Viral Video: Fight on San Francisco bus between Chinese Lady and Black Lady

I first saw this youtube video on Shanghaiist, soon it was uploaded to all Chinese video sharing sites and made to all major websites and discussion forums. Number of the viewers well over millions.



Translation on youtube by the uploader as follows:

Chinese Lady fighting with Black Lady over a seat in a san francisco muni in chinatown.
TRANSLATION (Sorry if my translation is off)
Old Man#1(0:01 Beat that bitches ass.
Old Lady#1(0:02): Don’t hit her.
Chinese Lady in the Pink(0:23): Don’t let that bitch bully you.
Chinese Lady: (0:09): This bitch got the nerve to yell at me for me asking her politely if i may sit down. She is hogging the seat and won’t let me sit. (0:48): If that bitch didn’t want to let me sit down don’t mean she got to bitch at me. (0:59): I didn’t yell at you bitch why you going off on me. If I don’t stand up for myself, she won’t get scared. (1:44): Dare to fucking pick on chinese people?
(2:05): This bitch hogging the seat and I asked nicely if I may sit and that bitch kept hogging the seat. She has no heart, always bullying chinese people.
Old Man#2(1:26): Hit that bitch.
Old Man#3(1:33): Beat that bitch ass.
Old Lady#2(1:37): Don’t fight no more.
Old Man#2((1:59): Beat the fuck out of her till she is scared!
Location: Clay St./Stockton St. Chinatown, San Francisco
30 stockton or 45 union/stockton at 10:00AM October 7th, 2009

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  1. Its interesting how people are always ready to record something and then upload it to youtube. I think the black lady got scared because she was out numbered by all these Chinese people. I wonder what would have happened if the bus was filled with primarily black people…

    1. hahah! need to think that much…its too far …!
      but we better heal the world and make world the better place,no need to hate one another.One love,in stead of killing ,scandalizing,hating,mischieves and all those..let have civillized world…love to all..with different colors whether its blue,green,purple or whatever (even the tittle isnt good at all).
      one luv

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  3. this is the problem with people’s thinking. it’s blind and base.

    i’m not just talking about those two in the alteracation but how a lot of people in society think and thier values.

    showing off or showing dominance or might is right philosophy is inane, destructive and unethical. you can’t get along in society by being this way nor does it improve it.

    i hear a lot of comments about glorifiying those who can ‘take someone down’ just because they can or tribalistic egofests of blacks or chinese regardless of who was right or wrong.

    well, that is the only thing that matters in these situations. who was wrong and holding them accountable and calling them out on it to deter it.

    so many comments, it’s no different than watching someone get away with something and wondering if they would have gotten away with it, as if that justifies it. i’ve even read indignant posts of those who make it clear that the chinese lady would not have ‘won’ or got a ‘beat down’ if she wasn’t in chinatown. sadly, they miss the real issue and that’s what’s wrong with their culture and a lot of mainstream idiotic thinking. they think any challenge or standing up for yourself is false simply because they never look at what the wrong of the person whose race is the same is doing or consider it. that is wrong. that’s so pathetically lame and misguided because that should not be even the crux of the point. that’s just schoolyard pride and immature and reveals they have no moral values. it’s no different than the mentality of a thief or an opportunist. everyone and every rule is the enemy from getting what they want and they believe everyone else lives by this code.

  4. um, the point is the black lady was hogging the seat. also according to the witness on the bus and the one who filmed it, the black lady had already hit her even before the camera started. so that’s two hits. either way that’s assault.

    and people are turning this into a chest thumping issue, that’s why this society is morally depraved. blacks on one side, asians on the other. let me clue you in, if this situation had gone down in the black part of town and the chinese lady was not at fault and the black lady had hit her and she did not retaliate because she is outnumbered or she did retailate and the chinese lady was beat up for it. the chinese lady STILL would be in the right. people have no understanding of ethics or rules. they sure don’t need to be sitting on anyone’s jury since their feeble minds will be lost since they think no better than the lowest animal.

    they just think might is right just like that black lady. well, she got a lesson that she was wrong getting a taste of her own medicine.

  5. the black lady wasn’t scared at all because if she was, then, she wouldn’t have thrown the first punch.

  6. It’s nice that everyone has a chance to express socially acceptable racism at the black lady. Well-framed!

  7. When did blacks get to be a supreme race?

    That black woman might have thought she was superior to an Asian. what a dumb ass, she’s half the weight of the Chinese lady. Thanks for kicking her black butt out of the bus.

  8. Nice connecting straight though. Both those biathces are trash so I say let them slug it out. I also notice how the “Chinese” woman manages to argue in the eloquent philosophical style so often used here in China: “Yu ar stuppid, Yu ar stuppid, fugg you fugg you”. Also notice the very typical Chinese behaviour of not knowing when to stop when it comes to physical acts of violence,, sure she got suckerpunched but after that she sure got a good couple of punches in. The fight is over,, black woman retreats but the Chinese wants more. No dignity.

  9. A chinese woman communicating verbally in public transportation? We must not be in the same chinatown. I just had to push my way out of the BACK DOOR (namely the exit) of a bus after unsuccessfully asking people to please let me and my wife out first with two very heavy bags. This bus right here is the infamous # 30. Also known as The Dirty Thirty. I won’t make it into a racist thing..more than I already did… Sorry, but really.. what the fuck is wrong with people. As someone said above.. some people have no sense of ethics and civility.

  10. Dude, she was just mad cause the black girl wouldn’t let her sit down. The chinese girl mentioned that the black girl was hogging the seat didn’t she? And then the black girl bitched at her when the chinese girl asked if she could sit.

    And what if she was walking for a whole day, and was really darn tired. there was an empty seat, she wanted to sit on it, but the black women started bitching. Of course anyone would get mad too.

    I know you all are starting the think chinese people have no manners, but this isn’t true. What if a chinese person was on a bus full of whites? It becomes a racial situation right away. All the whites would shout, kick that Chinese’s ass. One way or another, our world is racist. Thats why we have all these Chinese pride, American pride etc…

    But her behavior only reflects that of an angry individual. Don’t hate or think of chinese differently because of her.

  11. that chinese lady was great. chinese people get pushed around by some …some…blacks all the time on public transportation. don’t try to say it isn’t a racial thing. it is. and this is an example of things being reversed in modern times. some…some…blacks are overconfident in their attitudes towards chinese and some think they are too good for chinese. it’s obvious the lady just wanted to sit and the black lady was like “you think i’m gonna move for your chinese ass?”. it’s not good to see violence, but it is good to see the chinese lady stand up and make a stand for herself. she just wanted to sit down. that’s all. an arrogant person denied her that right and then challenged her to violence after this lady rightfully stood up for the right to sit down. listen to the release of emotions in her “f you” right in the woman’s face. she’s not challenging the woman to a fight. she’s HAD it with being pushed around and taken for granted. she’s TIRED of trying to be nice or apologetic to people who would never return the same common courtesy. if she had been allowed to sit down none of this would have happened. it was great to see a chinese woman not intimidated. some….some…blacks are copping an attitude as if you are not allowed to sit next to them or oh forbid if you accidently brush up against them they freak. some…some…have a real arrogance about them that they are better than anyone. it’s a complete reversal where many times they are now the arrogant bigoted ones believing they are too good to let “lesser” people sit next to them or do something nice like let someone sit down in an open seat. some…some…blacks have an attitude they can scare chinese because they know chinese usually don’t return same level of anger. this lady picked the wrong chinese lady. she really thought her street language and finger pointing was going to scare the chinese lady. when it didn’t work she made the situation worse. it’s great to see over-confident arrogant bully be put down and put down hard. and she’s lucky there were people to separate because after getting hit in the face the chinese lady was going to put a serious beating on that woman. she didn’t like getting hit when chinese lady overpowered her, did she? she was “ouch” and scared faced, wasn’t she? well, she wasn’t feeling sorry for the chinese lady when she punched her directly in face, was she? she was all to ready to strike first…just baiting the chinese lady. i know of this first hand. nearly every day, a lovely, quiet, kind chinese friend of mind is teased, slapped, pulled out of her seat sometimes and made to stand by a group of black kids who enjoy just tormenting her and making fun of her chinese. they really thought of her as a lesser person and felt perfectly entitled to intimate her. a group of my friends went on the bus one day, sitting away from my friend. the fools started going at our friend and got a surprise. tried the same big mouth bluffing and just like this video, it didn’t work. those kids got their ass beat when they started teasing our dear friend. to see such a lovely person treated so unjustly sent rage through everyone. knowing it happened literally a hundred times, it was worth getting in trouble, police called, and other minor inconveniences to see to it that my friend is not bothered again. she is not because we gave them round two a month later when we found out where they get on the bus. they don’t even take that bus anymore they are so chicken now. oh but before, they thought they owed that bus and acted up as if they would never be challenged by anyone. i guarantee you that lady will think twice about pulling her cocky attitude again. she got a dose of humble pie that she desperately needed. man, that chinese lady was great. so good to see her finally say “I”VE HAD IT!!”

  12. I hate the Bullying Culture of Black American. Malaysia have many African criminals posing as students. They are a social nuinsance and tried to bully Malay families in the neighbourhood. 4 Nigerians men are sexually harrassing a young mother of 2 in the park. Her husband brought 30 malay men to beat the crap out of those Barbarians.

  13. It’s so refreshing when someone stands up to a black bully! Here in Chicago the black people are so violent, men and women! They are intolerable and people are finally beginning to stand up to them. Just awful. That Chinese woman is a bad ass!

  14. It’s true. Here in America where I live, you have to stand up for yourself. Westerners only recognize those that won’t be easily intimidated or pushed around. Many Chinese think they are being polite when they back off and let the other have their way. Well, you are being perceived as weak.

  15. the thing is, chinese is incredibly selfish (i’m not saying everyone god knows) but in my country say in a bus, men always give their seats to women especially elder people. but in china, there’s no f*cking way guys can get a hint or at least have a heart to give seats to this particular people. another thing i hate, is when they can not wait for people to come out of the elevator first when it opens , they will rush and won’t mind you coming out. and there’s another thing they will not hold doors for anyone, even say when you are carrying big bags and obviously wouldn’t be able to open door for yourself, they don’t see it and will slam the door on your face. now, where did the heart and brain go..

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