Boy with No Hands Came into my Office

[MOP] The weekend, everyone was terribly busy working overtime. Suddenly, a suspicious looking figure flashed outside of my door, carrying some stuff under his armpit. So I rushed outside and stopped the guy. He turned out to be a young teen whose hands were amputated.



After questioning, the child was here getting his disability ID in the building. While his father was going through the paperwork, he wondered off out of curiosity.


The notebook and the pens were given to him by colleagues from another office. He said he was going to school in a village in the mountains, in third grade. Looking at his amputated arms, I suddenly felt kind of sad. But I wanted to know how he studied, so I gave him a pen, and let him to write down his name.


He used his mouth positioned the pen in his arms, started to write with great difficulty.


Only wrote down couple words, he was already covered with sweat.



Done writing, he smiled pleasantly.


Kind of bashful


“Fan Hoyong” (范后勇), that’s his name. He also wrote down the name of the school he was going to.


He then wrote down these words “Tian Xing first Middle School” (天星一中). It was a middle school in the town where the child lived in. I said you want to continue to go to middle school right? He did not answer and smiled bashfully.



He then wrote “My mother” (我的妈妈). As a child without hands, his mother’s selfless love and giving, made him stronger more courageous and optimistic.


A while back, a kind lady sent us a package was still in my office. I thought it was perfect to give this kid. Perhaps it would be useful to him and his family.


I wanted him to call his father to come and carry it, the ambitious boy wanted to carry on his own. Looking at him firmly holding the huge package in his armpit, I thought he probably helps his parents at home with farm work too, to reduce the burden on his parents.


The father came. Seeing all the stuff given to the boy, this modest man constantly spoke of thanks.


Watching the father and the son leaving, I secretly wished them all the best!


  1. Very lovely story and also it brings a bit of tears to eyes.
    It was really nice reading all things and what you did in
    the end of it all. 🙂

    We also wish that child and family a very happy life.
    Thanks for great site and news etc.

    Anand Nav.

  2. I’m inspired by the boy. Thanks for posting. Why not we all contribute 1% of our salary to upgrade his life.

  3. A very nice heart-warming story. I admire this young man and his indomitable spirit. Bless him:)

  4. My husband and I adopted two children from China who have only one hand. Our kids constantly amaze us with the things that they can do. We never tell them that they cannot do anything unless we think something would be too risky or dangerous. My children will be encouraged on difficult days to see someone with no hands doing so well.

  5. For a boy with no hands he writes very well. Hell, even for a boy with hands his hand writing would be pretty good.

  6. Bless his loving mom and dad. Must teach the boy to stay strong. Hope life and the people around him is treating him good.

  7. Why did he lose his hands? Can we help him get artificial hand. that you can t other hands on to other hands on to him.

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