Posting and Making fun of a Rape Case online, Policewoman accused of being Unethical



 The post on Tianya named “Talking about the hot and spicy rape case…” was apparently posted by a policewoman who was the transcript recorder for a rape case reported on October 7th. In the post, this policewoman called the content of the report “ridiculously shocking” and gave her own opinion on the case. However some netizens strongly criticized her work ethic as a police officer, accused her action of “making fun of rape case by posting it online” and “exposing privacy in a criminal case” being unethical and inappropriate. Here is the translation of the post:

[Tianya] Today, the station received a crime reporting phone call from a man, claiming his wife was raped 2 month ago. Although we had some doubts about the fact that they waited 2 month then reporting the crime, being responsible to the party, the police officer still had to take the case.

After 30 minutes, the police officer brought the couple back to the station. Following the convention, because woman crime reporting involves many issues, the duty of recording her statement fell on me – the only policewoman on duty.

The female was very emotional ever since she entered the police station, broke down and cried two three times. I escorted her to our record filing room, found a soft chair for her to sit, also brought her some hot water and comforted her. (I was very sympathetic for the victim)

Waited till her emotion was somewhat stable, I began to ask her about what had happened two month ago. I was blown away after hearing from her…

She began to describe slowly wiping her tears at the same time “I am a weak little woman, my husband was working outside, rarely comes back home every year. Our child is 2 years old. I live with my child and husband’s mother. The person who raped me was a 20 year old man, our neighbor. He seemed to be an honest man, but he had been harassing me for long time. That night, my husband’s mother went back to her home town. That son of bitch came to my home to watch TV. While we were watching TV, he asked me to turn off the lights. When I just switched off the lights, he jumped on top of me to rape me…”

When I was listening, I felt something was not right and asked “He was harassing you for long time, you didn’t tell your family?”

She lifted her innocent eyes “How could I tell? If this kind of thing got out, how would I even keep living?”

“When he was raping you, you didn’t resist?”

“I resisted, how could I let him take advantage of me for nothing?”

“How did you fight back?”

“I whispered to him said no, then I held up my underwear not letting him to pull it down.”

“Why not scream for help out loud?”

“Scream for help out loud? Are you kidding? If other people find out, how do I keep living?”

“Why did you willingly turn off the light??”

“He asked me to turn it off.”

“You turned it off because he asked you to? You said he harassed you for long time? Why did you listen to him?”

“How did I know he would rape me? He also took some medicine, raped me 5 times in one night. Comrade Police, you must give me justice.” She started crying again. “That night he followed me where ever I went, once in the bathroom, twice in the kitchen, and twice on the bed.”

“During these 5 times, you didn’t scream?”

“No I was afraid that other people would found out. Late at night he wanted to leave by pulling the shutter doors, I didn’t let him go, because the sound of sliding doors might wake the neighbors. If the neighbors heard us, I wouldn’t want to live anymore. So he raped me again once more.”

“Then I ask you, why not report to the police right after he raped you? Why waited till now?”

“Couple days ago my husband found out that I was pregnant. The father must be that so of bitch. If I wasn’t pregnant, I also did not want my husband to find out and I would not have called the police. If other people found out about this kind of things, how do I keep living?”

“Did he threaten you during the rape?”

“He said, your husband is not home most of the year, and I also don’t have a wife, you don’t want to? I said, even if I want to, not with you, you are a peasant worker.”

“What happened afterwards? Did he harass you again?”

“Afterwards, we had relations several more times, every time he came to me and raped me.”

“You need to know, rape is using violence, threats and other hurtful ways to force the victim to have sex. You acted like accepting him with a show of reluctance, you even not letting him to leave.”

“I was afraid of other people to find out. I didn’t let him to rape me. Comrade, in fact, I did not want to sue him, maybe you can talk to my husband and convince him to not sue anymore, and just go home and live a normal lives.”

I then realized that this woman actually committed adultery half refusing and half willingly. She did not dare to tell her husband, when he found out she was pregnant. The only way was telling her husband she was raped, unfortunately when she was giving her statement her IQ was too low…

“Since you have already reported the crime, this case could not be settled privately. We have it on file and will notify you after following up.”

After recorded her statement, I found out she just went to the private clinic this morning and had the abortion. Her husband was a naïve man, believed everything his wife said, felt that her wife was the victim. He never talked back when his wife yelled at him.

The case was eventually formed. Later on we will bring the suspect for questioning. If everyone is interested, I can continue.


Netizens strongly responded to her post, many of them criticized her action being irresponsible, unethical and immoral for being a police officer. Netizen posted article on Cat898 pointed out that “Police officer posting rape case online to be laughed at is black humor”.

[CAT] The poster claiming to be a policewoman (after human flesh search, she was the only policewoman on duty at the night of October 7th in one police station in Sichuan province, Deyang city, Shifang county四川省德阳市什邡县) who was the transcript recorder for a rape case reported on October 7th. In her post on Tianya, this policewoman called the content of the police report “ridiculously shocking”, as a police officer recording the statement, her job was only to record the transcript. However she laughed at the victim who reported the crime “…this woman actually committed adultery half refusing and half willingly. She did not dare to tell her husband, when he found out she was pregnant. The only way was telling her husband she was raped, unfortunately when she was giving her statement her IQ was too low…” She also made fun of this situation with bunch of awful netizens.

First of all police officer’s job is not judging, judging whether it was rape or not is the responsibility of the court.

A small town woman, not willing to expose her being raped, we could all understand.

But all these are not important, the important thing is the rape case has being registered.

Posting the content of a case filed by the victim on the internet to be made fun of, where is the police officer’s duty of confidentiality? The police force specifically stressed the rules of confidentiality, even the case file wrappers were also sated “confidential”. Where is policewoman’s professionalism? Making fun of the victims, where is her moral?

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  2. how ironic that in her attempts to hide her fantasy from her neighbors and family, now the internet community knows about her escapades. I wouldnt be surprized if she secretly likes it.

    1. Please have a little care. It’s not for you (or me) to judge whether it’s rape or not. She said no — that’s all she should have needed to do if the other person is a decent human being. And I doubt anyone likes losing his or her privacy like that. In fact, most people hate it.

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