The Most Awesome College Dormitory and Migrant Workers’ Dormitory


[NetEase] It’s the new semester, outside the wall of a Wuhan’s college there is the concerning “most awesome” university dormitory. “Wang Hao Feng Focus” (王浩峰聚焦) went to the scene to inspect and saw a five story building rubs shoulders with a high-voltage tower. There were groups of college students going in and out. On the 3rd, 4th and 5th floor there were students sticking their heads out of the windows looking around from time to time. One college student said these floors were occupied by college students.

Surrounding residents said this “awesome building” was built next to the high-voltage tower in 2007 and everyone was deeply worried about the safety of the building. At that time, when the building was just starting, after some reports, the relevant management department did came, but in the end the building was still built. Recently it began to be rented and also became the college dormitory. It’s so dangerous, who can afford the responsibility if something ever happens?

Now we move on to the “most awesome” migrant workers’ dormitory.

Next to a construction site in Wuhan, a old factory building where one end of it has been demolished, and the remaining part of the building were made of broken walls looked like it was on the verge of collapse. In this “decapitated” house, lived over 50 migrant workers. So many migrant workers’ lives were arranged in such a dangerous house, I really do not know how the management could rest their minds?

College students are the future of the country. Migrant workers are the major force in urban construction. We cannot be without any one of them. Who is going to take care of the “most awesome” Wuhan college dormitory and migrant workers’ dormitory?










    1. Power lines and other high voltage structures give off EMF pollution which is hazardous. Same reason why you don’t want to live next to a maglev line.

  1. While it’s true power lines give off electromagnetic energy, it is completely and utterly harmless. The wiring inside your wall gives off the same type, and the computer you’re most likely sitting next too radiates more energy per second than both.

    I would be extremely worried about the possibility of it falling over, but that’s about it. Given the right equipment it would be possible for them to leech power from the lines, but I think that’s a tad bit out of their budget.

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