Top Ten Universities in China with the Most Beautiful Girls

We have already uncovered the top ten cities in China with the most beautiful women. While some argued the list was highly opinionated, some liked it and said it had some truth to it. Now do you want to know which university in China has the most beautiful girls? This list from ifeng ranks the top ten. Attention! Guys who are preparing for the university entrance exam, this list is for reference only, studying is still more important, do not study while thinking about pretty girls otherwise you might miss bigger things.


1. Communication University of China (CUC) | 中国传媒大学

Support rating: ★★★★★
Beauty rating: ★★★★★

Communication University of China, formerly known as Beijing Broadcasting Institute is directly under the People’s Republic of China Ministry of Education National “211 Project” which is one of the universities committed to provide high-level personnel training and scientific research on radio, television, film, internet publishing, newspapers and news media. It is a well-known information propagation educational institution. In this highest institution of the Chinese media, there are full of talents and beauties, these girls not only have beautiful appearances, but also are insightful and talented. Most graduates are now central and local television hosts.



2. Peking University (Beida) | 北京大学

Support rating: ★★★★
Beauty rating: ★★★★★

Comparing with Tsinghua University which is known for their men, Peking University of course is proudly known for their girls as the signature of the school. Girls of Peking University are from distinguished families of outstanding backgrounds. Their elegance certainly is no less than Communication University of China MM (girls). Therefore they are aggressive and excel among universities in the country. Now days, girls who are elegant and classy are more attractive than girls who are beautiful, therefore Peking University female students compared to other schools, fall in love earlier. In fact, they can’t help it, because with timing, location and people all in their favor, there are just always boys looking for them.



3. Shanghai Theater Academy | 上海戏剧学院

Support rating: ★★★★★
Beauty rating: ★★★★★

There are a lot of girls in Shanghai Theater Academy, mainly because Shanghai Theater Academy are gathered with handsome guys also, however theater academy is mainly focused on performing, so the girls do not have the special personality of art students. But Shanghai girls are so fashionable also created this brilliance of China metropolis drama. Especially the Shanghai Theater Academy girls who are living in Shanghai long-term, with distinctive personality, each of them is smart and beautiful in every way of life.



4. Beijing Film Academy (BFA) | 北京电影学院

Support rating: ★★★★★
Beauty rating: ★★★★

Beijing Film Academy has many beautiful girls because the academy is the best highly specialized art institution in China. Many current active entertainment stars were all “born” here. Although Beijing Film Academy is in Beijing, there are not very many beauties are actually from Beijing, most of them are from other provinces studying in Beijing. So with strong professional academics and yet no lack of beauties Beijing Film Academy made onto the list.



5. Central Academy of Drama |中央戏剧学院

Support rating: ★★★★★
Beauty rating: ★★★★

Whether if you are talking about handsome guys or beautiful girls Central Academy of Drama and Beijing Film Academy these two schools are comparable. Most of the students study here because they want to start their development in the big city – Beijing, after all Beijing has a great environment for performing arts. However Beijing is still a northern city, therefore even in the big city like Beijing, you can still easily see men beating up women on the street, that’s why men do not score very high here. Therefore most of the Central Academy of Drama girls like to find their husband from another part of the country.



6. Shanghai International Studies University (SISU) | 上海外国语大学

Support rating: ★★★★
Beauty rating: ★★★★

It is helpless, girls who study foreign language just look so extraordinary elegant, especially the SISU girls, their elegance are absolutely no less than Shanghai Theater Academy girls. As a popular saying goes “Those living on a mountain live off the mountain, those living near the water live off the water.” They are living off the advantage of Shanghai attracting tourists from five continents of the world. Money shall not be earned by others. Students must rely on their own abilities and skills, therefore SISU girls are loved by the foreigners, and they also know how to make money.



7. Renmin University of China (RUC) | 人民大学

Support rating: ★★★★
Beauty rating: ★★★★

In fact, according to the views of most people, Renmin University has more men than woman. You are wrong if you really believe that, in fact, there are more female students than male students. Usually we see boys on campus largely because they are eager to start dating; they like to go to RUC to look for MM (girls). RUC is known for small campus with a lot of students. Therefore, sometimes when students are making out on the crowded campus grass field, might end up hugging the wrong person by accident.



8. Beijing International Studies University (BISU) | 北京第二外国语学院

Support rating: ★★★★
Beauty rating: ★★★

I am sure some people don’t understand why not put Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFS) on the list rather than BISU. If you really know BISU then you will know there are so many girls there. Although BFS has many girls also BISU has so much more, they basically have the beautiful genes. Most of them because were rejected from BFS, spent money and went through people they know (or their family know) to be admitted to BISU. Therefore every time during festive holidays, BISU basically becomes girls’ free market and heaven.



9. Wuhan University (WHU) |武汉大学

Support rating: ★★★
Beauty rating: ★★★

Wuhan University is located in central China, also close to Yangtze River. Girls there not only have a bold personality, but they also have the ancient woman’s charm. Although their appearance is not particularly outstanding they are worth a careful look. All beauties of central region believe WHU is the ideal university to go to. Unlike other places where girls are like girls, they are more enduring when it comes to hardships. They are also more diligent at their studies, especially later in their work, they are top notch.



10. Xinjiang University (XJU) |新疆大学

Support rating: ★★★
Beauty rating: ★★★

Xinjiang University, though not fashionable, but the women of central Asia look half-breed, curvy and tall. Right now the list of China beauties is missing this kind of mixed looks. Therefore Xinjiang University is well deserved to be on the list. Of course, women here also have a very soft side. They use traditional and ancient “beauty trap” to connect with the current fashion trend today, so you are to truly experience women’s charm in life.

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  2. Awesome beauty. As an economic & financial power, the world knows China. Showcase this power of soft culture & rich heritage!

  3. Why is Tsinghua not on the list?

    They have the best guys, so I thought that the women of tsinghua could make it at least on the list.

    Bei da?


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