The Ugly Scenes of the Regimental Commander’s Wife at Mogao Caves


[Netease] Scene 1: October 6th 11:30 am (day six of the National Holiday), in the crowded tourist attraction – Mogao Caves when a middle age lady was touching the thousand-year-old Western Xia Dynasty cave painting with her hands, she was stopped by the 19-year-old commentator. The old lady was furious and left. But she came back almost immediately followed by two huge guys, walking straight towards the brave commentator who told her to “not touching the cave painting”. Two slaps in the face, the sound of slapping soaring through the cave along with the disgusting vulgar language. The cave was dead silent. Everyone was shocked by what just went on in front of their eyes. At that moment the 19-year-old little girl who was insulted was choking with tears. The old woman then stormed out.

Scene 2: When couple of Mogao Caves security guards took this woman into the office for questioning, she showed her “despotic power”, falsely accused the commentator was beating them up and attempted to flee the scene. When the security guards were concerned about the visitors crowding the scene and asked her to go to the office and wait for police officers to arrive, they thought the lady’s husband would advise her to cooperate with the investigation. However the husband said “Do not waste police force, isn’t this just a tourist attraction? Isn’t she just a little attendant? We are people with status. A small thing only takes couple of minutes, do not make it big deal…”

Scene 3: (Inside of the office) When the police officers came to investigate, the lady looked relaxed said frivolously to the investigator “Sir, do I look like a person who is unreasonable to you? “ During the investigation, this woman talked cheerfully with the people she was traveling with and was insufferably arrogant. One of the guy in her group pulled the police officer aside and said “Who is the person in charge of this matter? I want to talk with him alone, and tell you my identity.” This lady indeed was no ordinary person. She was the wife of the regimental commander of some military crops. (农垦建设兵团团长) The commander was in the group as well.

Scene 4: (in the police station) This lady was extremely calm and showed “super psychological ability”, facing the public security bureau investigators still insisted that she was the victim that got beaten up. At that time, her “body guards” were busy on the cell phones contacting people. This lady had a smile on her face, looked confident…

Scene 5: Next day (October 7th morning) after the local police traveled over 800 kilometers they found the eye witnesses of the incident in Jiayuguan city and gathered their statements. (19-year-old commentator who was insulted used civilized languages throughout the incident, even after she was beaten she still maintained great self-control) The lady finally quietly sat in the chair after this.

Scene 6: (In the conference room) This lady accompanied by the police officers, came to the Mogao Caves to apologize to the beaten commentator. After getting off the car, she was not ashamed, still smiling, strode with her head held high into the conference room. In front of nearly one hundred commentators, facing the commentator who was insulted and in tears, she went through the motions with a few words and dashed off…

20091008-regimental-02 apologizing

Scene 7: When the department staff on their way taking the victim to the hospital, they passed by Dunhuang Hotel. Someone accidentally found that the lady surrounded by pedestrians, got into one of the four luxury cars. Two of the car license plate numbers are ”新o•A0918” and ”新0•A0922”.






20091008-regimental-08 the regimental commander husband

Let the human flesh search begin! After the above post, netizens were angry and already started the search on the woman. This follow up post said so far they found out the woman works in a hospital of some military corps, her husband who is the regimental commander of the military crops with the last name Chen.

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  2. Man, that hair….those clothes….she’s obviously making some guy somewhere very happy….

  3. Didn’t I tell you that Chinese people are peaceful, cultured, and polite. This story really tells you what peaceful, cultured and polite means in China.

  4. People like this exist in all cultures and nations. She probably has some psychological condition that allows her to lie and scheme like she does. Whats it called….stupidity? arrogance? A genuine concern for only herself? They exist everywhere.

    On a positive note, its a good sign that there were others in the group willing to testify and stand up for the tour guide. The old lady is about due to get whats coming to her.

    I feel sorry for her husband and guards. If there is no one else around to be arrogant and condescending to, they’re the ones within arms reach.

  5. Also, I wouldnt be surprized if the husband on the phone was calling the hitman and asking him how come his wife hasnt been wacked yet. He’s sick of vacationing with her already. Hurry up and get the job done!

  6. For having so much power and being a commander and all, he has one ugly, fat and rude wife….

    I bet he goes to KTVs every night because he doesn’t want to go home. hahaha…

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