22-year-old Girl Pledges to Marry Whoever Donates 150,000 to save her ill Friend

[Guangzhou Daily] In ancient China, it is common for a girl to sell herself for the burial of her father, today this girl pledges to marry the one who saves her classmate. Her classmate was suffering from severe brain inflammation in urgent need of 150,000 yuan. If a good-hearted man is willing to donate, she would repay with her body by marrying him.


This post “Donate 150,000 to help 22-year-old girl suffering from severe brain inflammation, I would repay with my body, marry the person” was written by a girl named Dandan (丹丹) as the following:

Name: Zhang Yue (张月)

Sex: Female

Age: 22

Hometown: (德州市平原县王大挂乡张序班村人)

Illness: Severe brain inflammation

Current situation: in coma for three days

Patient sent to Jinan Qilu Hospital on September 13th, 2009. Doctor diagnosed her with severe brain inflammation. Patient is likely to stay in coma for the rest of her life. Her parents are farmers, already could not afford to pay 4, 5 thousand yuan medical expenses a day, everyone please care for the children of the farmers.

I hope all friends here can give your love, so that this 22 year old girl can recover sooner. Here, I thank you on behalf of the patient and I will thank you in person if I get a chance to!

Disclaimer: This information is absolutely true, if you do not believe, come to Jinan Qilu Hospital and check out yourself. If anyone willing to contribute 150,000 yuan, I would repay with my body, pledge to marry him.

Name: Dadan (丹丹)

Sex: Female

Age: 22

Hometown: (德州市平原县)

Personality: both

Height: 163 cm

Personal Description: I am tender, obedient, understanding and know how to do house chores. Good appearance, although I am not an especially pretty girl, but I look cute, with good temperament!

Contact: Dandan (丹丹)

(post included the picture above)

Netizens questioned: should not use life-long happiness as a bargaining chip

Netizens had mixed views on Dandan’s action. Some netizens thought maybe this was just a made up hype (炒作). Netizen “点子正” said “enough enthusiasm, but with poor method”. Netizen “狂心顿歇” side sarcastically “Not only wants his 150,000! Also wants him to feed you for the rest of your life!”

The majority of the netizens had the attitude of understanding and compassion. In addition to wishing her classmate a speedy recovery, some also reminded Dandan to raise more awareness on how to protect herself, should not easily put your marriage as a bargaining chip, but to seek a more compromised method.

One netizen analyzed the post from the social point of view “A weak girl can only use such extreme way to try to save her friend, letting us to see the cold and indifferent relationships of human beings. When she first posted it, there were even some people started to insult her, also reflected the quality of some people still need to be improved. If we do not have the ability to help Dandan and her classmate, we should still also send our most sincere blessing.”

Head Physician: Surgery may not coast as much as 150,000

Reporter went to Qilu Hosital in Jinan, Shandong Province. The head physician was surprised when reporter arrived, he stated that he was not aware of the online posting, but currently Yue-Mei’s condition had improved. She already woke up and can make simple movement and dialogue. “She spent over 10,000 yuan, do not need as much as 150,000 yuan.” Then doctor said, Dandan was in the room he could help reporter to talk to her.

Dandan stated: come up with the idea of selling her body and pledge to marry in desperation

Reporter had a phone interview with Dandan. Dandan said Yue-Mei and her are classmates with very good relations. When asked about pledging to marry, Dandan’s voices were choked with sobs. “There was no alternative but to make such a decision. Yu-Mei’s brother got kidney disease a few years ago and the family borrowed a lot of money. Now Mei also got sick, her parents really could not afford to pay the medical bills. In fact, in the beginning, I only wanted to call for good-hearted people to help Yue-Mei, but no one cared about it. Maybe everyone thought I was a lair. Therefore out of desperation, I had the idea of repaying with my body and pledge to marry.”

Dandan finally said, since she could not bear Yue-Mei’s pain, she hoped she can try her hardest to help Yue-Mei. Regarding to the Netizen’s questions, Dandan said “I am also aware of that many people are criticizing me, but I will stick to my plan, because there is really no other alternative.”

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  2. Since China is so rich and prosperous and all Chinese are well taken care of by the Chinese government, this is completely unnecessary. Chinese government hospitals will cure this patient without costing a cent to anyone.

    1. In theory that’s what would happen, but in real life it’s messed up. Some call it “the human factor”.

  3. Yes, I’m sure Rich was being sarcastic, her friend will be lucky to even get a bed in a Chinese hospital without money. Not to mention that 150,000 will probably not get her anywhere in terms of getting good medical care in China. You would think this is quite a bit of money, but most hospitals are thieves so when you give them this amount, they’ll just ask for more. So what is she going to do when that happens? She obviously can’t sell herself to another man. Maybe this is why there are so many hookers in China, you sell your body once thinking the compensation is enough but then you realize it is not. Then you do it again. By the time she figures things out, she’s is a professional hooker working the streets for a “cause”. She may even get a higher tip if she can sell her story to the “lao ban”.

  4. in my hometown when people get sick and cannot pay the medical bills, they will seek the local television station for help. Through TV, the patients’ families will appeal to the society for donation and promise that once they get out of the trouble they will do whatever they can to pay back. I think there are a lot of alternatives out there, and marrying for money is a particularly stupid one. Zhang’s action is bound to raise some suspicision because what she promised to do is simply ridiculous. Also the doctor said that it didnt cost as much as 150,000 to cure Zhang’s friend, so why Zhang asked for so much money? It is self-evident that Zhang herself are urgently in need of money too. She just use her friend’s illness as an excuse.

  5. How upsetting to find that any woman would still feel the need to commodify their bodies for the sake of others.

    Is there a way to donate, perhaps via Paypal, for the surgery? That way, all these caring netizens can help pitch in and help out, instead of moralize through the anonymity of the Internet.

  6. Yes its about 22k.
    I hope someone can help. Its sad that people wont save people because of $$$ Each life is priceless….
    There has to be a better way…
    What a good friend. I hope I have a friend like that…makes me cry…

  7. I’ve got some money stashed away and I’d consider helping her out but she’s short (163cm? go back to Munchkin Land) and your shitty low resolution picture doesn’t give me any idea how big her breasts are.

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