives in those four places.

2. You do not need to be handsome but must be clean, not messy, buff body is a plus. It’s purely for our kid.

3. Tall and burly, 178 cm and above, I am almost 160 cm, I think this proportion is more appropriate. Women always want to have a wide shoulder to lean on.

4. Age from 30 – 40 years old, not having a successful career does not matter, what is important is to be steady, dependable and energetic.

5. Must be humorous, sentiment and gentle to me. Step aside if like girls behaving like a spoiled child or being unreasonable.

6. Cannot live aimlessly, must at least have a 5 year plan, if you are not “blue chip” stock at least be a “good stock”, I don’t want to spend money and bring home trash.

7. Have the ability to appreciate beauty. You have the right to look at beauties, but in your eyes I am the most beautiful.

Attached is a picture of me, person who qualify please contact my QQ: 102597**** name: 5套房产招亲

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  2. She seems really nice, it’s a shame she had to endure such filth. The men she stated aren’t common around my part of the world.

  3. But don’t be so cynic girl.
    I have to admit Chinese man is kind of sucky. But I think you can find someone who really admires you. I mean you are an independent successful women. You are a lot more than 5 houses.
    Don’t ever underestimate yourself and be patient. XDXD


  4. indeed the picture could be fake, even the post could be fake. I read somewhere, there are also follow up post some guy actually contacted her via information she provided and she supposely taught this guy a thing and two on real easte… but then it could be fake also.

  5. Her strategy is awful. She complains about bad boyfriend than tries to attract someone to her with money. What kind of man does she think she will attract?

  6. No man from Northeast, Beijing, Tianjin or Shanghai, not even if you have blood relatives in those four places.

    Wow woman, you had just excluded 3 out of 4 of the China’s largest cities, and then a whole another territorial fraction.

    The blog IS a complain letter, she’d probably change her mind in another few years, when every single man she meets have a problem one way or the other, then she’d probably will then learn that nobody is perfect and will have to settle with somebody then.

  7. Marry me, I meet all your criteria. My requirement is that you give me two houses as a dowry. Transfer of title of the houses are required. I will keep you satisfied every single night. I am young, handsome, buff, educated, and love your looks very very much. yeah, you are the one for me. hehehehe……No joke…I want a wife like you, my love. I fall for you already.

  8. Female “Beijing vagabond” Seeking for Marriage with her 5 Houses???

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  9. hi dear
    from Ghana. i love u and i would like to marriage u if possible. i will give more
    about me if u reply me. thank u

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    1. Yeah, marriage may be one of the happiest moments in one’s life, but how to make the happiness last?

  10. She seem okay. My advice to her is to marry a British guy (he doesn’t have to be English/white, he just have to grow up integrated British, e.g. Alexander Siddig) – the men in that culture tend to be more okay with being less dominate than woman – and British girls have a greater variation in body types – find a British guy with a history of dating and appreciating girls that are your body type.

    British guys are rated worse in Europe at sex and romance, but they have a high rating for respecting female independence – they are not clingy. British guys have a good sense of humour – self depreciative humour – they don’t have the kind of inferiority complex that would make them hit girls when they feel their masculinity is threatened. The epitome of this is John Oliver – he’s a skinny comedian and his wife is a solider in the US Army. The British custom for dating cost is 50/50.

    When I say British guys, I exclude “chavs”…

    Also, if she marries a British guy, their children may have citizenship…

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