Netizens Award Ten most Disgusting Commercials in 2009 that make you vomit

From Netease


“Mom never needs to worry about my study anymore!” Bu Bu Gao (步步高) “reading machine” supposedly helps children to learn how to read. The main reason this commercial was so annoying was because it just simply aired too much on every Chinese TV stations. Other than the cheesy English “so easy” and high pitched voice of the little girl, netizens also pointed out the third little girl in the video looked like a grown woman’s face Photo Shopped onto a little girl’s body.




F: “Who am I to you?”

M: “You are my ‘u-loveit’ (优乐美)”

F: “Ah, I am only a milk tea?”

M: “So I could hold you in my hands”

Childish lines plus the actor and actress’s retarded performance, this milk tea commercial starring Jay Chow was just silly and stupidly funny. Therefore there were also many Kuso versions of this made online.


3.  20091009-commericals-03

The following is this year’s the most disgusting, most creative and most tormenting TV commercial. The person who finishes watching this commercial must have amazing patients. This is the 12 zodiac commercial aired in the beginning of the year. “Rat Rat Rat, Cow Cow Cow, Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit… each of the 12 Zodiacs was repeated 3 times, made the viewers want to hit their heads against the wall. The product (恒源祥) was made popular because of this. In the end TV stations banned this commercial.




“People, always suffer from excessive internal heat.”

“Not afraid.”

“Nasal and oral cavities?”

“Also not afraid.”

“Internal body heat?”

“This really not afraid.”

Famous comedian Zhao Benshan (赵本山) starred in this commercial with his original crew and modified their original comedian sketch which was once a hit on the 2009 New Year’s Gala. Unfortunately according to the viewers. this commercial was so stupid that makes you vomit the rice you ate yesterday.




Honey citron tea (蜂蜜柚子茶)

“My Korean friends always ask me An nyo ‘Ha Sayo’ (He Sa Yo 喝啥有)” A pun of Korean greeting (how are you) translated by sound to Chinese “what to drink?” Netizens criticized actress’s heavy makeup in the commercial and the somewhat disrespecting, racist pun of ‘Ha Sayo’. “We wonder how Korean friends feel about this after watching it.”


6. 20091009-commericals-06

“Gift to the elders, Gold wine (liquor) (黄金酒)!” this product is really hard liquor advertised as nutritional supplement. Two old men’s fake performance spoke nothing but lies. The claim was liquor containing “tortoiseshell” elements which supposedly can prevent Alzheimer’s disease. But in fact, this kind of product, “you are not going to die by drinking it and must drink long-term to see results”, is just bunch of BS.


7. 20091009-commericals-07

The reason this commercial made to the list is also because it is the product is falsely advertised. “Drinking this Bi Shen Yuan tea (生源肠润茶), freckles faded, have fewer wrinkles and my waist is smaller too.” “And my over the years constipation is gone too” “Less effort and peace of mind.” This commercial was repeatedly played on the buses, which made people want to smash the television. In fact the product was numerously exposed as the product falsely and exaggerated advertised.


8. 20091009-commericals-08

“Wash wash, more healthy” is the familiar product slogan. “These years this product changed many commercials, but they were all disgusting.” Fu Yan Jie (Chinese: 妇炎洁) is a personal bodily cleanser product for females, which is popular in China. Fu Yan Jie is a common topic of an internet meme in China. This is due to a number of notable advertisements commonly played during primetime, where foreigners advertise the product, usually spoken in poor Chinese. Alternate advertisements feature famous Chinese singers. Many internet websites incorrectly refer to it as a mouthwash product, or a product of some form designed for young children.

9. 20091009-commericals-09

The following is the most well-known, most mentally retarded and most idiotic commercial in China. Do not dare to say it’s non-repeatable, but it is certainly unprecedented. Yes it’s Naobaijin (脑白金), the epitome of false advertising of China. Naobaijing is another health product targeted to elders claimed to have 50 million users in the U.S.; was selling for 50 dollars per pill in California; elders who took Naobaijin on average lived till 110; Just before passing away, they were agile, can have sex like 30 year old men and women; Someone had a child when he was 100 all because of Naobaijing; There were over 7000 papers in the academic community out of 8000 which fully recommending Naobaijin. All of these allegations were later proved to be fabricated.



10 .


Beer tea? (啤尔茶爽)

“Teacher, you are out.”

“Drinking beer at work?”

“You are out”

This beverage is not beer and not tea, a carbonated beverage which tasted like beer and tea, but has no alcohol. According to the commercial, drink beer-tea during class, drink beer-tea while driving and drink beer-tea while working. If you don’t then you are “out”. This commercial is as retarded as the product itself. Chinglish你就是OUT了 makes it worse, “out” supposed to mean out of style and un-cool. Hey “Beer-Tea” guess what? You are out!

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  2. Chinese people seriously found the “he sha you” pun offensive? For real? Did “political correctness” suddenly take on a meaning in China other than “persisting in carrying out socialism with Chinese characteristics”?

  3. Reading further and on the same subject, I did always find the “Fu Ren Jie” commercials insulting (I mean, they have even foreign men saying 我们都用妇炎洁, talk about an insult to our intelligence), and the prevalence of this kind of degrading “stupid foreign monkey” treatment is why I’m surprised that many people in China would actually be ABLE to see anything offensive in making fun of other people’s language.

    脑白金 was a perennial offender, let’s check that out and see what they’ve come up with now…

    1. “stupid foreign monkey”, treatment? Is this how you feel your people are? Your thought reflects your own feelings, not those of your people. Do you feel so inferior as an individual that you strike out at commercials?

  4. It’s no stupider than American commercials and European. Everyone knows commercials are just selling, most people do not even use the products being pushed.

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